IPL Highlights, RCB vs SRH: AB de Villiers, Moeen Ali Star As RCB Beat SRH

Updated: 18 May 2018 00:18 IST

IPL Royal Challengers Bangalore vs SunRisers Hyderabad Highlights: RCB pulled off a thriller at M Chinnaswamy to stay alive in the tournament

IPL Highlights, RCB vs SRH: AB de Villiers, Moeen Ali Star As RCB Beat SRH
RCB vs SRH highlights: The match was played at the Chinnaswamy Stadium © BCCI

AB de Villiers and Moeen Ali struck magnificent half-centuries as Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) held their nerves under pressure to beat table-toppers SunRisers Hyderabad (SRH) by 14 runs in a must-win match and stay afloat in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 on Thursday night. Asked to bat, RCB posted a mammoth 218 for six before surviving a scare from SunRisers skipper Kane Williamson (81 off 42) and Manish Pandey (62 off 38) to restrict the visitors to 204 for three. De Villiers (69 off 39) and Ali (65 off 34) overcame a bad start to stitch 107 runs off just 57 balls for the third wicket to not only set the platform for RCB's total but also keep their team in contention.

Earlier, AB de Villiers and Moeen Ali smashed quickfire half-centuries to propel Royal Challengers Bangalore to an imposing 218 for six. Sent into bat, De Villiers (69 off 39) and Ali (65 off 34) overcame a bad start to stitch 107 runs off just 57 balls for the third wicket to set the platform for RCB's total. Afghanistan's leg-spinner Rashid Khan once again shone bright with the ball for Sunrisers with figures of 3/27 from his four over. But SunRisers were off to a great start as they reduced RCB to 38 for two inside five overs after opting to field. (Scorecard)

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De Villiers brought up his fifty off 32 balls with two consecutive boundaries off Kaul (2/44) in the 12th over and then Ali followed suit notching up his maiden IPL half-century with a four of Thampi in the next over. The duo went hammer and tongs as an otherwise tidy SunRisers bowling attack looked clueless in front of the onslaught.

De Villiers perished in search of a big shot caught by Shikhar Dhawan at deep square leg while Ali reverse-paddled a delivery to Sreevats Goswami behind the stumps a ball later. While De Villiers struck as many as 12 fours and one six, Ali's innings was laced with two boundaries and six hits over the fence. Thereafter, Colin de Grandhomme used his brute power to score 40 runs off just 17 balls while Sarfaraz Khan remained unbeaten on 22 off 8 balls to provide the late impetus to RCB's innings. 

It turned out to be a forgettable day for Thampi as he conceded the most runs by a bowler in an innings in the history of IPL. He leaked 70 runs from his dour overs.

IPL 2018 highlights of Royal Challengers Bangalore vs SunRisers Hyderabad match straight from M Chinnaswamy Stadium

23:40 IST: Thank you for joining us for the live blog.

23:37 IST: Single on the last ball. Royal Challengers Bangalore Beat SunRisers Hyderabad by 14 runs in a thrilled.

23:36 IST: Virat Kohli drops Deepak Hooda at long-off for a duck. SRH need 18 off 2.

23:34 IST: Three dot balls in a row from Siraj. It seems RCB have won the match as SRH need 19 in 3 balls.

23:32 IST: OUT! Siraj gets the danger man on the very first ball of the 20th. Williamson shuffles and hits the ball towards fine-leg for a maximum but de Grandhomme at the boundary takes a good catch. SRH need 20 off 5 balls.

23:31 IST: SunRisers Hyderabad need 20 off the last over.

23:30 IST: Four! Southee bowls wide of off and Manish crashes the ball through the off-side for a powerful boundary.

23:27 IST: Four! Full and wide from Southee, Manish Pandey slams the ball straight down the ground. De Grandhomme is just a tad bit late in going down and the ball goes through his hands. 50 comes up for Manish Pandey.

23:26 IST: Southee starts off the 18th over with a wide.

23:24 IST: SunRisers Hyderabad 184/2 in 18 overs, need 35 more runs to win.

