Highlights, India vs Australia, 4th Test, Day 1, Dharamsala: Kuldeep Helps Hosts Bowl Out Visitors For 300

Updated: 25 March 2017 16:53 IST

Australia were bowled out for 300 at the end of the first day's play after winning the toss and opting to bat. Kuldeep Yadav was the pick of the bowlers for India who returned with figures of 4 for 68. India are yet to get off the mark at stumps after facing only one over in the final session.

Highlights, India vs Australia, 4th Test, Day 1, Dharamsala: Kuldeep Helps Hosts Bowl Out Visitors For 300
Kuldeep Yadav was the pick of the bowlers for India against Australia on Day 1. © BCCI

India came back strongly in the last two sessions of the day after the visitors dominated the first session. Australia captain Steve Smith continued his good run with the bat by getting to his 20th century as the visitors were bowled out for 300 at the stroke of stumps. For India, debutant Kuldeep Yadav was the pick of the bowlers who returned with figures of 4 for 68 with Umesh Yadav giving him good support. India are yet to get off the mark at stumps after facing only one over on Saturday.  (SCORECARD)

Get the highlights of India vs Australia, Day 1 in Dharamsala here.

16:33 IST: Thanks for joining in as we look forward to your company tomorrow for the second day's play.

16:32 IST: India 0 for 0 at the end of the first day's play after bowling out Australia for 300.

16:31 IST: KL Rahul survives the only over from Hazlewood. India yet to get off the mark.

16:29 IST: This is a good start by Hazlewood. He is testing KL Rahul here with his line. A couple of balls more for Rahul to negotiate this afternoon.

16:27 IST: Both the Indian openers are out there in the middle. Josh Hazlewood to begin things for Australia.

16:19 IST: India will have to come out and bat for one over.

16:17 IST: Wicket: Bhuvi swings it in and all Lyon could do is hit it straight to the man at square-leg. Australia are bowled out for 300.

16:16 IST: India have taken the new ball. Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes on to the attack.

16:13 IST: Wicket! Wade goes for the sweep but misses the ball completely. The stumps are all over the place as Jadeja picks up his first wicket of the day. Australia lose their ninth wicket.

16:09 IST: Wade comes down the track and hits it straight to Jadeja. The left-arm spinner has a go at the wickets and Wriddhiman Saha behind the stumps was unable to collect the throw. Four over throws!

16:05 IST: Little over three minimum overs left for the day.

15:59 IST: Two back to back boundaries for Nathan Lyon. Australia inch closer to the 300-run mark.

15:53 IST: Matthew Wade takes a single and brings up his fourth fifty in Test cricket.

15:48 IST: Australia 280 for 8 in 82 overs.

15:42 IST: Run Out!  Matthew Wade calls for the single and substitute fielder Shreyas Iyer reacts quickly. Throws down the stumps at one go and O'Keefe is well short of his crease.

15:37 IST: Ashwin comes back on. New ball due after this over.

15:28 IST: Great shot from O'Keefe. Presenting the full face of the bat and gets it past the bowler. Lovely straight drive. Four more!

15:20 IST: Four! Wade goes for the drive and gets it away straight down the ground. Picks up a boundary.

15:18 IST: This time Steve O'Keefe gets into the act. Clips it off his legs for a boundary. Expensive over from Umesh.

15:16 IST: Umesh finds the edge but not carrying to slips. What's more Nair at slips fails to stop the ball and it runs away for a boundary.

15:14 IST: Kuldeep finishes another economical over.

15:09 IST: Umesh Yadav replaces Ashwin at the other end.

15:03 IST: Wicket: Kuldeep bowls the wrong one and Cummins hits it straight back to the bowler. Simple caught and bowled chance and Kuldeep won't drop those. Cummins departs. Visitors 245 for7

14:56 IST: Just as we speak, Kuldeep comes on to the attack, replacing Ravindra Jadeja.

14:54 IST: Kuldeep Yadav yet to bowl after tea. India continue with Ashwin.

14:52 IST: Cummins not holding back here. He is chancing his arm. Two back to back boundaries off Ravindra Jadeja.

14:46 IST: Australia are 222/6 after 65 overs against India on Day 1 of the fourth and final Test.

14:44 IST: SIX over long-on for Pat Cummins! Wow that is some way to get off the mark! 

14:40 IST: And Ravindra Jadeja comes in to roll over his arm

14:38 IST: It is quite overcast right now in Dharamsala. Any chance of rain in this beautiful hill station?

14:35 IST: And it is a maiden over from Ashwin right after tea

14:33 IST: This will be a make or break session for both teams. Wade and Cummins at the crease and Ashwin is bolwing to them

14:31 IST: And the game has restarted after the tea break

14:11 IST: That is tea. What a session it has been for India. The hosts have picked up five wickets in the post-lunch session. Australia 208 for 6 at tea.

