India Vs Sri Lanka, Highlights, ICC Champions Trophy: India Suffer First Loss, Go Down By 7 Wickets To Sri Lanka

Updated: 08 June 2017 23:05 IST

ICC Champions Trophy Highlights, India Vs Sri Lanka: Dhawan notched up his 10th ODI century as India posted a mammoth 321 for 6 against Sri Lanka in their ICC Champions Trophy 2017 match at the Kennignton Oval on Thursday.

India Vs Sri Lanka, Highlights, ICC Champions Trophy: India Suffer First Loss, Go Down By 7 Wickets To Sri Lanka
ICC Champions Trophy Highlights, Ind Vs SL © AFP

Shikhar Dhawan's 10th ODI century went in vain as Sri Lanka chased down India's 321/6 in 48.4 overs in their ICC Champions Trophy 2017 match at the Kennignton Oval on Thursday. Chasing the mammoth target, Angelo Mathews (52 not out) and Asela Gunaratne (34 not out) remained unbeaten and helped Sri Lanka romp home comfortably, before Danusha Gunathilaka (76), Kusal Mendis (89) laid the foundation for the Islanders. For India, Bhuvneshwar Kumar took 1 wicket, conceding 54 runs in his 10 overs. (SCORECARD)

Catch Highlights of India vs Sri Lanka at The Oval, London here:

22:49 IST: SRI LANKA BEAT INDIA BY 7 WICKETS. Sri Lanka have chased down India's 321 in 48.4 overs.

22:45 IST: 2 overs to go! Sri Lanka need 8 runs to win.

22:44 IST: Short ball from Bumrah. Angelo Mathews dabs the ball towards backward square leg. 1 run for him.

22:42 IST: Indian fans have started leaving the venue. Can India pull this off?

22:41 IST: 8 runs off Bhuvneshwar's over. Sri Lanka need 13 off 18 balls.

22:38 IST: FOUR! Angelo Mathews uses the pace and cuts through backward point for a boundary. Sri Lanka need 17 off 22 balls.

22:36 IST: 300 comes up for Sri Lanka. They need 21 off 25 balls.

22:34 IST: SIX! Jasprit Bumrah is back into the attack. Gunaratne picks the ball nicely and sends it over square leg boundary. Sri Lanka need 25 off 27 balls.

22:31 IST: FOUR! Gunartne sends Bhuvneshwar deep backward point. Match is slipping away from India's hands. Sri Lanka need 32 off 30 balls.

22:27 IST: FOUR! Gunaratne slaps the ball towards backward square. It was a knuckle ball from Bhuvneshwar and Gunaratne picked it really well. Sri Lanka 286/3, need 36 off 32 balls.

22:24 IST: SIX! Gunaratne uses the pace and sends the ball over the fine leg boundary. Umesh Yadav isn't happy. Sri Lanka need 45 off 38 balls

22:22 IST: Kusal Perera is walking off the field. He is retired hurt. Asela Gunaratne is the new man at the crease.

22:21 IST: 6 runs off Bhuvneshwar Kumar's over. Sri Lanka 271/3, need 51 off 42 balls.

22:13 IST: FOUR! Angelo Mathews uses the pace and flicks the ball towards backward square leg for a boundary. Sri Lanka 265/3, need 57 off 48 balls.

22:11 IST: FOUR! Angelo Mathews sends Umesh Yadav between extra cover and long off. Perfectly timed by the Sri Lankan captain. Sri Lanka 260/3, need 62 off 51 balls.

22:06 IST: 250 comes up for Sri Lanka. They need 72 off 57 balls.

22:02 IST: FOUR! Kusal Perera uses the pace and guides Umesh Yadav towards fine leg for a boundary. 50-runs stand comes up between Perera and Angelo Mathews. Sri Lanka 247/3, need 75 off 61 balls.

22:01 IST: FOUR! Angelo Mathews picks the ball nicely and launches towards deep mid wicket. Excellent boundary from him. Umesh Yadav didn't like it.

21:57 IST: Excellent over from Jasprit Bumrah. Just 5 runs off his over. Sri Lanka 237/3, need 85 off 66 balls.

21:54 IST: Wonderful timing from Mathews and a brilliant fielding from Dhawan at the boundary. He saves 1 run for his team. 3 runs for Mathews. Sri Lanka 232/3, need 90 off 73 balls.

21:50 IST: FOUR! Kusal Perera dances down the track and smashes Hardik Pandya towards long off for a boundary. Sri Lanka 227/3, need 95 off 78 balls.

