India vs South Africa, Highlights, ICC Champions Trophy: India Decimate South Africa To March Into Semi-Finals

Updated: 14 June 2017 12:36 IST

ICC Champions Trophy, Highlights: India vs South Africa - Shikhar Dhawan (78) and Virat Kohli (76*) stitched together a 128-run stand to take India (193/2) to the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy, beating South Africa (191 all out) by 8 wickets at the Oval.

India vs South Africa, Highlights, ICC Champions Trophy: India Decimate South Africa To March Into Semi-Finals
ICC Champions Trophy, Highlights: Dhawan and Kohli put on a 128-run stand for the 2nd wicket © AFP

After losing Rohit Sharma (12) early in the run chase, Shikhar Dhawan (78) and Virat Kohli (76*) stitched together a 128-run stand to take India close to the South African total. Yuvraj Singh came out and played a bit of a cameo to take India home along with captain Kohli as the defending champions knocked out South Africa to book their place in the semi-finals. Earlier, India bundled out the Proteas for a paltry 191 as Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar Kumar picked up a couple of wickets each. In all likelihood, India is expected to top the Group B, which means they will meet Bangladesh in the semi-finals. (SCORECARD)

ICC Champions Trophy Highlights Between India vs South Africa straight from The Oval, Kennington.

21:20 IST: South Africa have been knocked out of the Champions Trophy. India win by 8 wickets.

21:19 IST: India 193 for 2 in 38 overs. Virat Kohli 76* (101), 23* (25)

21:18 IST: Six! Yuvraj finishes off in style. India are through to the semis. 

21:15 IST: India 183 for 2 in 37 overs. Need 9 more to win.

21:14 IST: Four! Short from Tahir and Kohli pulls it away in style.

21:07 IST: A big appeal for leg before. South Africa go for the review. Yuvraj seems to have got an inside edge. Tahir doesn't think so. The third umpire thinks there is an inside edge and the on-field decision stays. Yuvraj survives a scare.

21:06 IST: Four! Lovely shot from Virat Kohli. Against the spin and hit with a straight bat.

21:05 IST: Four singles coming of that Duminy over.

21:02 IST: JP Duminy comes on to the attack.

21:00 IST: Four! Tossed up and Yuvraj goes over the top. One bounce and into the fence.

20:57 IST: India 156 for 2 in 32 overs. Yuvraj Singh is the new batsman.

20:50 IST: Wicket! Dhawan comes down the track and tries to hit Tahir out of the park but only manages to find the fielder at long off. India lose their second wicket. Tahir gets his first.

20:40 IST: Eleven runs coming off the Morris over. India need 50 more runs to book their place in the semi-finals.

20:38 IST: Two back to back boundaries for Dhawan. Both on the on-side. India inching closer to the target.

20:36 IST: Kohli guides it to third man and gets a single. Brings up his 41st fifty in ODIs.

20:32 IST: Four! Short from Rabada and Dhawan helps it on its way.

20:29 IST: Four! Dhawan goes for the slog and finds the boundary. That will also bring up the 100-run partnership between Dhawan and Kohli.

20:26 IST: India 118 for 1 in 25 overs. Need 74 more runs to win in 150 balls.

20:21 IST: Four! Morris pitches it up and Dhawan goes over long on. Brings up his 19th ODI fifty.

20:18 IST: Four! This time through the off-side. Found the gap through extra-cover and it races away to the boundary. A solid punch. Eight runs from the Morkel over.

20:17 IST: Four! Too straight from Morkel and Kohli will not miss out on an opportunity to flick it on the on-side. Great shot.

20:10 IST: Four More! Morkel bowls it wide and Kohli just guides it past the slip fielders. A much controlled shot.

20:09 IST; Four! Not a very convincing shot from Kohli but he will get a boundary.

20:08 IST: India 92 for 1 in 20.3 overs. Now need 100 to win the match.

20:05 IST: Four! Little bit of width from Phehlukwayo and Dhawan cuts it past point.

20:01 IST: Four! Again short from Tahir and Dhawan up to the task. This is poor bowling and South Africa defending a low total can least afford it.

20:00 IST: Four! Short from Tahir, asking to be hit and Dhawan makes no mistake.

19:58 IST: Quiet over from Phehlukwayo. Only one coming from it.

19:51 IST: India 75 for 1 in 17 overs. Dhawan* 35 (44), Kohli* 26 (39)

19:49 IST: Four! Dhawan sweeps and sweeps well. Gets a boundary.

19:48 IST: Imran Tahir comes on to the attack.

19:44 IST: Dropped! Kohli goes for the drive and gets the outside edge. Amla at first slip drops a very difficult chance. Phehlukwayo can't believe it. The off-side line nearly worked for South Africa. They have been able to keep Kohli quiet with that line.

