Highlights, 2nd T20I: Rohit Shines As India Beat Sri Lanka By 88 Runs, Clinch Series

Updated: 24 December 2017 18:12 IST

Highlights, India vs Sri Lanka: India beat Sri Lanka by 88 runs to clinch the T20I series with a match to play.

Highlights, 2nd T20I: Rohit Shines As India Beat Sri Lanka By 88 Runs, Clinch Series
Highlights, India vs Sri Lanka: The second T20I match is being played at Indore. © BCCI

Sri Lanka lost Niroshan Dickwella early in run chase but Kusal Perera (77) and Upul Tharanga (47) put on a century-run stand to keep the Sri Lankan hopes alive. But once Yuzvendra Chahal broke the partnership and got rid of Tharanga, the visitors never really looked like chasing down the Indian total. Chahal returned with figures of 4 for 52 while Kuldeep picked up three wickets that choked the flow of runs. At the end, Sri Lanka could only score 172 for 9 in 17.2 overs with Angelo Mathews absent hurt. Earlier, Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul powered India to a massive total of 260 for 5 in 20 overs. India won the match by 88 runs and clinched the T20I series 2-0 with a match to play. (Scorecard)

There seems no end to the woes of the visitors. While the Indian youngsters have put their hands up to deliver the goods, the Lankans are going through a terrible phase of transition during which they are badly in need of reliable performers. This series has hardly proved to be a good preparation for the challenging South Africa tour that awaits India next month, considering the home team's domination in the absence of a good opposition in favourable conditions.

Highlights Between India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd T20, straight from Holkar Stadium, Indore.

22:19 IST: Bowled! Pandya finishes it off in style. Sri Lanka 172 for 9. Angelo Mathews will not bat as he got injured while bowling. India win by 88 runs and clinch series.

22:15 IST: Bumrah comes back on.

22:14 IST: Wicket: Dananjaya dismissed without troubling the scorers much. Sri Lanka 8 down. Chahal picks up his fourth wicket.

22:10 IST: Wicket: Samarawickrama departs. Sri Lanka crumbling under pressure. Chahal gets his second wicket of the over.

22:07 IST: Wicket: Another one bites the dust. Chahal has cleaned up Chahal to de Silva here. Sri Lanka 162 for 6 in 15.1 overs.

22:05 IST: Wicket: Gunaratne stumped by Dhoni. Kuldeep gets another one. His third of the match.

22:02 IST: Wicket: This is the big wicket. Kusal Perera takes the long walk back. Two in three balls for Kuldeep.

21:59 IST: Wicket: Kuldeep Yadav bowled it wide and Thisara Perera could only manage to find the fielder at long. Pandya ran a long way to his right and took a good catch.

21:59 IST: Thisara Perera joins Kusal Perera to the middle.

21:58 IST: Six! Perera is playing a brilliant knock here. This time goes over long on.

21:54 IST: Wicket! Chahal breaks the partnership. Tharanga goes for the big one but only manages to hit it straight up in the air. Chahal made no mistake in holding on to the skier.

21:52 IST: Another big over from Kuldeep comes to an end. 16 coming from that over.

21:51 IST: Four! Full toss by Kuldeep and Perera goes straight over the top of the bowler.

21:51 IST: A four followed by a six. Kuldeep is feeling the pressure here. Kusal Perera helps himself to another maximum. 100-run partnership between Tharanga and Perera.

21:50 IST: Four! Reverse sweep and Perera gets it right. Runs away for a boundary.

21:48 IST: Four! Great shot by Perera through covers. Brings up his fifty in style.

21:46 IST: Six! Perera is taking on Chahal here. Another maximum for the left-hander.

21:44 IST: Six! Perera goes for the big one and gets it away for a maximum. 10 coming of that Pandya over which is not bad for India in the context of the match.

21:40 IST: Two sixes coming of that Chahal over. Sri Lanka get a move on but India would still fancy their chances of winning this match. 100-up for Sri Lanka as well.

21:38 IST: So Rohit has gone to Chahal for a breakthrough.

21:37 IST: Four! Tharanga gets a top edge and it flies off to the fence. 50-run partnership comes up between the two. Sri Lanka 86 for 1 in 9 overs.

21:33 IST: Six! Good use of the feet by Kusal Perera. Hits Kuldeep out of the park.

21:30 IST: Five coming of that Pandya over.

21:27 IST: Beautifully bowled! Great off-cutter by Hardik Pandya. Beats the batsman all ends up.

21:25 IST: 19 runs coming of that Kuldeep over. Sri Lanka 61 for 1 in 6 overs.

21:24 IST: Six! Back to back sixes for Perera. Kuldeev needs to alter his length here or may be bowl a little quicker.

21:23 IST: Six! Kusal Perara this time comes down the track and gets hold of it. Great shot.

21:22 IST: Four! Good use of the feet by Tharanga. Will get a boundary for his efforts.

21:21 IST: Kuldeep Yadav comes on for India.

