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World T20, 2016 Stats

Lowest Margin of victory (wickets) in T20

1Oman OMAIreland IREMar 09, 2016Oman beat Ireland by 2 wickets2 wickets154
2England ENGSouth Africa SAMar 18, 2016England beat South Africa by 2 wickets2 wickets229
3Australia AUSBangladesh BANMar 21, 2016Australia beat Bangladesh by 3 wickets3 wickets156
4West Indies WISouth Africa SAMar 25, 2016West Indies beat South Africa by 3 wickets3 wickets122
5West Indies WIEngland ENGApr 03, 2016West Indies beat England by 4 wickets4 wickets155
6Afghanistan AFGHong Kong HKMar 10, 2016Afghanistan beat Hong Kong by 6 wickets6 wickets116
7West Indies WIEngland ENGMar 16, 2016West Indies beat England by 6 wickets6 wickets182
8Sri Lanka SLAfghanistan AFGMar 17, 2016Sri Lanka beat Afghanistan by 6 wickets6 wickets153
9India INDPakistan PAKMar 19, 2016India beat Pakistan by 6 wickets6 wickets118
10India INDAustralia AUSMar 27, 2016India beat Australia by 6 wickets6 wickets160
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