India vs West Indies, Highlights: Kuldeep Yadav, Ravichandran Ashwin Spin India To Victory

Updated: 01 July 2017 02:24 IST

Highlights, India vs West Indies: India beat West Indies by 93 runs in the second ODI at Antigua.

India vs West Indies, Highlights: Kuldeep Yadav, Ravichandran Ashwin Spin India To Victory
Highlights, India vs West Indies: Umesh Yadav picked up the first wicket for India © AFP

West Indies were never really in the run chase as the hosts lost wickets at regular intervals. Jason Mohammed (40) and Rovman Powell (30) looked good for a brief period but nothing that would suggest that they would have taken the match away from the Indians. For the visitors, Ravichandran Ashwin was the pick of the bowlers who returned with figures of 3 for 28 as Kuldeep Yadav gave him good support by picking up three wickets as well. West Indies were bowled out for 158 as India go 2-0 up in the series by winning the second ODI by 93 runs. Earlier, the Indian batsmen found going difficult on a slow pitch but Mahendra Singh Dhoni's 78 and Kedar Jadhav's quick-fire 40 helped India reach 251 at the end of the 50 overs. (Scorecard)

Highlights and update from the match between India and West Indies straight from Antigua

02:08 IST: So India win the match by 93 runs. Take a 2-0 lead in the series.

02:07 IST: Kedar Jadhav comes on to the attack and strikes in his first ball. Kesrick Williams was the last man to get out.

02:06 IST: Wicket: Another one bites the dust. Miguel Cummins departs, Ashwin picks up his third wicket. West Indies have lost their ninth wicket.

01:59 IST: Wicket! Mohammed goes for the sweep but misses the ball altogether. Struck right in front of his stumps and the umpire raises the finger. Kuldeep picks up his third wicket.

01:54 IST: West Indies 151 for 7 in 35 overs.

01:48 IST: Wicket: Ashley Nurse's short stay at the crease comes to an end. Ashwin picks up his second wicket of the match. West Indies are seven down.

01:46  IST: Four! Full from Ashwin and Ashley Nurse hits it straight through the line over mid off.

01:42 IST: Wicket! Powell tries to clear the field but gets a top edge and Pandya gets under the ball and takes a skier. Kuldeep picks up his second wicket. West Indies lose their sixth.

01:37 IST: So a couple a quiet overs from India. A maiden from Ashwin followed by a one-run over by Kuldeep.

01:31 IST: Four! This time Pandya goes full and Powell hits it over mid off for a boundary.

01:29 IST: Four! Short from Pandya and Powell pulls it in front of square for a boundary.

01:22 IST: Four! Similar shot and similar result. Powell is flirting with danger at the moment.

01:22 IST: Four! Powell goes for the pull, gets the top edge and it flies over the top of the keeper for a boundary. Umesh would consider himself unlucky there.

01:17 IST: Umesh finds the edge and with no slips in place, it runs away for a boundary. Mohammed survives.

01:15 IST: Umesh Yadav replacing Kuldeep Yadav.

01:11 IST: Four! Powell slog sweeps and finds the gap in the deep. Kuldeep has looked impressive so far but not on that occasion. 

01:11 IST: 100-up for West Indies in the 23 over.

01:07 IST: West Indies 97 for 5 in 22 overs.

01:04 IST: West Indies are struggling in the run chase. They have lost half their side.

00:59 IST: Rovman Powell is the new batsman.

00:57 IST: Wicket: Ashwin picks up a wicket in the first over. Jason Holder has to take the long walk back. Stumped by Dhoni down the leg-side.

00:55 IST: The track has eased out a lot under the sunshine. Ravichandran Ashwin comes on to the attack.

00:50 IST: Four! Short from Kuldeep and Mohammed rocks back and cuts it through point.

00:45  IST: So the West Indian captain makes his way to the middle. Jason Holder would look to take on the left-arm spinner Kuldeep Yadav.

00:44 IST: Wicket: Quick ball and Shai Hope trying to play the hook shot was in no position at all and at the end scoops an easy catch to the bowler. Pandya picks up his second wicket.

00:31 IST: So the first hour of play has gone India's way. West Indies, however got off to a decent start before losing Kyle and Chase in quick succession.

00:31 IST: Four! Jason Mohammed gets off the mark with a boundary.

00:28 IST: Wicket: Kuldeep Yadav cleans up Roston Chase. West Indies lose their third wicket.

