IPL Highlights, MI vs KXIP: Punjab Beat Mumbai By Seven Runs In A Thrilling Contest

Updated: 12 May 2017 00:09 IST

IPL highlights, MI vs KXIP: Punjab beat Mumbai by seven runs.

IPL Highlights, MI vs KXIP: Punjab Beat Mumbai By Seven Runs In A Thrilling Contest
IPL highlights, MI vs KXIP: Punjab beat Mumbai by seven runs to earn two important points. © BCCI

Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) defended their mammoth total of 230 for three as they beat the table-toppers Mumbai Indians (MI) by seven runs in the 51st match of the Indian Premier League at Wankhede on Thursday. Mumbai as always had a flying start to their inning as Parthiv Patel and Lendl Simmons blasted the bowlers all around the park. However, Punjab came back in the game with wickets at regular wickets. Kieron Pollard who scored 50 off the last ball, failed to see his team home in an electrifying contest. Punjab after this win have gained two points and still can make it to the play offs.(SCORECARD)

Catch all the highlights of the match between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab.

00:09 IST: Thank you for reading our live blog. Please come back tomorrow for another game of IPL.

23:56 IST: And it's over, Mohit Sharma bowls a fantastic last over and keep Mumbai Indians short of 7 runs. Mumbai finish 223 for six in 20 overs. Punjab win by 7 runs.

23:51 IST: Six! Pollard swings the bat and sends Mohit Sharma flying out of the mark.

23:48 IST: Mumbai Indians score seven runs off the 19th over. Need more 16 runs in the last over.

23:42 IST: Mumbai Indians need 23 runs in 12 balls​, cracker of a match it is turning out to be.

23:40 IST: Out! Slower delivery from Mohit Sharma, Karn heaves, misses, ball crushes into the stumps. Mumbai stand at 207 for six, 17.5 overs.

23:39 IST: Back-to-back boundaries from Karn Sharma off Mohit Sharma.

23:38 IST: Six! Over pitched ball from Mohit Sharma, Karn Sharma slams the ball straight down the ground, Glenn Maxwell attempting a catch, ball pops out of his hand and goes over the ropes.

23:35 IST: With Pollard the lone warrior, Mumbai need 39 runs in 18 balls​.

23:35 IST: Four! Karn Sharma heaves Sandeep Sharma for boundary on the leg side.

23:34 IST: Six!! Full from Sandeep, Pollards smokes the ball. Sandeep Sharma is being taken to the cleaners.

23:33 IST: Four! Pollard still keeping the chase alive.

23:29 IST: Out!! Wide from Sandeep Sharma, Hardik heaves, edges the ball , Wriddhiman Saha takes a brilliant low catch. Mumbai 176 for five.

23:28 IST: Massive over for Mumbai, score 27 off the Henry over. Mumbai 175 for four.

23:27 IST: Six! Henry is being taken to the cleaners.

23:26 IST: Six! Wide from Henry, Pandya smacks the ball for a maximum.

23:24 IST: Six! Short from Henry, Pollard pulls the ball for a maximum.

23:23 IST: Six! Full length ball from Henry, Pollard says thank you.

23:22 IST: Mumbai now need 83 runs in 30 balls. Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya out in the middle for Mumbai.

23:21 IST: Six! Pollards sends Axar flying in the last ball of the over.

23:16 After 14 overs, Mumbai stand at 137 for four, need 94 runs in 36 balls​.

23:15 IST: Six! Second maximum of the over, this time it's Pollard straight down the ground.

23:14 IST: Six! Hardik Pandya clubs Tewatia straight down the ground for a maximum.

23:11 IST: Out! Rana heaves Axar for a maximum, miscues the ball, Martin Guptill takes a comfortable catch at deep mid wicket.

23:09 IST: Uphill task for Mumbai as they need 111 runs in 48 balls.

23:08 IST: Brilliant over from Tewatia, concedes only three runs and takes a wicket.

23:05 IST: Out! Short from Tewatia, Rohit pulls the ball straight to Guptill. Mumbai 119 for three, 11.4 overs.

