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India vs England Highlights, 5th Test Day 3: Alastair Cook, Joe Root Take England's Lead To 154 At Stumps On Day 3

Updated: 09 September 2018 23:24 IST

Highlights India vs England: Alastair Cook (46*) and Joe Root (29*) remained unbeaten as England extended their lead to 154 runs at stumps on Day 3.

India vs England Highlights, 5th Test Day 3: Alastair Cook, Joe Root Take Englands Lead To 154 At Stumps On Day 3
India vs England Highlights: Opener Alastair Cook remained unbeaten on 46. © AFP

Opener Alastair Cook (46*) and captain Joe Root (29*) remained unbeaten as England were on 114/2, extending their lead to 154 at stumps on Day 3 of the fifth and final Test at The Oval. England captain Root was in his elements as he played some beautiful shots to keep the scoreboard ticking. Indian bowlers Ravindra Jadeja (1/36) and Mohammed Shami (1/32) were the only ones to take one wicket apiece as Cook and Root held the English fort. While Jadeja dismissed Moeen Ali (20), Shami castled Keaton Jennings (10) to send him packing. Earlier in the day, Jadeja (86) frustrated the English bowlers to score his second-highest Test run as he reduced India's deficit to 40 runs before the visitors were bowled out for 292 in their first innings. Debutant Hanuma Vihari (56), along with Jadeja, forged an all-important 77-run partnership to deny the English bowlers early wickets. James Anderson, Ben Stokes and Moeen Ali picked two wickets each for England in the first innings. Cook, who is playing his last Test and scored 71 in the first innings, will aim to gift himself a century and his team a victory in his farewell game. (SCORECARD)

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Highlights between India vs England, 5th Test, Day 3, straight from The Oval, London

23:10 IST: Thank you for joining us for the live blog. Do tune us back for the fourth day of the final Test.

23:05 IST: STUMPS Day 3-- England 114/2 (Cook 46*, Root 29*; Jadeja 1/36, Shami 1/32) lead India (292) by 154 runs.

22:55 IST: FOUR BYES!! Bumrah hits a rough patch as the ball goes wide in between the keeper and first slip to reach the boundary ropes. Pant dives but fails to collect it. This boundary also extends England's lead to 152.

22:52 IST: England are nearing to a healthy 150-run lead against India. Root and Cook and looking very comfortable out in the middle. India will be needing a moment of inspiration to break the 50-run partnership between the two.

22:46 IST: FOUR!! Bumrah strays on the pads and Root clips it to deep square leg for a boundary. The ball raced away to the ropes. That was poor delivery from the Indian pacer.

22:38 IST: FOUR!! Shami bowls full and straight and Root places himself on top of the ball and plays an immaculate straight drive. 100 comes up for England. England's lead is now 140 runs.

22:37 IST: FOUR!! Root goes for the drive, but edges the ball past the fielder at slips to collect a boundary. Lucky for Root.

22:28 IST: Mohammed Shami replaces Ravindra Jadeja in the bowling attack. Cook welcomes him a with a flikc on the leg side for a run.

22:18 IST: 11 overs of play left. Alastair Cook and Joe Root are negotiating the deliveries carefully. They will be hoping to not lose anymore wicket before the day's end. India, on the other hand, will aim to get a wicket or two and limit England's lead.

22:06 IST: Root is off to a flier as he scores eight runs off the Jadeja over. England 72/2, lead India by 112 runs.

22:04 IST: FOUR!! Jadeja bowls the same delivery and gets the same result. Joe Root scores the second boundary of the over. KL Rahul chases but the ball wins the race.

22:03 IST: FOUR!! Jadeja bowls short and wide and gets punished immediately. Joe Root, the new man in, makes room for himself and cuts it powerfully for a boundary.

21:55 IST: OUT! Ravindra Jadeja cleans up Moeen Ali with a cracker of a delivery. Goes straight between bat and pad. Jadeja finally hits the rough. That spun back a long way into the left-hander. Moeen Ali walks back after scoring 20 runs. ENG 62-2 after 27.4 overs.

21:53 IST: Alastair Cook pushes the ball through extra-cover region and collects three runs. England now have a 102-run lead in the second innings. ENG 62-1 after 27.1 overs.