19:39 IST: Four! Full from Morris and Kohli up to the task. Good balance and hits it straight through the line for a boundary.

19:37 IST: Eight runs coming from that Phehlukwayo over. India 58 for 1 in 14 overs.

19:35 IST: Six! Kohli walks down the track and smashes Phehlukwayo for a six over his head.

19:33 IST: Short and Kohli goes for the pull. It was in the air for a long time and falls just short of Morkel at fine-leg. That could have easily carried to fine-leg. 50-up for India with that single. Morris with hands on his hips clearly suggests that things are not going their way.

19:30 IST: Kohli moves towards the off-stump and whips it away for a couple.

19:30 IST: Chris Morris comes on as the second change bowler.

19:29 IST: Six runs coming of that Phehlukwayo over. India 47 for 1 in 12 overs.

19:26 IST: First change for South Africa. Andile Phehlukwayo comes on to the attack. First ball Dhawan goes for the drive and a misfield at covers will give him 3 runs.

19:19 IST: Good over for India. 11 coming of that Morkel over. India 37 for 1 in 10 overs.

19:17 IST: Four! It is a packed off-side field but Dhawan pierces the gap perfectly. Was uppishly played but it goes between the fielder at cover and point.

19:16 IST: Four! Big stride forward by Dhawan and drives it through mid-off.

19:14 IST: India 26 for 1 in 9 overs. Dhawan 12* (22), Kohli 2* (12)

19:13 IST: 17 consecutive dot balls before Kohli pushes one and takes off for a single.

19:11 IST: Great delivery to end the 8th over. Dhawan beaten all ends up. Another maiden. This time from Morkel.

19:07 IST: Another maiden from Rabada. Kohli is playing watchfully here. Looking to leave as many balls as possible outside off-stump.

19:01 IST: So the Indian captain makes his way out to the middle. Gets off the mark first ball.

19:00 IST: Wicket: Rohit Sharma makes a little bit of room for himself and Morkel follows him. Goes for the big shot and gets the outside edge. De Kock makes no mistake behind the stumps as India lose their first wicket. Rohit out for 12. India 23 for 1 in 5.3 overs.

18:57 IST: Four! Short from Rabada and Dhawan goes for the hook. Gets the top edge but lands safely. The fine-leg fielder makes a mess of it. Goes for a boundary. Sums up the day for South Africa.

18:54 IST: India 18 for 0 after 4 overs.

18:53 IST: Six! Morkel drifts on to Dhawan's pads and the left-hander whips it off his legs. That's gone all the way.

18:51 IST: Six! Rabada compensates by bowling too short and Rohit rocks back and deposits it into the stands.

18:50 IST: Four! Full from Rabada and Rohit punches it down the ground. First boundary for Rohit and India.

18:49 IST: Good ball from Rabada. Rohit comprehensively beaten.

18:48 IST: Good start by the South African seamers. They have not let India get off the hook.

18:44 IST: Morkel to share the new ball with Rabada. Dhawan looking for a quick single. Drops it in front of covers and goes for the single. Miller should have done better. A direct hit and Dhawan was way short of his crease. A lucky escape for India.

18:44 IST: A maiden over from Rabada. None for None for India after the first over.

18:43 IST: Good start from Rabada. Keeping it right there, in and around the off-stump. So far Rohit has looked to leave most of those balls barring one where he poked at it and got beaten.

18:41 IST: Both the Indian openers are out there in the middle. Rohit Sharma to take strike. Kagiso Rabada to start the proceedings for South Africa.

18:40 IST: Hello and welcome to the run chase. South Africa need to pick up early wickets to stay in the match.

18:10 IST: India need 192 to qualify for the semi-finals. We will catch you in 30 minutes for the chase.

18:09 IST: Wicket: Another run out! Huge mix up between Duminy and Tahir. Slight misfield from Kohli and he wouldn't mind that. It has given them a wicket. South Africa all out for 191. Duminy remains unbeaten on 20.

18:07 IST: Tahir survives the over. SOuth Africa 190 for 9 in 44 overs.

18:05 IST: Bumrah to Tahir. Here's Bumrah's chance to pick up another wicket. Just get the feeling a yorker is round the corner.

18:02 IST: Four! Bhuvi strays down the leg-side and Duminy helps it for a boundary.

18:01 IST: Imran Tahir to face the hat-trick ball and he survives.

18:00 IST: Wicket! Bhuvneshwar takes it away from the left-handed Morkel and finds the edge once again. Kohli makes no mistake at first slip. Bhuvi on a hat-trick. Morkel goes for a duck.

17:57 IST: Wicket! That was beautifully bowled by Bhuvi. Pitches it on a length and just moves away. Good enough to find the edge. Rabada departs for 5. South Africa 184 for 8 on 42.2 overs.

17:56 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes back on to the attack.