23:21 IST: Four! Length from Siraj and Manish Pandey guides the ball over the short third for a boundary. 10 runs in 2 balls.

23:20 IST: SIX! Manish Pandey goes across the stumps and fires Siraj in the stands for a flat maximum. Skillful from Manish.

23:18 IST: Tim Southee concedes only six runs off the 17th. Just the over RCB needed. SRH need 49 more runs in 18 balls.

23:12 IST: Strategic timeout -- SunRisers Hyderabad 164/2, need 55 runs in 24 balls.

23:11 IST: 100-run partnership comes up between Kane Williamson and Manish Pandey.

23:09 IST: Four! Chahal drags the ball short and Manish Pandey puts the ball away behind square.

23:07 IST: 22 runs from the 15th over. SunRisers Hyderabad 151/2.

23:06 IST: Six! Manish Pandey gets the ball right in his slot and Grandhomme goes over the rope for a towering maximum. Pandey is changing his gears now.

23:05 IST: Four! De Grandhomme goes down the leg side and Manish Pandey flicks him with immense power for a one-bounce four on the leg side.

23:04 IST: Four! Bouncer from de Grandhomme, Manish Pandey stands tall and pulls it towards the cow corner region. Virat Kohli dives to his left to cut the ball but a fumble while collecting made the ball roll away to the boundary. Kohli has a nice little wary smile on his face and the game goes on.

23:02 IST: Six! Short delivery from Umesh Yadav, Williamson rocks back and deposits the ball rows back in the crowd. Captain Kane is playing a wonder knock here!

23:01 IST: Four! Short and wide from Umesh and Williamson carves the ball past the point for a boundary. Impeccable timing and placement.

22:59 IST: Six! Slower delivery from De Grandhomme and Williamson, down on on knee, slog sweeps the ball with all the power for the ball to sail over the boundary ropes.

22:57 IST: Kane Williamson, 50 off 28 balls, scores his 11th IPL fifty.

22:55 IST: Four - Six! Siraj bowls fractionally short outside off and Williamson stays low and pulls it flat to deep mid-wicket. Magnificent hitting. Slower delivery from Siraj, Williamson waits and steers the ball to deep backward point for four.

22:47 IST: SunRisers Hyderabad 91/2 in 10 overs.

22:46 IST: In picture | AB de Villiers' Superman catch.

22:45 IST: Six! Ali tosses the ball up right in Williamson's slot and he clubs the ball for a maximum. the SRH captain has changed gears now.

22:43 IST: Four! Back-to-back! Moeen Ali bowls short and Williamson, rocks back and pulls the ball with great power for a boundary. He follows it up with a magnificent flick that bisects the sweeper cover and the long-on fielder perfectly for a boundary.

22:42 IST: Four! Kane Williamson is not the departures affect him. He slams consecutive boundaries off Southee to keep the scoreboard ticking. First on the on-side and the second on the off-side over the covers.

22:38 IST: OUT! Absolutely stunning from ABD!! Hales dances down the wicket and clubs Moeen Ali for a maximum in the deep but De Villiers was there to spoil the party. ABD times his jump to perfection and snatches the ball out of thin air to send the M Chinnaswamy in a frenzy. ABD is pumped up, Kohli is pumped up. RCB are over the moon at the moment. An absolute screamer!

22:31 IST: Strategic timeout -- SunRisers Hyderabad 60/1 in 7 overs, need 159 more runs to win.

22:27 IST: End of the powerplay -- SunRisers Hyderabad 56/1 in 6 overs.

22:26 IST: Four! Chahal strays on the leg-side and Hales gets just enough bat on the ball for it to roll away to the boundary.

22:25 IST: Four! Kane Williamson gets off the mark with a glorious boundary through the on-side.

22:22 IST: OUT! Shikhar Dhawan comes down the track and sends the ball back to Chahal, who takes an easy catch. Dhawan was looking to go over the bowler's head but changed his mind at the last moment, costing him his wicket. SunRisers Hyderabad 47/1 in 5.1 overs.

