ICC Champions Trophy Highlights, AUS vs NZ: Match Abandoned Due To Rain

Updated: 02 June 2017 23:18 IST

The match between Australia and New Zealand has been abandoned due to rain. Both teams will share the points.

ICC Champions Trophy Highlights, AUS vs NZ: Match Abandoned Due To Rain
New Zealand struck early with the ball in a rain-reduced match. © AFP

After winning the toss and opting to bat first, New Zealand were bowled out for 291 in 45 overs in a rain-reduced match against Australia. The Aussies got off to a terrible start in the run-chase as they lost their top-order inside 10 overs. The Aussies were reeling at 53 for 3 in 9 overs when rain forced the match to be abandoned. Kane Williamson was the star for New Zealand who scored his 9th ODI century as Josh Hazlewood returned with figures of 6 for 52. (SCORECARD)

ICC Champions Trophy Highlights Between Australia vs New Zealand straight from Birmingham.

23:01 IST: We have news but unfortunately not good news. The match between Australia and New Zealand has been abandoned due to rain. Both teams with share the points.

22:44 IST: The rain has suddenly picked up here at Edgbaston.

22:37 IST: For the match to be a 20-over game, it has to start by 18:48 pm local which is about 11:18 IST.

22:36 IST: In case this turns out to be a 20-over chase the target for Australia would be 174.

22:27 IST: Just when things were looking good for the Kiwis, the rain has arrived. Players are going off the field again. Australia won't mind that considering they are 3 down for 53 in 9 overs.

22:26 IST: Wicket: A massive inside edge and it loops up in the air for the bowler to take an easy catch. Milne helps himself to another wicket. Henriques departs.

22:24 IST: Four! Milne again finds the edge and a poor piece of fielding by Ross Taylor at first slip gives Henriques a boundary.

22:20 IST: Four! Short again from Boult and a good controlled shot from Henriques.

22:20 IST: Four! Henriques goes for the hook, gets the top edge and it runs away for a boundary.

22:19 IST: Moises Henriques is the new batsman.

22:13 IST: Wicket: Finch tries to work it on to the on-side but hits it straight to short mid-wicket. Milne strikes for New Zealand. This is a good start for New Zealand. Australia lose their second wicket.

22:09 IST: Four! Smith gets off the mark in style. Gets a boundary.

22:08 IST: Steve Smith is the new man in.

22:06 IST: Wicket: Warner tries to force it through the off-side but gets an outside edge. Boult strikes for New Zealand.

22:04 IST: Six! Width on offer and Warner pounces on it. Gets a maximum.

22:00 IST: Australia 19 for 0 in 4 overs. Finch 7*, Warner 11*

21:58 IST: A double for Finch. He lofts Boult over mid-on but the shot lacked power. A desperate shot from Finch, who is yet to get going.

21:56 IST: After three dot balls from Southee, Finch dabs the ball to long-on for a single. Australia are 14-0 after 3 overs. 

21:52 IST: Warner gets a leading edge but luckily for him it's in the gap.

21:50 IST: Four!! Boult strays on to the pads of Warner and is flicked to the fine leg boundary.

21:48 IST: A single to end the first over. Australia are 5-0 in 1 over.

21:47 IST: Warner gets off the mark with a triple.

21:44 IST: Southee starts the proceedings for New Zealand.

21:43 IST: And we are back.

21:35 IST: 3 bowlers will be allowed to bowl 7 overs and 2 bowlers to bowl 6 overs.

21:30 IST: The target for Australia is 235 off 33 overs.

21:28 IST: Good news coming in from Edgbaston. Rain has stopped and play will resume shortly.

20:50 IST: Play needs to start by 18:15 local time approximately for a 20-over chase. That is close to 10:45 IST. Stay tuned for more updates.

20:46 IST: Welcome back to the run-chase. We have some bad news. The covers are on and it is raining here in Edgbaston. We will be losing one over in every four minutes.

20:19 IST: Wicket: Hazlewood gets another one. Trent Boult is the last man to be dismissed. That's the end of the New Zealand innings. The Kiwis have not even played their full quota of overs. All out for 291 in 45 overs.