00:24: Kyle's wicket brings Roston Chase to the crease.

00:23 IST: Wicket! Hardik Pandya strikes for India. Kyla Hope goes for the hook but gets the top edge and Kedar Jadhav at deep backward square-leg makes no mistake.

00:22 IST: Four! Kyle wanted to leave that one but hangs his bat over his shoulders. Gets the edge and it runs away to the boundary.

00:20 IST: After 12 overs, West Indies are 49 for 1.

00:18 IST: Kuldeep Yadav from the other end.

00:14 IST: Hardik Pandya comes on as the first change bowler.

00:11 IST: Just as we speak, Umesh finds the edge but it goes between the slip cordon. Shai Hope survives and to make matters worse for the bowler, it goes for a boundary.

00:09 IST: West Indian batters have not really looked to break free either. It is a slow start but considering it is not a big total that they are chasing, they can always make up. Wickets in hand might be key in the run chase.

00:06 IST: The Indian bowlers have kept things tight in the first half an hour of the West Indian innings.

23:57 IST: Four! Short and wide from Bhuvi and Kyle cuts and cuts well. Good effort by Ashwin in the boundary but couldn't prevent the boundary.

23:48 IST: Only three runs coming of that Umesh over.

23:43 IST: West Indies 14 for 1 in 3 overs.

23:42 IST: Terrible mix up between Kyle and Shai Hope and the former survives a scare. A direct hit and he would have been back to the pavillion.

23:37 IST: Shai Hope is the new man in for West Indies.

23:35 IST: Wicket! Umesh Yadav goes round the wicket and Lewis was a little bit late in putting the bat down. Crashes into the off-stump. Great start for India. West Indies lose their first wicket.

23: 33 IST: Umesh Yadav to share the new ball with Bhuvneshwar. Starts off with a couple of wides.

23:32 IST: So both the West Indian openers are off the mark. Three coming of the first over.

23:28 IST: Welcome back to the run chase. Both the West Indian openers Evin Lewis and Kyle Hope are out there in the middle. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start things off for India.

22:45 IST: Four! Dhoni finishes it off in style. Slower ball and Dhoni smashed it right past the bowler. India 251 for 4 in 50 overs. Dhoni 78* (79) Jadhav 40* (26)

22:44 IST: Four! Top-edge and it goes right over the top of the keeper's head. Jadhav escapes a scare. India will get four runs.

22:43 IST: Four! Back of a length ball and Jadhav clears his front leg and hits it right between cover and mid off.

22:41 IST: So Kesrick Williams to bowl the final over.

22:37 IST: Four! Fearless approach from Jadhav. Gets down in one knee before the ball is delivered and picked his spot on the on-side.

22:33 IST: Six! This time Jadhav gets into the act. Picked up the slower ball well and deposited it into the stands.

22:28 IST: Six! Another one. Two back to back sixes for Dhoni. This time clears the on-side field. Nothing much Holder can do over here. Just great improvisation.

22:27 IST: Six! Dhoni goes straight and will get a maximum for that. Great shot.

22:21 IST: Dhoni brings up his 63rd ODI fifty.

22:18 IST: Four! Jadhav shuffles across his stumps and makes full use of the full toss. Found the gap in the leg-side.

22:15 IST: India 185 for 4 in 44 overs.

22:13 IST: It has not been easy going for the batters here in this pitch. Dhoni and Jadhav would look to up the ante in the end overs of the innings.

22:08 IST: Kedar Jadhav is the new man in for India.

22:07 IST: Wicket! Rahane departs trying to force the issue. Miguel Cummins strikes for West Indies. India lose their fourth wicket.Rahane out for 72.

22:04 IST: The pitch is not the best for stroke making. It is that kind of a surface where the ball is not coming on to the bat. India 167 for 3 in 42 overs.

21:58 IST: Four! Dhoni at it again. He hits it straight down the ground.    

21:51 IST: Safe yet again! Looking to heave Bishoo on the leg-side, Dhoni gets an inside edge but falls short of the fielder.

21:50 IST: Safe! Trying to go for a big six, miscues his shot and the ball goes high up in the air but falls in no ball land.

21:45 IST: Four! Full from Bishoo, Dhoni hits the ball straight down the ground for a boundary.

21:37 IST: 35 overs done, India 131 for three. Dhoni and Rahane out in the middle for India.

