India vs England Highlights, 4th Test Day 1: India 19/0, Trail England By 227 Runs At Stumps

Updated: 30 August 2018 23:30 IST

Highlights India vs England: Sam Curran scored a gritty 78 runs helping England reach a modest total of 246 on Day 1 of the fourth Test.

India vs England Highlights, 4th Test Day 1: India 19/0, Trail England By 227 Runs At Stumps
India vs England Highlights: Jasprit Bumrah claimed three wickets on Day 1 of the fourth Test. © Reuters

India openers Shikhar Dhawan (3) and KL Rahul (11) survived the tricky 15-minute period towards the end as India finished day 1 of the fourth Test with 19 on the board without any loss. The day certainly belonged to the Indian pacers as they bundled out England for 246 in the final session on day 1 of the Southampton Test. England skipper Joe Root, after winning the toss opted to bat first, a decision that terribly went wrong for the hosts. The team was reeling at 57 for four at lunch after Jasprit Bumrah and Ishant sharma wreaked havoc with the new ball in swinging conditions. Rattling the top order, Bumrah dismissed Keaton Jennings (for a duck) and Jonny Bairstow (6) in first 30 minutes of the morning session. Ishant Sharma provided brilliant support from the other end, dismissing Joe Root (4) with a beautiful in-swinging delivery. After lunch, Mohammed Shami bowled superbly clinching two quick wickets of Jos Buttler (21) and Ben Stokes (23) but Sam Curran along with Moeen Ali took England out of trouble with a brilliant 81-run partnership. Post Ali's departure, Curran stitched another 63-run partnership with Stuart Broad for the ninth wicket to take England past 200-run mark. With the support from the lower middle order Curran to England to a respectable 246 before the team got all-out. For England, Sam Curran (78) was the highest scorer for the team. Moeen Ali too scored crucial 40 runs to take England out of trouble. For India, Jasprit Bumrah was the most successful bowler claiming three wickets. Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami and Ravichandran Ashwin bagged two wickets each.India still trail England by 227 runs in the first innings.(SCORECARD)

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Highlights between India vs England, 4th Test, DAY 1, straight from The Rose Bowl, Southampton

23:15 IST: Thank you for joining us on our live coverage of day 1 of the fourth Test between India and England.

Stumps Day 1 - India 19 with out loss after 4 overs. Trail England by 227 runs

23:11 IST: Indian openers Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul survive the tricky 20-minute period right at the end of Day 1.

22:51 IST: First runs off the bat for India. Wide delivery from Broad takes the outside edge of Rahul's bat. Ball goes through the vacant gully region and Rahul takes three run. End of the over from Stuart Broad. IND 4-0 after 2 overs. 

22:50 IST: First run on the board for India. Wild delivery from Stuart Broad declared wide from the umpire. IND 1-0 after 1.5 overs. 

22:46 IST: James Anderson starts off with a maiden for England. Stuart Broad to share the new ball with him from the other end. IND 0-0 after 1 over. 

22:42 IST: Openers Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul are out at the centre for India. James Anderson will start the proceedings for England.

Innings break - England 246 all-out in 76.4 overs.

22:32 IST: OUT and it's all over for England! Trying to up the scoring rate, Curran misses a straight ball from Ashwin. Gets cleaned up after scoring a brilliant 78. ( Sam Curran 78, Moeen Ali 40, Jasprit Bumrah 3-46 )

22:23 IST: FOUR! Slammed straight down the ground by Sam Curran. One bounce and over the fence. Shami bowls it full and Curran whacks the ball over his head for a boundary. ENG 244-9 after 74.3 overs.

22:20 IST: OUT! Jasprit Bumrah finally gets the breakthrough on the final ball of his over. Traps Stuart Broad (17) right in front of the stumps. Can India wrap up England under 250 runs? ENG 240-9 after 74 overs.

22:15 IST: FOUR! Wide from Jasprit Bumrah and Sam Curran wasted no time on that one. Slaps it through vacant point region for a boundary. Brilliant batting from the all-rounder as he moves on to the score of 71 runs. ENG 237-8 after 73.3 overs.

22:09 IST: Bowling change for India! Mohammed Shami replaces Ravichandran Ashwin. ENG 228-8 after 72 overs.

22:07 IST: 50-run partnership comes up between Sam Curran and Stuart Broad. It has come in at a brisk pace as well. Just 43 balls taken. ENG 224-8 after 71.3 overs.

22:01 IST: Review from India. Original decision is not out. The on-field decision stays as Ashwin's delivery strikes Stuart Broad out-side the line of the off stump. India loose their review. ENG 217-8 after 70.1 overs.

