India vs South Africa Highlights 4th ODI: South Africa Beat India By 5 Wickets To Keep Series Alive

Updated: 11 February 2018 02:04 IST

Highlights, India vs South Africa, 4th ODI: Heinrich Klaasen scored a blistering 43*, while David Miller chipped in with a 28-ball 39 as South Africa cruised to a five-wicket win (DLS) over India in the fourth One-Day International in Johannesburg on Saturday.

India vs South Africa Highlights 4th ODI: South Africa Beat India By 5 Wickets To Keep Series Alive
Highlights, India vs South Africa, 4th ODI: South Africa beat India by 5 wickets (DLS). © BCCI

Heinrich Klaasen scored a blistering 43*, while David Miller chipped in with a 28-ball 39 as South Africa cruised to a five-wicket win (DLS) over India in the fourth One-Day International in Johannesburg on Saturday. South Africa were set a reduced target of 202 in 28 overs after rain interrupted the fourth ODI and overhauled the target in just 25.3 overs. Originally set to make 290 to win, South Africa were 43 for one when the umpires took the players off the field. It was the second weather interruption of the match. The revised target meant that South Africa needed to score another 159 runs in 20.4 overs. Earlier, opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan marked his 100th ODI with a brilliant 109 to take India to 289/7 in 50 overs. Dhawan, who hit his 13th century, shared a 158-run second-wicket stand with captain Virat Kohli (75) as a ruthless India showed strong intent to clinch the six-match series. India were cruising at 197/2 in 34 overs when the play was interrupted for nearly an hour due to lightning. After the play resumed, India lost the plot and lost wickets regularly to what looked an under-par total. (Scorecard)

Catch all the Highlights Between between India and South Africa 4th ODI, straight from the Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg

01:34 IST: South Africa beat India by 5 wickets (DLS). India lead six-match series 3-1.

01:33 IST: SIX!  Phehlukwayo hits Chahal straight down the ground for a six. South Africa need 2 off 16 balls.

01:31 IST: SIX! Phehlukwayo launches Kuldeep between mid-wicket and long on.

01:30 IST: FOUR! Phehlukwayo smashes the ball towards third man.

01:28 IST: FOUR! Klaasen sends Kuldeep towards sweeper cover for a boundary.

01:26 IST: Andile Phehlukwayo is the new man at the crease.

01:24 IST: WICKET! Yuzvendra Chahal dismisses David Miller for 39 runs. South Africa 174/5, need 28 off 26 balls

01:22 IST: SIX! Miller stays back and pulls the ball over deep mid wicket for a magnificent six.

01:15 IST: FOUR! Sloppy fielding from Kuldeep Yadav at the deep backward point.

01:13 IST: SIX! Klaasen dispacthes the ball towards long on. Monstrous hit from the South African batsman.

01:11 IST: Chahal to Klaasen. It's a NO BALL. Free hit coming up.

01:10 IST: FOUR! Klaasen leaves the crease and launches Chahl towards backward square leg for a boundary. What a shot from him. South Africa 151/4, need 51 off 39 balls.

01:06 IST: SIX! Miller smashes Kuldeep towards long on for a huge six. What a mighty hit from the left-hander. South Africa need 58 off 43 balls.

01:05 IST: FOUR! Reverse sweep from Klaasen. What a shot from him. The ball goes to the third man region for a boundary.

01:01 IST: FOUR! Klaasen picks the ball well and smashes it towards deep mid wicket for a boundary.

00:58 IST: 13 runs off Hardik Pandya's over. South Africa need 81 off 54 balls.

00:56 IST: FOUR! Miller is on fire. The South African stays back and smashes the ball towards deep mid wicket for third back-to-back boundary. South Africa need 81 off 56 balls.

00:55 IST: FOUR! Miller makes room and smashes the ball towards deep backward point for a boundary.

00:54 IST: FOUR! Miller picks the ball nicely and sends with force towards long off for a boundary. Poor start from Pandya.

00:52 IST: OUT! Chahal castles Miller. Big wicket for India. Miller departs for 7. Wait! it's a NO BALL. Miller has been called back. It's a BIG front foot NO Ball. Free hit coming up.

00:50 IST: Catch is the call. DROPPED. Shreyas Iyer drops an easy catch behind square. Miller survives. 