21:36 IST: Dropped! KL Rahul drops an easy catch of  Moeen Ali (18) at second slip. The ball went straight through his hands. Came at him quicker than expected. Goes for the catch with a reverse cup but fails to hold on. Ali collects a boundary as well. ENG 55-1 after 24.2 overs.

21:34 IST: 50 comes up for England in the second innings! Both Alastair Cook (22) and Moeen Ali (13) have been very cautious after the dismissal of Keaton Jennings. England now lead India by 90 runs in the second innings. ENG 50-1 after 23.4 overs.

21:22 IST: FOUR! Beautifully driven straight down the ground from Alastair Cook. Full length delivery from Mohammed Shami and Cook hits it straight past Shami to collect a boundary. ENG 48-1 after 21 overs.

21:17 IST: England slowly but steadily moving forward in their second innings. After 20 overs England have 38 runs on the board for the loss of one wicket. Cook is batting on 16 alongside Moeen Ali on 8 runs. 

21:15 IST: Bowling change for India! Ravindra Jadeja comes back into the attack replacing Jasprit Bumrah. 

21:01 IST: Maiden! Tight start from Jasprit Bumrah. All six balls were right on the money. Mohammed Shami will continue from the other end. ENG 32-1 after 16 overs.

20:56 IST: Bowling change for India! Jasprit Bumrah replaces Ravindra Jadeja. 

20:49 IST: FOUR! Moeen Ali gets his first boundary in the second innings. Sweeps Ravindra Jadeja in front of square on the on-side to collect four runs. ENG 32-1 after 13.2 overs.

20:44 IST: OUT! Mohammed Shami draws first blood. Cleans up Keaton Jennings for 10 runs. Big in-swinger from Mohammed Shami clips the top of the off-stump. Mis-judgement from Jennings ends his stay at the crease. ENG 27-1 after 12.4 overs.

20:42 IST: Another review from India! Original decision is not out. The decision stays. India have now lost both their reviews. Jadeja traps Cook on the crease. But yet again, the impact was outside the line of the off-stump. Alastair Cook survives. ENG 27-0 after 12 overs.

20:32 IST: Review from India! Ravindra Jadeja looks confident on that one. Original decision from umpire Kumar Dharmasena is not out. And the decision stays. Replay clearly shows that the impact was outside the line of the off-stump. Jennings survives. ENG 20-0 after 9.2 overs.

20:31 IST: Openers Alastair Cook and Keaton Jennings are back at the centre for England for the final session on Day 3. Ravindra Jadeja will start the proceedings for India. 

Tea break - England 20 for no loss after 9 overs. Lead India by 60 runs in the second innings. 

20:12 IST: Alastair Cook defends the final ball of Mohammed Shami's over before tea with ease. Walks back to the dressing room unbeaten on 13 runs along Keaton Jennings(7). 

20:05 IST: Bowling change for India. Ravindra Jadeja replaces Ishant Sharma. 

20:04 IST: Beaten! Play and a miss from Alastair Cook. Shami angles the ball in from round the wicket and it moves away after pitching. Just misses the outside edge of Cook's bat. ENG 16-0 after 7 overs.

19:55 IST: FOUR! Alastair Cook in his final innings gets off the mark with a boundary. Bumrah drifts on to the pads and Cook clips it away to deep square-leg to collect four runs. ENG 6-0 after 4.5 overs.

19:51 IST: Maiden over from Ishant Sharma. India keeping it really tight at the moment. ENG 1-0 after 4 overs.

19:42 IST: Keaton Jennings gets off the mark in the second innings and so does England. Gets a single down on the leg side on the final ball of Ishant Sharma's first over. ENG 1-0 after 2 overs.

19:37 IST: Maiden! Tidy start from Jasprit Bumrah. Ishant Sharma will share the new ball with him from the other end. ENG 0-0 after 1 over.

19:33 IST: Openers Alastair Cook and Keaton Jennings are at the centre to start the second innings for England. Jasprit Bumrah bowl the first over with the new ball. 

Innings break - India 292 all-out. England are 40 runs ahead in the second innings. 

19:22 IST: OUT! Trying to sneak in a single on the final ball off Moeen Ali, Jadeja misjudges the run. Stuart Broad runs Bumrah out. Ravindra Jadeja remains unbeaten on 86 runs. 

