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India vs England Highlights, 5th Test Day 5: England Beat India By 118 Runs, Clinch Series 4-1

Updated: 11 September 2018 22:44 IST

Highlights India vs England: England defeated India by 118 runs on the final day of the Oval Test to clinch the 5-match Test series 4-1.

India vs England Highlights, 5th Test Day 5: England Beat India By 118 Runs, Clinch Series 4-1
India vs England Highlights: Adil Rashid took the crucial wickets of KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant © Twitter

Leg spinner Adil Rashid dismissed well-set KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant in consecutive overs in the final session as England registered a thumping 118-run win against India in the final Test at the Oval in London. With the victory, England also clinched the 5-match Test series 4-1 giving their opener Alastair Cook a well-deserved farewell gift. Along with Cook, the series also ended on a high note for fast bowler James Anderson as he became the highest wicket taker in Test cricket among the fast bowlers. Anderson surpassed Glenn McGrath's tally of 563 wickets taking the final wicket of the match. After a superb second session on the final day, it seemed that Rahul and Pant were looking for an unlikely Test win. The duo registered a brilliant 204-run partnership between them as India looked confident in their massive run-chase of 464 runs. But Adil Rashid, in the final session of the Test, dismissed Rahul on the score of 149 providing his team with the much needed breakthrough. In his very next over, Rashid dismissed Pant for 114 ending India's hopes of an almost impossible win. Post Pant's departure, England took the second new ball straightaway. Sam Curran dismissed Ishant Sharma and Ravindra Jadega in quick succession. James Anderson placed the final nail in the coffin for India cleaning up Mohammed Shami for a duck. (SCORECARD)

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Live updates between India vs England, 5th Test, Day 5, straight from The Oval, London

22:00 IST: Thank you for joining us on our live coverage of the fifth and final Test between India and England. 

England win the Test match by 118 runs. Win Test series 4-1

21:56 IST: OUT! James Anderson cleans up Mohammed Shami. Goes past Glenn McGrath to become the highest wicket taking fast bowler of all time. England win the Test match by 118 runs. 

21:52 IST: OUT! Sam Curran strikes for the second time. Dismisses Ravindra Jadeja this time on the score of 13. England are just one wicket away from victory. India's last recognized batsman is now back in the pavilion. Will India still manage to draw the Test match?  IND 345-9 after 93.4 overs. 

21:51 IST: FOUR! Ravindra Jadeja is not giving up yet. Flicks Sam Curran beautifully through square leg to collect a boundary. IND 345-8 after 93.3 overs. 

21:41 IST: OUT! Review from Ishant Sharma. Original decision is out. And the decision stays. Ultra edge confirms that the ball got the outside edge of Ishant Sharma's bat. Sam Curran strikes as Jonny Bairstow takes a simple catch behind the stumps. Ishant Sharma walks back after scoring 5 runs. IND 336-8 after 92 overs.

21:38 IST: Tidy start from James Anderson with the new ball. Just one run from his over. Sam Curran will share the new ball with Anderson from the other end. 

21:33 IST: England have finally taken the second new ball. James Anderson to bowl the first over from it. 

21:31 IST: FOUR! Ishant Sharma sweeps Adil Rashid to collect a boundary. Reads the googly from Rashid to perfection. Sweeps and sweeps it hard to deep-mid wicket for four. IND 334-7 after 89.3 overs. 

21:19 IST: Dropped! James Anderson from round the wicket angles the ball in. The ball reverses after pitching and moves away taking the outside edge of Jadeja's bat. Diving Jonny Bairstow fails to hold on to the ball. It wound have been a stunner if Bairstow would have grabbed it. India struggling. IND 330-7 after 86.3 overs. 

21:17 IST: Excellent over from Adil Rashid comes to an end. He is spinning the ball viciously at the moment. Both Ishant Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja are finding it difficult against the leggie. IND 330-7 after 86 overs.

21:08 IST: OUT! And it's Adil Rashid again. Rishabh Pant departs after scoring a brilliant 114-run knock. Trying to go for a six, Pant mistimes the ball. Moeen Ali takes a simple catch at long-off. The decision of not taking the new ball has turned out perfectly for England. IND 328-7 after 84 overs.