17:52 IST: A wicket and four runs coming of that Bumrah over.

17:51 IST: Four! Short from Bumrah and Rabada gets on top of that and pulls it away for a boundary.

17:49 IST: Kagiso Rabada is the new man in.

17:46 IST: Wicket! Bumrah bowls it full and Phehlukwayo misses the ball completely. Huge appeal but the umpire rules it in favour of the batsman. India go for the review. Replays suggest that it would have crashed it the middle and leg stump. Phehlukwayo has to make the long walk back to the pavilion.

17:45 IST: South Africa 178 for 6 after 40 overs.

17:42 IST: Ian Bishop on air thinks Andile Phehlukwayo can bat. He has got a 40-odd against New Zealand he adds.

17:39 IST: Four! Ashwin comes back on and bowls it short outside off-stump. Duminy puts it away through short third-man. A welcome boundary for the Proteas.

17:36 IST: South Africa have not hit a boundary in the last 10 overs. India have choked the flow of runs. Last 4 wickets have fallen in 50 deliveries.

17:31 IST: Wicket! Bumrah bowls it short and Morris goes for the pull but only manages to hit it straight up in the air. Bhuvneshwar takes a simple catch at square-leg as South Africa lose their sixth wicket. Morris out for 4. South Africa 167 for 6 in 36.4 overs.

17:29 IST: Bumrah comes back on to the attack.

17:25 IST: So runs coming in singles at the moment for South Africa. India would look to finish the job. Both Duminy and Morris can be dangerous once set. The defending champions must be well aware of that fact.

17:22 IST: Duminy hits it straight to the bowler and Jadeja picks it up and back flicks it. Morris is safe at the non-strikers end.

17:18 IST: Chris Morris comes to the crease, joins JP Duminy.

17:16 IST: Wicket! Pandya runs his fingers over the ball and du Plessis trying to force it into the off- side, gets an inside edge and it cannons into the stumps. du Plessis departs for 36. South Africa lose half their side.

17:13 IST: Former South Africa skipper Graeme Smith, on air reckons, "One run isn't worth losing AB de Villiers."

17:08 IST: All of a sudden there seems to be a lot of panic in the South African camp. Two unnecessary run outs and from a position of dominance the Proteas are under the pump now.

17:04 IST: Duminy goes for the sweep but misses the ball. Huge appeal for leg before and the umpire gives it out. Jadeja strikes. Wait a minute. Duminy is going for the review. Replays suggest he got a bit of glove there. The decision has to be reversed.

17:01 IST: Another mix up. This time between de Plessis and JP Duminy. Luckily the throw was wide.du Plessis survives.

16:58 IST: Another breakthrough for India in the form of a run out. A huge mix up between the two (Du plessis and Miller) and both players are at the same end. Replays suggest that du Plessis has made the crease before Miller and therefore Miller has to depart. Out for 1.

16:54 IST: Run Out! This is a big wicket for India. du Plessis pushes it on the off-side and calls for the single. There was never a single there and Pandya at cover point picks it up and releases it quickly. Dhoni does the rest as De Villiers has to take the long walk back. Out for 16.

16:52 IST: Seven runs coming of the Bumrah over. South Africa 139 for 2 after 28 overs.

16:49 IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes on to the attack. Replaces Pandya.

16:49 IST: Just one coming off that Jadeja over. This will put the pressure back on South Africa after a good last over.

16:46 IST: 12 off the Pandya over. De Villiers looking to go after the bowlers here.

16:44 IST: Four! This is poor bowling from Pandya. Just as we speak he bowls it down the leg-side. Easy pickings for du Plessis.

16:42 IST: Four! Juicy half-volley and AB De Villiers is a too good-a-player to miss out on that. Pandya needs to be careful here, Either he is too full or he is straying down the leg-side.

16:40 IST: This is the first time De Kock has been dismissed between 50 and 100 against India.

16:38 IST: Bowled! De Kock goes for the slog sweep but fails to connect. The stumps are all over the place. Jadeja strikes for India. South Africa lose their second wicket. De Kock out for 53.

16:34 IST: Great bit of fielding from Jadeja but cannot prevent the single. This is a good partnership building up for South Africa.

16:33 IST: Short and wide from Pandya and De Kock rocks back and cuts it through point. Gets a single and brings up his 14th ODI fifty.

16:31 IST: Jadeja bowls it wide and du Plessis finds the gap in the off-side. Will pick up three.

16:26 IST: Pandya straying down the leg-side and it will be called a wide. That brings up the hundred for South Africa.

16:25 IST: Pandya comes back on and bowls it full and wide of the stumps. du Plessis goes for the big drive but gets beaten.

16:21 IST: After 20 overs South Africa are 94 for 1.

16:21 IST: Ashwin trying to bowl a leg-break but doesn't get it right. Wide ball!

