India vs England, Highlights 2nd ODI: England Beat India By 86 Runs To Level Series 1-1

Updated: 15 July 2018 00:17 IST

Highlights, India vs England 2nd ODI: England beat India in the second ODI to level 3-match series 1-1.

India vs England, Highlights 2nd ODI: England Beat India By 86 Runs To Level Series 1-1
IND vs ENG: England outclassed India in the second ODI to level 3-match series 1-1 © AFP

Riding on Joe Root's century and Liam Plunkett's four-wicket haul, England outclassed India by 86 runs in the second ODI at Lord's on Saturday. With the win, England levelled the three-match series 1-1. A star-studded Indian batting line-up collapsed in front of England bowlers. Chasing a target of 323, India got bundled out for 236 in 50 overs. India got off to a decent start with Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma contributing 49 for the opening wicket. But after the first wicket of Rohit (15), Dhawan and KL Rahul (0) departed in quick succession. Virat Kohli (45) and Suresh Raina (46) stitched a crucial 80-run stand for the fifth wicket but got dismissed after settling in at crucial junctures. All-rounder Hardik Pandya also got out after scoring 21 runs. With the required run-rate regularly creeping up, it got very difficult for MS Dhoni (who reached 10,000 ODI run-mark) to take India over the line. For England, Liam Plunkett led the bowling charge by picking up four wickets. Spinners Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali too bowled brilliant economical spells creating pressure on the Indian batsmen. Adil clinched two wickets while Moeen Ali, David Willey and Mark Wood managed one wicket each. (Highlights: India vs England)

Highlights of India vs England 2nd ODI, straight from Lord's cricket ground, London.

23:30 IST: Thank you for joining us on our live coverage of the second ODI between England and India.

England beat India by 86 runs to level 3-match ODI series 1-1.

23:23 IST: It's all over! England have defeated India in the second ODI. 

23:07 IST: OUT! Another one bites the dust. Siddarth Kaul departs after scoring just 1 run. IND 217-9 after 46.4 overs. 

23:04 IST: OUT! Dhoni departs after scoring 37 runs. Caught in the deep by Ben Stokes. Eighth wicket is down for India. IND 215-8 after 46.1 overs. 

23:00 IST: With 108 required of the final 24 balls, even MS Dhoni will find it difficult from here.IND 215-7 after 46 overs. 

22:47 IST: 10,000 ODI runs for MS Dhoni. He becomes the fourth Indian to achieve the feat. IND 207-7 after 42.2 overs.

22:42 IST: 200 up for India! Single down the leg side from Dhoni and its 200 on the board for India after 41.3 overs. India need another 123 runs from 51 overs with 3 wickets remaining.

22:33 IST: OUT! Umesh Yadav walks back for a duck. Gets beaten in the air off Adil Rashid's bowling. Easy stumping for Buttler. IND 192-7 after 39.3 overs.

22:29 IST: OUT! Pandya perishes! Flick down the leg side but Jos Buttler takes another brilliant diving catch to send Pandya back on 21. Liam Plunkett takes his second wicket. IND 191-6 after 39 overs.

22:23 IST: India's struggle continues. Both Hardik and Dhoni are finding it difficult at the moment. IND 187-5 after 37 overs. Required run rate for India has now climbed up to 11.33.  India need another 136 runs from 13 overs with 5 wickets remaining.

22:14 IST: Review from England. Hardik tries reverse sweep but misses. Umpire rules not out but England players are not impressed. Review shows that there was gloves involved before ball struck Hardik's pads. Umpire decision stays. Pandya survives. IND 174-5 after 35 overs. 

22:11 IST: FOUR! First ball from Moeen Ali after drinks and Dhoni slogs it through deep mid-wicket for a boundary. IND 168-5 after 34.1 overs. 

22:05 IST: With two new batsmen (Dhoni and Hardik) at the centre India are struggling at the moment. Runs have dried up. Asking rate is over nine. IND 162-5 after 33 overs. India need another 161 runs from 17 overs with 5 wickets remaining.

21:57 IST: OUT! Suresh Raina loses his patience. Goes for a big heave, misses and gets clean bowled. Adil Rashid strikes. Raina departs after scoring 46 runs. IND 154-5 after 30.1 overs.

21:50 IST: 30 overs are up and India are struggling at the moment. With the chasemaster gone, Suresh Raina (44) now has the responsibility to take India through. He is batting alongside Dhoni (2). IND 148-4 after 30 overs. India need another 175 runs from 20 overs with 6 wickets remaining.