23:02 IST: Mix up between the batsmen, Ishant Sharma fails to collect the ball and Rana survives.

22:54 IST: 10 overs gone, Mumbai stand at 108 for two.

22:53 IST: WICKET ! Lendl Simmons takes a shimmy down the wicket, hits Maxwell on the full and Guptill plucks the ball out of thin air on the boundary rope.

22:50 IST: Four! Nitish Rana gets off the mark in style, tucks Mohit Sharma for a boundary on the leg side.

22:48 IST: Out! Mohit Sharma gets his man, sends Parthiv Patel packing. Mumbai stand at 99 for one after 8.4 overs.

22:47 IST: Three in three for Parthiv Patel off Mohit Sharma!

22:46 IST: Four! Slower delivery from Mohit Sharma, Parthiv guides the ball over short third man.

22:45 IST: Four! Getting into the positions early, Partiv runs the ball down to the fine leg.

22:40 IST: HUGE!! Back-to-back maximums off Axar Patel. Lendl Simmons upping the ante.

22:38 IST: Costly drop? Mohit Sharma puts down Lendl Simmons on 44.

22:34 IST: At the end of the powerplay, Mumbai stand at 68 for zero.

​22:33 IST: Six! Lendl targeting Mohit Sharma. 

22:31 IST: Six! Shuffling outside off-stump, clobbers Mohit Sharma for a huge maximum.

22:29 IST: Big over for Mumbai, score 15 runs off Ishant Sharma over.

22:26 IST: Four! Top edge from Parthiv gets him four off Ishant's bowling in the third man region.

22:25 IST: Huge appeal for lbw by Ishant against Simmons, turned down up the umpire.

22:16 IST: Four! Innovation from Simmons - guides Ishant's ball down to the third man region.

22:10  IST: Four and four! Parthiv Patel plays two glorious shots to keep up the momentum.

22:07 IST: After the first over, Mumbai stand at 10 for no loss.

22:06 IST: Sandeep Sharma is leading the bowling attack for Punjab.

22:05 IST: Lendl Simmons and Parthiv Patel have opened the innings for Mumbai.

22:04 IST: Four! Lendl Simmons flicked Sandeep Sharma for a first ball boundary.

​22:03 IST: Welcome back to the second innings.

21:52 IST: Stay tuned for the second innings.

21:51 IST: Punjab post a mammoth total of 230 for three in 20 overs.

21:50 IST: Six! Axar Patel finishes off the innings with a maximum straight down the ground.

21:44 IST: Six! Low full toss from Hardik, Wriddhiman Saha whacks the ball for a maximum.

21:40 IST: Dropped! Short from McClenaghan, Axar swings and Nitish Rana puts down a difficult chance.

21:36 IST: Two overs to go, Punjab stand at 207 for three.

21:31 IST: Crunched! Saha slams Bumrah over mid-off for a boundary.

21:26 IST: Four! Short from McClenaghan and Saha slams the ball for a boundary. 

21:22 IST: Out! Slower ball from McClengahan, Marsh heaves, miscues and Parthiv Patel completes a good catch. Punjab 183 for three after 15.2 overs.

21:21 IST: Free-hit! Good bowling from McClenaghan, concedes only two runs.

21:20 IST: No-ball and six!! Reading the slower ball early, Marsh clubs the ball on the leg side for a huge six.

21:15 IST: Six! Slower half volley from Malinga, Saha smokes it for a maximum.

21:11 IST: After 14 overs, Punjab in command as they stand at 161 for two.

21:10 IST: Six!! This time Shaun Marsh gets into the action and sends the ball high up in the stand.

21:09 IST: Four! Wriddhiman Saha clubs Harbhajan straight down the ground.

21:03 IST: Six! Wriddhiman Saha brings up his sixth IPL fifty with a huge maximum over long on. Punjab 139 for two after 11.4 overs.

