India vs Sri Lanka, Highlights: Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni Guide India To Series Win Vs Sri Lanka

Updated: 27 August 2017 23:02 IST

Highlights: India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd ODI - Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni's 150-run partnership guided India to six wickets win over Sri Lanka in Pallekel and clinch series.

India vs Sri Lanka, Highlights: Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni Guide India To Series Win Vs Sri Lanka
Highlights: Rohit Sharma scored his 12th ODI century as India sealed the series. © AFP

An all-round performance helped India beat Sri Lanka by six wickets in the 3rd ODI in Pallekele on Sunday. As India sealed the 5-match ODI series 3-0, they also registered their seven consecutive bilateral series win against Sri Lanka. Jasprit Bumrah claimed his maiden 5-wicket haul as India restricted the hosts to a modest 217/9 in 50 overs. In reply, India, after losing Shikhar Dhawan early for just five runs, were led by Rohit Sharma (124) and MS Dhoni (67) as the duo stitched together a 150-run plus partnership to guide the visitors home in 45.1 overs. (SCORECARD)

Highlights between India vs Sri Lanka 3rd ODI straight from Pallekele

22:36 IST: Rohit Sharma (124) and MS Dhoni (67) remain unbeatean as India beat Sri Lanka by six wickets to win the 5-match ODI series.

22:31 IST: India require 4 more runs to seal the series.

22:27 IST: Great news! Players and umpires are coming back on the field and India will have to score the last 8 runs to win the game and series.

22:20 IST: The players have gone off the field, and handshakes have been exchanged. Does this mean they've awarded the match to India? We'll have to wait and watch. 

22:04 IST: The players and umpires have gathered towards the pitch, waiting for the situation to be brought under control.

21:59 IST: Sad. Spectators are throwing bottles and rubbishes on the ground. The play is halted for the moment as security personnel are doing rounds. Shades of Cuttack in 2015.

21:57 IST: India need 8 runs in 36 balls.

21:56 IST: Six! Dhoni smacks Siriwardene for an 87-metre long maximum.

21:55 IST: 200 comes up for India in the 44th over.

21:51 IST: Four! Short and wide from Chameera, Dhoni cuts it handsomely for a boundary. 

21:43 IST: Safe! Looking to go big, Rohit Sharma miscues, ball goes high up but lands safely as Kapugedera mistimes the catch.

21:38 IST: India need 36 runs in 72 balls​.

21:35 IST: Four! Full on the pads from Chameera, Rohit puts it away for a boundary. 

21:30 IST: Four! Stand and deliver from MS Dhoni, nearing his half-century.

21:28 IST: India need 50 runs in 84 balls. Rohit and Dhoni solid in middle for India.

21:25 IST: Six! On the pads from Fernando, Rohit smokes it for a maximum.

21:23 IST: Rohit Sharma scores his 12th century. India 160/4.

21:20 IST: Four! Short from Chameera, Dhoni pulls it for a boundary.

21:17 IST: Time for drinks.

21:08 IST: Six!! Rohit shimmies and smokes Dananjaya for a huge maximum, nearing his century.

21:04 IST: At the end of the 30th over, India 137/4. (Rohit 87*, Dhoni 23*) 

21:03 IST: Four! Rohit Sharma is in his elements, slams Chameera for a boundary.

20:54 IST: Four! Short delivery from Malinga, MS Dhoni pulls it away for a boundary.

20:50 IST: Bad news for Sri Lanka. Dinesh Chandimal is out of the series.

20:46 IST: At the end of the 25th over, India 113/4. (Rohit 76*, Dhoni 10*)

20:45 IST: 50-run partnership comes up between Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni. India 111/4.

20:41 IST: Four! Full from Dananjaya, Rohit drives it gloriously for a boundary.

20:37 IST: Four! Short from Siriwardana, Rohit puts the ball away for a boundary.

20:34 IST: India need 126 more runs to win 29 overs.

20:33 IST: Four! Rohit dances down the wicket and lofts Siriwardana over mid-on for a boundary.

20:32 IST: Milinda Siriwardana comes into the bowling attack.

20:29 IST: At the end of the 20th over, India 87/4. (Rohit 56*, MS Dhoni 4*)

20:24 IST: Four! Three consecutive boundaries for Rohit off Dushmantha Chameera. The Indian also scores his 33rd ODI fifty.

20:22 IST: Four! Short from Dananjaya, Rohit Sharma punches off the back foot. Much needed boundary for India.

20:14 IST: Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the new man in. India in spot of bother.

20:13 IST: Out! Dananjaya strikes after drinks, sends Kedar Jadhav back for a duck.

20:06 IST: Drinks! At the end of the 15th over, India 61/3.

20:00 IST: Out! It seems Akila is picking up from where he left in the second ODI, sends KL Rahul packing for 17. India lose their third wicket.

19:56 IST: Akila Dananjaya, off break bowler, introduced in the attack. Will we see a repeat performance from the bowler?

19:52 IST: Four! Rohit shimmies down the pitch and dispatches Mathews over covers.

19:50 IST: Four! Lots of room outside off, Rahul cuts Fernando off the back foot with authority.