21:48 IST: FOUR! Angelo Mathews uses the pace and guides Hardik Pandya towards backward square leg. Sri Lanka 221/3, need 101 off 82 balls.

21:47 IST: 10 runs off Jadeja's over. Sri Lanka 216/3, need 106 off 84 balls.

21:45 IST: FOUR! Jadeja comes into the attack. Kusal Perera welcomes him with a boundary towards third man. Sri Lanka 212/3, need 110 off 88 balls.

21:42 IST: Another good over for India. Just 3 runs off Hardik Pandya's over. Sri Lanka 206/3 in 35 overs.

21:36 IST: FOUR! Kusal Perera guides Jadeja towards square of the wicket for a boundary. Sri Lanka 203/3 in 34 overs.

21:33 IST: Captain Angelo Mathews is the new man at the crease.

21:30 IST: WICKET! A direct hit from Bhuvneshwar Kumar ends Kusal Mendis' stay. The Sri Lankan fell 11 runs short of his century. Mendis departs for 89. Big wicket for India. Sri Lanka 196/3 in 32.4 overs, need 126 runs to win.

21:28 IST: Virat Kohli brings Bhuvneshwar Kumar back into the attack. Can he get another success for his team?

21:26 IST: Another good over for India. Just 4 runs off Virat Kohli's over. Sri Lanka 194/2 in 32 overs, need 128 runs to win.

21:25 IST: Excellent over from Kedar Jadhav. 6 runs off his over. Sri Lanka 190/2 in 31 overs, need 132 runs to win.

21:18 IST: Sri Lanka 179 for 2 in 29 overs. Mendis 80*, Perera 3*

21:17 IST: Four! Mendis puts Jadhav away for another boundary.

21:16 IST: Kusal Perera is the new man in.

21:15 IST: That was like committing suicide. There was never a second run there and on top of that, Gunathilaka took on the strong arm of Umesh Yadav. India, lucky to get a breakthrough.

21:13 IST: Call for two but not there. Gunathilaka still goes for the second run and Dhoni takes off the bails in a flash. This will be close. Replays suggest he is short of the crease. Gunathilaka run out 76 (72)

21:11 IST: Four! A short ball from Kohli to start of the over and Mendis makes no mistake. Puts it away for a boundary.

21:10 IST: Virat Kohli trying everything now. He has brought himself on to the attack.

21:09 IST: Four runs coming of the Jadhav over. Considering how others have gone in the past 15 overs or so, this is a relatively quiet over.

21:07 IST: So Kohli left with no other choice brings on Kedhar Jadhav to break the partnership.

21:05 IST: Four! Short from Pandya and Mendis just helps it for a boundary. Big over from Pandya coming to an end. 15 runs came of that over.

21:05 IST: Six! Top edge from Mendis and it has carried all the way over the top of the wicket-keeper's head.

21:04 IST: Four! Mendis hits it straight and finds the boundary.

21:02 IST: Dropped! Gunathilaka tries to straight over the top, didn't time it that well and Rohit Sharma at long on came running on, did all the hard work but couldn't hold on to the catch. Tough chance.

20:56 IST: Four! Width on offer from Jadeja and Gunathilaka puts it away in style. This is not looking good for India. The defending champions need a breakthrough now.

20:55 IST: Four! Now Gunathilaka gets into the act. Brings out the reverse sweep. Jadeja is turning out to be expensive here.

20:53 IST: Six! Mendis comes down the track and hits Jadeja out of the park. Brings up his 10th ODI half-century.

20:51 IST: Sri Lanka 125 for 1 in 23 overs.

20:47 IST: Four! Mendis sweeps and sweeps well.

20:45 IST: 100-run partnership comes up between Gunathilaka and Mendis.

20:42 IST: Four! Short from Jadeja and easy pickings for Mendis here.

20:40 IST: Four! Mendis just chips it to long on and poor fielding from Yuvraj will give him a boundary.

20:35 IST: Six! Lovely shot from from Gunathilaka. Brings up his 4th ODI fifty in style.

20:32 IST: Sri Lanka 90 for 1 in 18 overs. Gunathilaka 46*, Mendis 29*

20:30 IST: This is great partnership for Sri Lanka. Both the players, Gunathilaka and Mendis are looking good as the umpire call for drinks.

20:29 IST: Ravindra Jadeja comes on to the attack.

20:24 IST: Four! Great shot again by Gunathilaka. Hit with a straight bat and it goes to the boundary at the rate of knots.

