India vs Afghanistan, Asia Cup Highlights: India-Afghanistan Match Tied After A Thrilling Last-Over Finish

Updated: 26 September 2018 01:49 IST

Highlights, India vs Afghanistan, Asia Cup 2018: Mohammad Shahzad, who struck a brilliant century, was adjudged man of the match.

India vs Afghanistan, Asia Cup Highlights: India-Afghanistan Match Tied After A Thrilling Last-Over Finish
Asia Cup: India-Afghanistan Super Four clash ended in a tie. © AFP

The Asia Cup 2018 Super Four clash between India (252 all out) and Afghanistan ended in a tie as Rashid Khan bowled a brilliant last over, defending just seven runs. Afghanistan opted to bat first after winning the toss and posted a competitive 252/8 in 50 overs as opener Mohammad Shahzad (124) struck a brilliant century. Mohammad Shahzad was the aggressor for Afghanistan as he played his natural game and sent the Indian bowlers on a leather hunt. In reply, India got off to a great start as new opener KL Rahul and Ambati Rayudu played wonderful cricket and kept the scoreboard ticking with occasional boundaries, upping the ante after the first five overs. However, both the openers were sent back after they notched up their respective fifties. Following that, India kept losing wickets in regular intervals but were still in top due to their strong start.

However, with the increasing dot balls and required ever rising run-rate, India failed to score runs more freely and Afghanistan edged closer to a victory. Rashid Khan was given the responsibility of bowling the last over with Ravindra Jadeja and Khaleel Ahmed on strike. Jadeja struck a boundary on the second ball to keep India in the hunt. However, Rashid followed up with better deliveries and ultimately the left-handed batsman was caught in the deep. For India, KL Rahul top scored with 60 runs and Mohammad Shahzad of Afghanistan was adjudged man of the match. (SCORECARD) (Play fantasy league and win cash daily)

Highlights of India vs Afghanistan, 2018 Asia Cup ODI match straight from Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

01:15 IST: Thank you for joining us for the match.

01:12 IST: India vs Afghanistan Super Four clash is tied. What a thrilling match it was.

01:10 IST: OUT!! Ravindra Jadeja mistimes the pull and  Najibullah takes a good catch in the deep. India 252 all out as the match is tied.

01:07 IST: Khaleel Ahmed takes a quick single. India need 1 runs in 2 balls.

01:05 IST: India need 2 more runs in 3 balls. Ravindra Jadeja takes a quick single. Khaleel Ahmed is on strike.

01:02 IST: FOUR!! Ravindra Jadeja gets the all-important shot of the match. Slog sweeps Rashid Khan for a maximum. The ball lands on the rope. The Indian dressing room is elated. However, the job is not done yet. India need 3 runs in four balls.

01:01 IST: India need 7 more runs in the last over. Rashid Khan is bowling the last over, Ravindra Jadeja is on strike.

00:59: OUT!! Siddarth Kaul is run out for for a duck. India 245/9 in 48.5 overs. Afghanistan just one wicket away from victory.

00:54 IST: OUT!! Afghanistan get the wicket they needed. Kuldeep Yadav is run out for 9. India need 11 more runs in 11 balls. The Afghanistan supporters grow in voice as Afghanistan edge closer to a probable victory.

00:52 IST: Four runs off the Rashid Khan over. India need 13 runs in 12 balls. We have a match on our hands.

00:51 IST: "A wicket will change everything here," say the commentators on air.

00:50 IST: Jadeja takes a single on the second ball of the 48th over. India need 16 runs in 16 balls.

00:48 IST: India need 17 more runs to win from 18 balls. Can Jadeja and Kuldeep get India home?

00:45 IST: The game is going down to the wire. It is getting difficult for the Indian batsmen to score runs.

00:42 IST: India 230/7 after 46 overs vs Afghanistan.

00:36 IST: Kuldeep Yadav is the new man in.