21:18 IStT Four! Picked up the slower ball early by Tharanga, Went straight and will get a boundary. Unadkat won't be too disappointed here. As long as they are going after him, there is always a chance of picking up a wicket.

21:16 IST: Wicket: Unadkat gets his man. Dickwella departs for 25.

21:12 IST: Runs coming in ones and twos at the moment for Sri Lanka. Nine from that Bumrah over.

21:08 IST: Four! Two back to back boundaries for Dickwella. Unadkat proving to be a bit expensive in his second over.

21:06 IST: Six! Short from Bumrah and Dickwella gets under the ball and hits it over fine-leg for a maximum.

21:04 IST: Dropped! Rahul runs back to take the catch at square-leg but fails to hang on to it. Dickwella survives.

21:00 IST: Only five coming of the first over for Sri Lanka.

20:56 IST: Welcome back to the run chase. Jaydev Unadkat to start things off for India.  Upul Tharanga and Niroshan Dickwella are the two openers for Sri Lanka.

20:46 IST: Good yorker to finish things off. Karthik will get a single. India 260 for 5 in 20 overs.

20:45 IST: Four! Karthik starts off with a boundary.

20:44 IST: Dinesh Karthik is the new batsman.

20:44 IST: Wicket! Dhoni departs trying to up the ante. India 255 for 5 in 19.4 overs. Perera gets his second wicket.

20:43 IST: Manish Pandey is the new man in.

20:42 IST: Wicket! Iyer tries to hit across the line, misses the ball and the umpire raises the finger. Iyer goes for the review but the replays suggest that it would have hit the stumps. Perera strikes.

20:41 IST: Shreyas Iyer is the new man in.

20:40 IST: Wicket! Pradeep gets another one. Pandya departs.

20:39 IST: Six! Great shot from Pandya. That is into the second tier.

20:38 IST: Four! Pandya starts off with a boundary. 

20:37 IST: Hardik Pandya comes to the crease.

20:36 IST: Wicket! Rahul takes the long walk back as Niroshan Dickwella takes a blinder behind the stumps. Pradeep gets the wicket.

20:34 IST: Six! Full toss and Rahul hits this flat over deep square-leg. Another maximum. To be fair to the bowler, this would have been a regulation catch for the man at the deep but he seems to have lost sight of the ball under lights. Everything going India's way here.

20:32 IST: Six! Rahul goes inside out and hits it over covers for a maximum. Great shot.

20:30 IST: Six! Rahul goes straight and clears the fence at ease.

20:27 IST: Six! Now Rahul gets into the act. Goes over long on. India 223 for 1 in 17 overs.

20:26 IST: Six! This time Dhoni brings the slog sweep out. The result is the same. A maximum.

20:24 IST: Six! Dananjaya trying to bowl the flatter leg-spinner, bowls it a bit short and Dhoni deposits it into the stands. It is raining sixes here in Indore.

20:22 IST: India 202 for 1 in 16 overs.

20:20 IST: Wide ball from Perera and 200-up for India.

20:19 IST: Huge appeal for leg before. Dhoni trying to work it towards square-leg but misses the ball. The umpire thinks it is going down the leg side and rules it in favour of the batsman. Sri Lanka go for the review but replays suggest that it would have missed the stumps. Dhoni survives.

20:19 IST: At the current rate, India would reach 250 easily.

20:17 IST: Four! A six followed by a four. There is nothing that the Sri Lankans can do here. This is just top class batting from Rahul.

20:15 IST: Six! Short from Pradeep and Rahul would not miss out on those. That's gone all the way. 

20:13 IST: Four! Rahul gets to his half-century in style. This is his 3rd T20I half-century.

20:12 IST: Nuwan Pradeep comes on as Sri Lanka look for wickets.

20:09 IST: India 177 for 1 in 14 overs.

20:08 IST: Dhoni starts off in fine fashion. Two back to back boundaries for the former India captain.

20:06 IST: MS Dhoni comes to the crease. 

20:04 IST: Out! Rohit departs but not before he has done the damage. Chameera strikes after going for plenty in that over. Rohit will get a standing ovation here. What an innings this has been. One of the best you will ever get to see.

19:59 IST: Six, then four, followed by a six. This is unbelievable batting from Rohit.

19:55 IST: A good over from Dananjaya. Gives away only six runs.

19:52 IST: Rohit Sharma gets to his century in style. This is the joint-fastest in T20I cricket. Sri Lankans are all over the place at the moment. David Miller got it in 35 balls, so did Rohit Sharma. This is batting of the highest quality.

19:51 IST: Six! This is serious batting from Rohit. He has hit four sixes in that Perera over. All of them have landed in the second or third tier.

19:50 IST: Six! Take that. Another one. Rohit is dealing in sixes at the moment.

19:49 IST: Six! Rohit comes down the track and hits the slower one out of the park. 