00:49 IST: Heinrich Klassen is the new man at the crease.

00:47 IST: WICKET! Hardik Pandya ends AB de Villiers' stay for 26. South Africa 102/4, need 100 off 67 balls

00:41 IST: 17 runs off Chahal's over. South Africa 100/3, need 102 off 72 balls.

00:40 IST: SIX! De Villiers clobbers this one between mid wicket and long on. What a shot this is. Chahal is under pressure.

00:39 IST: SIX! AB de Villiers leans forwards and smashes Chahal towards long on for a huge six. Well connected shot from the South African.

00:38 IST: Yuzvendra Chahal comes into the attack.

00:36 IST: FOUR! Miller guides Kuldeep towards backward square leg for a boundary.

00:34 IST: David Miller is the new man at the crease.

00:33 IST: WICKET! Kuldeep Yadav strikes again, dismisses Hashim Amla for 33 runs. South Africa 77/3, need 125 off 83 balls

00:29 IST: FOUR! That's ABD's special. He stays back and smashes the ball over deep mid wicket. One bounce and boundary. South Africa 77/2, need 125 more to win from 85 balls.

00:27 IST: Amla cuts the ball towards third man for a single.

00:22 IST: WICKET! Kuldeep Yadav removes JP Duminy for 10 runs. South Africa 67/2, need 135 off 94 balls.

00:17 IST: Four! Full delivery from Pandya, Amla gets into position early and drives the ball on the up through the covers for a beautiful boundary.

00:15 IST: Three runs of the Kuldeep over. South Africa treading carefully at the moment. Will be soon when they will shift their gears to a T20 game.

00:11 IST: 10 overs gone, South Africa 53/1 (Duminy 4*, Amla 24*) need more 149 runs to win.

00:08 IST: Hardik Pandya introduced in the attack and he starts with a wide ball.

00:07 IST: Good start from Kuldeep, concede just three runs.

00:05 IST: Kuldeep Yadav, left-arm chinaman, comes into the attack.

00:01 IST: Duminy gets a run first ball after the break.

00:00 IST: Welcome back. We have 28-over match. Duminy and Amla out in the middle. Bumrah continuing his over.

23:50 IST: Good news: The match, reduced to 28 overs, will resume at 12:00 AM IST. Revised target for South Africa is 202.

23:22 IST: Official inspection scheduled at 20:10 local -- 11:40 PM IST

23:12 IST: Rest of the covers are coming off and stumps are being erected. Resumption of play is not far. Stay tuned.

22:59 IST: South Africa need more 247 runs to win in 42.4 overs. They have 9 wickets remaining.

22:54 IST: Good news! The covers are coming off and the super-sopper is drying the field.

22:30 IST: It is raining at Wanderers now. Hopefully the rain will subside and we will have a full 50-over match.

22:20 IST: Lightning stops play with South Africa at 43/1

22:19 IST: OUT! Bumrah gets the first breakthrough. Markram trying to play a ball, which angled in, misses and gets rapped on the pads. South Africa take a review but three red dots suggests that South Africa lose their review. South Africa 43/1 in 7.2 overs.

22:15 IST: Four! Bhuvneshwar bangs in short and provides width, Amla this time slaps the ball through the covers on the back foot.

22:12 IST: South Africa 37/0 after six overs.

22:11 IST: Four! Short and a bit of width, Amla stands tall and guides Bumrah through the gap at the point. Brilliant skill from Amla.

22:10 IST: Back of a length delivery from Bumrah, angles in and takes an inside edge of Markram's bat as he was looking for a straight drive. The delivery was appreciated by Dhoni as he says, "Acha hai Jassi, yehi line rakhna (This is a good line, keep at it)."

22:05 IST: Four! Back of a length delivery from Bhuvneshwar which angled away and Markram, yet again, edges it past the slips. Both the South African batters are riding their luck.

21:59 IST: Four! Amla shuffles across and pokes at a ball going away, the ball takes an outside edge of Amla's bat and races away for another boundary.

21:56 IST: Four! Bumrah hits the deck hard and the ball angles in, Markram plays and edges the ball past the fielder at slips as the ball rolls away towards the third man boundary. Lucky for South Africa.

