IPL Highlights, Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals: Sanju Samson, Shreyas Gopal Guide Rajasthan To 19-Run Win Against Bangalore

Updated: 15 April 2018 20:52 IST

IPL Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals Highlights: The Virat Kohli-led team lost the match by 19 runs

IPL Highlights, Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals: Sanju Samson, Shreyas Gopal Guide Rajasthan To 19-Run Win Against Bangalore
RCB vs RR, IPL 2018: The match was played at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium. © BCCI

Sanju Samson's breathtaking strokeplay formed the cornerstone of Rajasthan Royals' 19-run win over Royal Challengers Bangalore in a high-scoring IPL encounter on Sunday. Riding on Samson's 45-ball-92, Rajasthan Royals posted a competitive 217 for 4 on a batting belter and then managed to restrict the home team to 198 for 6, earning their second victory in three games. RCB, on the otherhand, slumped to their second defeat in three games despite skipper Virat Kohli (57 off 30 balls)'s first half-century of this edition. It was 'local boy ' Shreyas Gopal who removed a rampaging Kohli in the 11th over to turn the match decisively in his team's favour. Kohli's pull shot was taken at deep mid-wicket by Darcy Short, who timed his jump to perfection. (Scorecard)

Earlier, Rajasthan Royals rode on a magnificent Sanju Samson innings to post a mammoth 217/4 in the 20 overs against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Virat Kohli, winning the toss, put Rajasthan into bat. Ajinkya Rahane and D Arcy Short started steadily and upped the ante as they hit boundaries comfortably. However, Chris Woakes provided the breakthrough and sent a dangerous looking Rahane back in the hut for 37. After Rahane's departure, Short followed suit and returned back to the dressing room. Sanju Samson and Ben Stokes, the two new batsmen at the crease, steadied the innings and scored occasional boundaries to keep the score board ticking. Samson took it on himself and changed gears soon as he sent the RCB bowlers on a leather hunt in the last few overs leaving Virat Kohli unimpressed.

Samson's 92 off 45 balls included 10 sixes and four boundaries, leaving the opposition bowling department in tatters. For Bangalore, Yuzvendra Chahal finished with the figures of 2/22 and on the other hand, Umesh Yadav leaked 59 runs in his four overs. RCB will have to go deep and find their form in order to overhaul a record-chase. However, on the other hand, Rajasthan Royals bowlers will try their hard and stop the RCB top four - Brendon McCullum, Quinton de Kock, Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers -- from going full-throttle. 

IPL 2018 Highlights of Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals straight from M Chinnaswamy Stadium

19:40 IST: Thank you for joining us for the live blog. This is it from Bangalore.

19:32 IST: And this is it! Rajasthan Royals beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 19 runs.

19:30 IST: Three boundaries in the row by Mandeep Singh off Laughlin. Little too late from RCB?

19:27 IST: Last over to go, RCB need 36 runs. Chris Woakes and Mandeep Singh at the crease.

19:24 IST: SIX!! Sundar is turning the heat on at the Chinnaswamy. Brilliant batting from the tail-ender.

19:23 IST: FOUR! Ben Stokes goes wide and full and Sundar gives himself room and slices the ball for a boundary.

19:20 IST: SIX! Short delivery from Laughlin and Washington Sundar slaps the ball over the fielder at long-on who fails to time his jump and palms the ball over the boundary ropes for a maximum. 

19:16: IST: Four! Full and wide from Unadkat, Mandeep gives himself room and slices the ball up in the air over the man in air.

19:15 IST: Four! Bangalore is not giving up yet. Short and wide from Unadkat and Mandeep slams the ball for a boundary in the third-man region.

19:14 IST: SIX! Oh yes! A big one. Short delivery from Jaydev Unadkat and Washington Sundar, the new man in, deposits the ball in the crowd with authority.

19:13 IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore are currently dealing in singles and doubles. They definitely need some big blows.

19:00 IST: OUT! Ben Laughlin gets his name in the list of wicket-takers. Full delivery from Laughlin, Negi, looking to flick, manages a thick outside edge only for Buttler to take an easy catch. Royal Challengers Bangalore slump more in 218 run-chase.

18:53 IST: OUT! Short delivery from Gopal and De Villiers falls. The South Africa pulls with great power, doesn't get the elevation as Unadkat at fine-leg takes a magnificent catch. Rajasthan dug-out is elated! Shreyas Gopal has turned the tide back in RR's favour.

