India vs England, 3rd ODI, Highlights: Jadhav Heroics In Vain As England Win By 5 Runs

Updated: 22 January 2017 22:07 IST

India vs England: Kedar Jadhav's heroic innings took India to within touching distance of England's total. But the visitors managed to hold on to their nerves to eke out a five-run win, their first over India in the ongoing series.

India vs England, 3rd ODI, Highlights: Jadhav Heroics In Vain As England Win By 5 Runs
Kedar Jadhav smashed a valiant 90 but fell on the penultimate ball of the match. © BCCI

Kedar Jadhav scored 90 off 75 balls to lead India's charge in the chase. Virat Kohli struck another half-century while Yuvraj Singh also played a good hand. However, all that was not enough as England recorded a thrilling five-run win over India. Fifties from Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes helped the visitors post a challenging 321/8 after being put into bat. This is England's first win over India in the ongoing tour. They lost the Test series 0-4 and were 0-2 down in the ODIs. India win the series 2-1 and now the focus shifts to the Twenty20 series. (Scorecard)

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22:03 IST:  Virat Kohli said: "It's been a series of lot of positives for us. The team showed a lot of character. Even today we were five down, but two youngsters showing great character to fight and almost got us over the line. Jadhav gives the experienced guys the opportunity to bat freely by taking responsibility down the order. The moment I saw the pitch, I thought this was the perfect way to prepare for the Champions Trophy. Wickets are going to be similar there"

22:00 IST: After receiving the award Kedar Jadhav said: "I was planning to play all the six balls. I knew that if I play the six balls the bowler would be under pressure. I was not in a great position to hit the ball and that is why I got out. I think being with Dhoni in the team has helped me to keep things calm. The ball was moving when it was bowled full. In the first game Virat told me this is the time to learn to finish games and that is exactly what I told Hardik today as well. I would have been more happy if we won this game, but it is satisfying. But I can do better than this."

21:57 IST: Kedar Jadhav receives Man of the Series award

21:55 IST: Ben Stokes gets Man of the Match award for his fine performance

21:42 IST: What a thriller we have witnessed here at the Eden Gardens. Jadhav took India right to the brink but fell on the penultimate ball of the match as England recorded their first victory over India in the ongoing series.

21:37 IST: Dot ball!! England win by 5 runs.

21:36 IST: WICKET!! Jadhav is gone!! Disaster for India. India need 6 off the final ball. Brilliant innings from Jadhav comes to an end.

21:35 IST: Two consecutive dot balls! What a humdinger this has turned out to be.

21:34 IST: Four!! Jadhav smashes it through extra covers this time. What a player!! Just six off 4 balls now.

21:33 IST: Six!! Jadhav smashes it over cover boundary.

21:32 IST: Woakes to bowl the final over.

21:30 IST: Single to end the over. Jadhav will keep the strike. India need 16 from the final six balls.

21:28 IST: Four!! Inside edge and it runs away to the fine leg boundary.

21:26 IST: Sensible batting from Jadhav. Picks a single off the last ball of the over.

21:24 IST: WICKET!! Ashwin tries to do it himself and pays for it with his wicket. India need 25 from 13 balls to win.

21:23 IST: Two runs so far from 4 balls. Ashwin just needs to give the strike to Jadhav.

21:20 IST: Four!! Stand and deliver from Jadhav. What a shot!! 16 runs from that Woakes over. Game-changer for India! India need 27 from 18 balls.

21:18 IST: WICKET!! Jadeja connected brilliantly but found the deep mid-wicket fielder. India need 31 runs from 19 balls.

21:17 IST: Four!! Another full toss and Jadeja smashes it straight back down the ground.

21:16 IST: Four!! Full toss from Woakes and Jadeja puts it away. Much-needed for India. Eight runs from three balls in this over.

21:15 IST: Just a single from the free hit. Not what was needed for India.

21:14 IST: No ball from Woakes!! Free hit for India.

21:11 IST: Direct hit and Jadeja was a goner. Jadhav holds the key for India here. India need 43 from 24 balls.

21:09 IST: WICKET!! Finally a full delivery from Stokes and Pandya misses it completely. Great innings from the all-rounder comes to end. India need 45 from 27 balls.

21:04 IST: 100 runs partnership between Jadhav and Pandya. What a fightback it's been from them. India need 47 to win from 30 balls.

21:02 IST: Six!! Yet another short ball and Pandya gets to his maiden ODI fifty. England bowlers are throwing it away with some senseless bowling. India now in the driver's seat.