21:43 IST: OUT! Huge blow for India. Moeen Ali strikes GOLD as Virat Kohli is trapped in front of the stumps. Skipper walks back after scoring 45 runs. IND 140-4 after 27 overs.

21:37 IST: We are half way through and India have 132 runs on the board for the loss of 3 wickets. Virat Kohli (42) is at the centre along with Suresh Raina (33). India need another 191 runs from 25 overs with 7 wickets remaining. RRR is now 7.64.

21:32 IST: First ball of the match from Adil Rashid and Virat dispatches it for a boundary through covers. IND 123-3 after 23.1 overs.

21:31 IST: Another good over from Moeen Ali. His third over produces just 2 runs. England have been able to dry up the runs.IND 119-3 after 23 overs.

21:21 IST: 20 overs are gone and India have 109 on the board for the loss of 3 wickets. India need another 214 runs from 30 overs with 7 wickets remaining.

21:16 IST: Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina are just looking to rotate the strike at the moment. First over from Moeen Ali produces just 1 run. IND 105-3 after 19 overs.

21:10 IST: 100 up for India in 17.1 overs. Virat Kohli (25) is batting alongside Suresh Raina (18). India need another 223 runs from 32.5 overs with 7 wickets remaining.

20:57 IST: 15 overs are up! India have 87 runs on the board for the loss of 3 wickets. Virat Kohli (19) is batting along with Suresh Raina (12). India need another 236 runs from 35 overs with 7 wickets remaining.

20:51 IST: FOUR! Picture perfect from Virat Kohli. Terrific cover drive from Virat off Ben Stokes. IND 79-3 after 13.3 overs.

20:49 IST: FOUR! First ball boundary for Ben Stokes. Down the leg side and that was sweet timing from Suresh Raina. IND 74-3 after 13.1 overs.

20:37 IST: OUT! Great catch from Jos Buttler. Inside edge from KL Rahul and it was epic from the England wicket-keeper. Rahul departs for a duck. Plunkett gets his first wicket. India losing wickets in quick succession. IND 60-3 after 10.5 overs.

20:35 IST: OUT! Shikhar Dhawan has fallen! It was wide from David Willey. Dhawan goes after it but puts the ball straight into the hands of Ben Stokes at back-ward point. After 10 overs India have 57 runs on the board for the loss of 2 wickets. India need another 266 runs from 40 overs with 8 wickets remaining.

20:24 IST: OUT! Slower ball from Mark Wood and it was a wild heave from Rohit Sharma. He misses and England get their first wicket. Rohit walks back after scoring 15 runs. IND 49-1 after 8.2 overs.

20:16 IST: FOUR! Short ball from Mark Wood and Dhawan pulls the ball with brilliant timing towards square leg for a boundary. IND 38-0 after 6.2 overs.

20:12 IST: FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan is timing the ball to perfection. Punch of the back-foot and the ball races to the cover boundary. IND 33-0 after 5.3 overs.

20:10 IST: Couple of boundaries to end the fifth over from Mark Wood. IND 28-0 after 5 overs. India need another 295 runs from 45 overs with 10 wickets remaining.

19:54 IST: FOUR! Little bit of room David Willey and Shikhar Dhawan pounces on it. Beautiful drive through vacant extra-cover region. Dhawan opens his account with a boundary. IND 11-0 after 1.5 overs. 

19:52 IST: FOUR! First boundary of the Indian inning. David Willey drifts down the leg side. Ball touches the bat of Rohit Sharma and races down the fine-leg boundary. IND 6-0 after 1.1 overs. 

19:51 IST: A wide and a single to finish the first over. Just a hint of movement away for Mark Wood in the first over. IND 2-0 after 1 over. 

19:47 IST: First ball from Mark Wood is wide out side off stump and Rohit Sharma leaves the ball comfortably.

19:46 IST: Opening duo of Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma is at the centre to start the Indian chase. Mark Wood will open the proceedings for England. 

England set a target of 323 against India in the second ODI at Lords. Joe Root scores an unbeaten 113 off 116 balls. Kuldeep Yadav picks up 3 for 68.

19:17 IST: 50 overs are up!  England have 322 for 7 on the board.

19:15 IST: 50 for David Willey! What a knock from the southpaw. Willey scores fastest fifty for England against India off 30 balls.

19:10 IST: No ball from Umesh Yadav and its a free hit for England. Joe Root hits the ball straight to Virat Kohli. With over-throws England collects 2 runs. ENG 314-6 after 49 overs.

19:05 IST: SIX and 300 up for England. Sweet golf like swing from centurion Joe Root and the ball lands over deep mid-wicket boundary. ENG 305-6 after 48 overs.