19:46 IST: Four! Full toss and Rohit will not miss out on those. Pradeep bowled a good over up until that last ball.

19:43 IST; Rohit has raced to 67 off 26 balls. 

19:42 IST: Four! Two back to back boundaries for Rohit. 21 coming of that Gunaratne over. This is absolute carnage here in Indore.

19:40 IST: Six! Another one. This one has gone even further. Rohit is looking good for a century here.

19:39 IST: Six! Rohit clears the front leg and deposits it into the stands. Gets to his 13th half-century in style.

19:38 IST: India 87 for 0 in 8 overs.

19:36 IST: Six! Beautiful use of the feet from Rahul. Goes straight over the top of the bowler's head. That's gone a long way again.

19:34 ISt: Four! How many times have we seen this today. New bowler comes on and goes for a boundary. Chaturanga de Silva is the culprit here. Two back to back boundaries for Rohit. The last one coming of a misfield.

19:31 IST: Four! India are dealing in boundaries at the moment. Rahul again takes the aerial route and gets a boundary. Almost went all the way just fell short of the boundary at the end.

19:30 IST: Four! Perera goes for the wide yorker but misses his mark. Rohit makes full use of the width and got it square enough to beat the man at deep cover.

19:29 IST: Thisara Perera is the new bowler as Sri Lanka look for a wicket. India are off to a great start here.

19:28 IST: 33 runs coming off the last two overs. India 59 for 0 in 6 overs.

19:26 IST: Another big over on the cards for India. A couple of boundaries for Rohit and he followed it up with a maximum over long off.

19:25 IST: Akila Dananjaya comes on and Rohit immediately hits him for a boundary. The Sri Lankans are chasing leather at the moment.

19:24 IST: India 43 for 0 in 5 overs.

19:23 IST: Six! Rahul goes for the big one and clears the fence easily. This is a big over for India.

19:21 IST: Four! Slower ball, into the legs and Rahul helps it for a boundary through fine-leg.

19:19 IST: Six! Now Rohit gets into the act. Nuwan Pradeep comes on and Rohit welcomes him to the bowling crease with a six.

19:16 IST: Six! What a shot! Another length ball from Chameera and Rahul hits through the line and deposits it into the stands. That is a huge hit.

19:14 IST: Rahul goes over the top, didn't quite get hold of it and gets a couple.

19:13 IST: Good over from Mathews. Only 3 coming of that over. India 18 for 0 in 3 overs.

19:11 IST: Dropped! Rahul survives. Samarawickrama could not quite hold on to the catch.

19:10 IST: Seven from the over. India 15 for 0 after 2 overs.

19:09 IST: Four! Great shot by Rahul. Length ball and Rahul hits it through the line straight past the bowler for a boundary.

19:07 IST: A bit of extra bounce for Chameera and Rahul guides it to the third man region for a single. Gets off the mark.

19:06 IST: Dushmantha Chameera to share the new ball for Sri Lanka with Mathews.

19:05 IST: So end of the first over. A couple of boundaries for Rohit. India 8 for 0.

19:04 IST: Four! Short again and Rohit pulls it of the front foot for a boundary.

19:02 IST: Four! Short and wide from Mathews and Rohit cuts it through point. First boundary of the match.

19:01 IST: Mathews starts with a dot ball.

19:00 IST: Angelo Mathews to start things off for Sri Lanka. Rohit to take strike.

18:50 IST: So the players are out in the middle. Rohit Sharma will open the batting with KL Rahul

18:34 IST: Here is a look at the teams:

India: Rohit Sharma(c), Lokesh Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, MS Dhoni(w), Manish Pandey, Dinesh Karthik, Hardik Pandya, Kuldeep Yadav, Jaydev Unadkat, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal

Sri Lanka: Niroshan Dickwella(w), Upul Tharanga, Kusal Perera, Angelo Mathews, Sadeera Samarawickrama, Asela Gunaratne, Thisara Perera(c), Chaturanga de Silva, Akila Dananjaya, Dushmantha Chameera, Nuwan Pradeep

18:32 IST: India have gone with an unchanged side for the second T20I.

18:30 IST: Sri Lanka have won the toss and have elected to bowl first.

18:21 IST: India in all likelihood would go with the same side. It would be interesting to see if Sri Lanka make any changes to their line-up.

18:20 IST: While India would look to seal the series, Sri Lanka would be looking for a much improved performace today.

18:18 IST: India dominated the first T20I with the bat and ball. Sri Lanka never really got going in the last match. 

18:17 IST: We have been informed that it is a sell out in Indore.

18:15 IST: Hello and welcome to the second T20I between India and Sri Lanka.

The absence of regular skipper Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan and a transformed Bhuvneshwar Kumar has not given any respite to the Sri Lankans, who overtly rely on seniors such as Angelo Mathews. However, even the senior Lankan players have struggled to counter the Indian bowlers and batsmen. A robust domestic structure coupled with Indian Premier League (IPL) has prepared good bench strength for the hosts.

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