18:50 IST: FOUR!! Unadkat bowls back of a length slower delivery, De Villiers waits and cuts the ball past the man at point. Much-needed boundary for the hosts.

18:45 IST: OUT!! Shreyas Gopal is the man of the moment as he silences the crowd with the big, big wicket of Virat Kohli. Short delivery from Gopal, Kohli rocks back, pulls and sends the ball straight down the throat of D Arcy Short in the deep. Is this the game-changing moment?

18:44 IST: SIX!! Full and outside off, de Villiers clears his leg and lifts the ball over cover for a clean maximum. De Villiers is getting his mojo back.

18:41 IST: SIX! Short and smoked. Gopal bowls slow and short, Kohli waits on the back foot and smokes Gopal straight out of the middle of the bat. Boundaries keep continuing.

18:40 IST: SAFE! Shreyas Gopal tosses the ball up in the air, AB de Villiers, the new man in, dances down  the wicket for the big hoic, misses and Jos Buttler, behind the stumps, fails to collect the ball. Have Rajasthan Royals lost the match?

18:35 IST: OUT!! Short delivery from D Arcy Short, Quinton de Kock gets into position and pulls the ball high in the air. Unadkat, in the deep, takes a good catch. de Kock departs for 26. Royal Challengers Bangalore 81/2 in 8 overs.

18:30 IST: FOUR! Pulled away by De Kock but it will be stopped by the mid-wicket fielder. Seven runs off the over. RCB 71/7 after 7 overs. Kohli 41*, De Kock 24*

18:27 IST: FOUR! And Kohli starts off with a boundary after the strategic time out 

18:21 IST: FOUR! Virat Kohli welcomes Ben Stokes with a boundary. Poor selection of ball, given the fact that Kohli is looking in prime form. Picks up the length early and pulls the ball with authority.

18:20 IST: Royal Challengers 49/1 in 5 overs. Kohli and de Kock have come out all guns blazing as they are sending the Rajasthan bowlers on a leather hunt.

18:12 IST: FOUR! Flatter in trajectory and outside off, de Kock doesn't miss out on it and slaps it through the gap at covers. He joins Kohli in the onslaught.

18:11 IST: FOUR! Short and wide from Gowtham and Kohli punches the ball through the cover. Kohli continues to deal in boundaries. He rocks back and punches the ball with brute force.

18:06 IST: FOUR - FOUR - FOUR!! Virat Kohli begins his innings with three successive boundaries off Dhawal Kulkarni. The Indian captain is not wasting anytime.

18:02 IST: OUT! Short delivery yet again from Gowtham, McCullum gets into position early and pulls it with immense power. However, Ben Stokes, who was present in the deep, times his jump to perfection and takes a blinder as the danger man departs for just four. Brilliant start from Rajasthan.

18:00 IST: FOUR! Gowtham goes short and McCullum is quickly onto in. McCullum rocks back and slaps the ball powerfully through the cover for a boundary. This boundary has set the tone for the match.

17:59 IST: Brendon McCullum and Quinton de Kock are opening the batting for Bangalore. Krishnappa Gowtham is opening the bowling for Rajasthan.

17:58 IST: Hello and welcome back to the run-chase. Will RCB manage to pull off a sensational victory? Let us find out.

17:48 IST: Innings Break!

17:43 IST: SIX!! It is raining sixes here at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium as he Samson gets his 10th maximum.

17:42 IST: SIX! Samson hits his ninth maximum of the boundary as Virat Kohli is not happy with his bowlers.

17:40 IST: SIX! Rahul Tripathi gets in the action as he smokes Umesh Yadav for a huge maximum at the long-on region. Tripathi follows the maximum with yet another boundary on the leg-side. Short delivery and he pulls the ball with glee. Today is not the day for Umesh.

17:38 IST: SIX - FOUR - FOUR !! Samson has changed gears and is sending the bowlers on a leather hunt. First, he goes straight down the ground. He edges the next past the keeper for a boundary and then follows it up with another with a boundary at the sweeper cover.

17:35 IST: OUT! Woakes bowls a low-toss and Buttler, aiming to deposit the ball, gets the toes end of the bat and Kohli at mid-off takes a simple regulation catch. Buttler departs for 23.