00:35 IST: OUT!! India are crumbling down under pressure. Deepak Chahar looking to work the ball on the leg side, manages to get an inside edge as the ball crashes into the stumps. Aftab Alam is ecstatic as India are 7 down in 253-run chase.

00:31 IST: India need 30 more runs in 36 balls.

00:30 IST: FOUR!! Mujeeb bowls short and wide and Chahar grabs the opportunity with both hands. He makes room and slaps the ball for a much-needed boundary. India need a boundary after 6 overs.

00:27 IST: India 216/1, need 37 more runs to win in 42 balls. India are currently dealing in singles and doubles as they edge closer to the target, with the run-rate creeping up. The dot balls are also building pressure on Jadeja and Chahar. Last 4 overs, 11 runs and a wicket.

00:19 IST: Just three runs off the Aftab Alam over. India 210/6 in 41 overs, need 43 more runs in 54 balls. It has become a game of nerves here at Dubai.

00:13 IST: Deepak Chahar is the new man in.

00:11 IST: OUT!! Dinesh Karthik fails to read a straight ball as he gets rapped on the pads. He was trying to work the ball around on the leg side. Replay shows that the ball was definitely sliding down the leg side. Nabi sends Karthik back for 44. India in trouble now. Afghanistan get the opening they were looking for. India need 48 runs in 62 balls.

00:08 IST: Ravindra Jadeja is the new man in. The onus will be on these two batsmen to see India home.

00:07 IST: OUT!! An unlucky run-out for Kedar Jadav. Karthik hits the fuller delivery straight down the ground only for Mujeeb to get his hands in the way. The ball ricochets off Mujeeb's palms and hits the stumps. Kedar Jadhav failed to ground his bat back in time as he walks back for 19. India lose their 5th wicket. Afghanistan need a couple of wickets more to take control of the game. Can they do it?

00:04 IST: A quick single on the first ball of the 39th over takes Dinesh Karthil to 43*.

00:02 IST: India 202/4 after 38 overs, need 51 more runs to win vs Afghanistan.

23:56 IST: FOUR!! Kedar Jadhav plays it late and cuts the ball away for a boundary. 200 up for India. India need 53 more runs to win.

23:54 IST: Leg spin from Rashid and Kedar Jadhav leans forward to defend, misses and the keeper collects the ball. Rashid goes up but the umpire turns down the appeals. After a long discussion Asghar Afghan opts for the review. TV umpire rules in favour of India and Afghanistan lose a review.

23:49 IST: FOUR! Sliced away and Dinesh Karthik gets his boundary. A much-needed one for India | India 190/4 after 35 overs

23:45 IST: Afghanistan desperately need a wicket here as India appear to be cruising. India need another 70 runs to win off 97 balls | India 183/4 after 34 overs

23:37 IST: Time for drinks! India 180/4 in 33 overs.

23:33 IST: India 177/4 after 32 overs, need 76 more runs to win against Afghanistan.

23:27 IST: FOUR!! Aftab bowls a brilliant well-directed yorker at the off-stump. Kedar gets his bat down just in time to get a little edge as the ball rolls down the third-man region for a boundary. That was close.

23:25 IST: Kedar Jadhav is the new batsman in.

23:24 IST: OUT!! Aftam Alam gets his first wicket. Manish Pandey goes hard at the ball but manages only a healthy edge back to the Afghan keeper. He walks back for 8. India 166/4 in 30.3 overs. Afghanistan are slowly making their way back in the game with regular wickets.

23:23 IST: India fail to capitalise on the free-hit as Aftab bowls a wide yorker. Manish Pandey was making room for himself to carve the ball inside-out.

23:22 IST: India get a free-hit as Aftab bowls a above waist-high delivery. He apologies to the batsman and signals that the ball slipped out of his hands.

23:20 IST: India 164/3 after 30 overs, need 89 more runs to win vs Afghanistan.