21:00 IST: And Not Out is the decision!! No edge there!

20:58 IST: Big appeal! Dharamsena says Not Out. England have asked for a review.

20:57 IST: Four!! Absolutely senseless bowling from England. Jadhav keeps hanging on to his backfoot and English bowlers keep bowling short to him.

20:54 IST: Four!! Pandya gets away with another lucky boundary. India will take anything that comes their way now. India need 65 runs from 42 balls.

20:52 IST: Four!! Short from Plunkett and Jadhav punishes it through the square boundary.

20:51 IST: 12 runs from the Stokes over. India need 76 runs to win from 48 balls.

20:49 IST: Four!! Full from Stokes and Pandya smashes it through extra cover.

20:48 IST: Four!! That brings about Jadhav's first half-century. India are 239-5 after 41.2 overs.

20:46 IST: Tidy over from Plunkett. Just 5 singles from that.

20:41 IST: 11 from the Stokes over. India are getting a move on here and need 93 more runs to win from 60 balls.

20:39 IST: Six!! Thick outside edge and it flies over the third man fielder. Pandya gets into the act!!

20:38 IST: Four more!! Great batting for Jadhav. Forced the bowler to bowl full and then worked it away to the fine-leg boundary.

20:36 IST: Four!! Much-needed from Jadhav. Moved his front foot out of way and smashed it over the mid off fielder.

20:35 IST: India need a string of boundaries. Singles and doubles just won't do it anymore.

20:32 IST: Another good over from England. Stokes gives away just 4 runs in the 38th over. India need 113 runs to win from 72 balls

20:28 IST: Just three from the Woakes over. India need 117 more runs to win from 78 balls.

20:22 IST: Four!! Stokes strays down the leg side and Pandya just glides it away to the boundary.

20:18 IST: Good over from Woakes, just 4 from that. India are 195-5 after 35 overs.

20:10 IST: Required rate is over 8 for India now.

20:09 IST: Four!! Short and on the legs, Jadhav just helps the ball to the fine leg boundary.

20:04 IST: Four!! A genuine edge for Pandya but luckily for him there is no second slip. India are 177-5 after 32 overs.

20:01 IST: WICKET!! And it's another big wicket for England. MS Dhoni departs 25 off 36 balls.

19:55 IST: 13 runs from the Jake Ball over. India are 166-4 after 30 overs.

19:52 IST: Four!! Short delivery from Jake Ball and Dhoni bludgeons it to the square leg boundary. India are 157-4 after 29.1 overs.

19:51 IST: 150 up for India courtesy another boundary from Kedar Jadhav.

19:50 IST: Four!! Top edge from Jadhav and he is lucky it's just over the short fine-leg fielder.

19:46 IST: Dhoni is starting to get his timing right. India are 143-4 after 28 overs.

19:44 IST: Six!! Short from Plunkett and Dhoni pulls that for his first maximum. He is key for India now.

19:37 IST: WICKET!! Another big blow for India as Yuvraj falls for 45. India are 133-4 after 25.3 overs.

19:34 IST: Just four runs from the Moeen Ali over. India are 132-3 after 25 overs.

19:32 IST: Yuvraj almost gives a return catch to Moeen Ali. That was close.

19:31 IST: It's once again up to India's golden oldies -- Yuvraj and Dhoni.

19:27 IST: SIX! Yuvraj punishes Moeen Ali's short ball with a brutal pull shot. The star left-hander is looking good now.

19:35 IST: After 22 overs, India are 114/3.

19:22 IST: FOUR! Another cracking shot off Yuvi's blade. He is the key man for India now.

19:14 IST: WICKET!! And it's the big man Virat Kohli. Pin drop silence at the Eden Gardens. The Indian captain falls for 55 off 63 balls. India are 102-3 after 19.4 overs.

19:12 IST: Just three off that Moeen over but more importantly 100 up for India.

19:10 IST: First sight of spin for Indian batsmen as Moeen Ali comes into the attack.

19:03 IST: 39th ODI half-century for Kohli! He is steering India's chase again. India are 92-2 after 17.1 overs.

19:02 IST: Four!! Another short delivery on Yuvraj's legs and he helps himself to another boundary. Poor poor bowling from England bowlers.

19:00 IST: Four!! Short from Plunkett and Yuvraj dismisses the delivery from it's presence.

18:59 IST: With a single, Kohli moves on to 49.

18:53 IST: Four!! Yuvraj gets into the act. Short from Stokes and the Indian left-hander smashes it to the boundary.