20:19 IST: Pandya pitches it up and Mendis hits it straight back to the bowler. Difficult caught and bowled chance gone a-begging.

20:15 IST: Gunathilaka goes for the quick single and that would have been tight had Virat Kohli picked up the ball cleanly. That will probably go down as a missed run out chance.

20:13 IST: Hit uppishly to mid on but just falls short of Virat Kohli there. Gunathilaka needs to be careful here.

20:12 IST: After 13 overs Sri Lanka are 62 for 1. Gunathilaka 31*, Mendis 23*

20:10 IST: Hardik Pandya comes on as the second change bowler for India.

20:06 IST: Four! Back of a length ball and Mendis hits it on the up. Good shot through the covers.

20:05 IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes on to the attack. Replaces Umesh Yadav.

20:02 IST: Four! Top edge and it goes straight over the top of the keeper's head for a boundary. Doesn't matter how they come, Sri Lanka will take it anyway. Mendis survives a scare. 50-up for Sri Lanka with that boundary.

20:00 IST: Sri Lanka 44 for 1 after 10 overs.

19:57 IST: Four! Yadav pitches it up and Gunathilaka hits it straight past the bowler. Great shot.

19:56 IST: Not the best of starts for Sri Lanka chasing India's mammoth total. India, on the other hand, have started things well with the ball in hand.

19:53 IST: Four! Bhuvneshwar finds the edge but no second slip. Kusal Mendis picks up his first boundary.

19:50 IST: Four! Right up there and Gunathilaka picks his spot and hits it through covers.

19:48 IST: Just as we speak, Gunathilaka hooks and hooks well. That's gone all the way. Sri Lanka get a move on. The pace of Umesh Yadav helped Gunathilaka get it over the top of fine-leg.

19:47 IST: So runs are coming in singles for Sri Lanka. At this rate the asking rate would shoot up pretty quickly.

19:43 IST: Sri Lanka 17 for 1 in 6 overs.

19:40 IST: Four! Gunathilaka stands up tall and hits it through covers. Sri Lanka get their first boundary.

19:38 IST: Kusal Mendis is the new man in, replacing Dickwella.

19:36 IST: Wicket: Dickwella departs in trying to manufacture something out of nothing. Bhuvi strikes for India as Jadeja at point takes a simple catch. Poor shot selection at the end. Sri Lanka 11 for 1 after 4.4 overs.

19:35 IST: Bhuvi bowls the knuckle ball and beats the bat. Both the Sri Lankans openers are struggling to get things moving for their team at the moment.

19:30 IST: Umesh Yadav sharing the new ball with Bhuvneshwar, is bowling at good pace at the moment.

19:29 IST: Three runs coming of the third over. Sri Lanka 7 for 0 in 3 overs.

19:24 IST: Danushka Gunathilaka gets off the mark with a single.

19:22 IST: End of the first over. Sri Lanka 2 for 0.

19:20 IST: Dickwella turns it on to the on-side and big mix up between the two openers. Thankfully no damage done for Sri Lanka.

19:19 IST: Niroshan Dickwella gets off the mark with a couple. Sri Lanka are away.

19:10 IST: So both the Sri Lankan openers are out there in the middle. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start the proceedings for India.

19:08 IST: Welcome back to the run-chase. Sri Lanka will have to bat out of their skin to get anywhere close to the Indian total.

18:49 IST: India 321/6 in 50 overs against Sri Lanka. Shikhar Dhawan 125, Rohit Sharma 78, MS Dhoni 63. Lasith Malinga 2/70.

18:47 IST: FOUR! Kedar Jadhav smashes Perera towards deep square leg region. India 317/6 in 49.5 overs.

18:46 IST: SIX! Kedar Jadhav sends the ball into deep square leg stands. Thisara Perer isn't happy with this shot. India 313/6 in 49.4 overs.

18:44 IST: WICKET! Thisara Perera ends MS Dhoni's stay at 63 (52 balls). India 307/6 in 49.2 overs.

18:43 IST: FOUR! Dhoni sends Malinga towards square of the wicket for a boundary. India 306/5 in 49 overs.

18:40 IST: 300 comes up for India in 48.2 overs.

18:38 IST: SIX! Dhoni smashes Thisara Perera towards Such a powerful shot from MSD. India 297/5 in 48 overs.

18:37 IST: FIFTY! MS Dhoni brings up his half-century off 46 balls.