21:59 IST: Another expensive over comes to an end. 11 runs from Pandya's first over after drinks break. Sam Curran is looking to score quickly now. ENG 217-8 after 70 overs.

21:55 IST: Bowling change from both the ends after drinks break. Hardik Pandya replaces Jasprit Bumrah. ENG 206-8 after 69 overs.

21:51 IST: Six and 50 up for Sam Curran! 200 also comes up for England with the maximum. Second Test fifty for Sam Curran. Slams Ashwin with brute force over deep mid-wicket. ENG 200-8 after 68.2 overs.

21:48 IST: Drinks break! Sam Curran (47*) and Stuart Broad (1*) are hanging in there for England. The partnership between the two has moved on to 17 runs. England slowly inching closer to 200-run mark. ENG 194-8 after 68 overs.

21:42 IST: FOUR! Wide ball outside the off-stump from Ishant Sharma and Curran produces cracking shot. Ball races to the fence. Curran moves on to 47. ENG 194-8 after 66.5 overs.

21:36 IST: Here's what the master blaster has to say about the Indian bowling unit. 

21:27 IST: OUT! Big booming in-swinger from Ishant Sharma and Adil Rashid is trapped in front of the stumps. After giving it a little though, umpire adjourns out. Rashid walks back after scoring 6 runs. Ishant gets his second wicket. ENG 177-8 after 64.3 overs.

21:21 IST: Bowling change for India! Jasprit Bumrah replaces Ravichandran Ashwin. ENG 174-7 after 63 overs.

21:12 IST: Huge lbw appeal from Ishant Shamra on the final ball of the over. Umpire rules not out. Although the ball struck the pad of Adil Rashid but was drifting down the leg side. Virat decides not to take the review. ENG 171-7 after 61 overs.

21:03 IST: OUT! Trying to go for a slog sweep against Ashwin, ball finds the top edge of Moeen Ali's (40) bat. Jasprit Bunrah takes a brilliant catch running in from deep. Seventh wicket goes down for England. Dangerous partnership between Curran and Ali comes to an end. ENG 167-7 after 59.3 overs.

20:57 IST: Another over from Ravichandran Ashwin comes to an end. The partnership between Moeen Ali and Sam Curran has has now moved on to 75 off 141 balls. Both batsmen looking comfortable at the crease now.  ENG 161-6 after 58 overs.

20:52 IST: Loose shot from Moeen Ali but gets away with it. Teasing line from Shami draws Ali forward and the ball just misses the outside edge. ENG 152-6 after 56.3 overs.

20:48 IST: Review from India. Original decision is not out. Ashwin's delivery strikes Sam Curran on the pads. Replay shows that the ball was just clipping the leg-stump. On field umpire's decision stays. Sam Curran survives. ENG 152-6 after 55.4 overs.

20:41 IST: Six and 150 comes up for England! Moeen Ali dances down the track and dispatches Ashwin over long-off boundary for the maximum. ENG 151-6 after 53.4 overs.

20:35 IST: Just one run from Ashwin's first over after tea. Mohammed Shami to continue from the other end. ENG 140-6 after 52 overs.

20:31 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin begins proceedings for India with the ball. Moeen Ali and Sam Curran look solid in the middle for England.

20:30 IST: The third and final session of the first day begins. England resume their batting at 139/6 after 51 overs.

Tea, Day 1: England 139 for 6 after 51 overs.

20:13 IST: Last over before tea from Mohammed Shami produces 4 runs. Moeen Ali batting on 30 alongside Sam Curran on 27 runs.

19:56 IST: SIX! First six of the match. Short ball from Jasprit Bumrah and Moeen Ali gives every thing to it. Top edge and the ball sails over fine-leg boundary for the maximum. ENG 132-6 after 46.5 overs.

19:51 IST: Excellent over from Jasprit Bumrah comes to an end. Just a couple of runs from it. The Indian bowlers have calmed things a bit down after a flurry of boundaries in the past few overs. ENG 124-6 after 45 overs.

19:40 IST: 30 minutes to go for Tea on Day 1. Can India grab another one?

19:38 IST: Bowling change for India! Ravichandran Ashwin comes back to replace Hardik Pandya.

19:36 IST: FOUR! Boundaries leaking for India at the moment. Wide delivery form Jasprit Bumrah and Moeen Ali dispatches it through the cover boundary with precision.  ENG 120-6 after 40.5 overs.

19:32 IST: 15-run over! Expensive over from Hardik Pandya comes to an end. Sam Curran collects three boundaries in the over. ENG 116-6 after 40 overs.

19:25 IST: Four and 100 comes up for England! Loud cheers across the stadium. Mohammed Shami's delivery finds the outside edge of Moeen Ali's bat and races to the fence. ENG 101-6 after 38.3 overs.