18:51 IST: Single to end the Plunkett over. Kohli moves on to 47. India are 74-2 after 15 overs.

18:49 IST: Four!! Beautifully dabbed to the third man boundary by Kohli.

18:44 IST: So a massive two minutes for England. Ball first drops Kohli on 35 and then Plunkett almost gets him bowled the next delivery. Lady luck is certainly with Kohli today!

18:42 IST: Dropped!! And it's Kohli of all the people. What has Jake Ball done there! Huge let-off for India.

18:40 IST: Kohli is unbeaten on 35 off 38 while Yuvraj is batting on 7 off 17.

18:36 IST: Kohli flicks beautifully again but Billings with some great fielding in the deep. Saved two runs for his team here. India are 60-2 after 12 overs

18:34 IST: Liam Plunkett into the attack for India.

18:30 IST: Yuvraj is struck on the chest from a ball that took off. Seems to be in a bit of pain.

18:26 IST: Four!! This time it's short and wide from Woakes and Kohli helps himself to another boundary. India are 51-2 after 9 overs.

18:25 IST: Four!! Kohli with a brilliant flick to the square leg boundary. He looks in terrific touch.

18:22 IST: Yuvraj looks a bit jittery against the moving ball.

18:18 IST: Yuvraj Singh is the next man in for India.

18:14 IST: WICKET!! Short delivery from Ball and Rahul went for an extravagant pull. He managed only to get an top edge and easily pouched by wicketkeeper Buttler. India are 37-2 after 6 overs.

18:12 IST: Four!! Short and wide from Jake Ball and Kohli just lifts it over the infield. Looks like we are in for a Kohli special tonight.

18:11 IST: Bad news for England as wicket-taker Willey is off the field. Seems to have pulled something on his left shoulder.

18:06 IST: Four!! An absolute brilliant cover drive from Kohli. That was just picture perfect! India are 32-1 after 5 overs.

18:04 IST: Another wide from Willey.

18:00 IST: Fourth wide delivery bowled by Willey. Finding it hard to get his radar right.

17:58 IST: Four!! Straight and full and Kohli again flicks it . This time it's through mid-wicket. Back to back boundaries for the Indian captain. India are 22-1 after 3 overs.

17:57 IST: Four!! Kohli clips Woakes to the square leg boundary.

17:54 IST: Loud cheer from the Eden crowd as captain Kohli walks out.

17:53 IST: WICKET!! Rahane is cleaned up by Willey for 1 run. That ball swung in late and beat the Indian opener all ends up.

17:49 IST: Four!! This time Woakes strays on to the pads and Rahul clips him to mid-wicket for another boundary. India are 11-0 after 1 over.

17:48 IST: Six!! Rahul gives himself a bit of room and throws the kitchen sink at it.

17:46 IST: Three slips for England. Aggressive captaincy from Morgan.

17:45 IST: Extra bounce and movement for Woakes in the very first ball.

17:42 IST: All set for India's chase!! Rahane and Rahul open for India. Chris Woakes to start off the proceedings for England.

17:15 IST: Good effort by England! India seemed to have pegged them back with crucial wickets in the late middle-overs but Stokes managed to take England past the 300-run mark.

17:11 IST: WICKET!! Plunkett goes for the second run but is run out. England end at 321-8 after 50 overs. Stokes is unbeaten on 57.

17:10 IST: WICKET!! Woakes is run out.

17:09 IST: Four!! Another yorker from Bhuvi but Woakes somehow gets it to the boundary.

17:08 IST: Three singles from the first three balls.

17:03 IST: Four!! Another boundary for Woakes. Poor bowling from Bumrah. He is all over the place today. England are 311-6 after 49 overs.

17:02 IST: Four!! This time it's full and Woakes finds the gap. England are motoring along now.

17:00 IST: Six!! Short delivery from Bumrah and Woakes gets a top edge that goes for six. 300 up for India

16:59 IST: Four!! Stokes gets to his eighth ODI fifty with a boundary. Another yorker but it was a little wide and the England all-rounder managed to get enough bat on it. England are 295-6 after 48 overs.

16:58 IST: Bhuvi getting his yorkers right. Just three runs from three balls.

16:55 IST: Good over from Bumrah in the context. Just 7 off the over.

16:53 IST: Jadeja fumbles in the deep. Could have been a run out chance there.

16:50 IST: 14 runs from the Bhuvneshwar over. England are 277-6 after 46 overs.

