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World Cup 2019 Stats

Lowest Margin of victory (wickets) in ODI

1New Zealand NZBangladesh BANJun 05, 2019New Zealand beat Bangladesh by 2 wickets2 wickets244
2Pakistan PAKAfghanistan AFGJun 29, 2019Pakistan beat Afghanistan by 3 wickets3 wickets227
3New Zealand NZSouth Africa SAJun 19, 2019New Zealand beat South Africa by 4 wickets4 wickets241
4India INDSouth Africa SAJun 05, 2019India beat South Africa by 6 wickets6 wickets227
5Pakistan PAKNew Zealand NZJun 26, 2019Pakistan beat New Zealand by 6 wickets6 wickets237
6West Indies WIPakistan PAKMay 31, 2019West Indies beat Pakistan by 7 wickets7 wickets105
7Australia AUSAfghanistan AFGJun 01, 2019Australia beat Afghanistan by 7 wickets7 wickets207
8New Zealand NZAfghanistan AFGJun 08, 2019New Zealand beat Afghanistan by 7 wickets7 wickets172
9Bangladesh BANWest Indies WIJun 17, 2019Bangladesh beat West Indies by 7 wickets7 wickets321
10India INDSri Lanka SLJul 06, 2019India beat Sri Lanka by 7 wickets7 wickets264
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