20:53 IST: OUT! This is the breakthrough England needed and Adil Rashid has provided them just that. The ball hits the rough, turns and clips the top of off-stump. KL Rahul is absolutely stunned. He takes the long walk back for 149 amidst a standing ovation. Rahul's knock is now the second highest score by an Indian batsman in the fourth innings of a Test. A huge 204-run partnership broken, is this the opening England were looking for?

20:50 IST: India need 139 more runs to win. Can KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant take India home? With the second new ball available, England will aim to cut the flow of runs and chip away at the wickets.

20:47 IST: FOUR BYES!! Adil Rashid tosses up his delivery, Pant heaves, misses and the ball rolls away to the boundary ropes. 200-run partnership comes up between Pant and KL Rahul. The ball had hit a rough patch as it turned enough to not only beat the batsman but also the keeper and Ben Stokes in the slips.

20:40 IST: FOUR! Boundary ends the 78th over of India's second innings. Rishabh Pant slams Adil Rashid over covers to collect four runs. Two overs remaining for the new ball. Will England go for it straightaway? IND 316-5 after 78 overs.

20:31 IST: Six and 300 comes up for India! This is flawless batting from Rishabh Pant. Hits Adil Rashid straight down the ground to collect six runs. IND 304-5 after 75.5 overs.

20:29 IST: KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant are back at the centre for India. Adil Rashid will bowl first over for England the final session of the Test match

Tea Break - India 298 for the loss of five wickets. Need another 166 runs to winn with five wickets remaining. 

20:10 IST: KL Rahul leaves the final ball before tea from Anderson. What a session this has been for India. 

20:04 IST: Six and maiden 100 for Rishabh Pant! What an innings this has been from the youngster. Gets to his first century in Test cricket with a colossal strike against leggie Adil Rashid. IND 298-5 after 73.5 overs.

19:55 IST: SIX! Rishabh Pant moves into the nineties with the colossal strike against Adil Rashid. Hits the ball straight over the long-on boundary for the maximum. Showing no signs of nerves at all. IND 288-5 after 71.1 overs.

19:45 IST: FOUR! Rishabh Pant moves into the eighties. Boundary on the first ball of Stuart Broad's over. Pant guides the ball through the vacant gully region to pick four runs. IND 279-5 after 69.1 overs.

19:42 IST: Four and 150-run partnership comes up between KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant. And it has come in at a brisk pace as well. Just 192 balls for it. Both are leading India's fightback on the final day of the fifth Test. IND 274-5 after 68.4 overs.

19:34 IST: Bowling change for England! Stuart Broad comes in to replace Joe Root. 

19:33 IST: Expensive over from Ben Stokes comes to an end. Rishabh Pant collects three boundaries from it. He has now moved on to 75. Inching closer to his maiden century in Test cricket. IND 265-5 after 67 overs.

19:30 IST: FOUR! Short and wide from Ben Stokes and Rishabh Pant slaps the ball through point region to collect four runs. IND 257-5 after 66.1 overs.

19:22 IST: 250 up for India! Both KL Rahul and Rishabh continuing the fight for India. Short ball from Ben Stokes and a controlled pull from Pant gets him another single. England bowlers are getting no support from the pitch at the moment. India require another 214 runs to win. IND 250-5 after 64.2 overs.

19:20 IST: FOUR! Joe Root saw KL Rahul coming down town, bowls it wide but Rahul adjusts and nails the ball through cover region for a boundary. Rahul is scoring runs freely now. He has now moved on to 138. IND 249-5 after 63.5 overs.

19:17 IST: Just one run from Ben Stokes' first over after the drinks break. Joe Root will continue from the other end. IND 245-5 after 63 overs.

19:10 IST: Drinks break - India are battling it out of the final day of the fifth Test. Both KL Rahul (132*) and Rishabh Pant (59*) are batting fluently at the moment. With just one-and-a-half session remaining, can India manage a draw? IND 242-5 after 62 overs.

