India vs Australia Highlights, 1st Test Day 5: India Beat Australia By 31 Runs, Take 1-0 Series Lead

Updated: 10 December 2018 11:42 IST

This is the first time India have won an opening match of a Test series in Australia.

India vs Australia Highlights, 1st Test Day 5: India Beat Australia By 31 Runs, Take 1-0 Series Lead
India won the Adelaide Test against Australia by 31 runs. © AFP

Ravichandran Ashwin took the last wicket as India beat Australia by 31 runs at the Adelaide Oval on Monday to take a 1-0 lead in the four-match Test series. By virtue of this victory, India registered their first win on Australian soil in 10 years. Mini-partnerships between Australia's tailenders on the final day of the Test frustrated the Indian bowlers as they had to wait for a memorable victory. This was also the first time that India have won an opening Test of a series in Australia. Tim Paine (41), Pat Cummins (28), Mitchell Starc (28), Nathan Lyon (38) and Josh Hazlewood (13) played brilliantly to take Australia close to the target but it wasn't enough for the hosts to record a win. Australia put up a brilliant rearguard, with their final six wickets making India earn every bit of their success. After this win, Virat Kohli became the first Indian captain to win Test matches in Australia, England and South Africa. Rahul Dravid and MS Dhoni captained India to Test victories in England and South Africa but nerver in Australia. India also became the second Asian side to win the first Test of a series in Australia after Pakistan won the MCG Test in 1978/79 (series 1-1). India's Cheteshwar Pujara was adjudged man of the match. Ashwin, who took six wickets in total in the two innings, registered his best match figures in Australia. (SCORECARD)

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Highlights between India vs Australia, 1st Test, Day 5, straight from Adelaide Oval

10:45 IST: Thank you for joining our live coverage of the Adelaide Test. Do tune back for the second Test, starting December 14.

10:41 IST: India beat Australia By 31 runs for 1st Test win Down Under in 10 years.

10:40 IST: And it is all over!! Ashwin takes the last wicket as Hazlewood edges the ball to KL Rahul to complete the catch at the slips.

10:37 IST: This tweet from Shane Warner has the feels.

10:36 IST: FOUR!! Bumrah bowls short, Hazlewood bends back and guides the ball over the slips for a boundary.

10:34 IST: Lyon takes a single off Bumrah and there is another round of applause. This has been an interesting post-lunch session. What an intriguing game of cricket this is turning out to be.

10:30 IST: Australia now need 40 runs to win. There is a round of applause from the crowd at Adelaide every time Lyon or Hazlewood is defending the ball. Their partnership is now worth 24 runs.

10:29 IST: FOUR!! Lyon attempts the punch the ball through the off side but manages a thick edge as the ball flies through gully and into the third man boundary.

10:27 IST: Another frontfoot no ball from Ishant and he can't believe it. Captain Kohli is not at all impressed.

10:26 IST: Brilliant batting from Lyon and Cummins. Rotating the strikes with ease and not taking any unnecessary risks.

10:24 IST: Ishant bowls on the pads, Nathan Lyon flicks it through the midwicket for a run.

10:22 IST:  Australia's target is now less than 50 runs. Both Lyon and Hazlewood are delaying the inevitable. 

10:20 IST: R Ashwin has bowled 50 overs. The first to bowl 300 balls in a 4th innings vs Australia since Lance Gibbs, for the Windies in Feb 1961.

10:13 IST: CLOSE!! Ashwin gets some bounce off the pitch as the ball hits Hazlewood high on the bat. The ball flies past Rahane at slips. Hazlewood survives. Australia need 53 runs.

10:09 IST: Josh Hazlewood fends off an Ishant Sharma delivery and gives the strike back to Lyon.

10:08 IST: The second session has been extended as India push for the final wicket.

10:07 IST: Ishant Sharma has been brought back in the attack. Can he end Australia's misery and give India their first-ever opening Test victory of a series in Australia?

10:06 IST: Australia 267/9, need 56 runs to win with one wicket in hand.

10:01 IST: FOUR!! Bumrah bowls short and Lyon pulls the ball in front of the square with authority. Kohli is not impressed.

09:56 IST: Most batsman out caught in a Test:
34 South Africa vs Australia (2018)
34 Australia vs India (2018)
33 Australia vs India (1992)

09:55 IST: Josh Hazlewood is the new man in.

09:52 IST: OUT!! Cummins' innings come to an end, He departs for 28 off 121 balls. While Bumrah is relieved to have the wicket, Kohli, who took the catch in the slips, is absolutely pumped. Throws the ball on the ground with force after completing the catch. India a wicket away from the victory.

09:45 IST: FOUR!! Bumrah bowls short outside off and Lyon carves this over point off the backfoot.

09:39 IST: DROPPED!! Pant drops Nathan Lyon on 7. Had Pant taken the catch, India would edge closer to the win and Pant would've held the record for most dismissals in a Test. Lyon went searching for the ball outside off and managed only an edge. Pant dives to his right but fails to hold onto the ball.

09:30 IST: FOUR!! Shami bowls full and Cummins leans forward and drives it with utmost nonchalance. The ball races away to the fence.