19:02 IST: 100 for Joe Root and its the 12th ODI ton for the top-order batsman. Second against India. Works the ball on the leg side for a single. ENG 298-6 after 47.4 overs.

19:00 IST: FOUR! FOUR! Successive boundaries for David Willey off Umesh Yadav. Some clean hitting from the southpaw at the moment. 50 partnership comes up for Joe Root and Willey off 31 balls. ENG 292-6 after 47 overs.

18:53 IST: England collect 17 runs from Siddarth Kaul's over. The hosts are accelerating now with David Willey (26 off 16 balls) middling the ball brilliantly. ENG 281-6 after 46 overs.

18:49 IST: FOUR! SIX! First ball is smacked straight down the ground. Second ball is pulled over the boundary for the maximum by David Willey. What a way to welcome Siddarth Kaul. ENG 264-6 after 45.2 overs.

18:49 IST: 5 overs remaining! England have 264 on the board for the loss of 6 wickets. Kuldeep Yadav finishes his quota of 10 overs with figures of 3 for 68. Joe Root is batting on 98.

18:33 IST: OUT! Outstanding running catch from Rohit Sharma between long-on and deep mid-wicket. Moeen Ali tries slog sweep off Chahal but balloons the ball. Rohit times his dive to perfection. ENG 239-6 after 41.4 overs.

18:25 IST: 40 overs are done and England have 228 runs on the board for the loss of 5 wickets. Boundaries have dried for England at the moment as they are struggling after having lost Morgan, Stokes and Buttler in quick succession. Moeen Ali is batting alongside Joe Root who is on 78. With 10 overs remaining how much will England score?

18:11 IST: OUT! Catch no. 300 for MS Dhoni and that was a simple one. Umesh Yadav strikes as England lose Jos Buttler for 4 runs. ENG 214-5 after 36.3 overs.

17:58 IST: OUT! Hardik Pandya bowls across to Ben Stokes and he edges the ball, Dhoni does the rest. Stokes walks back after scoring 8 runs. ENG 203-4 after 33.5 overs.

17:52 IST: 200 up for England after 33 overs. Joe Root is batting on 61 and is looking strong. England will now eye for a big total with Root and Stokes at the crease. 

17:43 IST: OUT! Kuldeep gets the breakthrough again. Full toss from chinaman and Eoin Morgan (53) pounces on it, mistimes and Shikhar Dhawan takes it neatly in the deep. ENG 189-3 after 31 overs.

17:39 IST: 50 up for skipper Eoin Morgan! Hits the ball high but it lands safely between Chahal and Dhawan. 38th fifty for Eoin Morgan.

17:38 IST: England looking solid as 30 overs are done now. Both Root and Morgan are reading the spinners well. With 20 overs remaining will England cross the 300 run mark? ENG 185-2

17:32 IST: 50 for Root! Tap down the leg side for a couple and Root completes his 29th ODI fifty off 56 balls. ENG 178-2 after 28.2 overs.

17:29 IST: SIX! Colossal strike from Morgan. Dances down the track off Chahal and deposits the ball in the long-on stands. ENG 174-2 after 27.1 overs.

17:26 IST: FOUR! Dragged down the leg side from Suresh Raina and Eoin Morgan helps the ball on its way. ENG 161-2 after 26.2 overs. 

17:21 IST: We are half way through England's inning and the hosts have 152 runs on the board for the loss of two wickets. Joe Root (41) and skipper Eoin Morgan(29) are at the centre for England.

17:16 IST: No ball from Chahal and it's the first free hit of the match. The ball was right in the slot for Joe Root but he misses. Rahul catches the ball with ease but Root will remain not out. 1 run off the free hit. ENG 145-2 after 23.2 overs. 

17:11 IST: FOUR and fifty partnership for Joe Root and Eoin Morgan. The ball was short and wide from Hardik Pandya and Root cuts it over back-foot point for a boundary. ENG 136-2 after 22.3 overs.

17:01 IST: 20 overs are up for England and have 121 runs on the board. Both Joe Root (24) and Eoin Morgan (18) are building up England's inning steadily after losing both openers in quick succession. 

16:50 IST: Expensive fourth over from Kuldeep Yadav. Gives away 12 runs including two boundaries. England marching strongly. ENG 113-2 after 17 overs.

16:47 IST: 100 up for England in just 16 overs! The hosts are doing well in terms of run rate at the moment but are panicking against Kuldeep Yadav. Both openers are back in the hut. Joe Root and Eoin Morgan are at the centre for England

16:44 IST: 15 overs are up and England have 88 on the board for the loss of 2 wickets. Both England openers are back in the pavilion succumbing yet again to chinaman Kuldeep Yadav.