20:17 IST: Wicket: Santner tries to go over cover but couldn't clear the man stationed there. Hazlewood picks up a fifer.

20:15 IST: Wicket: Back of a length from Hazlewood and Milne finds the man at deep mid-wicket. Maxwell makes no mistake. Takes his fourth catch of the match.

20:14 IST: Four! Milne goes for the pull and pulls well. Great connection.

20:10 IST: Australia 286 for 7 in 44 over. Two to go.

20:09 IST: Full toss down the leg-side. Four! Poor start to the over from Starc. Santner won't mind that.

20:07 IST: Four! Milne gets off the mark in style.

20:06 IST: Wicket! Neesham now takes the long walk back. Hazlewood gets another one.

20:01 IST: Wicket! Anderson giving himself room, trying to free up the off side, goes for the big one but it goes straight up in the air and Henriques gets under it and takes the catch. Cummins picks up his first wicket.

20:00 IST: Six! Short from Cummins and Anderson goes for the hook, gets a top edge and it goes all the way.

19:57 IST: New Zealand 260 for 5 in 41 overs. Neesham 2*, Anderson 2*

19:54 IST: Corey Anderson is the new batsman for New Zealand.

19:53 IST: Wicket! Broom tries to go for the big one but only manages to find the man at deep-wicket. Hazlewood picks up his second wicket.

19:48 IST: Jimmy Nesham is the new man in.

19:47 IST: Run-Out! That could make a difference of 10-20 runs here. Williamson chops it away to point and sets off for a single.  A little bit of hesitation in the middle has cost him his wicket.

19:44 IST: Just knocks it in the off-side and sets off for a single. That's it. Williamson brings up his 9th ODI hundred.

19:43 IST: Four! Williamson improvises and gets it over fine-leg.

19:42 IST: Four! Broom stays back in the crease and smashes it over mid-wicket.

19:35 IST: Six! Back of a length ball and Williamson hits it over mid-wicket.

19:34 IST: Four! Williamson makes room, Hastings follows  him but Williamson still manages to find the gap in the on-side.

19:26 IST: New Zealand 218 for 3 after 35 overs. Williamson 76*, Broom 0*

19:21 IST: 12 runs and a wicket coming of that Hastings over. Neil Broom is the new man in.

19:20 IST: Wicket! Taylor goes for the big one but mistimes it and Henriques at covers makes no mistake. Hastings strikes for Australia. Important breakthrough as Taylor and Williamson were looking to take the game away from the Aussies.

19:18 IST: Back to back boundaries for Williamson. Hastings proving to be expensive here.

19:18 IST: Four! Too much width from Hastings and Williamson smashes it through point.

19:15 IST: Four! Taylor picks up another boundary and brings up the 200 for New Zealand.

19:11 IST: Four! Hastings pitches it up and Williamson just goes through with the shot over mid-off.

19:08 IST: Hastings comes back on to the attack.

19:06 IST: Four! This time Taylor gets into the act. Just flicked it away for a boundary.

19:04 IST: Four! Short from Henriques and WIlliamson rocks back and rolls his wrist around. Finds the gap in the on-side.

19:02 IST: New Zealand 180 for 2 after 30 overs. Williamson 51*, Taylor 34*

18:55 IST: Williamson works it down the leg-side and with that the New Zealand skipper brings up his 30th fifty in ODI cricket.

18:47 IST: Six! Great shot! Slog sweep and WIlliamson has hit that as sweetly as he possibly could have.

18:44 IST: Four! Taylor using the pace of Henriques. Finds the fence.

18:39 IST: Four! Williamson goes for the slog sweep and finds the gap.

18:38 IST: 150-up for New Zealand. Williamson 35*, Taylor 23*

18:34 IST: Moises Henriques comes on to the attack.

18:28 IST: Just as we speak Taylor cuts and cuts well. Four runs!

18:28 IST: Runs are coming in singles at the moment for New Zealand.