09:25 IST: Ashwin nearly gets Cummins. Some extra turn and bounce for Ashwin with this one, got it to jump on Cummins's forward defence. It went quickly to Rahul's right and he stuck his hand out but couldn't hold on.

09:23 IST: Nathan Lyon is the new man in.

09:21 IST: STAT alert -- Most dismissals by a wicket-keeper in a Test:
11 J Russell vs South Africa (1995)
11 AB de Villiers vs Pakistan (2013)
11 R Pant vs Australia (2018)

09:20 IST: OUT!! Shami gets the breakthrough. Starc attempts the drive on the up but only gets an edge. Pant completes a regulation catch behind the stump. India 2 wickets away from win. 

09:10 IST: Time for drinks -- Australia 224/7, need 99 more runs to win. Pat Cummins 16*, Mitchell Starc 25* -- their partnership is now worth 37 runs.

09:07 IST: Australia now need 100 more runs and India need three wickets to win. Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc are out in the middle.

09:05 IST: FOUR! That was absolutely crunched by Starc. Not one fielder moved an inch as the ball raced away to the fence. Shami bowls full outside off and Starc takes a big stride forward and puts the ball away. That was immaculate.

09:02 IST: Play and a miss! Pat Cummins goes for the big heave and misses the ball by miles. Both batsmen will have to avoid these kind of reckless shots if they are to have any chance at salvaging this Test.

08:53 IST: Australia 213/7, need 110 more runs to win. The Australian tail is holding the fort here.

08:51 IST: FOUR! Cummins drives a fuller delivery from Shami. He gets a thick outside edge and the ball rolls away to the fence. These are crucial runs for Australia.

08:50 IST: Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc are lookin to build a good partnership here and they are definitely not going down without a fight.

08:45 IST: FOUR!! Bumrah offers width, Starc throws his hands at this one and gets a thick edge. The ball flies behind square on the off-side.

08:36 IST: FOUR!! Bumrah bowls full and Starc frees his arms and drills the ball straight down the ground. Ishant Sharma puts in the dive but is unable to cut off the ball. The ball, however, does not reach the fence. But Pat Cummins and Starc run four runs before Ashwin throws it back.

08:32 IST: FOUR!! Bumrah bowls a full and wide of off, Cummins is lured into the drive. He gets a thick outside edge as the ball runs past the fielder at slips.

08:30 IST: Starc gets hit on the helmet by a Bumrah short delivery. He is attended by a physio and there is nothing to worry about.

08:24 IST: STAT alert -- 20 consecutive wickets have been catches in this Test. 32 catches in all so far - the record for most catches in a Test is 34. The next best is 33 that happened in Australia vs India, Perth, 1991-92.

08:16 IST: STAT alert -- Rishabh Pant equals the India record for most wicketkeeping dismissals in a Test. He's one short of equalling the overall record, which is jointly held by AB de Villiers and Jack Russell. Wridhhiman Saha has 10 catches in a match against South Africa in 2018.

08:14 IST: OUT!! India three wickets away from a victory. Short delivery from Bumrah, Tim Paine attempts the pull, miscues and Rishabh Pant takes a good catch. The Australian captain departs for 41. This will be an interesting session.

08:12 IST: Trivia -- To win this Test match, Australia will now have to make the highest winning fourth-innings total at Adelaide. The home side had made 315/6 to beat England way back January 1902.

08:10 IST: Welcome back to the post-lunch session. Ashwin to resume after lunch -- a slip, leg slip and an FSL in place.

07:30 IST: This is lunch! Australia 186/6, need 137 runs to win. Tim Paine (40*) and Pat Cummins (5*).

07:26 IST: Ashwin bowls a maiden over with the new ball and had almost created a chance.

07:18 IST:  India have taken the second new ball with lunch 12 minutes away. Ishant Sharma gets first use of it. Australia 181/6, need 142 runs to win.

07:07 IST: FOUR!! Shami drifts on the pads and Paine just gets inside the line before tickling it fine down the leg-side.

06:59 IST: Rishabh Pant is trying to get under Cummins' skin by being chirpy behind the wickets. 

06:55 IST: FOUR!! Paine plays the delivery with soft hands and the ball rolls away to the fence. That was cheekily done.

06:50 IST: Another review this time from Australia and Pat Cummins survives. There was an appeal for a catch at forward short leg and the umpire raises his finger. However, Pat Cummins opts for the review and DRS overturns the decision. Australia survive a scare and Nigel Llong gets another decision wrong.

06:47 IST: A huge appeal for caught behind from the Indian camp is turned down by the umpire. However, India take the review and the replay shows that the ball did not nick any part of the bat before Pant takes the catch. India lose the review.

06:40 IST: Pat Cummins is the new batsman in.

06:39 IST: OUT!! Jasprit Bumrah has breathed life back into the game. Shaun Mars departs after a fighting 60 and India are sniffing victory here in Adelaide. Back of a length delivery, shapes away a little bit. Marsh defends it but gets the faintest of the faint edge as the Pant complete completes the catch. That was surely a long way back for Marsh. Australia six down, need 167 runs to win.

