Highlights, India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Test, Day 4: Ravindra Jadeja Powers India To Series Victory

Updated: 06 August 2017 14:49 IST

Highlights, India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Test, Day 4: Ravindra Jadeja's five-wicket haul led India to a second Test and series win over Sri Lanka.

Highlights, India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Test, Day 4: Ravindra Jadeja Powers India To Series Victory
Highlights, 2nd Test, Day 4: India beat Sri Lanka by an innings and 53 runs. © AFP

Ravindra Jadeja's efforts led India to a series win over Sri Lanka in Colombo on Sunday. The visitors won the second Test on Day 4 by an innings and 53 runs to clinch the three-match Test series 2-0. This win gave India their eighth successive series win. While Dimuth Karunaratne went on to score his 6th Test ton before lunch, it was Jadeja who gave the visitors the first breakthrough when he dismissed the centurion for 141. Jadeja also took the wickets of Dinesh Chandimal, Angelo Mathews, Diluwan Perera and Dhananjaya de Silva to complete a five-wicket haul.

Earlier, Karunaratne and Mathews (36) kept the hosts on track despite losing two early wickets. After Karunaratne and Pushpakumara started the proceedings on Sunday, India picked up two early wickets. While Ravichandran Ashwin claimed Pushpakumara's wicket (16), Jadeja dismissed Chandimal for 2. However, Mathews and Karunaratne stuck it out for the hosts to be 302/4 at lunch, trailing the visitors only by 139 runs. On Saturday, Kusal Mendis (110) had showed grit and determination to dig the hosts out of a massive hole on Day 3. (SCORECARD)

Highlights between India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Test, Day 4, straight from Colombo

14:48 IST: Thank you for joining us for the 2nd Test at Colombo. See you at Pallekele for the third Test from August 12. Good bye. 

14:36 IST: And that's it! India have won the 2nd Test by an innings and 53 runs. They win the 3-match series 2-0 for their eighth series win in a row!!! 

14:34 IST: OUT!!!! Pradeep caught by Dhawan, bowled by Ashwin! Departs for 1

14:30 IST: Good over from Pandya. Wicket and 2 runs. SL 386/9, trail by 53 runs

14:28 IST: Nuwan Pradeep comes to the crease

14:26 IST: OUT! Dickwella out! Departs for 31 as Pandya rejoices! Caught by Rahane. SL 384/9, trail by 55 runs

14:25 IST: Three runs conceded by Ashwin. SL 384/8, trail by 55 runs

14:23 IST: Good save by Shami near the boundary line. Dickwella will have to be happy with 2 runs instead. 

14:22 IST: 2 runs conceded by Pandya. SL 381/8, trail by 58 runs.

14:17 IST: That's a good over from Ashwin, just 1 run conceded. SL 379/8, trail by 60 runs

14:14 IST: Pandya concedes 6 runs. SL 378/8, trail by 61 runs. 

14:10 IST: Four!!! Dickwella hits the ball over deep mid wicket.

14:09 IST: Pandya comes back into the attack. Can he take the remaining wickets?

14:08 IST: 9 runs from the over. SL 372/8, trail by 67 runs.

14:06 IST: Four! Dickwella times the shot perfectly as Ashwin looks disappointed

14:05 IST: Jadeja concedes just 1 run. SL 363/8, trail by 76 runs

14:01 IST: Four and Four again! That sweep from Herath gave SL 13 runs off the over. SL 362/8, trail by 77 runs 

14:00 IST: Four! Well executed by Herath off an Ashwin delivery. 

13:58 IST: Jadeja appealed so many times but Herath survived all of them!! SL 349/8, trail by 90 runs

13:56 IST: Four! Nicely played by Dickwella off a Jadeja delivery. 

13:55 IST: Maiden over from Ashwin. SL 344/8, trail by 95 runs

13:53 IST: Ashwin is back into the attack

13:50 IST: Rangana Herath comes to bat. 