23:15 IST: India have slowed down their charge after losing quick wickets. Manish Pandey and Dinesh Karthik will be looking to rebuild the Indian innings yet again.

23:10 IST: FOUR!! Ahmadi bowls a full-toss and Karthik doesn't out on those. He comes down the track and hammers it for a boundary. That was easy picking for the Indian batsman.

23:08 IST: FOUR! Dinesh Karthik sweeps Rahmat Shah powerfully towards the deep mid-wicket boundary for a much-needed boundary. The ball raced away to the rope. This boundary also brought up the 150 for India.

23:03 IST: Manish Pandey is the new man in.

23:02 IST: OUT!! A big, big wicket for Afghanistan as MS Dhoni departs for 8. Javed Ahmadi gets the big fish. Dhoni was looking to work the ball on the leg side, misses the ball and gets rapped on the pads. Afghanistan are in jubilant mood. Dhoni is not happy with the decision. India 142/3 in 25.5 overs, need 111 more runs to win.

23:00 IST: India 140/2 in 25 overs, need 113 more runs to win vs Afghanistan.

22:56 IST: A decent start from Ahmadi, he concedes five runs in his first over.

22:53 IST: Javed Ahmadi introduced in the bowling.

22:52 IST: Rashid Khan is creating problems for Dhoni and Karthik, however, both the Indian batsmen are trying to counter the Rashid threat.

22:48 IST: Three runs off the Nabi over. India 131/2 after 22 overs.

22:42 IST: MS Dhoni is the new batsman in. With two news batters out in the middle, India will have to rebuild their innings yet again.

22:40 IST: OUT!! Rashid gets KL Rahul for 60. The Indian opener attempted the reverse sweep but missed it completely. Rashid goes up in appeal and the on-field umpire raises his finger. However, India take the DRS. Meanhwile, the DRS shows the India lose their review as the decision stays out. India 127/2 in 20.3 overs.

22:36 IST: India 127/1 after 20 overs vs Afghanistan.

22:28 IST: FIFTY!! KL Rahul scores his second ODI half-century.  This has been a fine innings by the Indian opener.

22:24 IST: DRINKS! India 110/1 after 17.1 overs, need 143 more runs to win.

22:23 IST: OUT!! Mohammad Nabi gives Afghanistan the important breakthrough. Rayudu wanted to big but miscues as Najibullah takes a good catch at long-on. Rayudu tales the long walk back for 57.

22:20 IST: FOUR! Ambati Rayudu is on the charge. He sweeps Rashid Khan or a boundary towards the cow corner region. India are dealing in boundaries.

22:18 IST: India 103/0 in 16 overs, need 150 more runs to win vs Afghanistan.

22:17 IST: FIFTY!! Ambati Rayudu scores his 8th ODI half-century. "I'm a fan of Ambati Rayudu," says Kevin Pietersen on air. The right-handed batsman, who opened the Indian innings for the first time, has batted beautifully.

22:16 IST: 100 comes up for India in the 16th overs. They are in full control of game.

22:14 IST: SIX!! Short from Naib and Rayudu launches him rows back into the stands. He moves on to 49*.

22:12 IST: FOUR!! Naib bowls a slower fuller delivery and KL Rahul lifts hiim over the cover for a one-bounce boundary. This shot had class written all over it.

22:06 IST: India 80/0 after 13 overs, need 173 more runs to win vs Afghanistan.

22:03 IST: A good first over from Nabi, concedes just three runs.

22:00 IST: Bowling change -- Mohammad Nabi replaces Mujeeb Ur Rahman.

21:59 IST: SIX!! Rayudu comes down the track and lifts Gulbadin straight down the ground for a huge maximum. The right-handed batsman has been using his feet to full effect in this match.

21:54 IST: India 64/0 after 10 overs, need 189 more runs to win vs Afghanistan.

21:52 IST: SIX!! KL Rahul makes room and carves Mujeeb inside out for a handsome maximum over extra covers.