06:34 IST: The Indian bowlers are trying to create opportunities to take wickets but the Australians are batting very watchfully.

06:20 IST: 150 comes up for Australia, they need 173 runs to win. 

06:12 IST: FOUR!! A full length ball around middle and leg, Shaun Marsh flicks it through the gap at mid-wicket and beats the infield quite comfortably. Doesn't even bother running for it, there was no need to, such was the timing!

06:10 IST: Close!! Shami bowls short and Tim Paine goes for the pull and gloves it past the keeper towards the fine leg area. Pant dives full-stretched but fails to reach the ball.

06:09 IST: FIFTY!! Marsh scores his 10th Test fifty. Ashwin bowls a short delivery and Marsh pulls it through the gap at mid-wicket. Australia need him to stay in the middle.

05:55 IST: Paine chops the short delivery and a misfield by Shami allows them to take two runs, first sloppy effort by India in the field.

05:50 IST: Just one run off the Shami over. Marsh is looking solid in the middle. Can he rescue Australia?

05:45 IST: Mohammed Shami (9.0-3-15-2) is back into the attack. Australia need 199 more runs to win.

05:41 IST: FOUR!! Short and wide from Ishant Sharma and Tim Paine obliges. The batsman, on the backfoot, cuts the ball away for a boundary to get off the mark. These are crucial runs for the hosts.

05:31 IST: Captain Tim Paine is the new man in. 

05:29 IST: OUT!! Ishant Sharma strikes and Virat Kohli is absolutely pumped. A perfect well-directed bouncer from Ishant, Head had no idea where the ball is as he defends it. The ball goes high in the air and Rahane completes the process. What a start for the visitors.

05:23 IST: Australia 111/4 in 55 overs, need 212 runs to win.

05:17 IST: Ashwin floats the ball on middle and leg, Shaun Marsh comes on his front foot and looks to defend but the straighter one induces an edge and lobs towards the vacant short leg region. Had there been a fielder there, this was a straightforward catch

05:11 IST: Three runs have been scored in the first three overs. Michael Clarke is of the opinion that if Marsh and Head are dismissed then it is game over for the hosts.

05:05 IST: Day five session times --

Session 1: 05:00 am IST - 07:30 am IST
Session 2: 08:10 am IST - 10:10 am IST
Session 3: 10:30 am IST - 12:30 pm IST

05:03 IST: R Ashwin starts with a maiden over. Shaun Marsh has negotiated the Indian spinner quite well.

05:00 IST: Shaun Marsh and Travis Head walk out to the middle. R Ashwin to start the proceedings with the ball for India.

04:46 IST:  Shaun Marsh getting into the groove for the final day of the opening Test. The first session of the Adelaide Test might decide the outcome of the game.

04:44 IST: Big bowling day for the Quartet with six Aussie wickets to go.

04:42 IST: The first session of the day will be a big, big one for both teams.

04:40 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the final day of the opening Test between India and Australia.

Australia need to make history to win. The only successful fourth innings Test run chase of more than 300 at Adelaide came in 1902, when the hosts made 315 to beat England, with the biggest in modern times the 239 West Indies managed in 1982. The home side can take some comfort, though, by Western Australia in a domestic match last month scoring 313 to beat South Australia here when Marsh scored 163 not out. Opener Aaron Finch -- who survived being given out lbw second ball when a review showed Ishant Sharma had overstepped the crease -- made just 11 in his second failure of the match. He was caught behind off spinner Ravichandran Ashwin when the ball whistled past his glove. He chose not to review the decision, which was a mistake. Replays showed the third umpire would have overturned it.

Debutant Marcus Harris matched his first innings score of 26, hitting three crunching boundaries before he was caught by Rishabh Pant off Mohammed Shami, getting an edge on an attempted cut shot. Australia desperately needed the experienced Usman Khawaja to stick around but he decided to run down the pitch to an Ashwin delivery on nine and sliced it to Rohit Sharma, who took a difficult catch. And when Handscomb miscued a pull shot off Shami on 14 to Pujara, they were in deep trouble.

Play had started 30 minutes early to make up for rain disruptions on Saturday, with Australia desperate for an early breakthrough to build on the momentum after Virat Kohli fell to Lyon near the close on day three. But two fours from Pujara off Josh Hazlewood in the second over of the day set the tone. The right-hander brought up 50 -- his 20th in Tests -- with a three off Lyon and hardly looked troubled until the off-spinner fooled him half an hour before lunch and Finch caught him off bat and pad.

It was a crucial 87-run partnership with Rahane, who survived a bat-pad catch decision off Lyon on review. The vice-captain rubbed salt in the wound by smacking the next ball for four and brought up his 16th half-century with another boundary. He was eventually out going for a needless reverse sweep off Lyon, with Starc picking up the catch. The aggressive Pant went in search of quick runs as India's lead approached 300, whacking three fours and a six in succession off one Lyon over. But when he went for another big hit and fell for a quick-fire 28, it prompted a collapse from 282 for 5 to 307 all out.

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