13:46 IST: OUT! Ravindra Jadeja is on fire! De Silva departs for 17, caught by Rahane. SL are 343/8. That's the fifth wicket for Jadeja.

13:42 IST: And that's another maiden over from Pandya. Time for a drinks break as SL trail India by 96 runs

13:38 IST: So 12 runs off the over. SL 343/7, trail by 96 runs. Expensive over from Jadeja. 

13:37 IST: Four, Four and Four! De Silva hits three consecutive boundaries off Jadeja! Kohli doesn't look happy at all. SL now trail by 96 runs

13:35 IST: Maiden over from Pandya. SL 331/7, trail by 108 runs.

13:32 IST: Jadeja concedes 2 more runs in the over. SL 331/7

13:29 IST: Four! Clean shot from Dickwella off a Jadeja delivery.  

13:27 IST: Good bowling from Pandya. Concedes just a boundary. SL 325/7, trail by 114 runs

13:25 IST: Four! Dickwella gets a much-needed boundary off a Pandya delivery

13:23 IST: Dhananjaya de Silva comes to bat

13:22 IST: Out!! Jadeja is on fire!! Dilruwan Perera stumped by Saha, departs for 4. SL 321/7

13:19 IST: Just one run from Pandya. SL 320/6

13:14 IST: Four! Dilruwan finds the gap between the slips, the ball goes for a boundary. Jadeja doesn't look happy with his last ball of the over. SL 319/6  

13:13 IST: Dilruwan Perera comes to the crease

13:11 IST: Out!! Angelo Mathews caught by Saha and bowled by Jadeja. He is dismissed for 36. SL are 6 down now. SL 315/6, trail by 124 runs 

13:10 IST: Four!! Mathews slices the drive wide of the man at point. 

13:09 IST: That's good bowling from Pandya. Concedes just one run. SL 311/5, trail by 128 runs

13:04 IST: India get the breakthrough, can they capitalise on it now? 

13:01 IST: Niroshan Dickwella comes into bat.

12:59 IST: OUT! Jadeja removes Karunaratne, the well-set batsman, for 141. Rahane takes the catch. SL are 310/5, trail by 129 runs.

12:53 IST: Just one run from Jadeja in the over. SL 307/4, trail by 132 runs

12:50 IST: Good over from young Pandya. Concedes just 1 run. SL 306/4, trail by 133 runs

12:46 IST: Hardik Pandya comes into the attack

12:45 IST: That's 3 runs from the over. SL are 305/4, trail by 134 runs. 

12:44 IST: Is that out? There was an appeal for LBW but no, the umpire didn't seem keen. Karunaratne bats on

12:41 IST: Jadeja has the ball

12:40 IST: And we're back. The players are on the field after lunch and the match is about to resume.

12:03 IST: Just 2 runs from Ashwin this over. SL are 302/4, trail by 137 runs. The lunch break commences. Stay tuned, we'll be back with more updates after lunch.

11:59 IST: Ashwin comes back into the attack

11:58 IST: Good bowling from Jadeja. Concedes just that one run. SL are 300/4, trail by 139 runs 

11:57 IST: SL are 300/4 for the first time in the series. Mathews brought it up with a single

11:55 IST: That's 5 runs off the over. Umesh doesn't seem that happy. SL are 299/4, trail by 140 runs 

11:50 IST: A maiden over from Jadeja as lunch is minutes away. 

11:46 IST: 2 runs off the over. SL 294/4, trail by 145 runs

11:42 IST: Good over for SL, gets 6 runs off Shami. They are 292/4, trail by 147 runs

11:41 IST: 50-run partnership off 71 balls between Karunaratne and Mathews.

11:40 IST: Four!! Karunaratne to deep extra cover off a Shami delivery. 

11:36 IST: Is that a wicket?? No. There was an LBW appeal but India doesn't take a review. Yadav concedes 2 runs in the over. 

11:35 IST: Karunaratne and Mathews' partnership is currently 45 off 65 balls. 

