India vs Australia, Highlights: MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya Power India To 26-Run Win Over Australia

Updated: 17 September 2017 22:37 IST

Highlights: India beat Australia by 26 runs (DLS) in a rain hit match at Chepauk, Chennai to lead the five-match ODI series 1-0.

India vs Australia, Highlights: MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya Power India To 26-Run Win Over Australia
India beat Australia by 26 runs (DLS) to lead five-match series 1-0 © AFP

India beat Australia by 26 runs (DLS) in a rain marred match in the first ODI to lead the five-match ODI series 1-0 on Sunday at Chennai. Batting first, India were powered to a competitive total of 281/7 by a 118-run partnership between Hardik Pandya (83) and MS Dhoni (79) after a top order collapse. Due to continuous rain interruption, Australia got a revised target of 164 in 21 overs. In reply, Steve Smith's men could only score 137/9 in their stipulated overs. For India, Yuzvendra Chahal  finished with the figures of 3/30. (SCORECARD)

Highlights between India vs Australia straight from Chennai

22:17 IST: And it's all over! India beat Australia by 26 runs (DLS) in a rain-marred at Chennai as Hardik Pandya shines with bat and ball both.

22:07 IST: Australia need 34 runs in 6 balls​.

22:05 IST: Out! Bhuvneshwar removes Coulter-Nile for two, Australia on verge of getting all-out.

21:58 IST: Four! James Faulkner edges Bumrah past the keeper for a boundary.

21:57 IST: Australia need 46 runs in 18 balls.

21:55 IST: Six! Faulkner slams Chahal for a maximum in the very next ball.

21:54 IST: Out! Cummings looking to heave Chahal for a maximum, miscues and edges the ball to short third man.

21:53 IST: Australia need 55 runs in 24 balls.

21:52 IST: James Faulkner goes past the 1000-run mark in the ODIs.

21:51 IST: Four! Short from Bhuvneshwar, Pat Cummins pulls it handsomely for a boundary.

21:45 IST: Out!! Chahal dismisses Matthew Wade for nine. Wade steps out of the crease, misses and Dhoni takes the bails off in a jiffy.

21:44 IST: Safe! Chahal drops Faulkner on 5, misses a caught and bowl opportunity.

21:43 IST: At the end of the 15th over, Australia 91/6, need 73 runs in 36 balls

21:35 IST: Four! Matthew Wade slams Chahal for a boundary on the leg-side.

21:32 IST: Out! Kuldeep Yadav strikes again, removes Stoinis for three.

21:29 IST: Out! Chahal pulls down the curtain on the Maxwell show, dismisses him for 39.

21:27 IST: Six! Maxwell upping the ante, slams Chahal for a maximum.

21:23 IST: Good over for Australia as they scored 22 runs off the Kuldeep Yadav over. Need 95 runs in 60 balls.

21:22 IST: Six! Back-to-back maximums for Maxwell off Kuldeep.

21:21 IST: Six! Maxwell smokes Kuldeep for a huge maximum straight down the ground. Crosses 2000-run mark in ODIs.

21:20 IST: Four! Maxwell fighting back with two consecutive boundaries off Kuldeep.

21:19 IST: At the end of the 10th over, Australia 47/4, need 117 runs to win.

21:15 IST: Yuzvendra Chahal introduced into the attack.

21:12 IST: Four! Maxwell warming up, pummels Pandya for two consecutive boundaries.

21:10 IST: Marcus Stoinis is the new man in.

21:09 IST: Out! Kuldeep Yadav bowls a quicker delivery, Warner goes for a cut as the ball remains close to the body and he edges it back to the keeper. Australia 35/4 in 8 overs.

21:02 IST: Glenn Maxwell is the new man in.

20:59 IST: Out! Hardik Pandya is on fire! Looking for a big heave, Travis Head edges the ball back to the wicket-keeper. Head dispatches for five.

20:57 IST: Brilliant first over from Kuldeep Yadav, concedes just five runs.

20:56 IST: At the end of the five overs, Australia are 20/2. David Warner and Travis Head are out in the middle.

20:55 IST: Out! Hardik pandya strikes for India, removes Steve Smith for one.

20:54 IST: Safe! Steve Smith survives a scare as the ball was pitching outside-off.

20:53 IST: Huge shout for LBW from Pandya, umpire turns out the appeal, Kohli goes upstairs for a review.

20:50 IST: Hardik Pandya comes into the attack.

20:48 IST: Captain Steve Smith is the new man in.

20:47 IST: Bowled! Beautiful delivery from Bumrah, back of a length delivery, Cartwright went for the pull, missed and the off-stump goes for a spin.

20:40 IST: Four! On the pads from Bhuvneshwar, Warner gets it away for a boundary.

20:39 IST: Safe! Bhuvneshwar bowls wide, Cartwright throws his bat but the ball falls short of Rohit Sharma at the slips.