20:58 IST: Castled!  Brilliant comeback from Bumrah, trying to run the ball down the third man again, Maxwell misses and the ball crashes into the stumps.

20:57 IST: Four! Cheeky from Maxwell, opens the blade of the bat late and edges the ball down the third man.

20:55 IST: Ten overs gone, Punjab stand at 126 for one.

20:54 IST: Only five runs from the Malinga over.

20:49 IST: Big over for Punjab, score 21 runs off the ninth.

20:48 IST: Six again! Harbhajan is being taken to the cleaners, Maxwell has gone berserk.

20:45 IST: Six! Glenn Maxwell welcomes Harbhjan Singh with back-to-back maximums.

20:43 IST: Six! Maxwell again - this time goes inside-out for the same result.

20:41 IST: Six! Maxwell clobbers Karn Sharma's leg-spinner over long-on for a maximum.

20:36 IST: Four! Wide from McCleanaghan and Saha guides the ball away for a boundary.

20:35 IST: Four! Maxwell plays late, edges the ball for a boundary past the wicket-keeper.

20:34 IST: Cheeky from Saha! sweeps the ball past the short fine leg for a boundary.

20:31 IST: At the end of the powerplay, Punjab stand at 71 for one.

20:29 IST: Out! Going for one too many, Guptill swings hard, sends the ball high up in the air, Hardik Pandya completes a good catch at long on.

20:27 IST: Back-to-back boundaries for Guptill off Karn Sharma.

20:26 IST: Four! Guptill welcomes Karn Sharma with a boundary on the leg side.

20:21 IST: Four! Following the batsman on the leg side, Guptill carves the ball inside out for a boundary through extra covers.

20:20 IST: Expensive over from Malinga, gives away 19 runs.

20:19 IST: Four! Straying on the pads, Saha tucks the ball away for a boundary.

20:18 IST: Four! Slower ball from Malinga, Saha carves the ball lover covers for a boundary.

20:17 IST: Free-hit! Martin Guptill gets just a single, good bowling from Malinga.

20:16 IST: No-ball and a six!! Wide from Malinga, Guptill slams the ball for the first maximum.

20:13 IST: Good comeback from Mumbai. Jasprit Bumrah concedes only three runs. AFter three overs Punjab stand at 32 for no loss.

20:08 IST: Four! Saha slams McClenaghan for back-to-back boundaries.

20:06 IST: Four! A bit of width from Mitchell McClenaghan, Saha deliberately edges the ball towards third man for a boundary.

20:04 IST: Great start for Punjab, after the first over they stand at 13 for no loss.

20:03 IST: Four! Wide form Hardik yet again, Wriddhiman Saha slaps the ball past the point field for a boundary.

20:02 IST: Four! Good shape from Hardik, Guptill heaves, edges the ball over Harbhajan Singh at first slip for his second boundary.

20:00 IST: Four! Wide and full from Hardik, Guptill drives the ball over the in-field for the first boundary of the innings.

19:59 IST: Hardik Pandya is leading the bowling attack for Mumbai.

19:58 IST: Martin Guptil and Wriddhiman Saha are opening the batting line-up for Punjab.

​19:41 IST: Mumbai warming up before their match against Punjab.

19:40 IST: Punjab warming up before their must-win match against Mumbai.

19:38 IST: Playing XI for Punjab:

19:37 IST: Playing XI for Mumbai:

19:34 IST: Team changes -- For Punjab, Ishant Sharma comes in for Swapnil Singh. There are no changes for Mumbai.

19:30 IST: Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma wins toss, elects to field against Punjab.

19:28 IST: It's toss time!

19:11 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the match between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab.

It was Tewatia's leg-spin that proved to be the turning point as KKR, looking all set to romp into the play-offs after Sunil Narine and Chris Lynn carted them around initially, suddenly lost two crucial wickets and could not recover.

Mumbai, on the other hand, went down to Sunrisers Hyderabad, but that doesn't affect their fate since they have already qualified for the knockout stage. However, they surely would be careful about how they fare since losing, like winning, can become a habit.

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