22:21 IST: Six! Hales crashes the back of a length delivery from Siraj for a maximum. The ball had enough bat on it to cross the rope.

22:17 IST: Yuvzendra Chahal concedes just four runs in his first over.

22:14 IST: SunRisers Hyderabad 28/3 after three overs.

22:10 IST: Safe! Short delivery from Umesh Yadav, Hales pulls the ball flat and hard only for Southee to come running in and take a fantastic low catch. But on referral the third umpire rules it not out. RCB are in utter shock.

22:08 IST: Six! Umesh goes full yet again and Hales flicks him over the deep square for a maximum. Hales is upping the ante slowly but steadily.

22:07 IST: Four! Umesh goes full and Hales flicks him past the man at mid-on for a boundary. The man dived but a nasty bounce let the ball go through him.

22:06 IST: Six! Pitched up delivery from Southee and Alex Hales gets his first maximum of the night.

22:04 IST: Six! Welcome to the crease, Tim Southee. Shikhar Dhawan goes through with the shot as the ball flies down the ground for a maximum. Poor delivery from Southee to start with.

22:02 IST: SunRisers Hyderabad 3/0 after the first over.

22:01 IST: Dhawan is off the mark with a single down the ground.

21:59 IST: Umesh Yadav opening the bowling for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

21:58 IST: Welcome back to the chase. Shikhar Dhawan and Alex Hales are opening the batting for SunRisers Hyderabad.

21:44 IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore 218/6 in 20 overs vs SunRisers Hyderabad.

21:40 IST: OUT! Absolutely terrific from Rashid Khan at the boundary. Short delivery from Kaul was pummeled for a flat six but Rashid sticks his hand out and clings onto the ball. Colin de Grandhomme departs for a quickfire 40 off 17 balls.

21:37 IST: Basil Thampi finishes the match with figures of 0/70 in 4 overs. Thampi now has the most expensive figures this IPL.

21:35 IST: Four and SIX! Full delivery and Sarfaraz carves the ball away for a boundary. He follows it up with a maximum off a scoop. It is not Thampi's day, today.

21:33 IST: Six! Short, wide and slower delivery, Colin de Grandhomme waits and slaps the ball over the infield for a maximum. Basil Thampi has to get his head around the game and bowl what his captain wants him to.

21:32 IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore 189/5 in 18 overs.

21:30 IST: Four! Slower delivery from Kaul, Sarfaraz Khan waits and guides the ball past the fielder at point for a boundary. Basil Thampi was sloppy in stopping the ball their. Williamson is not at all impressed.

21:29 IST: Six! De Grandhomme swings the bat with huge force, Rashid Khan at the boundary tried catching the ball but misjudged his footing as the ball sailed above him.

21:27 IST: OUT! Siddarth Kaul gets his first wicket. Mandeep Singh looking to go for a big one, miscues and sends the ball high up in the air. Dhawan at long-off takes a comfortable catch.

21:26 IST: Six! Colin de Grandhomme slams the wide delivery for a maximum over the cover for a six. The runs are still flowing for the home team. Royal Challengers Bangalore 176/4 in 17 overs.

21:20 IST: Six! Fuller delivery from Basil Thampi, right in Colin de Grandhomme's arc as he dispatches the ball straight down the ground for a maximum. Kane Williamson is not happy.

21:17 IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore 149/4 in 15 overs.

21:13 IST: OUT! Rahid Khan gets two in the over, this time Moeen Ali departs. Sreevats Goswami takes a good catch as Ali attempts a reverse sweeps and the ball brushes his bat before going in the gloves of the keeper.

21:11 IST: OUT! Kane Williamson brings back Rashid Khan to get a wicket and he gets one. De Villiers slogs Rashid, miscues and doesn't get the elevation. Dhawan at the boundary times his jump and takes a calculated catch to send the danger back in the hut. Rahid has silenced the Chinnaswamy.