19:19 IST: Excellent batting from Jasprit Bumrah. Survives the entire over from Stuart Broad. Receives a big applause from the crowd. IND 292-9 after 94 overs.

19:15 IST: Bowling change for England straightaway after drinks break! Stuart Broad replaces leggie Adil Rashid.

19:06 IST: Jasprit Bumrah plays the last ball of Adil Rashid's over safely and receives a huge applause from the crowd. Reads and blocks Rashid's googly with a straight bat. IND 292-9 after 92 overs.

19:00 IST: FOUR! Brilliant stuff this is from Ravindra Jadeja. Collects another boundary off James Anderson. Pulls him through mid wicket. Sam Curran fails to pull the ball inside the boundary. He has moved into the eighties now. IND 288-9 after 90.4 overs.

18:54 IST: FOUR! Ravindra Jadeja looking to score some quick runs here. Short ball from Stuart Broad and Jadeja hooks it to perfection. Collects a boundary. He has now moved on to 75 runs. IND 281-9 after 89.4 overs.

18:49 IST: SIX! Shot of the day from Ravindra Jadeja. Hits James Anderson straight down the ground for a six. Gorgeous shot from Jadeja and even Anderson cannot believe it. IND 274-9 after 88.4 overs.

18:43 IST: England have taken the new ball. Stuart Broad comes back on the attack.

18:40 IST: FOUR! Ravindra Jadeja was looking for a single on the final ball of Anderson's over but the ball goes between first and third slip for a boundary. IND 268-9 after 87 overs.

18:35 IST: Bowling change for England! James Anderson replaces Moeen Ali.

18:32 IST: OUT! Tail-enders falling like a pack of cards for India. Mohammed Shami goes for a hoick but Stuart Broad takes a sharp catch at long-on. Adil Rashid gets his first wicket. IND 260-9 after 85.5 overs.

18:29 IST: Four and 50 up for Ravindra Jadeja! Scores his 9th fifty in Test cricket. Cuts Moeen Ali through point to collect a boundary. What a great comeback from the southpaw. IND 254-8 after 85 overs.

18:26 IST: 250 up for India! Ravindra Jadeja fighting a lone battle at the moment. He is batting on 47 along with Mohammed Shami. India still trail by 82 runs in the first innings. IND 250-8 after 83.5 overs.

18:21 IST: OUT! Moeen Ali strikes early after lunch. Gets his second wicket. Ishant Sharma walks back after scoring 4 runs. Hands a simple catch to Jonny Bairstow behind the stumps. IND 249-8 after 82.5 overs.

18:12 IST: Ishant Sharma takes a leg bye on the last ball of Adil Rashid's first over after lunch. Moeen Ali will share the ball with him from the other end. England continuing with the old ball. IND 241-7 after 80 overs.

18:09 IST: Ravindra Jadeja and Ishant Sharma are back at the centre after lunch. Adil Rashid will start the second session for England.

Lunch Break - India 240 for the loss of 7 wickets. Trail England by 92 runs in the first innings. 

17:31 IST: Ishant Sharma takes a single on the final ball of Moeen Ali's over before lunch. Ravindra Jadeja remains unbeaten on 41 runs alongside Ishant Sharma on 1 run. 

17:19 IST: OUT! Review from Hanuma Vihari! Original decision is out. The decision stays. Moeen Ali finally gets the crucial breakthrough for England. Vihari departs after scoring 56 runs. IND 237-7 after 76.4 overs.

17:12 IST: Bowling change for England! Sam Curran comes in to replace Moeen Ali. 

17:06 IST: FOUR! Boundary to finish Moeen Ali's over. Hanuma Vihari sweeps Ali through the vacant mid-wicket region to collect four runs. Vihari is looking confident now against the England bowlers, especially against the spinners. IND 230-6 after 74 overs.

16:54 IST: Review from England for caught behind! Ben Stokes looks confident on that one. Original decision is not out. Kumar Dharmasena is spot on. The was no bat involved as the ball passed Ravindra Jadeja bat. England lose their review. IND 220-6 after 71 overs.

16:52 IST: 50 for Hanuma Vihari on debut! What a knock this has been from the all-rounder. Along with Ravindra Jadeja, he has batted beautifully in the morning session on Day 3. IND 220-6 after 70.2 overs.