21:32 IST: Six! Short from Holder and Rahane clobbers is on the leg side.

21:30 IST: West Indies bowler have done a good job with the bowl till now and have kept the Indian batsmen quiet.

21:22 IST: 30 overs done, India 116 for three.

21:18 IST: Four! Extra bounce from Cummins, Dhoni edges the ball in the second slip area. 

21:16 IST: Ajinkya Rahane scores his 18th ODI fifty. A well played innings by the right handed batsman.

21:14 IST: Rahane just one away from his 18th ODI fifty. 

21:04 IST: Mahendra Singh Dhoni joins Ajinkya Rahane in the middle.

21:02 IST: OUT! Bishoo strikes for West Indies, sends Yuvraj Singh packing for a well made 39 and breaks a good partnership.

21:01 IST: 100 comes up for India in 26.1 over. Rahane is edging closer to a half-century and Yuvraj is keeping up with him.

20:57 IST: 25 overs gone, India 97 for two. Rahane (44) and Yuvraj (37) out in the middle.

20:55 IST: Four!! On the pads from Nurse, Yuvraj guides the ball for a boundary.

20:50 IST: 50-run partnership comes up for India from 81 balls.

20:45 IST: After the 21st over, India 79 for two.

20:42 IST: Four! Short from Williams, Yuvraj pulls the ball away for a boundary.

20:38 IST: Four!! Width from Williams, Yuvraj slams the ball for a boundary on the off-side.

20:35 IST: At the end of 18th over, India are 64 for two.

20:31 IST: Boundaries are not coming regularly for India. West Indies are doing a pretty good job with the ball.

20:30 IST: Four!! Yuvraj gets an inside edge off WIlliams.

20:18 IST: Four!! Short and wide from Williams, Rahane swings and gets a fat edge and the ball runs away for a boundary.

20:10 IST: Kesrick Williams introduced into the bowling attack.

20:09 IST: After 12 overs, India are 39 for two.

20:07 IST: Rahane and Yuvraj are playing cautiously at the moment.

19:58 IST: 10 overs done, India are 34 for two. Yuvraj and Rahane at the crease.

19:56 IST: OUT! Kohli's stay at the crease has been brought to a halt by Jason Holder as Kyle Hope dives to his left to complete a stunning catch.

19:48 IST: Safe!! Well directed bouncer from Holder, Kohli edges the ball but the ball falls away from the fielder at backward point.

19:41 IST: Four! Low full toss from Holder, Kohli flicks the ball for a boundary.

19:36 IST: Five overs done, India 22 for one. Kohli and Rahane at the crease.

19:35 IST: Four! Width and Rahane cuts the ball with authority.

19:31 IST: Four!! On the pads from Holder, Rahane collects a boundary on the leg side.

19:29 IST: Captain Virat Kohli joins Ajinkya Rahane out in the middle.

19:28 IST: OUT!! Short and wide from Cummins, Dhawan hits and the third man collects a comfortable catch. India 11/1, 2.4 overs.

19:24 IST: Four! Bit of width from Cummins, Rahane puts the ball away for the first boundary. 

19:23 IST: Good over from Holder. India, six for no loss after the second over.

19:18 IST: First over done, India are three for no loss.

19:16 IST: Second ball of the match and India are off the mark.

19:15 IST: Miguel Cummins to start the proceedings with the ball for West Indies.

19:14 IST: Ajinkya Rahane and Shikhar Dhawan opening the batting for India.

19:13 IST: The players are making their way out to the field.

18:55 IST: Playing XI for West Indies:

18:54 IST: Playing XI for Team India:

18:45 IST: West Indies captain Jason Holder wins toss, elects to field against India.

18:30 IST: There will be a 45 minute delay to the game. However, the good news is that there will be no deduction of overs. The toss will take place in 15 minutes. And the game will start at 9:45 local time, 19:15 IST.

18:05 IST: The toss has been delayed by 15 minutes due to overnight rain.

18:02 IST: The Men in Blue will aim to take an unassailable lead in the five ODI series. 

18:01 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the match between India and West Indies.

World number three India showed their might in the second game with a 105-run drubbing of the hosts, which highlighted the gulf between the two teams. In the second match, the bowlers stifled the home steam with their impeccable line and length after India's top three batsmen - Ajinkya Rahane, Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli -delivered the goods as they recorded their biggest ever victory in the West Indies.

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