21:54 IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes in the attack.

21:53 IST: South Africa 6/0 after the first over.

21:52 IST: Four! Oh what a shot. Markram punches Bhuvneshwar off the back foot through the covers. Beautiful.

21:51 IST: Short of a length delivery from Bhuvneshwar, Amla shuffles across and works the ball down to fine leg. And the bat has broken! New bat coming in for the opener.

21:50 IST: First ball - Back of a length delivery, swinging away and watchfully left by Markram.

21:49 IST: Aiden Markram and Hashim Amla are opening the batting for South Africa. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start the proceedings for India.

21:48 IST: Welcome back to the match. South Africa need 290 runs to win.

21:18 IST: India finish 289/7 in 50 overs (Dhawan 109, Kohli 75).

21:17 IST: Four! Short and wide from Morris, Dhoni clobbers him for a boundary.

21:16 IST: OUT! Dhoni calls for two, Bhuvneshwar runs and sacrifices his wicket for the team. India lose their seventh.

21:11 IST: Four! Full and outside off, Dhoni clears his front-leg and smashes Morris through the covers for a boundary.

21:08 IST: Four! Dhoni goes down the wicket trying to pull but the ball brushes his thigh pad as it rolls away for a boundary. Much-needed boundary for the Indian side.

21:01 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the new man in.

21:00 IST: OUT! What a catch from the South African captain Aiden Markram. Angled in delivery from Rabada, Pandya making space for himself clobbers the ball on the up but Markram present at the edge of the inner circle pulled off a stunner as he timed his jump to perfection and held on to the ball with his right hand.

20:53 IST: Four! Short from Morris and Pandya stands tall and pulls the ball for a boundary.

20:47 IST: Hardik Pandya is the new man in.

20:46 IST: OUT! A length ball from Ngidi, Iyer stood tall and heaved the ball over long-on but Morris was there to end Iyer's innings. India 247/5 in 43.2 overs

20:44 IST: Four! Back of a length delivery from Ngidi and Iyer slaps it for a boundary.

20:40 IST: Huge caught behind appeal for Iyer and the in-field umpire raises his finger. Iyer, without consulting his partner, opts for the review. UltraEdge shows no spike. Iyer survives. Poor umpiring decision.

20:35 IST: Four! Ngidi bowls wide of off stumps, Dhoni goes at the ball hard and edges it past the keeper. Phehlukwayo at third man dives, gets a hand but the ball rolls away for a boundary.

20:33 IST: In the last three overs, India have scored only 12 runs. Boundaries have dried up.

20:24 IST: India, it seems, are struggling a bit after two quick wickets.

20:19 IST: Four! Morkel goes full and Iyer's says thank you as he drives the ball straight down the ground past the bowler. Beautiful stroke from the Indian.

20:17 IST: SIX! Dhoni is up and away with a maximum over the fielder at the covers boundary. Short and wide from Morkel, Dhoni makes room, frees his arm and slaps the ball over the ropes.

20:14 IST: Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the new man in.

20:13 IST: OUT! Lungi Ngidi gets his first wicket of the match. Rahane pulls a short delivery and Rabada at deep square-leg gobbles up the ball. India are losing their way. India 210/4 in 36.3 overs.

20:08 IST: Safe! Short delivery from Morkel, Iyer hops and defends only the edge the ball wide of the slips. Close shave for India.

20:06 IST: Shreyas Iyer is the new batsman in.

20:05 IST: OUT! Morkel gets the big wicket of Shikhar Dhawan right after the break. It seems Dhawan lost his momentum and concentration. Full delivery from Morkel, Dhawan drives it on the up straight to AB de Villiers at mid-off. India 206/3 in 35.3 overs.

20:02 IST: Dhawan survives! Short of a length delivery from Rabada cramps Dhawan for space. Looking to guide the ball away on the off-side, Dhawan drags the ball onto his stumps.

20:00 IST: Welcome back! Play resumes after a brief halt of play due to lightning. Rahane and Dhawan are out in the middle.

19:55 IST: Good news! Match to resume in eight minutes and no overs are lost.

19:50 IST: Still no update from the Wanderers. However, the covers are still on.

19:38 IST: The lightnings keep coming in periodic intervals and the umbrellas are out too.