18:32 IST: FOUR! Kedar Jadhav uses the pace and flicks the ball towards fine leg. India 289/5 in 47 overs.

18:31 IST: 10 runs and a wicket off Suranga Lakmal's over. India 280/5 in 46 overs.

18:29 IST: Kedar Jadhav is the new man at the crease.

18:28 IST: WICKET! Suranga Lakmal removes Hardik Pandya for 9 runs. Easy catch for Kusal Perera. India 278/5 in 45.4 overs.

18:27 IST: SIX! Full toss from Sunranga Lakmal. Hardik Pandya smashes him towards deep square leg for a huge one.

18:26 IST: 5 overs to go! How many more can India get?

18:24 IST: 9 runs off Malinga's over. India 270/4 in 45 overs.

18:22 IST: FOUR! Dhoni uses the pace and sends Malinga towards fine leg. India 266/4 in 44.3 overs.

18:21 IST: Hardik Pandya is the new man at the crease.

18:19 IST: WICKET! An incredible innings from Shkhar Dhawan comes to an end. Lasith Malinga ends Dhawan's stay at 125 runs. A loud cheer from the crowd for Dhawan. India 261/4 in 44.1 overs.

18:18 IST: 10 runs off Suranga Lakmal's over. India 261/3 in 44 overs.

18:15 IST: FOUR! Dhoni smashes Suranga Lakmal towards sweeper cover. What a powerful hit from Dhoni. India 259/3 in 43.3 overs.

18:12 IST: Dhawan walks up to MS Dhoni to have a discussion. Time for fireworks?

18:11 IST: 8 runs off Malinga's 8th over. India 251/3.

18:07 IST: FOUR! Dhawan goes for the sweep. Top edge but the fielder at deep square-leg makes a mess of it. Goes away for a boundary.

18:06 IST: FOUR! Poor delivery from Nuwan Pradeep. Dhoni muscles the ball towards square of the wicket. India 243/3 in 42 overs.

18:05 IST: FOUR! Full toss from Nuwan Pradeep. Dhoni slams the ball towards deep mid wicket.

18:04 IST: With this six, 50-run stand comes up between Dhawan and Dhoni.

18:03 IST: SIX! Shikhar Dhawan uses the pace and slaps the ball into fine leg stands. India 234/3 in 41.2 overs.

17:59 IST: 41 overs gone! India 227/3. Shikhar Dhawan 109*, MS Dhoni 23*.

17:55 IST: This is third century for Shikhar Dhawan in the Champions Trophy. He has joined the likes of Gibbs, Ganguly, and Gayle.

17:53 IST: CENTURY! Shikhar Dhawan brings up his 10th ODI century off 112 balls. He reaches the milestone with a boundary towards deep backward point. What an innings from him. He widens his arms and gestures towards the dressing room and then crowd. India 218/3 in 40 overs.

17:52 IST: SIX! Dhoni picks the length nicely and sends Nuwan Pradeep towards deep square leg for a maximum. India 212/3 in 39.2 overs.

17:51 IST: Rohit, Yuvraj, Kohli are eagerly waiting for Dhawan's century from the dressing room.

17:50 IST: FOUR! Dhawan moves to 97 with a boundary off Suranga Lakmal towards backward square leg. India 207/3 in 39 overs.

17:49 IST: Dhawan moves to 93 with a couple off sweeper cover.

17:48 IST: Suranga Lakmal is back into the attack. This is his 7th over. Dhoni sends him towards sweeper cover for a single.

17:45 IST: 200 comes up for India in 38 overs. Dhoni 15*, Dhawan 91*.

17:44 IST: Asela Gunaratne starts his third over and Dhoni has switched to a cap. Is he going to be on an attacking mode?

17:43 IST: FOUR! Dhoni smashes Danushka Gunathilaka for a boundary.Gunathilaka isn't happy. Excellent stuff from the former India captain. India 197/3 in 37 overs.

17:38 IST: Just 3 runs off Gunaratne's over. India 191/3 in 36 overs.

17:33 IST: SIX! That's Dhoni's special. Dhoni goes on backfoot and sends Sunranga Lakmal over third man for a six. India 188/3 in 35 overs. 

17:30 IST: Just 1 run off Asela Gunaratne's 7th over. India 179/3 in 34 overs.

17:29 IST: A loud LBW appeal from Asela Gunaratne. Umpire turns down the appeal. Angelo Mathews has asked for a review. Dhoni is the man in question. And, it is NOT OUT. Crowd is happy and cheering.