21:07 IST: Sandeep Sharma deceives Moeen Ali with a slower delivery outside off, but he goes forward with the shot and Dhawan watches the ball fly over his head at long-on

21:05 IST: Sandeep Sharma bowls a slower delivery outside off, de Viliers reaches out for the ball and slams it over backward point for a boundary.

21:02 IST: SIX! This one is monstrous! AB de Villiers shuffles and absolutely smokes the full toss from Basil Thampi for a humongous six - The ball goes flying outside the stadium - 105 metres!

20:59 IST: Four- Fifty! Low full toss outside off from Thampi and Moeen Ali slices the ball for a boundary. He also bring sup his maiden IPL fifty.

20:57 IST: Six! Short from Siddarth Kaul and Moeen Ali pulls it flat for a maximum. Cracker of a shot that was.

20:55 IST: Four - Fifty! Short delivery from Siddarth and De Villiers pulls him for a one-bounce boundary. He also scores his 27th IPL fifty.

20:54 IST: Four! Short and wide from Siddarth Kaul, De Villiers gets on top of the ball very nicely and cuts the ball with sheer power. The fielder in the deep is just a mere spectator.

20:52 IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore 94/2 after 11 overs.

20:50 IST: Six! Moeen Ali reads the googly well from Rashid Khan and lifts him straight over the man at long-off for  maximum.

20:49 IST: Six! Moeen Ali gets a reprieve. He hits the ball straight to Shikhar Dhawan at long-on, who collects the catch but oversteps.

20:42 IST: Strategic timeout -- Royal Challengers Bangalore 73/2 in 9 overs

20:38 IST: Four! Basil Thampi is not learning as he bowls a short delivery to De Villiers, who stands tall and pulls the ball with authority for a boundary. The ball rocketed away to the ropes.

20:37 IST: In Picture | Virat Kohli's dismissal.

20:36 IST: Six! Basil follows it up with a short delivery and Ali clobbers it for a flat maximum. The bat makes a sweet noise on connection with the ball.

20:35 IST: Six! Moeen Ali gets in the thick of things. Basil Thampi, the new bowler, starts off with a full delivery, Ali frees his arm as he lifts him over cow corner for a crisp maximum.

20:32 IST: Four! Fuller quicker delivery from Rashid Khan and De Villiers reverse sweeps him for a boundary. This man is pure genius. Rashid Khan has a look of disbelief on his face as the ball races away to the boundary.

20:30 IST: End of the powerplay -- Royal Challengers Bangalore 44/2

20:26 IST: Four! Siddarth Kaul gets welcomed in the attack with a boundary. De Villiers picks up the fuller delivery early, gets into position early and lifts him over long-on for a one-bounce four.

20:22 IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore 39/2 after 5 overs.

20:20 IST: OUT! Rashid Khan gets the breakthrough. Looking to go for the heave, misses and the stumps are all over the place. Kohli doesn't pick the googly from Rashid Khan, which is bowled on a fuller length. The ball pitched and spun a long way back in. SRH are elated.

20:19 IST: Four! Short delivery from Rashid and Kohli pulls the ball on the backfoot for a boundary. The man at the sweeper cover chases but to no effect.

20:16 IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore 34/1 after 4 overs.

20:14 IST: Four! De Villiers takes on Shakib yet again. Down on one knee, sweeps Shakib for a one-bounce boundary towards the deep cover region.

20:11 IST: Four! Full from Sandeep Sharma and de Villiers clubs the shot on the up straight down the ground for yet another boundary. Immaculate timing.

20:10 IST: Four! Sandeep Sharma bowls short of length outside off, de Villiers rocks back and punches the drive off the backfoot through backward square leg.

20:08 IST: Four - Four! AB de Villiers, the new man in, doesn't waste any time. Shakib bowls wide of off stump with a bit of width and bounce and de Villiers lifts him over the covers twice to collect consecutive boundaries. RCB fans will not expect any less of ABD.

20:05 IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore 6/1 after the first over.