16:19 IST: Four! Ashwin bowls it on the pads and De Kock puts it away in style through mid-wicket.

16:17 IST: Seven coming off Jadeja's first over. All coming in singles.

16:15 IST: Ravindra Jadeja comes on to the attack.

16:10 IST: Faf du Plessis is the new batsman.

16:09 IST: Wicket! Ashwin bowls it a bit quicker, wider off the stumps and Amla gets a thick outside edge in trying to cut it square. South Africa lose their first wicket. Ashwin gets the breakthrough.

16:08 IST: Four! Ashwin tosses it up and Amla plays it uppishly but wide of mid-off.

16:04 IST: Five singles off the Ashwin over. South Africa 67 for 0 after 16 overs.

16:00 IST: Four! Amla again moves into his off-stump and gets it away fine.

15:58 IST: Six! Amla walks into his off-stump and whips it away over deep square-leg. That's gone all the way.

15:56 IST: These half chances can come back to haunt India later. De Kock and Amla are living on the edge at the moment.

15:55 IST: Dropped! Easy caught and bowled chance and Pandya makes a mess of it. Amla survives.

15:54 IST: De Kock takes off almost immediately after he had hit it. Kohli at mid-off off the blocks quickly but misses the stumps. That would have been out by a long way. Another half chance gone a-begging.

15:52 IST: India would be happy with the way they have bowled in the morning. A couple of wickets would have been ideal for India.

15:49 IST: Four! Short from Ashwin and De Kock pulls it away for a boundary.

15:46 IST: Six runs coming off that Pandya over. South Africa need a move on here.

15:43 IST: Hardik Pandya comes on as the second change bowler.

15:42 IST: South Africa 35 for 0 in 10 overs.

15:41 IST: Amla has really struggled to get going this morning. He is not out on 11, having faced 31 balls.

15:39 IST: So first change of the morning. Ravichandran Ashwin comes on to the attack.

15:27 IST: De Kock and Amla trying everything here. Improvising, sometimes making room but still unable to get things moving for South Africa. India have been on the money right from the start.

15:33 IST: This looks like a very slow track. South Africa openers are struggling to get any kind of timing on the ball. Sourav Ganguly on air thinks 300 would be a very good score on this track.

15:28 IST: Only two runs coming of that Bhuvi over. So India keeping things tight here.

15:24 IST: After 6 overs South Africa are 26 for 0.

15:24 IST: Four! Back of a length from Bumrah, offers a bit of width and Amla punches it off the back the foot. Finds the gap through the off-side.

15:18 IST: Four! Bhuvi strays down the leg-side and De Kock helps it away for a boundary. His second of the innings.

15:17 IST: South Africa none for 16 after 4 overs.

15:14 IST: Four! Classic straight drive from De Kock. First boundary of the innings.

15:12 IST: South Africa 9 for 0 in 3 overs.

15:10 IST: Quick single and that would have been tight if Kohli would have hit the stumps. Replays suggest Amla would have been short of his crease.

15:08 IST: Only one from that Bumrah over. South Africa 4-0 after 2 overs.

15:07 IST: Short from Bumrah and Amla cuts it well but finds the man at deep third-man. Just a single.

15:05 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to share the new ball with Bhuvi.

15:04 IST: End of the first over. South Africa 3-0.

15:03 IST: De Kock off the mark with a single. South Africa are away.

15:02 IST: Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock to open the innings for South Africa.

15:00 IST: He starts with a wide ball.

14:55 IST: Bhuvneshwar to start the proceedings.

14:35 IST: As expected Ashwin does return to the India side but the surprise is that Umesh Yadav sits out. 

14:32 IST: India captain Virat Kohli wins toss, elects to bowl vs South Africa at The Oval.

14:28 IST: Toss time!!

14:27 IST: Some good news if you are a South Africa fan and not so good if you are an India supporter. Proteas captain AB de Villiers has been declared fit for the game. 

14:20 IST: He will be key to India's chances today.

14:19 IST: Indians will be hoping for a much better outing than they did against Sri Lanka.

14:17 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin is expected to return to the India starting line-up but then who will sit out? We will find out soon enough!

14:11 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the crucial match between India and South Africa. The winner will book a berth in the semis while the loser will go home empty handed.

With three left-handers -- Quinton de Kock, JP Duminy and David Miller -- in the Proteas' line-up, Kohli can't afford to keep Ravichandran Ashwin on the bench. Kohli's leadership acumen and understanding of the current situation will be under scrutiny depending upon the kind of playing XI he opts for the do-or-die contest.

Ravindra Jadeja and Hardik Pandya are unlikely to be dropped should Ashwin make the cut. Hence, one of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav or Kedar Jadhav will have to make way for the Tamil Nadu spinner. This is where Kohli will have to make a bold call.

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