14:05 IST: Wicket: Another great delivery. This time from Ashwin. Comes round the wicket and went straight on with the angle. Gets the outside edge and Rahane at first slip makes no mistake. Smith departs after a brilliant 111

13:56 IST: Bowling change. Jadeja replaces Kuldeep Yadav.

13:55 IST: Australia are still maintaining a very good run-rate. They are going at 3.54 runs per over.

13:45 IST: Ashwin replaces Umesh Yadav.

13:43 IST: Kuldeep is bowling beautifully here. Gives it a lot of air and it turns a long way. Wade beaten all ends up.

13:35 IST: Kuldeep bowls it down the leg-side and Smith gets it away for a boundary. Brings up his 20th century. Australia 185 for 5.

13:29 IST: Matthew Wade is the next man at the crease.

13:27 IST: Wicket: That is an absolute ripper from Kuldeep Yadav. Bowled the wrong one and Maxwell didn't pick it. Goes through his defence and cleans him up. Australia lose half their side. What a comeback this has been from India.

13:26 IST: Six! Maxwell goes big and clears the fence easily. Kuldeep won't be disappointed seeing Maxwell going after him.

13:18 IST: Maxwell gets off the mark with a single.

13:15 IST: Big appeal from Bhuvneshwar. Hits Maxwell on the pads but clearly missing leg.

13:14 IST: Maxwell joins his captain Smith.

13:07 IST: Wicket: Beautifully bowled. Tosses it up, drawing Handscomb to the drive and the ball goes between the bat and pad. Kuldeep Yadav picks up his second wicket. Handscomb departs. Australia lose their third wicket after lunch.

12:59 IST: Four! Taken on the full by Handscomb and finds the gap between mid-wicket and short mid-on. Rare loosener from Kuldeep.

12:55 IST: Kuldeep Yadav's reaction after picking up his maiden Test wicket.

12:50 IST: Australia 157 for 3 in 41 overs. Steve Smith 88, Peter Handscomb 2

12:45 IST: Handscomb picks up a single and gets off the mark.

12:39 IST: Peter Handscomb comes out to the middle.

12:37 IST: Wicket: Strangled down the leg side. That was short from Umesh and Shaun Marsh gets a glove to it. Australia lose their third wicket.

12:30 IST: Shaun Marsh is the new man in.

kuldeep yadav bcci

Kuldeep Yadav picked up his maiden Test wicket
Photo Credit: BCCI

12:26 IST: Wicket: Bowled it a bit quicker through the air. Warner goes back and gets the edge. Rahane makes no mistake at first slip. Kuldeep picks up his first wicket in Test cricket.

12:24 IST: Short from Umesh and Smith up to the task. Gets the pull shot out of the bag and picks up a boundary.

12:21 IST: This is a great contest going on. Umesh finds the edge but just falls short of Rahane at gully. Smith survives.

12:20 IST: Great comeback from Smith. Gets it through the on-side region for a boundary.

12:19: IST; Great delivery from Umesh. Back of a length and went straight on. Smith gets beaten.

12:17 IST: Kuldeep to start from the other end.

12:14 IST: India yet to figure out how to get rid of Steve Smith.

12:10 IST: Hello and welcome to the second session of play. Umesh Yadav to start things off for India.

11:34 IST: We will be back in half an hour.

11:32: That is lunch and Australia will be happy with that session. Visitors 131 for 1 at lunch.

11:25: Warner gets it away through short third-man region. Playing the ball late and gets a boundary for his efforts. Also brings up his 24th half-century.

11:24 IST: Kuldeep Yadav making his debut comes on to bowl.

11:22 IST: Australia 120 for 1 after 28 overs.

11:17 IST: Warner just beginning to open his shoulders. This time rocks back and punches it through the covers. Four runs!

11:15 IST: Six! Ashwin gives the ball a bit of air and Warner just hits it through the line. Goes all the way. How costly will that drop catch be for India?

11:11 IST: Warner flashes and flashes hard. Gets a thickish outside edge and runs off for a boundary. Jadeja is the only bowler who has troubled the batsman on occasions this morning.

11:10 IST: Poor bowling from Ashwin. Drops it short and Smith makes full use of the crease. Transfers his weight and punches it through the covers. Four more!

11:08: Four! Smith comes down the track and hits Ashwin straight down the ground.

11:06 IST; Ashwin and Jadeja are bowling well in tandem. The run-rate has come down a bit from 5.00 to just below 4.00 at the moment.

11:02 IST: Jadeja gets it to turn once again. Smith at the moment, playing and missing.

11:00 IST: Smith clips it away for a single and brings up his 21st half-century.

10:56 IST: Excellent ball from Jadeja. Spins away and beats the bat. Smith survives.

