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India vs Australia Highlights, 1st Test Day 4: India On Top As Australia Falter In Chase Of 323

Updated: 09 December 2018 13:19 IST

Highlights India vs Australia: Mohammed Shami and Ravichandran Ashwin picked up two wickets each, while Shaun Marsh and Travis Head remained unbeaten at stumps on Day 4.

India vs Australia Highlights, 1st Test Day 4: India On Top As Australia Falter In Chase Of 323
India vs Australia: Shami ended day 4 of the Adelaide Test with figures of 2/15. © AFP

The fourth day of the first Test saw Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane extend India's lead past 300 as both of them countered the Australian bowling attack and played brilliant shots. However, Nathan Lyon ran through India's middle order as he returned with figures of 6/122, with India being bowled out for 307 in their second innings. The post-lunch session saw the downfall of the Indian innings as they gifted away the wickets -- losing four wickets in their last 29 balls for 4 runs. In reply, Australia survived a huge scare in Aaron Finch with him being getting dismissed LBW by Ishant Sharma. But a successful DRS review gave Finch a life. The hosts were off to a bright start following that, but R Ashwin ended Finch's stay in the middle. Marcus Harris resisted the Indian bowlers for a few overs before falling to Shami. Shaun Marsh and Travis Head remained unbeaten when stumps were drawn, with the visitors requiring another 229 runs to win with six wickets in hand. (SCORECARD)

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Highlights between India vs Australia, 1st Test, Day 4, straight from Adelaide Oval

13:05 IST: Thank you for joining us for the 1st Test Day 4 blog. Do tune back in for the last day's action.

13:04 IST: STUMPS Day 4 -- Australia 104/4 (Marsh 31*, Head 11*; Shami 2/15) need 229 runs to win.

12:55 IST: Australia 103/4, need 220 runs to win with six wickets in hand.

12:54 IST: FOUR!! Bumrah bowls full and on the pads. Marsh keeps his head still and flicks it with great power. The timing on that shot was immaculate. 100 comes up for Australia as well.

12:50 IST: Murali Vijay bowls short and wide. Head rocks back and cuts it for two runs.

12:48 IST: Murali Vijay bowls a flighted delivery. Head prods forward to defend and is beaten. The ball takes enough turn to beat the outside of the bat. That was so close.

12:47 IST: A maiden over from Bumrah. Marsh did not take unnecessary risk of scoring runs.

12:44 IST: Jasprit Bumrah is back on the field and is bowling.

12:42 IST: Murali Vijay concedes just one run from his first over. Travis Head watchfully defended each and every ball he faced.

12:39 IST: Murali Vijay has been introduced in the attack.

12:35 IST: FOUR!! Shami offers width and is punished immediately. Travis Head flashes his bat hard at the ball and it races away to the fence.

12:29 IST: With just nine overs left in the day, Marsh is aiming to play out the balls and keep his team in the contest. However, is eyeing every opportunity to put away a bad delivery.

12:20 IST: 12 overs left in the day's play, Australia 85/4, need 238 more runs to win.

12:18 IST: Jasprit Bumrah is walking off the field after suffering an injury. Let's hope it is temporary.

12:12 IST: OUT!! Mohammed Shami gets the breakthrough. The short delivery from Shami hits Handscomb high on the bat as he attempts the pull. The miscued shot gets nestled into Pujara's hand at mid-wicket. A soft dismissal. The Indians have something to cheer about. Is this the opening the visitors were looking for?

12:05 IST: FOUR!! Ashwin bowls a tossed delivery outside off, the length is pretty full so Marsh gets on top of the drive, and times the drive through cover.

11:55 IST:  Both players are playing with intent and look positive. The Indian bowlers have a tough task at their hands.

11:41 IST: 20 overs left in the day's play. Australia 72/3, need 251 runs to win.

11:37 IST: Shaun Marsh and Peter Handscomb have defied India before. In Ranchi last year, the pair added 124 in 62.2 overs to secure a draw. Will we see a repeat performance?