21:51 IST: SIX!! Gulbadin drops the ball short. Rayudu reads it early, shimmies down the ground and pulls the ball towards the deep mid-wicket area for a maximum. The Indian openers are on a roll here.

21:50 IST: FOUR!! Easy pickings for KL Rahul. Gulbadin Naib bowls a full toss wide of off and Rahul drills the ball through the cover for a boundary.

21:49 IST: FOUR! Gulbadin Naib is welcomed with a boundary. He goes full and on the leg side, and KL Rahul flicks the ball with grace and power.

21:48 IST: Gulbadin Naib, right-arm medium, comes into the attack.

21:42 IST: India 37/0 after 7 overs vs Afghanistan.

21:41 IST: FOUR! Ambati Rayudu gets four more runs. Aftab bowls short and wide, Rayudu, on the front foot, slaps the ball over the fielders inside the circle. "He is enjoying himself out in the middle," say the commentators on air.

21:39 IST: FOUR!! Aftab goes full and Rayudu hits the ball on the leg-side. None of the fielder inside the circle moved as the ball raced away to the boundary.

21:35 IST: FOUR!! Ambati Rayudu dances down the track and lifts Mujeeb over the cover for a boundary. This is good foot work from Rayudu.

21:33 IST: India 22/0 after 5 overs. The Afghan bowlers have not allowed the Indian batsmen to gain momentum in this run-chase.

21:28 IST: A maiden. This is fantastic start from the Mujeeb.

21:26 IST: At the end of 3 overs, India 19/0.

21:24 IST: SIX!! Ambati Rayudu comes down the track and slices Aftab towards the sweeper cover region. That was absolutely hammered. This would ease some pressure off Rayudu.

21:22 IST: Just two singles off Mujeeb's first over. This is good start from the young spinner.

21:19 IST: Mujeeb Ur Rahman comes in the attack from the other end.

21:18 IST: A good start for India after the first over. India 10/0 after 1 over

21:17 IST: FOUR! Aftab Alam strays on the leg side and the ball brushes Rahul's thigh pad and rolls away to the boundary rope.

21:15 IST: FOUR! Runs off the first ball for KL Rahul. Picked the line and length correctly. Pure class. India 4/0 after 0.1 over

21:14 IST: KL Rahul and Ambati Rayadu begin India's run-chase as Aftab Alam begins proceedings with the ball for Afghanistan.

20:34 IST: INNINGS BREAK! Afghanistan post 252/8 in 50 overs vs India.

20:30 IST: A brilliant Siddarth Kaul comes to end, he concedes just three runs in the penultimate over.

20:24 IST: Last two overs to go, Afghanistan 245/8 vs India.

20:21 IST: OUT! Mohammad Nabi departs for 64 as Khaleel Ahmed gets a wicket. Afghanistan 244/8 in 47.3 overs. While Kuldeep Yadav took a catch, there was a collision between Dinesh Karthik and him.

20:16 IST: SIX!! This. Is. Gigantic. Siddarth Kaul bowls a length ball and Nabi stays back in his crease and absolutely pummels the ball towards the cow corner for a maximum. That ball flew miles into the stands.

20:09 IST: Rashid Khan is the new batsman in.

20:08 IST: OUT!! Jadeja and Dhoni appeal for an LBW and the on-field umpire raises his finger. Najibullah, the one in question, takes the review. The review shows three red dots and the decision stands. Afghanistan lose Najibullah Zadran for 20.

20:06 IST: Afghanistan 226/6 in 44 overs vs India.

20:05 IST: Fact -- Mohammad Nabi has featured in every single ODI that Afghanistan has played.

20:04 IST: FIFTY!! Mohammad Nabi scores his 12th ODI half-century. This has been a wonderful display of batting.

20:02 IST: FOUR!! Jadeja bowls short and wide and Nabi obliges. The Afghan batsman cuts him powerfully. He moves onto 49*.