20:04 IST: OUT! Short delivery from Sandeep Sharma, Parthiv shuffles and was looking to go across the line, edges the ball high up in the air. Siddharth Kaul at third-man runs in and takes a low one-handed catch. Deepak Hooda would be relieved as his drop didn't cost much.

20:02 IST: Four! Sandeep Sharma bowls full and Virat Kohli leans forward and drives the ball past the bowler for a beautiful straight drive. Kohli gets off the mark with a boundary.

20:00 IST: First ball -- DROPPED! Full delivery from Sandeep Sharma outside of off, Parthiv Patel plays for the drive and sends the ball to Deepak Hooda who was at cover point. Deepak Hooda did well to bend down but could not complete the catch. Parthiv dropped on a duck.

19:59 IST: Sandeep Sharma opening the bowling for SunRisers Hyderabad

19:58 IST: Alright, it is game time. Virat Kohli and Parthiv Patel opening the batting for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

19:45 IST: Playing XI for both the teams --

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Virat Kohli (c), Parthiv Patel (w/k), Moeen Ali, AB de Villiers, Mandeep Singh, Sarfaraz Khan, Colin de Grandhomme, Tim Southee, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal

SunRisers Hyderabad: Shikhar Dhawan, Alex Hales, Kane Williamson (c), Manish Pandey, Deepak Hooda, Shakib Al Hasan, Shreevats Goswami (w/k), Rashid Khan, Siddarth Kaul, Sandeep Sharma, Basil Thampi

19:35 IST: Virat Kohli -- We wanted to bowl but SRH are not a bad side to bat first against SRH, who bank on their bowling. Would be nice to test their batting with a score on board. We can play with freedom. We are going to do well whatever we are doing first. It's my 163rd IPL game, so not my first. We have been through these times before, so the key is to enjoy. There's no reason to think too much now because we have two (consecutive) wins. Another day in life, so just enjoy. We have won two games, so we are playing with the same side. We'll try and replicate the same tonight.

19:32 IST: Kane Williamson -- We are gonna bowl. Hard to know how the surface will play, so we'll try and make use of it first with the ball in hand. Hopefully we can restrict them. We have one change: Basil Thampi comes in for Bhuvneshwar. Great opportunity for Basil tonight. Hopefully we can adapt to conditions.

19:30 IST: SunRisers Hyderabad captain Kane Williamson wins toss, elects to bowl vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

19:15 IST: We are few minutes away from the toss, stay tuned.

19:00 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore vs SunRisers Hyderabad from M Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Apart from Dhawan and Williamson, Yusuf Pathan (186), Manish Pandey (189) and Shakib-Al-Hasan (166) have also chipped in at crunch situations for SRH. But what has been truly outstanding for SRH is their diverse bowling attack. The bowlers, led by India pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar (8), have been terrific. Bhuvneshwar has been backed up superbly by Siddharth Kaul (13 wickets), Sandeep Sharma (8), leg-spinner Rashid Khan (13) and Shakib-Al-Hasan (12).

The Teams (From):

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Virat Kohli (captain), Quinton de Kock(w), Brendon McCullum, AB de Villiers, Sarfaraz Khan, Mandeep Singh, Chris Woakes, Washington Sundar, Kulwant Khejroliya, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Colin de Grandhomme, Moeen Ali, Manan Vohra, Aniket Choudhary, Navdeep Saini, Murugan Ashwin, Pawan Negi, Mohammed Siraj, Corey Anderson, Parthiv Patel, Aniruddha Joshi, Pavan Deshpande, Tim Southee.

SunRisers Hyderabad: Kane Williamson (C ), Shikhar Dhawan, Manish Pandey, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Wriddhiman Saha, Siddharth Kaul, Deepak Hooda, Khaleel Ahmed, Sandeep Sharma, Yusuf Pathan, Shreevats Goswami, Ricky Bhui, Basil Thampi, T Natarajan, Sachin Baby, Bipul Sharma, Mehdi Hasan, Tanmay Agarwal, Alex Hales, Carlos Brathwaite, Rashid Khan, Shakib Al Hasan, Mohammad Nabi and Chris Jordan.

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