11:28 IST: FOUR!! Bumrah bowls a short pitch delivery and Handscomb rolls his wrists and pulls it in front of square on the on-side, beats the fielder getting across from deep square leg.

11:15 IST: OUT!! Ashwin gets his second wicket of the day. Ashwin bowls on middle and off, Khawaj shimmies and goes over the top. His miscued shot is caught by Rohit in the deep. This was terrible batting from Khawaja. Australia three down, need 263 runs to win. 

11:08 IST: 28 overs left in day 4 of the opening Test, Australia need 264 runs. 

10:58 IST: FOUR!! Ashwin bowls short and Marsh rocks back and cuts the ball with power for a boundary. He looks in good touch. Ashwin, on the other hand, hasn;t been able to contain the flow of runs.

10:53 IST: Ashwin drops this one short. Shaun Marsh, the new man in, pulls but doesn't quite times it. Nevertheless gets three runs.

10:47 IST: OUT!! Short and wide, Harris goes for the cut and edges it for Pant behind the wickets. He is frustrated. Shami gets the breakthrough. Virat Kohli is pumped. That was brilliantly done by Shami. Australia lose their second.

10:42 IST: Shami bowls full and Khawaja drills it straight down the ground. Ishant chases and cuts it off. Khawaja gets three more runs. Australia need 279 runs.

10:38 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Harris. Ashwin bowls on the off-stump, Harris swivels and whips the ball through the mid-wicket.

10:36 IST: FOUR! Ashwin offers width outside off, Harris, on the front foot, drives him through the covers. That ball raced away to the rope.

10:34 IST:  DROPPED! Shamis bowls outside off, Harris went hard at it, manages a thick outside edge and flies past Pujara at first slip. Pujara dives full length but manages only his fingertips. Harris gets three runs as the ball runs down to the third man area.

10:30 IST: Welcome back to the final session of the day! This is going to be a big final session for both sides. Shami to start. One slip and two gullies for Marcus Harris.

10:10 IST: This is tea! Australia 28/1, need 295 more runs to win.

10:08 IST: OUT!! Ashwin gets the big fish, Aaron Finch departs for 14. Ashwin gets a bit of bounce and the ball hits him on the pads and then brushes off his gloves to go up in the air only for Pant to complete the catch.

09:57 IST: FOUR!! Ishant bowls full and wide, Finch frees his arms and drives it handsomely for a boundary. Top shot.

09:53 IST: Ashwin introduced early in the game and concedes just two runs in his first over.

09:48 IST: FOUR! Short and wide from Ishant Sharma and Marcus Harris, down on one knee, cuts the ball behind backward point for a boundary. That ball rocketed away to the fence. What a shot that was.

09:42 IST: Harris goes for the drive and misses the ball by a couple of inches. A little nick would've brought an end to this innings. Finch has a wary smile on his face on the other end.

09:40 IST: Australia 7/0 after 5 overs, need 316 runs to win.

09:25 IST: Australia are treading slowly in their run-chase after surviving a scare early in thier innings.

09:17 IST: Same delivery and Finch gets rapped on the pads again. A loud appeal from the Indian camp doesn't interest the umpire. It is all happening here at the Adelaide Oval.

09:16 IST: CLOSE!! Aaron Finch survives a scare. Ishant bowls an inswinger, Finch misses and gets rapped on the pads. After being adjudged out, Finch takes the review and it was a front-foot no ball. What a cracking start we have.

09:15 IST: Welcome back! Aaron Finch and Marcus Harris in the middle and Ishant Sharma will start the proceedings for India.

09:10 IST: Australia need 323 runs to win and if they manage to chase the total down, it will be the highest fourth innings chase on this ground.

09:06 IST: And it is all over! Starc gets the last wicket as he dismisses Ishant for a duck. A well directed short ball couldn't be handled by Ishant and Finch at forward short leg takes an easy catch.

08:58 IST: FOUR byes Starc is struggling to control the ball. A big wide down the leg side. Tim Paine gives it his all but is unable to stop it. Valuable runs for India as they are crumbling down here.

08:52 IST: Bumrah, the new man in, prods forward and defends the ball. Lyon misses out on a hat-trick.