19:58 IST: FOUR!! This time Najibullah sweeps Kuldeep for a boundary. The ball raced away towards the rope. This is wonderful batting from Afghanistan. 17 runs off the Kuldeep over.

19:57 IST: SIX!! Mohammad Nabi slog sweeps Kuldeep Yadav for a huge, huge maximum over the deep mid-wicket area. That was monstrous!

19:56 IST: 200 comes up for Afghanistan in the 42nd over.

19:54 IST: Afghanistan 196/6 after 41 overs vs India.

19:53 IST: FOUR!! Khaleel bowls full and Nabi goes inside-out to crash the ball through the off-side for a boundary.

19:50 IST: FOUR!! Najibullah attempts the reverse sweep and guides the ball past the fielder at backward point.

19:46 IST: Afghanistan 184/6 after 39 overs vs India.

19:40 IST: Najibullah Zadran is the new batsman in.

19:39 IST: OUT!!! Mohammad Shahzad's innings comes to an end as Kedar Jadhav picks his first wicket. Shahzad comes down the track and swings his bat at the wide ball. However, he miscues the shot and Dinesh Karthik takes a good catch at long off. Afghanistan 180/6 in 37.5 overs.

19:37 IST: Afghanistan 178/5 after 37 overs vs India.

19:35 IST: SIX!! Siddarth Kaul goes full and Nabi stands tall and smokes the ball straight down the ground for a maximum. Nabi has scored 25* off 25 balls.

19:32 IST: Afghanistan 169/5 after 36 overs vs India.

19:30 IST: FOUR!! Quicker and fuller delivery from Kedar Jadhav, Shahzad makes room and carves the ball over the cover for a one-bounce boundary. These two batsman have upped the ante.

19:28 IST: SIX!! Couple of steps down the track and Nabi pulls Siddarth Kaul for a flat maximum. That was hit with power.

19:22 IST: DRINKS!! Afghanistan 154/5 after 34 overs vs India.

19:21 IST: FOUR!! Mohammad Nabi sweeps Kedar Jadhav for a boundary. This boundary also brings up the 150 for Afghanistan.

19:19 IST: Afghanistan 149/5 after 33 overs vs India.

19:13 IST: Shahzad and Nabi are treading carefully now. If India pick up a couple of wickets now, Afghanistan will be in trouble.

19:08 IST: SIX!! Shahzad on the charge again. Chahar bowls full on the middle and leg, Shahzad shuffles and flicks the ball over deep mid-wicket region for another mammoth hit. That shot had power written all over it.

19:07 IST: Afghanistan 136/5 after 30 overs vs India.

19:06 IST: Nabi gets off the mark with a delicate shot on the leg side.

19:02 IST: Mohammad Nabi is the new batsman in.

19:01 IST: WICKET!! Deepak Chahar gets his maiden ODI wicket as Gulbadin departs for 15. Gulbadin comes down the track and flicks it straight to Kedar Jadhav at deep square leg. Afghanistan 132/5 in 28.4 overs.

18:59 IST: HUNDRED!! Chahar strays on the leg side and Shahzad glances the ball for a boundary as he notches up his 5th ODI hundred. This is his first hundred against India. What a knock this has been!

18:57 IST: Afghanistan 127/4 after 28 overs vs India. Shahzad (99*) is on strike.

18:56 IST: The partnership between Shahzad and Gulbadin is now of 45 runs.

18:49 IST: Afghanistan 124/4 after 26 overs vs India.

18:47 IST: FOUR! Siddarth Kaul bowls a bouncer and Gulbadin pulls. The ball takes an outside edge and flies away to the fine leg region for a boundary. This was much-needed for the Afghan side.

18:45 IST: Siddarth Kaul comes back in the bowling attack.

18:43 IST: Afghanistan have scored just five runs off the last 21 balls. Shahzad is on 97* now.