19:21 IST: Stay tuned for more information.

19:11 IST: India 200/2 (Rahane 5*, Dhawan 107*) in 37.4 overs.

19:10 IST: Bad news! It appears as if thunderstorm is approaching and the covers are coming on. Umpires and players are walking off the field. Lightening stops play.

19:05 IST: Players to score a century in their 100th ODI: Hundred in 100th ODI:
Gordon Greenidge, Chris Cairns, Mohammad Yousuf, Chris Gayle, Kumar Sangakkara, Marcus Trescothick, Ramnaresh Sarwan, David Warner and Shikhar DHawan.

19:03 IST: Four! Morris goes full and on the pads, Rahane lifts him over mid-wicket to collect his first boundary.

19:01 IST: CENTURY! Full delivery from Morris and Dhawan drives it straight down the ground to score his 13th ODI ton. Kohli, Ravi Shahstri and the Indian dressing room applaud.

18:58 IST: SIX! Length ball from Rabada and Dhawan clobbers the ball for a maximum towards square leg-boundary. The left-handed batsman moves to 98*.

18:56 IST: That was South Africa's fifth good over in a row. Morris concedes two runs and takes a wicket.

18:50 IST: Ajinkya Rahane is the new man in.

18:49 IST: OUT! What a breakthrough. Markram brings back Morris back in the attack. The bowler bowls a short of a length delivery outside off, Kohli (75) shimmies down the pitch and sends the ball straight down the throat of Miller at covers. Big, big moment in the match. A 158-run partnership comes to an end.

18:47 IST: Trivia - In the third ODI game between the India women's team and South Africa Women's team, Laura Wolvaardt, at 18 yrs, 290 days, becomes the youngest player to score 1000 ODI runs.

18:45 IST: The runs have dried up for India here. In the last 18 balls Kohli-Dhawan have only scored seven runs.

18:38 IST: 150-run partnership comes up between Dhawan and Kohli. 150* is the highest second wicket stand for India against South Africa in South Africa. They went past the previous partnership of 140, scored in the previous ODI.

18:30 IST: Four! Full and outside off, Kohli makes the drive look so easy. Beautiful shot from the 29-year-old. Duminy suffers.

18:22 IST: 150 comes up for India in the 25th over.

18:18 IST: JP Duminy is introduced in the attack.

18:16 IST: Four! Length ball outside off, Kohli edges the ball past the wicketkeeper for a boundary. The Indian captain got lucky there.

18:13 IST: Four! Back-to-back boundaries for Dhawan off Phehlukwayo. The first one was played late by Dhawan towards the third man. And the second one was lucky as he was heaving it on the leg-side but a thick outside edge sends the ball flying over the short third-man for a boundary.

18:09 IST: Close! Short delivery, catches Kohli by surprise. The India trying to keep the ball down edges it back to Morkel who tries catching it but misses it.

18:07 IST: Four! Over-pitched delivery from Morkel and Kohli lifts the ball over mid-off for a boundary. This brings up his 46th ODI fifty. What a player, what momentum he has!

18:05 IST: 100-run partnership comes up between Dhawan and Kohli. This is the eigth one between these two. This also equals the most number of 100-run partnership for India for the second wicket. Ganguly and Dravid are the only other to achieve the feat. Apart from this Matthew Hayden and Rickey Ponting has 10 and Tillakaratne Dilshan and Kumar Sangakkara has 19.

17:58 IST: Four! Kohli, gets to the pitch of the ball, clubs Morris over mid-wicket for a boundary.

17:56 IST: SIX! Dhawan, dances down the wicket, and sends Phehlukwayo into the stand towards deep mid-wicket.

17:54 IST: FIFTY! Dhawan guides Phehlukwayo to fine-leg to bring up his 26th ODI fifty. Brilliant from the man who is playing his 100th ODI game.

17:52 IST: Andile Phehlukwayo introduced in the attack.

17:45 IST: SIX! Length delivery from Ngidi, Kohli steps down the wicket and lifts the bowler straight down the ground for a maximum. Picture perfect from the Indian captain as he holds the posture for a while.

17:39 IST: Not Out! Huge LBW appeal for Kohli. Morris consults with his captain Markram and opt not to go for the DRS.