17:27 IST: The chants of Dhoni Dhoni is all over the ground. Mahi is the new man at the crease

17:25 IST: WICKET! Asela Gunaratne castles Yuvraj Singh for 7 runs. Yuvraj defends but the ball bouncesonto the stumps. India 179/3 in 33.3 overs.

17:17 IST: Another good over for Sri Lanka. Just 4 runs off Thisara Perera's over. India 174/2 in 32 overs.

17:14 IST: Just 1 run off Danushka Gunathilaka's 6th over. India 170/2 in 31 overs.

17:11 IST: 30 overs gone! India 169/2. Shikhar Dhawan 79*, Yuvraj Singh 3*.

17:06 IST: FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan takes a big stride forward and smashes Danushka Gunathilaka towards deep extra cover region. Excellent stuff from the southpaw. India 166/2 in 28.4 overs.

17:03 IST: FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan uses the pace and guides Nuwan Pradeep towards third man for a boundary. India 160/2 in 28 overs. 

16:59 IST: FOUR! Another one from Dhawan. He sends Malinga towards deep extra cover. India 147/2 in 26.5 overs.

16:56 IST: FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan goes on backfoot and slaps the ball through mid-wicket. India 143/2 in 26.3 overs.

16:54 IST: Yuvraj Singh is the new man at the crease. Can he rebuild India innings with Dhawan?

16:52 IST: WICKET! A pin drop silence at Kennigton Oval. Virat Kohli departs for a duck. Nuwan Pradeep exults after taking this big wicket. India 139/2 in 25.5 overs.

16:50 IST: Did you hear the cheer? Yes, captain Virat Kohli comes to the crease now.

16:48 IST: WICKET! Lasith Mailnga gets breakthrough, Rohit Sharma departs for 78 runs (79 balls). Magnificent innings from the right-hander. Foundation has been laid for India. India 138/1 in 24.5 overs.

16:47 IST: SIX! Short ball from Malinga. Rohit gets a top edge and the ball goes over fine leg region. India 138/0 in 24.4 overs.

16:43 IST: FIFTY! Shikhar Dhawan brings up his fifty with a boundary between extra cover. He gets a hug from Rohit. Excellent batting from the openers today. India 132/0 in 24.3 overs. 

16:40 IST: 8 runs off Malinga's over. India 124/0 in 23 overs.

16:38 IST: FOUR! Stand and deliver. Rohit Sharma smashes the speedster towards covers. Excellent shot from the right-hander. India 123/0 in 22.5 overs.

16:37 IST: Lasith Malinga is back into the attack

16:33 IST: Just 2 runs off Thisara Perera's over. India 116/0 in 22 overs.

16:28 IST: FOUR! Rohit comes forward and drives Gunathilaka towards long off for a boundary. India 113/0 in 20.4 overs.

16:25 IST: SIX! Rohit does it again. He slams Perera towards backward square leg for another six. India 106/0 in 19.5 overs.

16:24 IST: FIFTY! Rohit Sharma brings up his 31st ODI half-century off 58 balls with a stunning six towards deep square leg. 100 runs comes up for India.

16:22 IST: 1000 ODI runs for Rohit Sharma against Sri Lanka.

16:20 IST: Just 3 runs off Perera's over. India 89/0 in 18 overs.

16:19 IST: A loud LBW appeal from Thisara Perera. Umpire turns it down. Will Mathews take a review here? NO. 

16:13 IST: FOUR! Rohit Sharma sends Gunathilaka towards fine leg. Well timed from Rohit. India 86/0 in 16.4 overs.

16:11 IST: A loud LBW appeal from Gunathilaka. Umpire turns it down. Shikhar Dhawan is safe. 

16:09 IST: 5 runs off Nuwan Pradeep's over. India 79/0 in 16 overs.

16:05 IST: FOUR! Rohit Sharma welcomes the spinner with a superb boundary towards fine leg. India 73/0 in 14.3 overs.

16:03 IST: Danushka Gunathilaka comes into the attack.

16:01 IST: Rohit dabs the ball towards deep mid-wicket for a quick couple. Excellent running between the wickets from the openers. India 67/0 in 13.5 overs.

15:58 IST: Well executed yorker from Perera. Rohit easily digs it out. 4 runs off Perera's over. India 63/0 in 13 overs.

15:56 IST: Bowling change for Sri Lanka. Angelo Mathews brings Thisara Perera into the attack.

