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    World Cup 2011 Stats

    Lowest Margin of victory (runs) in ODI

    1England ENGSouth Africa SAMar 06, 2011England beat South Africa by 6 runs6 runs171
    2Pakistan PAKSri Lanka SLFeb 26, 2011Pakistan beat Sri Lanka by 11 runs11 runs277
    3England ENGWest Indies WIMar 17, 2011England beat West Indies by 18 runs18 runs243
    4Bangladesh BANIreland IREFeb 25, 2011Bangladesh beat Ireland by 27 runs27 runs205
    5India INDPakistan PAKMar 30, 2011India beat Pakistan by 29 runs29 runs260
    6West Indies WIIreland IREMar 11, 2011West Indies beat Ireland by 44 runs44 runs275
    7Pakistan PAKCanada CANMar 03, 2011Pakistan beat Canada by 46 runs46 runs184
    8New Zealand NZSouth Africa SAMar 25, 2011New Zealand beat South Africa by 49 runs49 runs221
    9Australia AUSKenya KENMar 13, 2011Australia beat Kenya by 60 runs60 runs324
    10India INDWest Indies WIMar 20, 2011India beat West Indies by 80 runs80 runs268
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