08:51 IST: OUT!! A careless shot by Shami. He comes down the track and lifts Lyon over mid-wicket and finds Harris at the boundary. LYON ON A HAT-TRICK. India 9 down.

08:49 IST: OUT!! Lyon is turning the game around for Australia. Rahane attempts the reverse sweep, finds Mitchell Starc at the point. A five-wicket haul for Lyon. Rahane departs for a well-made 70 as India lose their eighth.

08:44 IST: OUT!! R Ashwin departs in search of quick runs. Starc bowls a short delivery, Ashwin swivelled across on the pull, doesn't get on top of the bounce, as a result - the top-edge is found and it's straight down the throat of Marcus Harris at deep square leg.

08:30 IST: That was a stumping chance, but Lyon's turn and bounce was too much for everyone, Ashwin came down the track, got done in by the off-break, played all around it and missed, so did the keeper and the end result is three byes.

08:28 IST: India extend their lead to 300.

08:20 IST: OUT!! After going for 18 in his last over, Lyon gets his revenge, dismisses Pant for 28.

08:15 IST: SIX! This is huge. Pant goes through with the slog sweep and the ball is deposited into the crowd. What an amazing start this is for the tourists. 18 runs off the Lyon over and Pant is enjoying his time out in the middle.

08:14 IST: FOUR! Flighted delivery from Lyon and Pant this time goes over the infield for a boundary. Catch it was the call but it was far from Pat Cummins. A hat-trick of boundaries for the left-hander.

08:13 IST: FOUR! Same delivery, same result and Pant has a smile on his face. Lyon is left frustrated.

08:12 IST: FOUR! Pant shimmies down the wicket and slams Lyon through the leg side for a boundary. It seems Pant has made up his mind to attack the Australian bowling unit.

08:10 IST: Alright, time for second session. Pant and Rahane come out to bat and Lyon to continue for Australia. India have a lead of 275 runs.

07:30 IST: That's lunch on Day 4 -- India 260/5, lead Australia by 275 runs.

07:24 IST: FOUR!! Pant measures the ball and pumps it towards the cow corner for a boundary. Lyon is not happy with himself.

07:14 IST: OUT!! Rohit Sharma's stay in the middle is cut short by Lyon, who takes his second wicket of the day. ROhit prods forward sin defence but the ball has enough bounce to hot him high on the bat and Peter Handscomb at silly point shows great anticipation and lunges forward to complete a one-handed catch. India are five down.

07:10 IST: Fifty for Rahane off 111 balls with six boundaries. Short delivery from Hazlewood and Rahane pulls it away with authority.

07:07 IST: FOUR!!  The ball was floated up by Lyon and Rahane came down the track once again, got to the pitch and hoisted it over mid-wicket. Rahane has looked in the zone in this innings.

07:05 IST:  The last time Australia chased down 250+ in 4th innings at home was in the New Year's Test at the SCG in 2006 against South Africa.
The top seven read: Justin Langer, Matthew Hayden, Ricky Ponting, Brad Hodge, Mike Hussey, Andrew Symonds and Adam Gilchrist.

07:01 IST: Hazlewood bowls a good short ball, well-directed and Rahane swivels on the back foot to hook this towards deep backward square leg. India extend their lead to 250.

06:59 IST: Rohit Sharma is the new batsman in.

06:58 IST: OUT!! Lyon gets the first breakthrough and the big fish as well. Pujara departs for a well-made 71. Lyon hits the right patch and the ball gets enough bounce to hit Pujara on his gloves and Finch takes an easy catch at forward short leg. Gets a huge round of applause from the fans as he walks off the field.

06:47 IST: Rahane charges down the track and creams the drive back past the bowler. Easily past mid-off but the ball stops just inside the fence. Rahane gets three runs.

06:42 IST: India are slowly inching towards the 250-run mark lead and it seems that the match is getting away from Australia's grip.

06:38 IST: FOUR!! Short and wide from Starc, the response from Pujara is a fiery slap-cut over backward point. The ball flies over the infield and reaches the fence in no time. This is some batting display from the Indians.