18:41 IST: Afghanistan 114/4 in 24 overs vs India.

18:37 IST: Gulbadin Naib and Mohammad Shahzad are being watchful at the moment. Not taking any unnecessary risks. They would hoping to build a partnership.

18:32 IST: Afghanistan 110/4 after 21 overs vs India.

18:30 IST: A huge appeal for caught behind and the on field umpire raises his finger. Shahzad very promptly takes the review. Video replay shows that the ball had brushed Shahzad's shoulder on the way to Dhoni. Successful review from Afghanistan.

18:28 IST: SIX!! Mohammad Shahzad has upped the ante. Khaleel, who was brought back in the attack, is welcomed with a massive hit towards the deep mid-wicket area. Shahzad read the length early, cleared his front foot and smacked the ball rows back in the stands.

18:24 IST: Afghanistan 100/4 after 19 overs vs India.

18:22 IST: SIX!! Jadeja bowls wide and Shahzad goes down on one knee and slog sweeps the ball towards deep mid-wicket for a huge maximum. That was a monstrous hit from the Afghan keeper.

18:21 IST: FOUR!! Jadeja bowls a full-toss. Shahzad shuffles across the stumps and scoops him over the short fine-leg for a boundary.

18:18 IST: A couple of wickets each from Jadeja and Kuldeep has halted Afghanistan's charge. Shahzad, who was sending the Indian bowlers on a leather hunt, has gone quiet now. He will be looking to build a good partnership with Gulbadin Naib and steady the Afghanistan ship.

18:14 IST: Afghanistan 82/4 after 16 overs vs India.

18:12 IST: Gulbadin Naib is the new batsman in and he watchfully defends the ball. Kuldeep is denied of a hat-trick.

18:11 IST: WICKET!! Kuldeep Yadav is doing wonder for the Indian team. He is on a hat-trick. Asghar Afghan is done in with a flighted delivery. He takes a step forward but the ball spins a long way back and ricochets off the back pads onto the stumps.

18:09 IST: DRINKS!

18:08 IST: WICKET!! Kuldeep Yadav gets the danger man Hasmatullah Shahidi for a duck. Kuldeep Yadav bowls a flighted delivery, Hashmatuallah comes down the track, the ball misses his outside edge and Dhoni takes the bails off in a flash. Afghanistan 82/3 in 15.2 overs vs India.

18:04 IST: Afghanistan 81/2 after 15 overs vs India.

18:03 IST: Hashmatullah Shahidi, the man in form, is the new batsman in.

18:02 IST: WICKET!! Ravindra Jadeja spinning his web, castles Rahmat Shah for 3. The Afghanistan batsman was looking to defend but the ball kept low and crashes into the stumps through the gap. Afghanistan 81/2 in 14.4 overs.

18:00 IST: FOUR! Shahzad pulls a short delivery for a boundary towards the deep mid-wicket region. Shahzad is like a man on a mission.

17:58 IST: SIX!! Shahzad is batting smartly here. Waits for a poor delivery and then swings his bat. Kedar Jadhav bowls right in his arc and Shahzad obliges. He smokes the ball straight down the ground for a huge maximum.

17:56 IST: TRIVIA --  That was the 16th stumping off Jadeja for Dhoni. He has done more only off Harbhajan's bowling - 17.

17:55 IST: Rahmat Shah is the new batsman in.

17:53 IST: OUT!! Ravindra Jadeja gives India the breakthrough. Javed Ahmadi comes down the track, tries to work the ball on the leg-side, the ball takes an inside edge and rolls behind the stumps. Dhoni, behind the stumps, does what he does best, takes off the bails in a flash. Ahmadi's struggling knock comes to an end, he departs for 5 (30). Afghanistan 65/1 in 12.4 overs.

17:51 IST: Kedar Jadhav concedes just one run in his first over.