15:52 IST: 5 WIDES! Nuwan Pradeep bowls a bouncer. Wasted effort from the pacer. The ball sails over Dhawan and wicket-keeper's head. India 59/0 in 11.5 overs.

15:51 IST: Rohit drives the ball beautifully towards deep extra cover. He will get 2 runs runs.

15:47 IST: 50 comes up for India in 10.2 overs. Dhawan 28*, Rohit 21*.

15:44 IST: Just 2 runs off Nuwan Pradeep's over. India 48/0 in 10 overs.

15:41 IST: FOUR! Rohit Sharma sends Suranga Lakmal towards deep backward point. Excellent placement from the right-hander. India 46/0 in 9 overs.

15:39 IST: FOUR! Rohit Sharma picks the ball nicely and launches over square leg. India 40/0 in 8.2 overs.

15:37 IST: Excellent start from Pradeep. Just 4 runs off his over. India 36/0 in 8 overs.

15:33 IST: Bowling change for Sri Lanka. Nuwan Pradeep comes into the attack.

15:32 IST: 7 overs gone! India 32/0. Shikhar Dhawan 24*, Rohit Sharma 8*.

15:30 IST: Shikhar Dhawan averages 75.75 in ODIs in England.

15:27 IST: FOUR! Another boundary for Dhawan. Short ball from Suranga Lakmal. Dhawan pulls this towards fine leg. India 27/0 in 5.5 overs.

15:25 IST: FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan dances down the track and smashes this towards sweeper cover.

15:22 IST: FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan sends Lasith Malinga towards deep extra cover for a boundary. India 17/0 in 5 overs.

15:17 IST: Maiden over from Sunranga Lakmal. India 12/0 in 4 overs.

15:15 IST: Just 2 runs off Lasith Malinga's over. India 12/0 in 3 overs.

15:13 IST: A loud cheer as the camera pans towards MS Dhoni. He smiles and greets the crowd. 

15:10 IST: 6 runs off Suranga Lakmal's over. India 10/0 in 2 overs.

15:07 IST: FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan sends Suranga Lakmal towards backward square leg for a boundary. Excellent placement for the left-hander. India 8/0 in 1.3 overs.

15:06 IST: Suranga Lakmal comes to the attack.

15:05 IST: Just 4 runs off Malinga's over. India 4/0 in 1 over.

15:01 IST: FOUR! What a start from India. Boundary off the first ball of the innings. Rohit Sharma drives the ball beautifully towards cover. India 4/0 in 0.1 over.

15:00 IST: Sri Lanka team are in a huddle. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are making their way to the middle. Lasith Malinga will open the attack for Sri Lanka.

14:55 IST: If India win today, they will make it to the semi-finals.

14:54 IST: Both the teams are lined up for national anthems. Amazing atmosphere at Kennington Oval.

14:40 IST: Here's how the two team line-up. 

14:34 IST: India have gone with an unchanged side.

14:32 IST: Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews wins toss, elects to bowl vs India.

14:25 IST: We are just minutes away from the all-important toss.

14:22 IST: It's overcast and windy as the Indian team are put through their paces.

14:20 IST: We got to witness boisterous Pakistan support when they beat South Africa on Wednesday and the Indian fans are also expected to make it a home game for the Men in Blue.

14:18 IST: With the weather threatening to play spoilsport toss could be crucial here.

14:15 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the match between India and Sri Lanka. This is India's second game of the tournament, having already beaten Pakistan. The Men in Blue will look to continue their winning run and move a step closer to securing a semi-final berth.

India can't afford to set a good score and then have the asking rate shaved off when they field. But given the fact that India can set very heavy targets and then defend them, Kohli would likely stick to Plan A - field first.

If the Indian team has any concerns, it would be the fielding. While the side by and large is an efficient unit in the field, the Pakistan match was a nightmare. It was only because Pakistan were worse in all aspect of the game that India polished off a big win.

Sri Lanka are not likely to give an inch on that aspect, so India will have to tighten up their ground fielding and the abysmal catching, in double-quick time.

On paper, the two sides are a total mismatch. While India ticked almost all the boxes in their victory against Pakistan, the Sri Lankans, in their opening fixture, looked as if they have only entered the tournament to add numbers.

The winners of the last edition have a formidable batting line-up, which is being backed very well by a potent bowling attack.

The form and fitness of regular Sri Lankan captain Angelo Mathews is a cause for concern but his comeback will certainly bosst team's confidence. But, opener Upul Tharanga's two-match suspension and and Chamara Kapugedara knee injury has definitely hurt Sri Lanka's chances.

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