10:51 IST: Ravindra Jadeja comes on to the attack and almost straight away creates an opportunity. The ball stopping on Smith, played it early and it loops up in the air. Falls short of mid-on.

10:46 IST: Think India are a batsman short?

10:42 IST: This is very poor bowling. Bhuvi keeps bowling short and it is easy pickings for the Australian captain. Another boundary.

10:38 IST: Smith gets it through point once again. Picks up a boundary. Runs are coming thick and fast for Australia.

10:37 IST: Smith takes a single and brings up the 50-run stand between him and Warner.

10:30 IST: Warner comes down the track and tries to hit Ashwin over the top. Gets a leading edge. Lucky there was no point. Otherwise he would have been out.

10:28 IST: So first change of the morning. Ravichandran Ashwin comes on to the attack.

10:26 IST: Four! Smith cuts and cuts well. Runs coming easily for the Australians.

10:24 IST: So a good start for the Aussies.

10:20 IST: Four! Too straight from Umesh and Smith puts it away for a boundary. Australia bring up their fifty.

10: 11 IST: Two back to back boundaries for Steve Smith. The Australian captain is looking dangerous. Australia 42 for 1 in 7..3 overs.

10: 09 IST: Four! That one bounced from Bhuvi and Warner gets a top edge. Over the slip cordon.

10:07 IST: Four: Bhuvi drifting down the leg side and Warner puts it away.

10:05 IST: So the ball has gone out of shape. The umpires have decided to change it.

10:02 IST: Ajinkya Rahane so far has looked positive with his field placements.

9:56 IST: Bhuvi comes round the wicket this time to Steve Smith. The Australian captain just clips it off his legs for a couple. Strange move considering Bhuvi is getting the ball to move both ways. It just takes leg-before out of the equation.

9:52 IST: Four! Warner gets another one away from the point region. Australia 17 for 1.

9:45 IST: Bhuvneshwar is getting it to move both ways. The first hour would be important for both sides.

9:43 IST: So the Australian captain Steve Smith is out there in the middle. Joins David Warner.

9:41 IST: Bowled! Umesh gets the first wicket. He has gone through Matt Renshaw here. Pitched on a length, just moved back in and it has gone through the gate. India get their first breakthrough. Australia one down.

matt renshaw bcci

That ball went right through Renshaw's defence
Photo Credit: BCCI

9:36 IST: Umesh Yadav to share the new ball with Bhuvneshwar. Both the Australian openers are off the mark.

9:35 IST: Four! Warner goes for the drive and this time gets it off the middle of the bat. 10 runs from the first over.

9:31 IST: First ball and Bhuvneshwar finds the edge. Warner goes for the drive and immediately brings the third slip into play. Karun Nair has dropped the catch. Difficult one though. Australia are away with a boundary.

9:30 IST: So all in readiness for the first ball. Bhuvneshwar Kumar will start the proceedings for India. Warner to take first strike.

9:25 IST: So we are minutes away from the first ball of the Test match. India would look to pick up early wickets. David Warner is due for a big one. India will be well aware of that fact.

9:15 IST: India have decided to go in with five bowlers. On a pitch that looks good for batting, India might need all those five bowlers to come into play.

9:10 IST: Ishant Sharma had bowled a lot of overs in the last Test. It would be harsh to assume that he was dropped from the side after such an effort in the previous Test. Mohammed Shami also misses out. The pitch looks to be a very good batting wicket.

9:02 IST: Australia have gone in with an unchanged side. For India, Kuldeep comes in for Kohli and Bhuvneshwar Kumar replaces Ishant Sharma.

9:00 IST: Australia have won the toss and elected to bat first.

8:57 IST: Ajinkya Rahane will lead India in Virat Kohli's absence. He will be India's 33rd Test captain.

8:56 IST: Kuldeep Yadav would like to make the most of his first opportunity.

8:55 IST: Kuldeep Yadav to make his debut for India.

8:53 IST: Not good news for the Indian team. Virat Kohli has been ruled out of the Dharamsala Test.

8:51 IST: Hello and welcome to the coverage of the fourth and final Test match.

The hosts go into the final Test of the home season with a lot of questions over their team combination. Considering the nature of the Dharamsala pitch, cricket pundits have suggested India go in with five bowlers and five batsmen combination.

Virat Kohli's non availability may solve the problem of plenty for the team management but India would not even like to think on those lines. Mohammed Shami's inclusion in the squad for the final Test means he would most likely make the cut  in the playing XI.

On the other hand, Australia have played well beyond their expectations in the series. Captain Steve Smith and opener Matt Renshaw will again look to hold the fort for the visitors. With the likes of Peter Handscomb and Shaun Marsh getting crucial knocks in the Ranchi Test, it certainly makes a good case for a competitive and intriguing Test.

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