Sachin Tendulkar Book Release Highlights: Have Lived My Dreams, Little Master Thanks His Family

Updated: 05 November 2014 20:25 IST

Sachin Tendulkar has launched his highly-anticipated autobiography 'Playing it my way' in Mumbai on Wednesday. Catch all the highlights from the book launch event here.

Sachin Tendulkar Book Release Highlights: Have Lived My Dreams, Little Master Thanks His Family
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Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar has launched his highly-anticipated autobiography 'Playing it my way' in Mumbai.

In excerpts from the book released earlier, Tendulkar had hit out at ex-India coach Greg Chappell, calling him a 'ringmaster.' Tendulkar also revealed that Chappell tried to replace Rahul Dravid as Indian team's captain just months ahead of the World Cup 2007.

Here are the highlights from the book launch event.

- The book launch event of Sachin Tendulkar's autobiography 'Playing it my way' begins in Mumbai.

-Tendulkar is seen seated with his family members and Sunil Gavaskar in the front.

- Tendulkar's long-time teammates Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman are also among the guests.

- Anjali Tendulkar posed as a sports journalist to meet him, says cricket historian Boria Mazumdar.

- Sunil Gavaskar, Dilip Vengsarkar, Ravi Shastri and Vasu Paranjpe are now on the stage to share their stories and anecdotes about the master blaster.

- Gavaskar: Sachin was at the Wankhede stadium when I first saw him. Near the old dressing room I was standing. He was batting for Mumbai against renowned spinner Raju Kulkarni. The way Sachin was punching him off the backfoot straight down the ground was quite astonishing. That was my first impression of Tendulkar.

- Vengsarkar: Vasu [Paranjpe] brought him to play for Mumbai. I was practicing ahead of my 100th Test at CCI and Vasu told me 'take a look at this kid.' He faced Kapil Dev and the likes in the nets. I told selectors I want him in the Mumbai side. For first three days he didn't come for practice. I was livid and asked Vasu to have a word with him and Tendulkar said, "I had a drawing exam."

- Vasu Paranjpe:I ensured Sachin Tendulkar's father watched his son score a century in the Irani Trophy. I sent him to the MRF pace academy to bat, but he ended up bowling over there.

- Ravi Shastri: When Sachin made his debut against Pakistan, he was like a big white shark jumping into the scene. I always told him to play his natural game and the rest is history

- Gavaskar: When Sachin reached his 34th Test ton, I sent him 34 Champagne bottles.

- Ravi Shastri: 22-yards away from him at the non-striker's end, I had the best seat in the house when he scored a century in Australia at the age of 18. He was getting a lot of stick from the Australians. They were putting pressure on the youngster and it fired him up.

- Sachin Tendulkar alongwith the Class of 96' - Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman - are now on the stage.

- Rahul Dravid: It was great memories. Having retired, to sit back and relive the memories it's a great feeling. Just to be part of a quartet like this it was very special for me. We challenged each other, we pushed each other.

- Sourav Ganguly: I met him at the Under-14 camp in Indore and the first thing I noticed was how much he wanted to bat. He had to be literally pulled out of the nets because the rest needed to be given a chance. At the age of 15-16, he was using one of the heaviest bats. He was my roommate in the MRF pace academy. He used to walk in his sleep. When I asked him, he said he had this issue. This used to keep me awake.

- VVS Laxman: The first time I met him was in 1996 in Nottingham. At that time also I could see the humility in him. Even then he was the first to walk up and talk to a youngster. In my first experience as a player, he was the captain and he just made me feel so comfortable. I was in awe of him but he made me comfortable.

- Dravid: In the middle while batting together, we would converse a lot in Marathi. As a youngster at No.3, when Sachin used to walk out at No.4 I used to get nervous. There was a sense of eagerness when he walked out and I was bit hesitant when he walked out. He was one of the best batsmen in the world and was already a captain by the time I played my third Test and he would come out and ask me about the conditions. I was not sure if he really wanted to know about the conditions or if he was taking the mickey out of me. Over time I realised his humility and how genuine he was when it came to the game.

- Laxman: I've never ever seen any other batsman who has control. In his knock of 241, when he didn't score a single run through covers. I couldn't believe the amount of control. Another innings was his 136 vs Pakistan which he scored through a back-spasm.

- Sachin: Not may could hit Shane Warne against the spin like Laxman did.

- Dravid: In 16 years together, there are bound to be disagreements. We've had our share but it's a part of our relationship.

- Sachin: A lot of things happen behind the closed doors in dressing room and the outside world don't know about those. We immediately resolve those and move on.

- Dravid: The most important moment of that Multan Test [when he declared Indian innings with Tendulkar on 194] was me throwing the ball to Sachin in the final over and him getting the wicket of Moin Khan.

- Laxman: Had some memorable match-saving partnerships with Sachin.

- Sachin: The time Greg Chappell was coach in 2007, the environment in the team then had become very difficult. 

- Ganguly: The 2007 time was the toughest period for me. But that's how life goes.

- Sachin: Even after my last innings, we were talking about the way I batted and how I got out.

- Anjali Tendulkar: I was at the airport to receive my mother when I first saw Sachin Tendulkar. I thought he was very cute and chased him. He seemed embarrassed by it all. He was 17 back then.

- Ajit Tendulkar: Even as a kid, Sachin always had an answer for everything. That's why I took him to Achrekar sir.

- Sachin: In the Sydney Test vs Australia in 2004, Ajit threw me a challenge to remain not out. That challenge helped me when I scored my 241 not out.

- Anjali Tendulkar: The first time Sachin wanted me to come to his house, he was a little hesitant. He came up with this plan that he will tell people at his home that I was a journalist. When I met him in 1990, there was no technology, I had to cross my huge medical campus to a telephone booth to call him. I then decided to write letters to him when he was in Sydney to save on telephone bills.

- Meanwhile, Tendulkar tweeted this image:

- Anjali Tendulkar: Life was never easy. To handle things without him around was very tough. I never wanted to disturb him and his cricket schedule. When he was 21, he wanted me to go to his parents and talk about us getting engaged.

- Sachin: Talking to my parents about Anjali and us getting engaged was much tougher that facing the fastest bowlers.

- Anjali: To inform Sachin about his father's death was one of the most difficult things to do.

- Sachin: There are so many things that Ajit has done for me. Right from the days my career began. 'We' have lived this dream together of playing for India. Whenever I was stressed, he was also stressed.

- Sachin Tendulkar officially releases his autobiography, Playing it my way.

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