19:03 IST: 50 up for Rishabh Pant! Scores his maiden fifty in Test cricket. Hits Ben Stokes to deep point for a single. It has been a gritty knock from the youngster under pressure. IND 232-5 after 60.2 overs.

18:44 IST: Four and 100-run partnership comes up between KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant. Short ball from Ben Stokes and Pant pulls it away through mid wicket for a boundary. It has been a terrific inning from both of them on the final day of the Test. They are playing fearless cricket at the moment. IND 221-5 after 54.5 overs.

18:41 IST: FOUR! KL Rahul is playing really well today. Smashes Moeen Ali this time straight down the ground to collect a boundary. Partnership between Rahul and Pant has now moved into the nineties. IND 213-5 after 54 overs.

18:35 IST: Four and 200 up for India! Rishabh Pant hits Adil Rashid in front of square to collect a four runs. Alastair Cook at the boundary line had no chance to cut that off. Pant is now looking confident against the England spinners. IND 203-5 after 52.3 overs.

18:23 IST: FOUR! Full and wide from Adil Rashid and Rishabh Pant hits the ball to the right of mid-off to collect four runs. Pant is not hesitating to go aerial against the spinner. IND 189-5 after 48.4 overs.

18:17 IST: FOUR! Rishabh Pant ends Adil Rashid's over with a boundary. Short and wide outside off from the leggie and Pant places the ball behind point to collect four runs. IND 177-5 after 47 overs.

18:14 IST: Tight start from Moeen Ali after lunch. Two runs from his first over in the second session. Adil Rashid will continue from the other end for England. IND 170-5 after 46 overs.

18:10 IST: KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant are back at the centre for India. Moeen Ali will bowl the first over for England in the post-lunch session.

Lunch break - India 167 for the loss of 5 wickets. Need another 297 runs to win with 5 wickets remaining. 

17:32 IST: Tight end to the first session from Adil Rashid. Just one run from his final over before the break. KL Rahul walks back unbeaten on 108 runs alongside Rishabh Pant on 12 runs. 

17:28 IST: SIX! Colossal strike from Rishabh Pant. Charges down the track against Moeen Ali and deposits the ball over long-on for a six. IND 166-5 after 44 overs.

17:16 IST: Four and 100 up for KL Rahul! What an inning this has been from the opener. Scores his 5th hundred in Test cricket. Slaps Ben Stokes down the ground for a boundary. First ton of the series as well for him. IND 152-5 after 41 overs.

17:10 IST: Consecutive boundaries for KL Rahul! First one was a reverse sweep and then Rahul slog sweeps the next ball of Moeen Ali to collect back-to-back boundaries. Rahul is looking confident against the off spinner now. IND 137-5 after 39.4 overs.

16:56 IST: OUT! Ben Stokes strikes in his first over of the morning session. Hanuma Vihari (0) fails to impress in the second innings of his debut Test. Hands a straight forward catch to wicket-keeper Jonny Bairstow. Gets beaten by the bounce. India are 5 down now. IND 121-5 after 36.4 overs.

16:54 IST: Bowling change for England! Ben Stokes comes in to replace Sam Curran.

16:51 IST: OUT! Moeen Ali strikes for England. Trying to go for a sweep, ball finds the toe of Rahane's bat. Keaton Jennings takes a simple catch. Rahane walks back after scoring 37 runs. IND 120-4 after 35.3 overs.

16:39 IST: FOUR! Sam Curran from round the wicket angles the ball in and Rahane flicks it off his pads to collect a boundary. Beautiful shot from the Indian vice captain. IND 115-3 after 34.4 overs.

6:39 IST: Four and 100-run partnership comes up between KL Rahul and Ajinkya Rahane. Rahul drives Moeen Ali's half volley through extra-covers to collect a boundary. IND 105-3 after 33.1 overs.

16:36 IST: Four and 100 up for India! Sam Curran bowls wide outside off and Rahane guides the ball to the vacant point region to collect a boundary. Both batsmen are now looking confident now at the centre. IND 101-3 after 32.2 overs.

