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ICC Under 19 World Cup 2022 Stats

Highest Margin of victory (wickets) in ODI

1Pakistan Under-19 PK-U19Papua New Guinea Under-19 PNG-U19Jan 22, 2022Pakistan Under-19 beat Papua New Guinea Under-19 by 9 wickets9 wickets50
2Bangladesh Under-19 BD-U19United Arab Emirates Under-19 UAE-U19Jan 22, 2022Bangladesh Under-19 beat United Arab Emirates Under-19 by 9 wickets (D/L method)9 wickets148
3Bangladesh Under-19 BD-U19Canada Under-19 CAN-U19Jan 20, 2022Bangladesh Under-19 beat Canada Under-19 by 8 wickets8 wickets136
4Ireland Under-19 IRE-U19Zimbabwe Under-19 ZIM-U19Jan 29, 2022Ireland Under-19 beat Zimbabwe Under-19 by 8 wickets8 wickets166
5West Indies Under-19 WI-U19Zimbabwe Under-19 ZIM-U19Jan 31, 2022West Indies Under-19 beat Zimbabwe Under-19 by 8 wickets8 wickets256
6United Arab Emirates Under-19 UAE-U19Ireland Under-19 IRE-U19Jan 31, 2022United Arab Emirates Under-19 beat Ireland Under-19 by 8 wickets8 wickets122
7England Under-19 EN-U19Bangladesh Under-19 BD-U19Jan 16, 2022England Under-19 beat Bangladesh Under-19 by 7 wickets7 wickets97
8West Indies Under-19 WI-U19Scotland Under-19 SCO-U19Jan 17, 2022West Indies Under-19 beat Scotland Under-19 by 7 wickets7 wickets95
9Australia Under-19 AU-U19Scotland Under-19 SCO-U19Jan 19, 2022Australia Under-19 beat Scotland Under-19 by 7 wickets7 wickets236
10Australia Under-19 AU-U19West Indies Under-19 WI-U19Jan 14, 2022Australia Under-19 beat West Indies Under-19 by 6 wickets6 wickets169
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