20:35 IST: Four! Full delivery from Jasprit Bumrah, Warner crunches it straight down the ground.

20:34 IST: Good start from Bhuvneshwar Kumar, concedes just two runs.

20:31 IST: David Warner and Hilton Cartwright opening the batting for Australia. Bhuvneshwar Kumar opening the bowling attack for India. 

20:30 IST: Match Resumes, Australia Need 164 Runs In 21 Overs. Game on!

20:20 IST: Covers off again. Stumps put up at both ends but the cover in the outfield is still on.

19:50 IST: Covers are still on as both teams wait for rain to stop. 

19:20 IST: The moment Australia started their chase, rain interrupts.

18:54 IST: Sad. The start of the match will be delayed yet again. Covers are coming back on!

18:52 IST: Australia get revised target of 260 in 43 overs.

18:40 IST: Some good news folks! Play scheduled to start at 19:00 IST. Stay tuned!

18:00 IST: Australia's chase have been delayed due to rain. Since, it's a light drizzle, we hope that the match will resume shortly.

17:28 IST: India 281/7 in 50 overs vs Australia.

Hardik Pandya 83 off 66 balls

MS Dhoni 79 off 88 balls

Nathan Coulter-Nile 3/44

17:27 IST: WICKET! James Faulkner ends MS Dhoni's stay at 79. India 277/7 in 21.3 overs.

17:25 IST: SIX! Dhoni dances down the track and smashes the ball towards long off. India 277/6 in 49.2 overs.

17:22 IST Last over coming up. Faulkner to bowl the last over of the innings.

17:17 IST: FOUR! Dhoni uses the pace and sends Faulkner towards fine leg region. India 262/6 in 48.1 overs.

17:16 IST: SIX! That's Dhoni special. He comes forward, makes room and smashes the ball towards deep extra cover region. India 258/6 in 47.5 overs.

17:14 IST: FOUR! Dhoni uses the pace and slaps the ball towards fine leg region. India 252/6 in 47.4 overs.

17:09 IST: MS Dhoni brings up his 66th ODI half-century. India 242/6 in 46.3 overs.

17:07 IST: 4 overs to go! India are 240/6. Can Dhoni take India to 280 plus?

17:05 IST: Oh that's lucky! Bhuvi gets an inside edge and the ball races towards fine leg boundary. India 239/6 in 45.4 overs.

17:04 IST: FOUR! Bhuvi takes a long stride and sends Coulter-Nile towards long on.

16:58 IST: FOUR! Bhuvneshwar smashes Stoinis towards long off for a boundary. India 225/6 in 44.2 overs.

16:54 IST: FOUR! Dhoni sends Coulter-Nile towards fine leg. India 217/6 in 43.3 overs.

16:51 IST: FOUR! Bhuvneshwar smashes Zampa towards deep mid wicket for a boundary. India 213/6 in 42.5 overs.

16:48 IST: 42 overs gone! India 206/6. Dhoni 38*, Bhuvi 0*.

16:45 IST: WICKET! Adam Zampa ends Hardik Pandya's stay at 83 runs. A magnificent innings come to an end. India 205/6 in 40.5 overs.

16:42 IST: 200 comes up for India in 40.3 overs. Dhoni 37*, Pandya 83*

16:36 IST: SIX! Stand and deliver. Pandya smashes the ball hard towards long off. crowd erupts in joy. What a shot from the right-hander. India 193/ in 39.3 overs.



16:34 IST: FOUR! Pandya times this well and slaps the ball towards deep mid wicket for a boundary. India 186/5 in 39 overs.

16:28 IST: FOUR! Pandya uses the pace and sends the ball towards fine leg for a boundary. India 178/5 in 37.3 overs.

16:27 IST: 24 runs off Zampa's over. Incredible batting from Pandya. India 172/5 in 37 overs.

16:26 IST: SIX! Another one from Pandya. He smashes Zampa towards long on.

16:25 IST: SIX! Hardik Pandya brings up his half-century off 48 balls. What a way to bring his half-century.

16:24 IST: SIX! Pandya stands tall and launches Zampa straight down the ground for a maximum. What a shot from Pandya.

16:22 IST: FOUR! Pandya smashes Zampa straight down the ground for a boundary.

16:13 IST: 4 runs off Stoinis' over. India 143/5 in 34 overs.

16:08 IST: 50-run partnership comes up between Pandya and Dhoni.

16:00 IST: 30 overs gone! India 121/5. Dhoni 19*, Pandya 22*

15:54 IST: Short ball from Coulter-Nile. Pandya plays a pulls hot and fails to connect well. The ball lands in no man's land. 

15:43 IST: FOUR! Hardik Pandya gets an edge off Coulter-Nile and the ball races towards the third man for a boundary. India 116/5 in 27.3 overs.

15:40 IST: Here's how Chennai crowd welcomed MS Dhoni.