16:45 IST: FOUR! Full and wide from Ben Stokes and Hanuma Vihari punches the ball through the covers for a boundary. Vihari has played brilliantly since the morning. IND 215-6 after 68.3 overs.

16:40 IST: 50-run partnership comes up between Hanuma Vihari and Ravindra Jadeja. Both have batted beautifully against the England bowlers in the morning session. With a couple of runs, Vihari has also moved into the forties. IND 210-6 after 68 overs.

16:31 IST: Drinks break - After one hour of play on day 3, Hanuma Vihari and Ravindra Jadeja have hung on for India. Both have fought brilliantly against the pace duo of Broad and Anderson. IND 207-6 after 66 overs.

16:21 IST: Bowling change for England! Adil Rashid comes in to replace Stuart Broad.

16:16 IST: Four and 200 comes up for India! Both Hanuma Vihari and Ravindra Jadeja battling hard against the England pacers. The partnership between the two has moved on to 40 runs. India still trail by 132 runs in the first innings. IND 200-6 after 62.2 overs.

16:09 IST: FOUR! Terrific shot. Full and wide from Stuart Broad and Hanuma Vihari wasted no time on that one. Drives the ball through extra-covers to collect a boundary. 190-6 after 61.1 overs.

15:56 IST: Tight over from Stuart Broad comes to an end. Just 1 run from it. England pacers are working on the fourth stump line at the moment. Trying to get the outside edge. Both Vihari and Jadeja have been very cautious against them so far. IND 185-6 after 58 overs.

15:48 IST: FOUR! First boundary of the morning for India. Stuart Broad drifts on to the pads and Jadeja times the ball beautifully to collect four runs. Broad's third over ends with a boundary. IND 183-6 after 56 overs.

15:37 IST: Maiden! James Anderson starts with a teasing line just outside the off stump. All six deliveries went away from right-hander Hanuma Vihari. IND 177-6 after 53 overs.

15:33 IST: Three runs from Stuart Broad's first over of the morning. James Anderson will share the ball with him from the other end. IND 177-6 after 52 overs.

15:30 IST: First run on the board for India on Day 3. Broad drifts on to the pads and Hanuma Vihari clips the ball to fine leg for a single. IND 175-6 after 51.2 overs.

15:28 IST: Hanuma Vihari and Ravindra Jadeja are at the centre to start Day 3 for India. Stuart Broad will bowl the first over of the morning for England. 

14:30 IST: Hello and welcome to the live match updates of Day 3 of the 5th and final Test between India and England.

Buttler and Stuart Broad (38) frustrated India with a ninth-wicket stand of 98 as, yet again this series, England bounced back with the bat after a top-order collapse. This was the fourth time in five innings that Buttler, recalled to Test duty earlier this season by new national selector Ed Smith, had been England's top scorer. Alastair Cook, in his final Test appearance before international retirement, made 71 on Friday. But his dismissal sparked a slump that saw England lose six wickets for 48 runs.

Buttler, who had been given out lbw to Mohammed Shami on eight on Friday only for a review to reveal an inside edge, was 11 not out overnight, with Adil Rashid unbeaten on four. Rashid was soon lbw for 15 to fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah on an overcast morning. Broad was then peppered with several short-pitched deliveries but hung in to play some good shots before Buttler went to fifty in 84 balls, with England scoring 106 runs in the morning session.

Broad eventually fell when a skyed drive off left-arm spinner Jadeja was well caught over his shoulder by a diving KL Rahul, running back from mid-on. Buttler, now with only last man Anderson for company, hit two sixes in three balls off Bumrah -- a drive over long-on and a hook over long leg. But looking for a single to keep the strike, he fell short of what would have been his second Test hundred when he guided Jadeja to Ajinkya Rahane at slip.

Jadeja, playing his first match of the series, after off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was ruled out through injury, finished with fine figures of four for 79 in 30 overs. Bumrah and Ishant Sharma took three apiece but fellow paceman Shami, who repeatedly beat the bat, was unlucky to bowl 30 wicketless overs. By contrast, Broad struck with his first ball Saturday to have Shikhar Dhawan lbw. 

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