06:35 IST: FOUR! Starc is struggling with control. Another inswinger has gone wrong and it's way down the leg-side. Tim Paine gets a hand on it but still cannot prevent it from reaching the fine leg fence.

06:27 IST: Four byes! Starc drifts on the leg side and the ball misses the target and goes even further, away from the reach of the keeper. Poor delivery.

06:25 IST: FOUR!! Mitchell Starc bowls full and gets punished immediately. Rahane transfers his weight on the front foot and punches the delivery staright down the ground.

06:24 IST: New ball taken and Mitchell Starc has been  brought back in the attack.

06:16 IST: The players take drinks. New ball due in one over, should be an interesting passage of play.

06:13 IST: FOUR!! Pat Cummins bowls a short delivery and Pujara easily puts it away. Cummins has been bowling a lot of short deliveries today.

06:05 IST: 200 comes up for India. Both the batsman are looking confident and it is good signs for India.

06:00 IST: 50 partnership for Pujara-Rahane. India's lead swells to 212.

05:55 IST: FOUR!! Pat Cummins is sent to the sweeper cover boundary with authority. Rahane stands tall and hits the ball on the up. That was exquisite.

05:50 IST: India now have extender their lead to 200.

05:50 IST: Close! Huge appeal for LBW and the on-field umpire raises his finger. Rahane opts for the review and the replay shows that the ball was missing the stumps. Must be frustrating for Lyon.

05:42 IST: Stat alert: There have been only four targets higher than 187 successfully chased down at the Adelaide Oval - only one of those by Australia which came way back in Jan 1902, 116 years ago.

05:34 IST: FOUR! Lyon bowls a shot delivery and Pujara punces on it quickly, pulling it through mid-wicket area for a boundary.

05:30 IST: 50+ in both innings of a Test for Pujara:
52 & 82* vs Australia (Delhi 2013)
62 & 78 vs New Zealand (Kanpur 2016)
83 & 54* vs Bangladesh (Hyderabad 2017)
123 & 50* vs Australia (Adelaide 2018)

05:23 IST: FOUR!! Short by Starc with a bit of width. Rahane waits and slaps it through the off-side for a boundary. That was thunderous.

05:21 IST:  He became the third Indian to reach two fifty-plus scores in the same game. Mohinder Amarnath was the first player to achieve this feat. India extend their lead to 180.

05:20 IST: FIFTY!! Short delivery from Lyon, Pujara waits and then cuts it past point to collect three runs and also bring up his 20th Test fifty. What a wonderful innings this has been from the right-hander.

05:17 IST: Nathan Lyon is introduced early in the game. One slip, short leg and a leg slip for the bowler. His battle with Pujara will be interesting to witness.

05:15 IST: The Australian players are wearing black armbands.

05:08 IST: FOUR!! Back-to-back boundaries for Cheteshwar Pujara off Josh Hazlewood. The first one was driven gloriously through the cover and the second one was edged past the fielder at gully. He looks in good touch. Pujara is two away from his 20th Test fifty.  

05:04 IST:  Mitchell Starc begins with a maiden over.

05:01 IST: First ball -- A dipping low full toss on middle and leg from Starc and Rahane defends it with utmost ease.

05:00 IST: India 250 & 151/3 in 61 overs (Pujara 40*, Kohli 34) lead Australia (235) by 166 runs. Mitchell Starc to start the day for Australia. Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane in the middle for India. "Huge first session," says Michael Clarke on air.

04:58 IST: Shane Warne has some morning wisdom for Kuldeep Yadav.

04:56 IST: The magnificent Adelaide Oval scoreboard tells the story heading into day four.

04:55 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of day 4 of the opening Test between India and Australia.

Australia were dismissed for 235 just before lunch, with Travis Head top scoring on 72 on a day hit by rain delays, leaving them 15 runs adrift. India got off to a solid start, with KL Rahul and Murali Vijay enjoying a 63-run partnership. Both failed to fire in the first innings and are battling for one opener's spot once the injured Prithvi Shaw is fit again.

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