16:47 IST: Four!! Stokes takes it on the full and smashes it straight down the ground.

16:46 IST: Six!! Just a little shimmy down the track and Stokes just smashes Bhuvneshwar over the long on boundary.

16:43 IST: Four!! Short from Bumrah and it's on the leg side, Stokes just picks it off to himself to a boundary. England are 263-6 after 45 overs.

16:37 IST: Four!! Short from Pandya and Woakes gets it away to the square leg boundary.

16:36 IST: Final over from Pandya. He already has three wickets to his name.

16:34 IST: WICKET!! Another short delivery from Bumrah, top edge from Moeen Ali again and it's a simple catch to Jadeja at point. England are 246-6 after 43 overs.

16:32 IST: Four!! Moeen Ali gets lucky as the ball gets a top edge and goes just over the head of Dhoni.

16:30 IST: England were looking good to score 300 easily but Pandya has certainly swung the momentum in India's favours.

16:26 IST: WICKET!! Bairstow is gone for 56 off 64 balls. Another wicket for Pandya and a great catch by Jadeja at point. England are 237-5 after 41.3 overs.

16:21 IST: Six!! Stokes comes down the track and deposits Ashwin over the long-on boundary.

16:18 IST: Four!! Short and wide from Pandya, Stokes hammers it to the square boundary. England are 225-4 after 40 overs.

16:14 IST: Four!! That brings about Bairstow's third ODI fifty. 

16:13 IST: It was not a great delivery from Pandya but Buttler picked out the fielder at extra cover.

16:11 IST: WICKET!! Pandya is not going to be denied this time. Buttler is gone for 11 off 15 balls. England are 212-4 after 38 overs.

16:09 IST: No Edge!! And the decision is Not Out!! Bairstow with another narrow escape again.

16:08 IST: WICKET!! Umpire has given Bairstow out caught behind but the Englishman has asked for the DRS.

16:04 IST: Four!! Ashwin strays down the leg and Bairstow plays the sweep to perfection.

16:03 IST: Great bowling by Pandya. Just one off that over. England are 203-3 after 36 overs.

15:58 IST: Four!! Edge but Bairstow gets lucky as it's wide of the slips. 200 comes up for England!

15:51 IST: WICKET!! Eoin Morgan picks the short fine-leg fielder. It was not a good delivery from Pandya but Morgan found the fielder. England are 194-3 after 33.4 overs.

15:46 IST: Six!! Short and Morgan smashes it over deep mid-wicket boundary. Poor delivery from Ashwin. It was short, slow and begging to be hit.

15:42 IST: Six!! Full length delivery and Morgan deposits the ball straight over his head. Expensive over from Jadeja. England are 185-2 after 32 overs.

15:41 IST: Four!! Bairstow comes down the track and lifts Jadeja over covers.

15:40 IST: Single to finish the over. England are 172-2 after 31 overs.

15:39 IST: Four!! Morgan comes down the track and smashes Ashwin straight down the ground.

15:31 IST: Six!! Full toss and Morgan smashes it over the square boundary. Things not going well for Bumrah here. He has bowled well but without any luck. England are 159-2 after 29 overs.

15:29 IST: Wait a minute! It's a no-ball!! Bairstow survives. Bumrah had nothing behind the line. More frustration for India. Free-hit for England.

15:28 IST: WICKET!! Short and wide, Bairstow just guides a simple catch to third man.

15:27 IST: Kohli rushed into that decision. Dhoni was telling him not to take DRS on that one.

15:25 IST: Big appeal!! And India are going to take the DRS. Looked too high for a LBW, it has to be for caught behind. There seems to be nothing on the ultra edge. Not out is the decision!!

15:22 IST: Four!! A liitle width provided and Bairstow with another boundary. He has moved on to 28 off 32 balls.

15:15 IST: Nine from the Jadeja over. England are 136-2 after 26 overs.

15:13 IST: Six!! Bairstow comes down the track and smashes Jadeja over long-off. There was a little flight from Jadeja there instead of his usual darters.

15:10 IST: Four!! Bairstow sweeps Ashwin from off stump and get a great connection. Much-needed boundary for England.

15:09 IST: Great bowling from Jadeja. Just one runs from that over.

15:06 IST: Ashwin is not giving any boundary balls. England are 120-2 after 23 overs.

15:00 IST: The spinners is once again doing the trick for India. This was the third time in three matches that Roy has fallen to the guile of Jadeja.

14:55 IST: WICKET!! Roy is cleaned bowl by Jadeja. The England opener is gone for 65 off 56 balls.

