Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka Highlights, World Cup 2019: Sri Lanka Beat Afghanistan In Low-Scoring Thriller

Updated:04 June 2019 23:53 IST

2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, AFG vs SL, Highlights: Sri Lanka defeat Afghanistan by 34 runs in a low-scoring thriller.

Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka Highlights, World Cup 2019: Sri Lanka Beat Afghanistan In Low-Scoring Thriller
AFG vs SL World Cup Highlights: Nuwan Pradeep picked up four wickets for Sri Lanka. © AFP

Sri Lanka beat Afghanistan by 34 runs via DLS method to register their first win of World CUp 2019. Chasing a modest target of 187 runs, Afghanistan started decently as both their openers scored at decent pace upfront. Sri Lanka pacers came back strongly and reduced them to 57/5 inside 14 overs. Najibullah Zadran and Gulbadin Naib stitched 50-run partnership to get their innings on track. But lack of support from other batsmen resulted in Afghanistan losing the game by 34 runs. For Sri Lanka, Nuwan Pradeep finished with his career best figure of 31/4. Afghanistan skipper Gulbadin Naib won the toss and elected to bowl against Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka openers Kusal Perera and Dimuth Karunaratne both started aggressively and completed 50-run stand in 29 balls. They kept going and added 92 runs for the first wicket. Karunaratne fell to Mohammad Nabi on 30. Perera was joined by Lahiru Thirimanne in the middle and they both added 52 runs for the second wicket. Sri Lanka were pushed on the backfoot by Nabi who picked up three wickets in an over. The wickets kept falling from the other end and Perera ultimately departed for 78 runs. The weather forecast before the match proved to be right as rain started pouring after 33 overs, halting the play for close to two hours. After the play resumed Sri Lanka could only add 13 runs to their tally. Nabi picked up maximum wickets for Afghanistan as he finished with 4/30 in nine overs. Afghanistan got a revised target of 187 runs. (SCORECARD)

World Cup 2019 Match Highlights Between Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka, Straight from Sophia Gardens, Cardiff 

  • 23:47 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

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  • 23:44 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Malinga strikes again... Sri Lanka win!

    Lasith Malinga bowls a perfect yorker to dismiss Hamid Hassan. Sri Lanka win the low-scoring thriller by 34 runs via DLS method.
  • 23:41 (IST)Jun 04, 2019


    Lasith Malinga misses his length by a whisker and Hamid Hassan sends it high in the air over the deep midwicket fence for a six. 
  • 23:39 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Najibullah Zadran is out courtesy a direct hit

    Najibullah Zadran wanted to retain the strike on the last ball and ran for a quick single but Sri Lanka skipper Dimuth Karunaratne hits the stumps at the bowling end. Zadran departs for 43 runs.
  • 23:36 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Four and No ball!

    Najibullah Zadran slashed hard and the ball raced away to the thirdman fence for a four. The umpire has signalled a no ball for Sri Lanka don't have enough fielder inside the ring. Zadran however fails to make use of that freebie.
  • 23:32 (IST)Jun 04, 2019


    Isuru Udana offers width to Najibullah Zadran and he made full use of that. he slashed it over cover for a one-bounce four.
  • 23:29 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Malings strikes with his trademark yorker

    Lasith Malinga uses his trademark yorker to get rid of Dawlat Zadran who departs for 6. Malinga forced Dawlat Zadran on his backfoot beautifully through his full balls and bouncers earlier in the over. 
  • 23:19 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Almost carried to the sweeper cover!

    Nuwan Pradeep bowls wide delivery outside off stump and Najibullah Zadran lofts it over cover and the ball fell just short of charging Thisara Parera at sweeper cover who does well to stop the ball on the half volley. Zadran refuses to run what could have been an easy two.
  • 23:07 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Misfield costs four!

    Two fielders tried to stop the same ball, Lasith Malinga slipped inside the inner-circle while Angelo Mathews dived near the fence, but still couldn't stop it from reaching the boundary ropes.
  • 23:04 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Rashid Khan departs!

    Nuwan Pradeep strikes once again as Rashid Khan departs for 2. Pradeep bowled a peach of a delivery to dismiss the leggie. This is Pradeep's best ODI bowling performance.
  • 23:00 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Rashid Khan is the new batsman!

    Rashid Khan walks into bat for Afghanistan at No. 8.
  • 22:59 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    LBW appeal...Given!

    Nuwan Pardeep has given Sri Lanka the breakthrough they were looking for. The ball was pitched on the off and was angling into Gulbadin Naib's pads who was late for the shot. The replay confirms the umpire's decision and Afghanistan skipper has to depart for 23 runs.
  • 22:55 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Five wides

    Poor bowling from Nuwan Pradeep. He banged it way to short and the ball goes way over keeper's head for a four. There was no need for that. The extras in this match have reached 50-mark
  • 22:52 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Reverse sweep for four

    Dhananjaya de Silva bowls on the middle stump and Najibullah Zadran reverse-sweeps it through deep backward point for a cracking boundary.
  • 22:50 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Fifty partnership!