19:18 IST: Bowling change for India! Hardik Pandya introduced into the attack for the first time in the second session.  ENG 89-6 after 37 overs.

19:11 IST: Another terrific over from Ishant Sharma comes to an end. Just two runs from it. He has bowled brilliantly in the post-lunch session troubling the batsmen consistently. ENG 89-6 after 36 overs.

19:04 IST: OUT! Review from Ben Stokes. Original decision is out. And the decision stays. Replay shows that there was no bat involved. Mohammed Shami strikes for the second time in the post-lunch session. Ben Stokes walks back after scoring 23 runs. ENG 86-6 after 34.4 overs.

19:00 IST: Beaten! Beautiful delivery from Mohammed Shami. Moeen Ali had no clue about that one. The ball pitches and moves across the left-hander.

18:50 IST: Rishabh Pant is having a tough day behind the stumps. The ball is swinging all around. Another excellent diving take from the young wicket-keeper. Mohammed Shami appreciated the effort. ENG 82-5 after 32.2 overs.

FOUR! On the pads from Mohammed Shami and Ben Stokes flicks it beautifully through mid-wicket for four runs. ENG 78-5 after 30.4 overs.

18:38 IST: Edged and falls short! Maiden over from Ishant Sharma. The last ball from Ishant finds the edge of Ben Stokes but falls in front of Virat Kohli at third slip. ENG 71-5 after 30 overs.

18:35 IST: Indian bowlers are breathing fire at the moment. Another terrific over from Mohammed Shami comes to an end. England struggle continues. ENG 71-5 after 29 overs.

18:23 IST: OUT! Indian seamers are on a roll here. England lose their fifth wicket as Jos Buttler walks back after scoring 21 runs. Out-swinging delivery from Mohammed Shami and Virat Kohli takes a simple catch at third slip. England in deep trouble now. ENG 69-5 after 26.3 overs.

18:16 IST: Spin in action! Ravichandran Ashwin comes on to bowl for the first time in the match. ENG 61-4 after 25 overs.

18:15 IST: FOUR! Brilliant delivery from Mohammed Shami but Jos Buttler collects a boundary. Thick outside edge from Buttler but the ball races to through the vacant gully region for four runs. ENG 61-4 after 24.5 overs.

18:11 IST: Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler are at the centre for England. Mohammed Shami will start the the proceedings for India in the post-lunch session.

Lunch, Day 1 - England 57 for 4 after 24 overs.

17:32 IST: Last over from Jasprit Bumrah before lunch produces 1 run. Ben Stokes remains unbeaten on 12 along with Jos Buttler on 13 runs.

17:26 IST: Dropped! Bottom edge from Jos Buttler and wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant fails to collect the ball. Shami is disappointed with the effort. It was a difficult chance but should have been taken by Pant. Buttler survives. ENG 53-4 after 22.3 overs.

17:20 IST: We are close to lunch on Day 1 and the ball is still doing pretty much in the air and after pitching as well. Shami's last ball of the over after passing Ben Stokes, continues to move away from Rishabh Pant. He misses to grab the ball cleanly. 1 bye tun added to England score. ENG 53-4 after 21 overs.

17:13 IST: Four and 50 up for England! On to the pads this time from Hardik Pandya and Jos Buttler clips it away through deep-mid wicket for four runs. ENG 50-4 after 19.3 overs.

17:12 IST: FOUR! Hardik Pandya bowls wide delivery outside off-stump. Jos Buttler pounces on to it. Beautiful cover-drive from the right-hander. ENG 46-4 after 19.2 overs.

17:01 IST: OUT! Hardik Pandya joins the action. Alastair Cook walks back to the pavilion after scoring 17 runs. Sharp low catch taken by skipper Virat Kohli at third slip. England are in deep trouble at the moment. ENG 36-4 after 17.2 overs.

16:56 IST: First over from Hardik Pandya produces 5 runs. Mohammed Shami replaces Jasprit Bumrah on the other end. ENG 34-3 after 16 overs.

16:52 IST: First bowling change for India. Hardik Pandya replaces Ishant Sharma. ENG 29-3 after 15 overs.

16:43 IST: OUT! Jasprit Bumrah strikes again. This time it's Jonny Bairstow who walks back after scoring 6 runs. Edged and that was a simple catch for wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant. ENG 28-3 after 13 overs.

16:37 IST: Play resumes after drinks break. Jasprit Bumrah continues to bowl. ENG 26-2 after 12 overs.

16:21 IST: Brilliant display of swing bowling from Ishant Sharma at the moment. Last ball cuts Jonny Bairstow in half. Superb diving take from Rishabh Pant behind the stumps. ENG 21-2 after 9.5 overs.