19:47 IST: Four! Inside edge for KL Rahul off Fernando, ball rolls away towards the boundary.

19:43 IST: Four! Short from Mathews, Rohit pulls it away for a boundary.

19:41 IST: At the end of the 10th over India 35/2. (Rohit 21*, KL Rahul 4*)

19:38 IST: Four! Rohit flashes his bat, the ball takes an outside edge as it flies past the man in slip. The Indian gets a lucky boundary.

19:35 IST: Angelo Mathews is introduced in the attack.

19:34 IST: Fernando is keeping the batsman at bay. One wicket for eight runs in four overs. 

19:27 IST: Four! Back of a length delivery from Chameera just outside off, Rohit stands tall and punches it through the off-side.

19:25 IST: A very good maiden over from Vishwa Fernando.

19:21 IST: Out! Sri Lanka get the big fish, on the pads from Fernando, Kohli (3) flicks it straight to long-leg.

19:17 IST: At the end of the fifth over, India 19/1. (Rohit 10*, Kohli 3*)

19:16 IST: Four! Short and wide from Malinga, Rohit slams it away past the backward point fielder for a boundary.

19:13 IST: A maiden over for Vishwa Fernando.

19:08 IST: Virat Kohli is the new man in.

19:07 IST: Out! Malinga strikes early for Sri Lanka, Dhawan departs for 5 runs. India 9/1 in 2.1 overs.

19:03 IST: Safe! Sri Lankan lose a review as there was an inside edge onto the pads, Rohit Sharma survives an early scare.

19:02 IST: Big shout from the Lankans for an LBW, on-field umpire turns down the appeal. Sri Lanka take a review.

18:59 IST: Four! Shikhar Dhawan gets off the mark with a boundary through the covers.

18:58 IST: At the end of the first over, India 4/0.

18:57 IST: Four! Width from Malinga, Rohit punches hits it through cover point for the first boundary of the innings.

​18:56 IST: Lasith Malinga to start the proceedings for Sri Lanka.

18:55 IST: Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are opening the batting for India.

18:54 IST: Welcome back to the second innings of the 3rd ODI.

18:15 IST: Sri Lanka finish 217/9 in 50 overs. (Thirimanne 80, Bumrah 5/27.)

18:12 IST: Four-byes! Uneven bounce for MS Dhoni as he fails to collect the ball.

18:09 IST: Out! India takes the ninth wicket. Chameera is run out for 6 runs. Sri Lanka 210/9.

18:05 IST: Four! Short delivery from Bhuvneshwar, Chameera pulls it away for a boundary.

18:03 IST: Out! What a game it is turning out to be for Bumrah. Maiden five-wicket haul for the pacer. Siriwardana departs for 29.

18:00 IST: Four! Slower ball from Jasprit Bumrah, Siriwardana slams it for a boundary.

17:57 IST: Covers are coming off. Play resumes.

17:52 IST: Bad news! Sri Lanka 192/7 vs India as rain interrupts play. 

17:48 IST: A maiden over for Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Sri Lanka 192/7, 47th over.

17:43 IST: Out! Bumrah gets his fourth wicket of the night, castles Dananjaya.

17:39 IST: At the end of 45th over, Sri Lanka 190/6.

17:37 IST: Four! Siriwardana sweeps Chahal for a boundary.

17:34 IST: Out! Axar gets his first wicket, castles Kapugedera for 14. Sri Lanka six down.

17:26 IST: Four! Bounce for Axar, Siriwardana edges it past the wicket-keeper for a boundary.

17:23 IST: Four! Full delivery from Bhuvneshwar, Kapugedera drives it to deep extra cover.

17:21 IST: Two new batsmen out in the middle for Sri Lanka, Chamara Kaupgedera and Milinda Siriwardana.

17:18 IST: Out! Full at the stumps from Bumrah, Thirimanne (80) ends up flicking it in the air straight to mid-wicket.

17:12 IST: Four! A bit of width from Axar, Thirimanne dispatches the ball for a boundary.

17:03 IST: At the end of the 35th over, Sri Lanka 140/4.

17:00 IST: Stand-in captain Chamara Kapugedera is the new man in.

16:59 IST: Out! Kedar Jadhav strikes for India, Sri Lanak lose Angelo Mathews for 11.

16:55 IST: Six! Huge slog sweep from Thirimanne off Chahal. Sri Lanka need a few of them to up their game.

16:50 IST: Very good start from Jadhav, gives away only one run.

16:49 IST: Kedar Jadhav introduced in the bowling attack.

16:46 IST: Four! Short from Chahal, Mathews pulls it away for a boundary.

16:40 IST: At the end of the 30th over, Sri Lanka 113/3. (Thirimanne 51, Mathews 2*)

16:38 IST: Fifty! Lahiru Thirimanne scores his 17th ODI half-century. Sri Lanka 111/3 in 29.1 overs.

16:36 IST: Angelo Mathews get off the mark on the 10th delivery.

16:33 IST: Four! Slower ball from Hardik, Thirimanne clobbers the ball on the leg side for a boundary, nearing his half-century.