    Nuwan Pradeep hits the deck hard,  the ball crosses Najibullah Zadran way over his head into the keeper's hands and this extra run brings up the 50-run stand between Najibullah Zadran and Gulbadin Naib.
  • 22:43 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    100 up for Afghanistan

    Isuru Udana bowls a full ball to Guladin Naib which takes a thick inside edge and went on to nearly hit his stump. The batsmen complete a single which brings up their team 100.
  • 22:39 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Sri Lanka halt the run flow

    Lasith Maling gave 11 runs in his last over and since then Sri Lanka bowlers have made a decent comeback as they have conceded just six runs in last two overs.
  • 22:26 (IST)Jun 04, 2019


    Back-to-back four for Afghanistan. Lasith Malinga bowls a short ball to Gulbadin Naib and he pulls it away comfortably through midwicket for a four.
  • 22:24 (IST)Jun 04, 2019


    Slow ball from Lasith Malinga has been punched straight down the ground for a four.
  • 22:22 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Quick single!

    Afghanistan batsmen go for a quick single and the fielder at mid-on has hit the stumps directly but the batsman has made his ground in time.
  • 22:12 (IST)Jun 04, 2019


    Another wide and full ball from Thisara Parera and Najibullah Zadran reaches out for that and finds the gap between cover and point and gets his third boundary.
  • 22:10 (IST)Jun 04, 2019


    Thisara Parera bowls one wide outside off to Najibullah Zadran who waited for it and drives it along the ground on the off-side for a welcome boundary for Afghanistan.
  • 22:07 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Beauty from Thisara Parera gets Nabi

    Thisara Parera bowls an in-swinging ball to Mohammad Nabi who plays it outside the line, creating a gap between bat and pad and the ball sneaked into that gap and knocked his stumps. Nabi goes for 11.
  • 22:02 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Afghanistan in trouble as 4th wicket falls

    Scrambled seam from Nuwan Pradeep, bounced more than usual, took Hashmatullah Shahidi by surprise who was trying to drive it off the backfoot but only manages an outside edge straight to keeper, giving Sri Lanka the fourth wicket. 
  • 21:53 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Over the head for four!

    Nuwan Pradeep bowls full to Mohammad Nabi who lofts through the line over mid-on for a four. The ball was pitched in his hitting arc. 
  • 21:44 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Brilliant catch by Thisara Parera

    Nuwan Pradeep bowls a well-directed bouncer to Hazratullah Zazai who pulled it to fine leg where Thisara Parera takes a wonderful catch diving forward to dismiss dangerous Zazai. He departs after scoring 30 off 25 balls.
  • 21:36 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Caught at 1st slip!

    Isuru Udana strikes for Sri Lanka. He bowled full delivery angling away from Rahmat Shah who hurled his bat at it, the ball takes his outside edge and went straight to wide first slip where Angelo Mathews makes no mistake.
  • 21:36 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Caught at 1st slip!

    Isuru Udana strikes for Sri Lanka. 
  • 21:26 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Nearly carried

    Isuru Udana starts off with a decent first ball and nearly got a wicket. He bowled that full and Zazai popped it straight down which almost carried to him.
  • 21:23 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Malinga strikes! Shahzad departs for 7

    Lasith Malinga provides Sri Lanka with first breakthrough as Mohammad Shahzad departs for 7. Malinga bowled that full on the leg stump, Shahzad was late for his shot and ended up hitting it to short midwicket where Dimuth Karunaratne takes a low dipping catch, just inches from the ground.
  • 21:18 (IST)Jun 04, 2019


    Kushal Mendis has dropped a sitter. Lasith Malinga is not happy. Hazratullah Zazai gets a life on 24.
  • 21:16 (IST)Jun 04, 2019


    Slower ball from Maling, Hazratullah Zazai clears his front leg and hammers it to the midwicket fence for a boundary.
  • 21:12 (IST)Jun 04, 2019


    Hazratullah Zazai muscles away the ball past mid-on for a four. He cleared his front leg and allowed the ball to pitch near him which worked in his favour. Also, the power with which he hit that was just insane.
  • 21:10 (IST)Jun 04, 2019


    Lasith Maling changes his angle and bowls an overpitch ball outside off, Hazratullah Zazai dispatches it through extracover for a four.
  • 21:07 (IST)Jun 04, 2019


    Lakmal bowls another shortish delivery which was little wide, Mohammad Shahzad rocked back  and punched it on the off side for a four.
  • 21:03 (IST)Jun 04, 2019


    Suranga Lakmal bowls fraction short to Hazratullah Zazai who pulled it over deep midwicket for a fancy six.
  • 20:58 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Edges and safe!

    Malinga bowls a full ball moving away from Mohammad Shahzad who edged it towards the slip but luckily for him it dropped away from second slip.
  • 20:56 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    The chase begins!

    Mohammad Shahzad and Hazratullah Zazai are the two Afghanistan openers and Lasith Malinga will start the bowling for Sri Lanka.
  • 20:49 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    DLS revised target

    Afghanistan need 187 runs as per DLS method.
  • 20:47 (IST)Jun 04, 2019

    Sri Lanka all out for 201

    A beauty from Rashid Khan ends the Sri Lanka innings for 201. Rashid bowled a leggie on the middle and leg stump which went on to clip the off stump of Nuwan Pradeep.
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