16:15 IST: FOUR!  Wide ball outside off-stump from Jasprit Bumrah and Alastair Cook squeezes it to third man boundary for four runs. ENG 21-2 after 8.3 overs.

16:13 IST: Brilliant over from Ishant Sharma comes to an end. Both Ishant and Bumrah are bowling brilliantly at the moment. England are in trouble after losing two wickets in quick succession. ENG 17-2 after 8 overs.

16:06 IST: OUT! Review from Joe Root. Original decision is out. And the decision stays. Ishant Sharma strikes from the other end. Traps Joe Root in front of the stumps. Replay clearly shows that the ball was hitting the stumps. Root walks back after scoring 4 runs. ENG 15-2 after 7.1 overs.

15:59 IST: FOUR! First boundary of the morning for England comes from the bat of Alastair Cook. Ishant bowls wide out-side the off-stump and Cook flashes hard. The ball reaches the fence in no time. ENG 10-1 after 5.5 overs.

15:56 IST: Terrific over from Jasprit Bumrah comes to an end. England could have been two down but Joe Root survives. ENG 6-1 after 5 overs.

15:52 IST: Review from India. Original decision is not out. It's a no-ball. Replay clearly shows that Bumrah's front leg was outside the bowling line. Joe Root survives even after the ball strikes his pads right in front of the stumps. Unlucky for Bumrah and team India. ENG 4-1 after 4.3 overs.

15:49 IST: Another Ishant Sharma over comes to an end. Both seamers bowling at a brilliant line and length at the moment. ENG 3-1 after 4 overs.

15:39 IST: OUT! Jasprit Bumrah draws first blood. Misjudgement from Keaton Jennings as he is caught right in front of the stumps. Departs for a duck. Brilliant in-swinging delivery from Bumrah. ENG 1-1 after 2.1 overs.

15:39 IST: First over from Ishant Sharma is a maiden. ENG 1-0 after 2 overs.

15:35 IST: Beaten! Round the wicket from Ishant Sharma and Cook falls for it. Ball goes past the outside edge straight into the hands of wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant. ENG 1-0 after 1.2 overs.

15:34 IST: First over from Jasprit Bumrah produces just one run. Ishant Sharma will share the new ball from the other end. ENG 1-0 after 1 over.

15:32 IST: First runs on the board for England and Alastair Cook. Gets off the mark with a single down to fine leg. Bumrah drifts on to the pads and Cook easily clips it away for a single. ENG 1-0 after 0.2 overs.

15:29 IST: Openers Alastair Cook and Keaton Jennings are at the centre for England. Jasprit Bumrah will start the proceedings for India.

15:06 IST: England have made two changes in the playing XI. Sam Curran and Moeen Ali come in with Chris Woakes and Ollie Pope missing out.

15:05 IST: Playing XI for India unchanged.

15:01 IST: England skipper Joe Root wins the toss, opts to bat first against India in the fourth Test. 

14:55 IST: Pitch report - There is a tinge of green on top of the surface but dryness underneath. The dryness will come into play later on says Sanjay Manjrekar in his pitch report on Day 1.

14:40 IST: Here's a look at the pitch.

14:30 IST: We are 30 minutes away from the toss.

14:15 IST: It's a bright and sunny morning on Day 1 of the fourth Test in Southampton.

14:00 IST: Hello and welcome to the live match updates of Day 1 of the 4th Test between India and England.

On the other hand, England, who won their last encounter against India in Southampton by 266 runs, head into the fourth Test fretting over Jonny Bairstow's fitness. The wicket-keeper batsman broke a finger during the third Test at Trent Bridge and the hosts are still to consider whether they need to bolster their fallible top order. If Bairstow is ruled out completely, James Vince is set for an England recall on his home ground, with one-day wicket-keeper Jos Buttler taking over behind the stumps as happened during the third Test.

With a green-top laid out for the fourth Test, India will once again count on their pacers, who exposed the frailties in England top-order and accounted for 38 out of 46 wickets in the series so far. With the batsmen also finally coming to the party, there is little chance of tinkering with the playing XI. India have yet to field the same side for two consecutive Tests under Kohli's captaincy.

But that could change following a dominant display in Nottingham where, for the second match of the series, Kohli scored exactly 200 runs, including a century, having achieved the same feat in the first Test at Edgbaston. Ravichandran Ashwin's fitness continues to be a concern for India. He played through a hip stress during the Nottingham Test. So, Ravindra Jadeja has been gearing up with both bat and ball, hoping for a first call-up in this series just in case Ashwin isn't available at toss time.

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