18:26 IST: Travis Head comes on to the attack.

18:25 IST: End of quiet over from Hazlewood. Only one run coming from that over.

18:20 IST: New Zealand going along nicely after the rain-break. They have lost the wicket of Ronchi but Williamson is looking good in the middle. New Zealand 133 for 2 after 19 overs.

18:18 IST: Four! Short and wide and Taylor won't miss out on that. Rare bad delivery from Starc. Follows it up with a shocker down the leg-side.

18:05 IST: Ross Taylor is the new man in, joins skipper Williamson.

18:03 IST: Wicket: Ronchi tries to curve it through point but finds Maxwell there. Hastings strikes for Australia. Ronchi takes the long walk back after a well made 65.

18:00 IST: Six! Ronchi goes downtown and gets a maximum.

17:59 IST: Dropped! Ronchi tries to go over mid-on and Starc could not hold on to the catch.

17:52 IST: Four!! Short again and this time Ronchi moves to the off-side and the ball runs away to the fine leg boundary. Back to back boundaries for the Kiwis.

17:50 IST: Six!! Short from Cummins and Ronchi creates some room to smash over deep point.

17:47 IST: Good fielding by Henriques. Saved a definite boundary there. NZ are 81/1 in 12 overs.

17:43 IST: Four! Ronchi hits the first boundary after rain break. Good length ball from Cummins and Ronchi goes straight over the bowler's head.

17:40 IST: And we are back!

17:26 IST: So here is the latest. The match has been reduced to 46 overs-a-side.

17:00 IST: Finally some good news!

16:40 IST: It's still covers-on at Edgbaston. Support staff are working overtime with their moppers.

16:23 IST: Not good news this!

16:00 IST: New Zealand had good momentum before the rain. This rain break could be a detriment to that.

15:47 IST: Rain has stopped play! NZ are 67/1 in 9.3 overs.

15:45 IST: Golden chance missed by Australia! 

15:43 IST: Big mix-up!! But Kane Williamson just about survives. A direct hit would have got him by a mile.  

15:39 IST: SIX! Ronchi hits Cummins over mid-off for a maximum.

15:36 IST: William tucks Hazlewood off his hips for two runs.

15:27 IST: WICKET!! Seam and bounce from Hazlewood. And Guptill gets a leading edge. Straight to Maxwell at point. NZ are 40/1 after 5.4 overs.

15:26 IST: Hazlewood beats the bat with a good bouncer.

15:21 IST: Four!! Full from Starc and Guptill drives it brilliantly. Australia leaking boundaries early on.

15:15 IST: Phew!! That was close! What a call from the on-field umpire. NZ are 29-0 after 4 overs.

15:14 IST: A quick single and it's a direct hit from Warner but the umpire says not out.

15:12 IST: Four!! Luke Ronchi with a brilliant punch of the backfoot, pierces the off-side field. Kiwis are on the move here.

15:08 IST: Four!! Hazlewood drifts on to the pads of Guptill, who swats it away for the first boundary of New Zealand's innings.

15:05 IST: A solid start for New Zealand so far. No boundaries in the first over.

15:00 IST: The two teams are walking out. We expect to be a humdinger.

14:35 IST: Here are how the two teams line-up.

14:31 IST: New Zealand captain Kane Williamson has won the toss and elected to bat.

14:28 IST: Toss time!!

14:25 IST: An inside peek into the Australian dressing room.

14:20 IST: Hello and welcome to the second match in the tournament between Australia and New Zealand. The two teams will resume their old rivalry on a neutral ground but once again Australia hold the edge over New Zealand.

Australia boast one of the most powerful top orders in ODI cricket, with captain Smith and opener David Warner outstanding batsmen in all formats. They could add extra firepower by including Chris Lynn, who shot to worldwide prominence earlier this year with a sensational Indian Premier League campaign, averaging nearly 50 for the Kolkata Knight Riders.

New Zealand beat Australia in a thrilling pool match in Auckland at the 2015 World Cup only to lose to their trans-Tasman rivals in the final in Melbourne.

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