17:49 IST: Kedar Jadhav is introduced in the bowling attack. "He looks ordinary but is very effective," says Sunil Gavaskar on air.

17:48 IST: Kuldeep Yadav concedes just one run in his first over. Brilliant bowling from the Indian spinner.

17:47 IST: Kuldeep Yadav, left-arm chinaman, comes into the attack.

17:45 IST: Afghanistan 63/0 after 10 overs vs India.

17:43 IST: SIX!! Shahzad gets down on one knee and dispatches Jadeja over mid-wicket for a maximum. This is sheer display of power-hitting from the Afghan opener.

17:42 IST: Mohammad Shahzad scores his 14th ODI fifty. Kaul goes full and Shahzad hits the ball straight to Ambati Rayudu at mid-off, but the Indian lets the ball go through his hands.

17:41 IST: FOUR!! Successive boundaries for the Afghan opener now. Kaul goes full and wide, Shahzad makes room and slams the ball over cover for a boundary. This is poor bowling from Kaul.

17:40 IST: FOUR!! Mohammad Shahzad is on fire. Kaul bowls short, Shahzad waits and clubs the ball towards deep mid-wicket for a boundary. 50 comes up for Afghanistan in the 9th over.

17:38 IST: SIddarth Kaul is back in the attack.

17:37 IST: MAIDEN! Wonderful start from Ravindra Jadeja.

17:36 IST: Bowling change for India. Ravindra Jadeja replaces Siddharth Kaul.

17:34 IST: Afghanistan 48/0 after 7 overs vs India.

17:31 IST: SIX!! Shahzad is not slowing down. Khaleel goes wide and full, Shahzad walks across the wicket, clears his front leg and slams the ball straight down the ground for a maximum.

17:27 IST: FOUR!! Kaul goes full and wide, Shahzad frees his arms and swings his bat hard as the ball pierces the fielders in the cover and races away to the boundary. That was struck firmly.

17:26 IST: Siddarth Kaul is introduced in the attack. Kaul hasn't picked up any wicket in the ODIs as of now. Could this game get his first ODI wicket?

17:24 IST: Khaleel Ahmed bowls a maiden over. Afghanistan 35/0 after 5 overs.

17:21 IST: FOUR!! Deepak Chahar bowls a short delivery and Shahzad pulls him for a boundary. 17 runs off the over. This is not the start the youngster would've had in his mind. However, this was an eventful over.

17:20 IST: SIX!! Chahar goes full and Shahzad clears his front-leg and mauls the ball over deep mid-wicket for the first maximum of the match.

17:19 IST: It is not getting easy for Chahar in the middle, he bowls another wide. Free-hit stays.

17:18 IST: FREE-HIT stays as Chahar bowls a slower bouncer. Shahzad waits and tries but fails to connect.

17:16 IST: Afghanistan get a free-hit as Chahar bowls a beamer. It looks like the ball slipped out of Chahr's hand and Shahzad was taken aback.

17:10 IST: FOUR!! Khaleel goes full and Shahzad lifts him straight down the ground to start the over with a boundary. That was some display of power from Shahzad.

17:09 IST: Afghanistan 13/0 after the second over.

17:08 IST: Mohammad Shahzad takes three! He flicks the length ball towards the deep. Good running between the wicket from the Afghanistan openers.

17:07 IST: FOUR!! Shahzad comes down the track and slices the wide off ball over point for a boundary. Chahar had begun with three dot balls and the pressure was building on the Afghanistan opener. He takes the risk and gets a positive result.

17:06 IST: Deepak Chahar, the debutant, in the attack from the other end.

17:05 IST: Afghanistan 6/0 after the first over.

17:03 IST: FOUR!! Khaleel bowls short and Shahzad, who was looking to get his bat away from the line of the ball, gets an edge as the ball flies over the slip for the first boundary of the match. Shahzad was lucky.

17:02 IST: Afghanistan get their first runs on board as Khaleel Ahmed bowls a wide.