11:33 IST: Good over. Shami concedes 2 runs. SL 284/4, trail by 155 runs

11:29 IST: Shami comes back into the attack. 

11:28 IST: Good over from Yadav, concedes just 1 run.

11:24 IST: Umesh Yadav comes back into the attack

11:23 IST: 2 runs off the over. Good bowling from Jadeja. 

11:20 IST: Four leg byes from Ashwin! That was a poor delivery on the last ball of the over. SL 279/4

11:19 IST: Four! Karunaratne leans forward and hits it wide of mid-on as Ashwin stares. 

11:18 IST: The second new ball is available and India's taken it. Ashwin begins... 

11:16 IST: Six!! A brilliant maximum from Karunaratne off the next delivery

11:15 IST: Four! Karunaratne slams a boundary off Jadeja's first delivery of the over.

11:14 IST: Ashwin gives away 4 runs. SL 261/4

11:11 IST: Four! Mathews hits a boundary off the last ball of the over. Jadeja looks unhappy.

11:08 IST: Three runs from the Ashwin over. SL 252/4

11:04 IST: The drinks break is on now. 

11:00 IST: Good over from Jadeja. Gives away only one run. 

10:56 IST: Four! What a beautiful shot from Karunaratne. He takes the ball on the full and sweeps it in front of square on the on-side. 

10:55 IST: Angelo Mathews is the new batsman.  

10:52 IST: Wicket! Chandimal departs for 2. Caught by Rahane and bowled by Jadeja. SL are 241/4, trail by 198 runs

10:48 IST: Dinesh Chandimal comes in. 

10:45 IST: Wicket!!! Pushpakumara bowled by Ashwin!! He departs for 16. SL are 238/3, trail by 201 runs

10:44 IST: Good over from Jadeja. Gives away only 1 run. SL are 237/2, trail by 202 runs

10:40 IST: Ashwin shouts again for catch at leg slip. No real conviction and Pushpakumara stays. 

10:39 IST: There was an appeal but the umpire says no. India is not reviewing. 

10:36 IST: Boundary!! That's a beautiful four from Pushpakumara. He sweeps it behind square on the on-side. Jadeja looks on. 

10:32 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin comes back into the attack.  

10:29 IST: A boundary off a Shami delivery and that brings up Karunaratne's sixth Test century!! The batsman gets a huge round of applause. 

10:22 IST: There was a chance for Karunaratne's wicket off a Jadeja delivery but Rahul dropped the ball. Will it be a costly miss?  

10:19 IST: Karunaratne is inching closer to his sixth Test ton, on 95 now. 

10:16 IST: Four! Pushpakumara hits two consecutive boundaries! Great way to end the over

10:15 IST: Four! Pushpakumara hits the first boundary of the day off a Jadeja delivery. The ball went through the gap between Ajinkya Rahane at slip and Virat Kohli at gully.  

10:10 IST: Karunaratne take a single off a Shami delivery. The first run of the day so far. 

10:08 IST: A maiden over from Jadeja. 2 maiden overs so far...

10:06 IST: Ravindra Jadeja is back into the attack

10:04 IST: That was a good over from Shami. A maiden one to start the proceedings on Day 4. 

10:02 IST: And the first ball is bowled on Day 4. Shami begins from round the wicket. No run 

10:00 IST: Dimuth Karunaratne is batting on 92. Will he get his 6th Test century? Malinda Pushpakumara is on 2. Shami has the ball. 20 overs to go for the new ball. 

9:58 IST: The players are on the field and we are getting ready for play. Will India get quick wickets?

9:31 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of Day 4 of the Colombo Test. 

The Colombo-born Karunaratne remained patient during his 200-ball knock so far as he played out the remaining few overs with debutant Pushpakumara in a tense finish to the day.

But it was the first session that hit the hosts hard as they lost eight of their remaining wickets and conceded a 439-run lead in response to India's formidable 622-9 declared.

The Dinesh Chandimal-led Sri Lanka need at least a draw to stay alive in the series

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