16:29 IST: Review from England. Moeen Ali looks confident on that one. Original decision from Kumar Dharmasena is not out. And the decision stays. Replay clearly shows that the impact was outside the line of the off stump. KL Rahul survives. IND 97-3 after 31.4 overs.

16:26 IST: FOUR! Rahane takes a couple of steps down the ground against Sam Curran and places the ball exactly between extra cover and mid off to collect a boundary. Brilliant timing and placement on that one from Rahane. IND 97-3 after 30.5 overs. 

16:20 IST: Spin introduced for the first time on Day 5. Moeen Ali replaces Stuart Broad. 

16:18 IST: Beaten! Sam Curran is troubling both Rahul and Rahane at the moment. The ball after pitching is going away with the angle causing trouble to both the batsmen. Rahul, this time makes the mistake. Leans forward and the ball just misses the outside edge. IND 90-3 after 28.5 overs. 

16:06 IST: Bowling change for England! Sam Curran comes in to replace James Anderson. 

15:54 IST: FOUR! Beautiful cover drive from KL Rahul. Times the ball to perfection. Stuart Broad pitches the ball wide outside off stump, Rahul leans forward and places the ball in the gap to collect a boundary. IND 81-3 after 23.3 overs. 

15:48 IST: Four leg-byes for India! Stuart Broad drags down the leg side. The ball clips the thigh pad of Rahane and goes fine down the leg side over the fence. IND 76-3 after 22 overs. 

15:37 IST: Maiden! Stuart Broad bowls a tight over from the other end. Ajinkya Rahane plays the all the six deliveries defensively. IND 62-3 after 20 overs. 

15:33 IST: Four and 50 for KL Rahul! Scores his first fifty of the series. James Anderson drifts on to the pads and Rahul clips the ball away to mid wicket to collect a boundary. Scores his 12th fifty in Test cricket. IND 62-3 after 19 overs.

15:29 IST: KL Rahul (46) and Ajinkya Rahane (10) are at the centre to start the fifth Day for India. James Anderson will bowl the first over of the morning for England.

14:45 IST: Hello and welcome to the live match updates of Day 5 of the 5th and final Test between India and England.

Deflated after fielding for over 112 overs, India's wobbly top-order once again faltered with Shikhar Dhawan (1), Cheteshwar Pujara (0) and Virat Kohli (0) dismissed in quick succession with day end score being 58 for three. With 406 runs required on the final day and seven wickets in hand, an embarrassing 1-4 series defeat looks imminent for India as of now. The wily Jimmy Anderson (2/23) equalled Glenn McGrath's 563 Test wickets and is expected to break the record on Tuesday while Stuart Broad (1/17) with 433 wickets is just one short of Kapil Dev's (434 wickets).

Dhawan's poor technique was once again exposed as he was adjudged plumb leg before to an incoming delivery from Anderson. Ditto for Pujara, who got a sharp incutter that breached his defence. He wanted a DRS but was late in appealing for one. Skipper Virat Kohli after a tremendous English summer where he scored 593 runs finally got out for a duck as he nicked one off Broad to Jonny Bairstow, leaving India in tatters. KL Rahul (46 batting) batted in cavalier fashion hitting eight boundaries in the company of Ajinkya Rahane (10 batting).

However, the day certainly belonged to Cook, who scored his 33rd hundred his last appearance to join a select band of players having scored a hundred on debut and final Test. He is fifth in the list after Reginal Duff, Bill Ponsford, Greg Chappell and Mohammed Azharuddin.His 286-ball knock had 14 boundaries and it certainly overshadowed Cook's 190 ball effort that had 12 fours and a six. Their partnership literally killed the contest after Ishant Sharma's ankle injury had pegged India further back. In the post-lunch session, the duo looked to build on their partnership and further frustrate the Indian bowlers, bringing up their 200-stand off 303 balls.

Root, on 94, got a second life as Cheteshwar Pujara dropped him at first slip off Mohammed Shami (2-97) in the 77th over. He then went on to score his 14th Test hundred off 151 balls. Thereafter, Root started attacking as England crossed 300 in the 88th over. India were a bowler short with Ishant leaving the field due to ankle pain.

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