16:30 IST: A maiden over for Axar, Indian bowlers have halted the flow of runs.

16:27 IST: Angelo Mathews is the new man in.

16:26 IST: Out! Hardik Pandya breaks the partnership, send Chandimal back to pavilion for 36. Sri Lanak 100/3.

16:23 IST: 100 comes up for Sri Lanka in the 26th over. (Chandimal 36*, Thirimanne 41*)

16:20 IST: At the end of the 25th over, Sri Lanka 97/2. (Chandimal 35*, Thirimanne 39*)

16:17 IST: Four! Short from Pandya, Chandimal pulls it handsomely for a boundary.

16:16 IST: Safe! Bit of bounce for Pandya, Chandimal hits the ball in the air but falls on no mans land.

16:07 IST: Good first over from Axar, concedes only three runs.

16:05 IST: Captain Kohli introduces Axar Patel in the attack.

16:04 IST: At the end of the 20th over, Sri Lanka 79/2.

16:03 IST: 50-run partnership comes up between Thirimane and Chandimal.

15:59 IST: FOUR! Thirimanne plays a glorious straight drive off Pandya.

15:56 IST: Chahal appeals for lbw but the umpire is not interested.

15:49 IST: Physio is out there to have a look at his right thumb. Chandimal looks in pain. Heavy strapping and a magic spray has been applied on the thumb.

15:47 IST: Nasty bouncer from Pandya, hits Chandimal on the thumb.

15:45 IST: Four! Pandya straying on the pads, Thririmane guides it away to fine leg.

15:38 IST: At the end of the 15th over, Sri Lanka 54/2. (Thirimane 10*, Chandimal 23*)

15:34 IST: 50 comes up for Sri Lanka in the 14th over.

15:32 IST: Pandya concedes six runs in his first over.

15:30 IST: Four! On the pads from Pandya, Thirimane guides it away for a boundary.

15:29 IST: Haridk Pandya replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

15:28 IST: Brilliant first over by Chahal, concedes only 1 run.

15:25 IST: Yuzvendra Chahal introduced in the attack.

15:21 IST: Four! Short delivery from Bhuvneshwar, Chandimal pulls, top edges the ball over the keeper's head.

15:17 IST: At the end of the 10th over, Sri Lanka 37/2. (Chandimal 20*, Lahiru Thirimane 1*)

15:10 IST: Four! Chandimal gets a boundary as Bumrah fails to collect the ball at the third man.

15:07 IST: Out! Bit of width from Bumrah, Mendis edges the ball and Rohit Sharma takes a brilliant catch at the second slip to dismiss the Lankan for 1 run.

15:01 IST: Four-leg byes! On the pads from Bhuvneshwar, the ball takes a slight deflection, drops on Dhoni as he misses behind the stumps, ball rolls way for a Boundary.

15:00 IST: Another maiden over by Jasprit Bumrah.

14:55 IST: At the end of the 5th over, Sri Lanka on 22/1. (Kusal Mendis 0*, Dinesh Chandimal 8*)

14:52 IST: Four! Wide delivery from Bhuvneshwar, Chandimal drives the ball on the up.

14:51 IST: A wicket maiden for Jasprit Bumrah, what an over that was from the Indian.

14:47 IST: Out! Another gem of a delivery from Jasprit, loud appeal for LBW, on-field umpire gives not-out, India take review and TV umpire overturns the decision. Dickwella departs for 13.

14:44 IST: Brilliant yorker delivery from Jasprit Bumrah catches Dickwella off-guard, loud appeal for LBW, on-field umpire gives out. Niroshan Dickwella takes review. TV umpire changes the decision as the ball was pitching outside leg.

14:41 IST: Four! Short delivery from Bhuvneshwar, Dickwella puts it away for a boundary on the leg side. 

14:38 IST: Good first over from Jasprit Bumrah, concedes only four runs.

14:33 IST: At the end of the first over, Sri Lanka 6/0.

14:31 IST: Four! Wide of off-stump from Bhuvneshwar, Dickwella edges the ball past the second slip, Kedar Jadhav fumbles at the third man and the lets the ball roll away to the boundary.

14:30 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar starting the proceedings for India.

14:29 IST: Niroshan Dickwella and Dinesh Chandimal opening for Sri Lanka.

14:27 IST:

14:11 IST: Playing XI for Sri Lanka:

Niroshan Dickwella(w), Lahiru Thirimanne, Kusal Mendis, Dinesh Chandimal, Angelo Mathews, Chamara Kapugedera(c), Milinda Siriwardana, Akila Dananjaya, Dushmantha Chameera, Vishwa Fernando, Lasith Malinga

14:10 IST: Playing XI for India:

14:03 IST: Sri Lanka captain Chamara Kapugedera wins toss, elects to bat against India.

14:00 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the 3rd ODI between India and Sri Lanka straight from Pallekele.

The Men in Blue haven't played much ODI cricket at Pallekele, and Thursday's match was only their second at this venue, having played previously in 2012. It does reflect on their hundred percent record here then, and the short two-day gap between the second and third ODIs will help them take the winning momentum forward.

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