17:32 IST: SIX and a SIX! Fuller delivery from Khejroliya, Samson gets underneath the ball and smokes it for a maximum straight down the ground. Khejroliya bowls the same delivery and Samson punishes him, this time the ball is deposited back in the second-tier. MAMMOTH !!

17:29 IST: SIX! Jos Buttler is not among the one, who will sit and watch as he too gets into the act. Back of a length delivery from Woakes and Buttler pummels him for a maximum over McCullum, who is standing at the deep mid-wicket area. Buttler is changing gears now.

17:26 IST: Sanju Samson scores his 8th IPL fifty. Great batting from the youngster.

17:25 IST: SIX! Woakes bowls slow and short, Samson rocks back and deposits the ball in the crowd towards the deep mid-wicket region. Samson is nearing his IPL half-century.

17:19 IST: SIX! Rajasthan Royals get a Free-Hit and Samson makes full use of it. Umesh Yadav bowls a low full-toss and Samson flicks it towards the deep mid-wicket area. Poor bowling performace from Umesh today.

17:16 IST: Rajasthan Royals 129/3 (Samson 34*, Buttler 10*) in 15 overs.

17:12 IST: FOUR! Buttler gets lucky. Negi bowls slower through the air and instigating Buttler to throw his bat at the ball. Buttler, trying to play inside-out, Buttler manages to nick the ball past the keeper as the ball rolls away to the boundary. The ball was very close to the keeper.

17:10 IST: SIX!! Samson welcomes Pawan Negi with a maximum over cow corner. Negi starts with a half-volley and gets punished immediately as Samson, looking in fine touch, smokes the ball out of the park.

17:05 IST: FOUR and FOUR! Jos Buttler, the new man in, slams Chahal for two boundaries in the same over to announces his arrival. Classic Buttler as he gets off the mark in style.

17:03 IST: OUT! Kohli wants a wicket, Chahal gets him a wicket. Chahal slows the ball down and fires it in wide of off, Stokes, down on one knee, tries to fetch it from outside off but only manages to drag the ball back onto the stumps. The leg spinner to a left-hander is always a double-edged sword, this wicket proves it. A big wicket as a healthy partnership was brewing. Chahal also becomes the highest wicket taker for RCB in the IPL.

17:00 IST: 100 comes up for Rajasthan Royals in the 12th over.

16:59 IST: FOUR! Khejroliya bangs the ball in short around middle and leg, Stokes just swivels across and guides the ball towards the fine-leg area for a maximum. Excellent timing from the Englishman.

16:58 IST: FOUR! Back of a length delivery outside of off from Khejroliya. Stokes waits and opens the face of the bat at the last moment to guide the ball away to the boundary.

16:55 IST: SIX! Full delivery from Washington Sundar and Samson stands tall and lifts the ball for a maximum straight down the ground. Effortlessly done.

16:50 IST: FOUR! Short delivery from Umesh Yadav and Stokes pulls it for a boundary to end the over. Eight runs off the Umesh Yadav over.

16:41 IST: SIX! Kulwant Khejroliya goes short and he is dispatched. Sanju Samson, the new batsman, reads the short delivery early, gets into position and pulls the ball with utmost ease as the ball flies towards the deep square leg region for a maximum.

16:35 IST: OUT! Chahal strikes as D Arcy departs. Short and wide from Chahal and Short looking to cut it, edges it back to Quinton de Kock, who takes a good catch. Both the Rajasthan Royals openers are back in the hut.

16:29 IST: OUT! Chris Woakes takes the big wicket of Ajinkya Rahane. A sigh of relief for the hosts. Fuller delivery from Woakes and Rahane, on the back foot, looking to heave miscues as the ball goes down the throat of the fielder at mid-on. A good innings comes to an end.

16:26 IST: FOUR! Now, D Arcy Short gets in the act of scoring runs. Chahal goes full yet again and SHort frees his arm and slaps the ball straight down the ground for a boundary. Rajasthan Royals are upping the ante steady but slowly.

16:24 IST: FOUR!! Yuzvendra Chahal goes full and Rahane sweeps him for a boundary. Injured Rahane is taking the attack to the opposition. Rahane, down on one knee, sweeps Chahal powerfully, top edges the ball for a two-bounce boundary.

16:20 IST: FOUR! Umesh Yadav, the new bowler in, gets whacked for a boundary. Short delivery from the Indian, Rahane reads it early, gets into position and pulls the ball with power for another boundary. There is no stopping the Rajasthan Royals captain, he is on fire!