16:37 IST: WICKET! Another wicket for Kuldeep and this time its Jason Roy (40) as he hits the ball straight into the hands of Umesh Yadav at deep. ENG 86-2 after 14.1 overs.

16:32 IST: FOUR! Jason Roy punishes short ball from from Kuldeep Yadav. Rocks on to back-foot and punches through extra covers for a four. ENG 80-1 after 12.3 overs.

16:20 IST: WICKET! Kuldeep Yadav strikes! Second ball in the match and Jonny Bairstow (38) drags it back on the stumps. What a start for the chinaman. ENG 69-1 after 10.2 overs.

16:17 IST: After 10 overs England have posted 69 on the board without any loss. Indian bowlers are struggling to get the breakthrough.

16:14 IST: FOUR! Another slower ball from Siddarth Kaul but this time Jonny Bairstow gets hold of it. Ball crosses the deep mid-wicket boundary with ease. ENG 64-0 after 9.2 overs.

16:12 IST: First over from Yuzvendra Chahal produces 4 runs. ENG 60-0 after 9 overs.

16:03 IST: FOUR and 50 up for England! Jonny Bairstow is batting on 30 along with Jason Roy on 22 runs. ENG 53-0 after 7.2 overs. 

15:59 IST: FOUR! Blistering cover drive from Jonny Bairstow off Hardik Pandya's bowling. Both openers are dealing in only in boundaries at the moment. ENG 47-0 after 6.4 overs. 

15:58 IST: SIX! Up and over extra-cover boundary for a six. Jason Roy welcomes Hardik Pandya in style. ENG 38-0 after 6.1 overs.

15:52 IST: Brilliant last second grasp from Hardik Pandya at short third man saves a boundary for India. ENG 31-0 after 5.2 overs.

15:52 IST: Brilliant ball to finish the over. First over from Hardik Pandya produces 4 runs. ENG 27-0 after 5 overs.

15:48 IST: Bowling change for India in the fifth over. Hardik Pandya replace Umesh Yadav. ENG 23-0 after 4 overs.

15:41 IST: SIX! First maximum of the match comes from the bat of Jonny Bairstow. That was a colossal strike. Bairstow pulls Umesh Yadav short pitched ball in style. ENG 19-0 after 2.4 overs.

15:38 IST: Siddarth Kaul leaks two boundaries in his first over. ENG 12-0 after 2 overs.

15:35 IST: FOUR! Jonny Bairstow punches off the back-foot and the ball races to the cover boundary for four runs. Bairstow is off the mark in style. ENG 8-0 after 1.2 overs.

15:33 IST: So after first over England have 4 runs on the board without any loss. Siddarth Kaul will bowl the second over from Pavilion end for India.  

15:29 IST: FOUR! Boundary right at the start for England. Umesh Yadav drifts onto the pads and a flick from Jason Roy earns him his first boundary. ENG 4-0 after 0.1 overs.

15:29 IST: So, England openers are out at the centre. Jason Roy will be on strike. Jonny Bairstow is at the non-striker end. Umesh Yadav will start the proceedings yet again for India. 

15:08 IST: Team sheet for India is also here.

15:07 IST: Here 's the England team for today's match

15:03 IST:  Eoin Morgan wins the toss and elects to bat first. No changes for England and India in the playing XI. 

14:53 IST: The pitch at Lord's has got a bit of green tinge but is dry underneath. Seamers will have some purchase in the first 10 overs. India should definitely chase says Sanjay Manjerekar in his pitch report.

14:40 IST: Alex Hales has been ruled out of the ODI series with a side strain therefore England will have to continue with Ben Stokes. 

14:35 IST: It's a partly sunny day in London. As per reports the conditions at Lord's will be similar to that of Cardiff and England batsmen should be able to deal with Kuldeep Yadav in a much better way.

14:30 IST: Hello and welcome to the Live coverage of the second ODI between India and England at Lord's.

It has been a poor ten days for Root, and England's prime batsman for the summer is looking bereft of any confidence. This was the third time in three innings that he was out to wrist spin, falling to googlies in the two T20Is he played. A sharp leg break did the job at Trent Bridge, in what is quickly becoming a problem for Root. A school of thought suggests that Jos Buttler could be elevated in the batting order once again. He looked the most composed amongst English batsmen and extended his good run of form to get another half-century under his belt, albeit batting too low at number six. With the wrist spinners deployed in tandem, Morgan had admitted that batting against the new ball was their best chance to deny India. This could inspire a promotion for Buttler to number three.

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