17:00 IST: Alright! Khaleel Ahmed starts the proceedings for India. Mohammad Shahzad and Javed Ahmadi opening the batting for Afghanistan.

16:55 IST: Both teams are on the ground and the pre-match rituals are underway.

16:43 IST: Afghanistan playing XI: Mohammad Shahzad (w), Javed Ahmadi, Rahmat Shah, Hashmatullah Shahidi, Asghar Afghan (c), Najibullah Zadran, Mohammad Nabi, Rashid Khan, Gulbadin Naib, Aftab Alam, Mujeeb Ur Rahman

16:40 IST: Team India playing XI: Lokesh Rahul, Ambati Rayudu, Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni (w/c), Dinesh Karthik, Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Deepak Chahar, Siddarth Kaul, Kuldeep Yadav, K Khaleel Ahmed.

16:35 IST: Dhoni -- We were looking to bowl first. Quite a few changes. Both the openers are missing, Bhuvi, Bumrah, and Chahal are also missing. Everybody who hadn't played in this tournament gets a chance. They are part of the 15 and are representing India. We'll have to keep the intensity up. It is important for them to adjust to the line and length they need to bowl. I was not really sure of where I am standing. I have captained 199 ODIs, so this gives me an opportunity to make it 200. It's all destiny and I always believed in that. It's not in my control, once I left captainship. Good to complete 200, but I don't think it really matters.

16:32 IST: Asghar -- We will bat first. Today, the wicket would spin. We have made two changes. We lost two games. Today we will look to play confidently.

16:30 IST: TOSS TIME! Afghanistan captain Asghar Afghan wins toss and elects to bat against India.

16:25 IST: We are just minutes away from the match, stay tuned. While India will be aiming to extend their winning run in the tournament, Afghanistan will be playing for pride and will be hoping to upset India.

16:23 IST: India's Deepak Chahar will be making his ODI debut.

16:15 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the Super Four clash between Indian and Afghanistan straight from Dubai.

Aware of the threat the Afghans could pose, despite being an inconsequential tie for the Men-in-Blue, Rohit Sharma and the team management could opt to rest some of the main players ahead of the final and test the bench. In such a scenario, Lokesh Rahul and Manish Pandey could get a look-in in the middle order while medium pacers Siddharth Kaul and Deepak Chahar could come in to give Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah much-needed rest before the final.

India is unlikely to tickle with their opening combination, which has been a thorn in the opposition's ranks throughout the tournament while the middle order, comprising Ambati Rayudu, Dinesh Karthik, Kedar Jadhav and Mahendra Singh Dhoni seems to be in decent form. All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja will lead the spin department that includes the wrist spin duo of Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav.

On the other hand, having lost both their Super Four matches so far, Afghanistan are already out of contention for the final but their performances have surely won a million hearts.

Afghanistan will be once again banking on their strong batting to put a big total on the board before unleashing their spin trio of Mohammmed Nabi, Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Rashid Khan to have a go at the mighty Indian line-up. Afghanistan's one major concern will be their lack of experience to handle high pressure situations, that led them to two narrow losses in the Super Four stage.

With nothing to lose, the Afghans will be aiming to end the tournament on a high but it will surely be a hard nut to crack, considering India's current red-hot form.


India: Rohit Sharma (Captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Lokesh Rahul, Ambati Rayudu, Manish Pandey, Dinesh Karthik, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Deepak Chahar, Siddarth Kaul, K. Khaleel Ahmed.

Afghanistan: Asghar Afghan (Captain), Mohammad Shahzad, Ihsanullah Janat, Javed Ahmadi, Rahmat Shah, Hashmatullah Shahidi, Mohammad Nabi, Gulbadin Naib, Rashid Khan, Najibullah Zadran, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Aftab Alam, Samiullah Shenwari, Munir Ahmad, Sayed Shirzad, Sharafuddin Ashraf.

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