15:27 IST: FOUR! Clever shot from Pandya. He uses the pace, opens the blade of the bat and sends the ball over wicketkeeper's head. India 102/5 in 24 overs.

15:25 IST: Excellent push from MS Dhoni. The ball races straight down the ground. Excellent fielding from Warner. He saves 1 run for his team.

15:19 IST: Hardik Pandya comes to the crease now.

15:18 IST: WICKET! Marcus Stoinis dismisses Kedar Jadhav for 40 runs. India 87/5 in 21.3 overs.

15:10 IST: 20 overs gone! India 84/4. Dhoni 6*, Jadhav 39*

15:00 IST: Kedar Jadav opens the face of the bat, uses the pace and cuts the ball towards third man for a boundary. India 76/4 in 17.3 overs.

14:58 IST: FOUR! Kedar Jadhav plays a pull shot and sends the ball towards deep mid wicket for a boundary. India 71/4 in 17 overs. 

14:55 IST: Did you hear the cheer? MS Dhoni is making his way to the middle. Loud cheer from Chennai crowd. They chanting Dhoni! Dhoni.

14:53 IST: WICKET! Marcus Stoinis ends Rohit Sharma's stay at 28. Rohit has thrown his wicket. Coulter-Nile takes an easy catch at deep square leg. India 64/4 in 16 overs.

14:52 IST: FOUR! Rohit slashes the ball hard towards deep backward point. Stoinis isn't happy with this shot. India 64/3 in 15.5 overs.

14:49 IST: 15 overs gone! India 59/3.

14:38 IST: FOUR! Rohit stands tall and launches the ball straight down the ground. India 51/3 in 13 overs.

14:36 IST: FOUR! Kedar Jadhav goes on backfoot and slashes the ball towards deep backward point  for a boundary. India 46/3 in 12.2 overs.

14:33 IST: 12 overs gone! India 41/3. Rohit Sharma 16*, Kedar Jadhav 16*.

14:23 IST: Back-to-back couples for Kedar Jadhav. He is looking confident. India need a big partnership now. India 34/3 in 10 overs.

14:16 IST: FOUR! Brilliant shot from Rohit. He slashes the ball towards deep point for a boundary.

14:08 IST: FOUR! Kedar Jadhav sends Pat Cummins towards long on for a boundary. India 21/3 in 6.3 overs.

14:04 IST: FOUR! First boundary of the India innings. Kedar Jadhav leans forward and smashes the ball towards sweeper cover. India 16/3 in 5.4 overs.

14:04 IST: Kedar Jadhav comes to the crease.

14:03 IST: WICKET! Nathan Coulter-Nile takes his third, Manish Pandey departs for a duck. Team India are in deep trouble. India 11/3 in 5.3 overs.

14:01 IST: Manish Pandey comes to the crease.

13:59 IST: WICKET! Nathan Coulter-Nile strikes again, Virat Kohli departs for a duck. The crowd is hushed into silence. Magnificent catch from Glenn Maxwell at backward point. India 11/2 in 5.1 overs.

13:57 IST: DROPPED! Rohit Sharma gets reprieve on 4 runs. Captain Steve Smith drops the Indian opener at second slip.

13:52 IST: Captain Virat Kohli is the new batsman at the crease. Crowd welcomes the Indian captain with a loud cheer.

13:50 IST: WICKET! Nathan Coulter-Nile strikes, Ajinkya Rahane departs for 5. India 11/1 in 3.3 overs.

13:49 IST: Rahane tries to pull but misses completely. Wicketkeeper Wade

13:48 IST: Coulter-Nile to Rahane. It's a NO ball. Free hit coming up.

13:44 IST: Rohit sends the ball towards deep mid wicket. He will get a couple. India 10/0 in 3 overs.

13:40 IST: Another magnificent over for Australia. Coulter-Nile concedes just 1 run. India 4/0 in 2 overs.

13:34 IST: Brilliant start from Pat Cummins. Just 3 runs off his over. India 3/0 in 1 over.

13:33 IST: Former India cricketer VVS Laxman's message for Team India.

13:28 IST: Indian openers Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane are making their way to the middle. Patu Cummins will open the attack for Australia. Here we go...


India: Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli (captain), Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni (wk), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah

Australia: David Warner, Hilton Cartwright, Steven Smith (captain), Travis Head, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Matthew Wade (wk), James Faulkner, Pat Cummins, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Adam Zampa

13:00 IST: TOSS: Virat Kohli opts to bat against Steve Smith-led Australia in Chennai.

12:59 IST: Both captains - Virat Kohli and Steve Smith - are walking to the middle. It's toss time.

12:58 IST: Former Australia captain Michael Clarke has confirmed on twitter that Hilton Cartwright will make his ODI debut.

12:55 IST: Hello and welcome to the Live coverage from the first ODI between India and Australia in Chennai.

The hosts are on top form after recently beating Sri Lanka 9-0 in Tests, one day games and Twenty20, but second-ranked Australia poses a different challenge.

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