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In a country where the national game is Lacrosse, Cricket has grown a lot over the past two decades. A stunning fact though would be that Canada were one of the two teams to participate in the first ever international cricket game that was played in 1844 in New York. They are an Associate Member of the ICC since 1968.

The 1979 ICC Trophy was their first major tournament via which they qualified for the 1979 World Cup by coming second only to Sri Lanka. They lost all 3 games but they have ever since been one of the leading Associate Members. The next World Cup appearance they had though was directly 24 years later in 2003. They managed to beat Bangladesh in that edition and another highlight for them was John Davison scoring the then fastest century in World Cups. They also plunged to a low as they were bowled out by Sri Lanka for 36, the then lowest score in ODI history. The Canadians were also a part of the 2007 and the 2011 editions of the biggest prize in the game. In April 2018, the ICC granted full T20I status to all its members. Thus, any T20 game Canada play post 1st January 2019 will be of full T20I status.