17:38 IST: Wide and outside off, Dhawan cuts handsomely only for the fielder at the boundary to cut it out.

17:35 IST: Trivia - After 100 ODIs Dhawan has 4243* runs and captain Kohli had 4107 runs.

17:32 IST: Four! Ngidi goes full, Kohli walks down and slaps the ball to the long-on fence for a four. This brings up the 50-run partnership between Kohli and Dhawan.

17:32 IST: The sea of pink is a delight to watch. Beautiful.

17:31 IST: Four! Short delivery yet again and Dhawan slams the ball to backward square leg.

17:29 IST: Four! Short and wide from Morris, Dhawan gets into position early and pulls the ball with sheer force for a boundary.

17:23 IST: What an over from the lanky pacer. Morris concedes just a run.

17:20 IST: Aiden Markram introduces his fourth pacer Chris Morris in the attack. And there is a slight drizzle.

17:18 IST: The match might witness a bit of delay due to a thunderstorm. The lights are on and there are 80% chances of rain.

17:16 IST: Close! Lungi Ngidi bowls nears to body, Dhawan trying to work it on the on-side, manages to edge it just past the stumps. This is the not the first time Dhawan has escaped the stumps in the match.

17:15 IST: Lungi Ngidi is the new bowler in.

17:14 IST: 10 over done, India 53/1 (Kohli 14*, Dhawan 29*)

17:04 IST: Four! Rabada bowls full around middle and off stump, Kohli leans and guides the ball away past the fielder for a boundary. Classic Kohli.

17:02 IST: Four! Rabada bangs the ball in, the ball rises a bit and catches Kohli by surprise as he edges the ball past the fielders at slips for a boundary. Cheeky.

16:58 IST: Four! Short delivery from Morkel, Dhawan reads the ball early and pulls the ball powerfully in front of the square.

16:55 IST: India 26/1 (Dhawan 17*, Kohli 0*) after 5 overs.

16:52 IST: Four! Dhawan looked to guide the ball towards off-side, gets an inside edge and the ball raced past the wicketkeeper for a boundary towards fine leg.

16:51 IST: Virat Kohli is the new man in.

16:50 IST: OUT!! What brilliant reflexes from Rabada. Rohit pushed back at the length ball, the bat turned in the hands and the ball went back straight to Rabada. Rohit departs for 5.

16:45 IST: India get 5 runs! Dhawan tucked the ball away into the on-side and called for a single. The throw came in from the man at square leg, hit the stumps and ricocheted away for a boundary.

16:42 IST: Four! Full and bit of width from Morkel, Dhawan connects the ball with full face of the bat and pushes the ball down the ground for a brilliant boundary. Dhawan was getting restless but this boundary will ease some pressure off of him.

16:38 IST: Four! Full and outside off, Rohit stands tall and guides the ball through the covers for the first boundary of the innings.

16:36 IST: Kagiso Rabada, right-arm fast, comes into the attack.

16:34 IST: First over done, India 2/0 (Rohit 1*, Dhawan 0*)

16:30 IST: First ball - Morkel bowls outside off, bit of shape and Rohit leaves the ball carefully.

16:29 IST: Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma are opening the batting for India.

16:28 IST: Morne Morkel is opening the bowling for South Africa.

16:27 IST: Both teams are on the ground and are all set to play the most important match of the series. Few minutes away from the match. Stay tuned!

16:25 IST: Fans have turned up in pink to support the home team.

16:20 IST: Shikhar Dhawan will be playing his 100 ODI game.

16:12 IST: Team South Africa playing XI:

16:10 IST: Team India playing XI:

16:00 IST: India captain Virat Kohli wins toss and elects to bat vs South Africa at Johannesburg.

15:55 IST: We are minutes away from the toss. Stay tuned!

15:45 IST: The beautiful New Wanderers Stadium all set to hosts the match.

15:43 IST: Team India warming up before the big match.

15:40 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the 4th ODI between India and South Africa straight from Johannesburg.

This match is of vital importance for South Africa in their home season. It is the 'Pink ODI', played for the awareness against breast cancer and for the benefit of those suffering from the disease. It was first held in 2011, and this will be the sixth such occasion. In fact, the Proteas have never lost when playing in their unique pink jersey.

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