14:58 IST: Four!! Aswhin gets the edge but no one there in the slips. Another boundary for Roy! England are 109-1 after 19 overs.

14:48 IST: Bairstow walks into bat

14:46 IST: WICKET!! Billings is gone for 35 off 58 balls. Billings tried to reverse sweep Jadeja but only managed to scoop a simple catch to Bumrah. Also, Jadeja takes his 150th wicket for India in ODIs.

14:41 IST: And it's Drinks!! England are 97-0 after 17 overs.

14:40 IST: Four!! Short from Yuvraj and Roy smashes it for another boundary.

14:38 IST: Six!! Fifty for Jason Roy. His eighth in ODIs. England are 89-0 after 15.3 overs.

14:36 IST: Roy has moved on to 45. England will want him to score a big one today. He surely has the potential. England are 80-0 after 15 overs.

14:33 IST: Four!! Billings brings out the sweep against Yuvraj and helps himself to a boundary.

14:31 IST: England's run-rate is back above five now.

14:30 IST: Four!! Inside edge and the ball just misses the stumps and runs away to the fine leg boundary. Unlucky for Bumrah!

14:28 IST: Brilliant fielding from Pandya. Saved three runs for his team!

14:26 IST: Five runs from Yuvraj's first over. No spin whatsoever!!

14:24 IST: Yuvraj Singh into the attack!! India have two frontline spinners in Ashwin and Jadeja but Kohli throws the ball to Yuvraj.

14:23 IST: Just singles from the Bumrah over. England are 57-0 after 12 overs.

14:18 IST: Everytime the Indian seamers have out some pressure on the England openers, Roy and Billings have managed to break the shackles with a boundary.

14:17 IST: Four!! Billings with a solid straight drive. Fetches England another boundary.

14:16 IST: There seems to be a bit of variable bounce on this pitch. That one kept really low from Pandya.

14:12 Four!! Whack! Full from Bumrah and Billings thrashes that through the covers. England are 43-0 after 10 overs.

14:09 IST: Four!! Roy comes down the track and heaves the ball to the cover boundary. Wasn't beautiful but was much-needed after 10 dot balls.

14:07 IST: Maiden over from Bumrah!! He beat Billings bat on four occasions in that over.

14:06 IST: Bumrah gets the edge on the third one but the ball doesn't carry to Rahul at second slip.

14:05 IST: Two full deliveries from Bumrah and two complete misses from Billings.

14:03 IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack. Can he give India their first breakthrough?

13:55 IST: Four!! Roy with a brilliant straight drive. It was a good over till then from Pandya. England are 32-0 after 6 overs.

13:51 IST: Four!! Too straight this time and Roy clips it to the mid-wicket boundary.

13:50 IST: Four!! Short and wide from Bhuvi. Roy smashes it over the point fielder.

13:48 IST: Four!! Pandya again strays on to the pads and Billings picks him off. 13 runs from that over. England are 19-0 after 4 overs.

13:47 IST: Four!! A little wide and full from Pandya and Billings gets off the mark with a brilliant cover drive.

13:46 IST: Four!! Pandya strays down the leg and Roy climbs into the shot. Poor delivery and it got what it deserved.

13:45 IST: Lots of assistance for the seam bowlers.

13:43 IST: Billings yet to get off the mark.

13:41 IST: Four!! Roy flicks Bhuvneshwar from middle of the stumps to mid-wicket. Great shot to bring about England's first boundary of the match.

13:40 IST: Maiden over from Pandya!! England 1-0 after 2 overs.

13:38 IST: Pandya is getting the ball to swing quite a bit here.

13:34 IST: Great stuff! Just one of that Bhuvneshwar over.

13:30 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start off the proceedings for India. Jason Roy and Sam Billings open for England.

13:08 IST: One change for the Men in Blue. Ajinkya Rahane replaces Shikhar Dhawan. About time!! Rahane had done well in the second warm-up while Dhawan has been extremely poor.

13:05 IST: Virat Kohli wins the toss!! India will field in the dead rubber.

13:00 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the final ODI between India and England.

The pitch in Kolkata is unlikely to serve up another 700-plus run feast with the renovated Eden Gardens track expected to generated some bounce for bowlers.

England will hope to make the most of the pitch and have a go at the formidable Indian batting line-up, which recovered after early setbacks in the first two ODIs to notch up mammoth totals.

The hosts will hope their bowlers put up an improved show in Kolkata and make sure that they end the series on a high note.

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