16:16 IST: SIX!! Washington Sundar goes full and wide but gets punished anyway. Rahane makes room for himself, frees his arm and slams the ball straight down the ground. This shot couldn't have been any better.

16:15 IST: FOUR!! Rahane, down on one knee, sweeps Washington fine for his second boundary. The muscle pulls has no affect on the captain as he looks fit.

16:13 IST: Rajasthan has hit a roadblock to their steady start as Rahane pulls a muscle. Physio is out on the field attending the captain. No worries there as he is back on his feet.

16:10 IST: Rajasthan Royals 8/0 after two overs.

16:06 IST: FOUR!! Rahane welcomes Chris Woakes with a boundary on the leg-side. Length ball from Woakes sits up nicely, Rahane reads it early, leans back a little and smacks the ball over mid-wicket for the first boundary of the innings.

16:04 IST: Wonderful first over from Washington, concedes just a run

16:00 IST: First ball -- Rahane starts with a reverse sweep. Does not connect properly as the ball is cut away by the fielder at point.

15:59 IST: Ajinkya Rahane and D Arcy Short are opening the batting for Rajasthan Royals.

15:58 IST: Washington Sundar is opening the bowling for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

15:40 IST: Rajasthan Royals playing XI: Ajinkya Rahane(c), D Arcy Short, Ben Stokes, Sanju Samson, Jos Buttler(w), Rahul Tripathi, Krishnappa Gowtham, Shreyas Gopal, Dhawal Kulkarni, Jaydev Unadkat, Ben Laughlin

15:38 IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore playing XI: Quinton de Kock(w), Brendon McCullum, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers, Mandeep Singh, Washington Sundar, Chris Woakes, Pawan Negi, Kulwant Khejroliya, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal

15:33 IST: Ajinkya Rahane: "We were looking to bowl first as well. But it doesn't matter; you need to start and end well. T20 is all about giving your best in every over and take it from there. It is all about believing in ourselves and focus on things we can control. Our bowlers did a fantastic job in the last two games, despite all that people say about T20 being a batsman's game. We're playing with the same team."

15:32 IST: Virat Kohli: "We're going to bowl first today as well. As we saw last year, batting first in the afternoon would be a bit tricky. The team is feeling good; the wicket would play much better batting second, especially when one big partnership takes you through. This has become a challenging ground and we're happy to play the waiting game. Momentum is hard to gain, we understand that one game is enough to give you that. Rajasthan are coming off a win too and we need to be brave while making our decisions. Just one change - Pawan Negi comes in for Sarfaraz Khan."

15:30 IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli wins toss, elects to field against Rajasthan Royals

15:15 IST: The two teams arriving at the Chinnaswamy for the match.

15:00 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals.

There are chances that England's Moeen Ali could be pencilled in for the ineffective Sarfaraz Khan. Another alteration could be the inclusion of New Zealand all-rounder Corey Anderson. Coming to the visitors, besides RR captain Ajinkya Rahane and Sanju Samson, who scored 45 off 40 balls and 37 off 22 balls, respectively, would like to continue in similar vein, but beyond them, the batting has flopped.

The likes of big-hitting English wicketkeeper Jos Buttler and Rahul Tripathi and Big Bash famed D'Arcy Short will have to deliver the goods. RRs bowling attack comprising pacers Ben Laughlin and Dhawal Kulkarni had done well to keep DD batsmen in check with their variations.

Ben Stokes, the most expensive signing at the IPL Player Auction 2018, hasn't been in the best of batting form recently, but RR will hope he can start hitting a few balls out of the park soon. He has just managed 21 runs in two games.

When and Where to Watch: Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Rajasthan Royals (RR)

India: TV: Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD (English, Hindi, Tamil). Live Streaming: Hotstar.

UK: TV: Sky Sports 2. Live Streaming: Sky Go and Watch Sky Sports.

Bangladesh: TV: GTV and Star Sports.

USA: TV: Willow TV. Live Streaming: Willow TV Live Online.

Australia: TV: Fox Sports. Live Streaming: Foxtel.

New Zealand: TV: Sky Sport 1. Live Streaming: Sky Go NZ.

South Africa: TV: SuperSport 2. Live Streaming: SuperSport Live Video.

Middle East: TV: OSN Sports Cricket. Live Streaming: OSN Play.

Singapore: TV: Star Cricket.

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