Sourav Ganguly and Brian Lara discuss cricket and more: highlights

Updated: 12 November 2013 23:48 IST

Prince of Port-of-Spain Brian Lara and Prince of Kolkata Sourav Ganguly speak to NDTV's Prannoy Roy in a free-wheeling exclusive chat in Kolkata ahead of Sachin Tendulkar's 200th and final Test in Mumbai. Here are all the highlights from the discussion.

Legendary Brian Lara and Sourav Ganguly discuss with NDTV what's next in store for retiring Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Here are all the highlights from the discussion:


Sourav Ganguly: "I'll just put Sachin a little ahead of Lara because we have played for the same team. Not more than that."


Brian Lara: "Just enjoy the next 5 days of cricket and (if) you have the ability to score 400 runs, go and score 400."


Brian Lara: "I don't think that any cricketer compares with Sachin in terms of a cricket career."


Ganguly: "When you are young you do a whole lot of things, which you realize that you shouldn't have done (Lord's shirt incident)."


Ganguly: "All those who say money is terrible, you make them work five days and don't pay them. They won't turn up."


Ganguly: "My daughter never watched me play Test cricket, but when I played for Kolkata, she would not miss a game."


Ganguly: "I must thank whoever started this IPL. It looks after first class players, that is the biggest plus point."


Ganguly: "T10 cricket? Well I don't think, because you have to give time to people to finish their beer."


Ganguly: "T20 is here to stay, whatever you say, whatever, whether the people like it or they don't like it."


Brian Lara: "T20 has brought a new generation. A whole different ball game and I appreciate that as well."


Brian Lara: "We the purists of the game love the longer format of the game, it is still a spectator sport."


Brian Lara: "If you want to be a great sportsman you got to be able to handle any condition."


Ganguly: "It's going to be hard when India go to SA and play a two-day game and get into a Test match straightaway in Durban."


Lara: "I'll make sure that Sachin fights to get a hundred in Mumbai."


Ganguly: "Umpires around the world have got so much respect for Sachin. Nobody gives a bad decision deliberately."


Lara: "I'm here to see runs, I'm here to see West Indies win, but I'm here to see Sachin play in his last Test innings."


Ganguly: "I am sure Sachin would be nervous, whether he gets to sleep or not, I don't know, it's the way he is thinking."


Lara: "I don't think there is any sportsman, any top sportsman who can tell you that they are not nervous before they do."


Ganguly: "I didn't have a 100 in Eden and I went back home and I couldn't sleep the whole night. Next day, I got the 100."


Ganguly: "Once you get used to the pace, your body starts reacting to it. So it's all about thinking."


Ganguly: "When I walked out against Shoaib Akhtar, I said everyone is watching and now if he hits you, you will look like a fool."


Ganguly: You are more nervous outside. When you go in, you take guard then it's a situation you do or die."


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Lara: "You really can't make a decision on any young player. You have to see them on different conditions."


Ganguly: "Kohli, Dhawan and Rohit Sharma have got the ability to win you games, whether they can do it all conditions time will say."


Ganguly: "If they go and get runs in South Africa whether it's a Kohli or a Pujara or a Rohit Sharma, I would consider them as great."


Ganguly: "I have believed in players who would win you games because everyone will fail."


Ganguly: "I believed in picking the right players and giving them an opportunity which I see a lot in Mahendra Singh Dhoni."


Ganguly: "You can have 4 hours of team meeting, you can practice for 8 hours but if you don't have talent you will not get there."


Ganguly: "I have always believed in that we needed to be a good side overseas."


Ganguly: "Even my maid at home in the morning of the game would say you need to play well."


Ganguly: I didn't worry about the expectations of a billion people, I just wanted to play and do well for myself.


Brian Lara: "Basketball you have to mention Michael Jordan. When you speak cricket, I would speak about Sachin."


Ganguly: "If I would have been in his place, I would have gone a year earlier but that's that way Sachin Tendulkar is."


Ganguly: "For me, it's a right decision Sachin has taken that he is going on a high playing at home."


Ganguly: "Only because he is Tendulkar, he's been given a run for three years than nobody else would have got."


Ganguly: "Sachin is 40 and his feet are as not quick as it used to be. He can still get runs with his experience."


Ganguly: "West Indies still have not done anything to prepare for the future and we are gonna be in a quagmire."


Ganguly: The discipline, commitment and self-confidence in Indian team now originated from that time when Sourav lead the team."


Ganguly: "When I sit back and look at my six years of captaincy, I can be happy that Indian cricket has gone forward."


Ganguly: "I liked Brian Lara even more because he played cricket on his own terms."


Lara: "I enjoyed batting and I have enjoyed my time playing for West Indies. It has been a treat to be an entertainer."


Ganguly: Had a hundred in my first Test. Would have been special to get a hundred in my last Test at Nagpur.


Brian Lara: "Today, a lot of people ask me when am I going to play? They don't realize I am 44."


Brian Lara: "Retirement from cricket is very tough decision because it is not a job you pick up after you leave school."


Ganguly: "It is important to be honest. So many people are listening and you actually want to tell what is the right thing."


Ganguly: "Happiness, money aren't related. My thing of doing commentary was to watch cricket live and that gave the most satisfaction."


Ganguly: "You get what you put in. Same for everyone else Some are slightly more gifted like a Tendulkar or a Lara, may be a Ponting."


Ganguly: "You get what you put in. Same for everyone else. Some are slightly more gifted like a Sachin Tendulkar or a Brian Lara, may be a Ricky Ponting."


Lara to NDTV: "You don't work out and practice for people to see. You put the work in and you get the results out in the middle."


Brian Lara: "I am not a gym fanatic but I liked running. I used to do my work when the pairing eyes were not watching. I had it easy during my playing days."


Ganguly: "It was a perception that I hated to train during my playing days."


Sourav Ganguly: "I am sure Indian cricket will use him because Tendulkar has been a huge ambassador for the sport."


Brian Lara to NDTV: "Sachin is going to want to know what to do on 19th or 20th. He is going to quickly find his feet. He is a successful man."


"There is lot more to life and I am happy that I called quits. I had enough energy to move on to other things. Got another daughter": Lara


"Thank God, I was watching and not on the field because it is better. If you got tired, you could go off to sleep": Ganguly to NDTV on Lara's 400.


They said when Brian Lara bats, he walks on the sky...He is so good: Sourav Ganguly


Scoring a Test 400 vs England, I think these things are more destiny than anything else: Brian Lara.

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