Ex-ICC chief David Morgan admits BCCI situation is confusing

Updated: 03 June 2013 22:34 IST

Former chairman of England and Wales Cricket Board says N. Srinivasan did the right thing by stepping aside as Indian Board president but wouldn't say if he was too late or arrogant.


Finally, someone in the United Kingdom broke his silence about the rumblings inside the Indian cricket Board. The team officials in the Indian camp here are so scared about the issues confronting Indian cricket, more precisely its warring officials, that it is keeping the Indian media "at arm's length." But former International Cricket Council (ICC) president David Morgan did speak on cricket's hottest off-field issues, of course exercising extreme caution so as not to cross diplomatic lines.

With just three days left for the Champions Trophy to start and teams naturally focusing on cricketing matters, the Indian media is 'hungry' for reactions on the political games being played in the corridors of power at BCCI. On Monday afternoon, Morgan obliged.

Speaking to small group of reporters on the sidelines of the ICC ODI Shield presentation ceremony at the Cardiff Wales Stadium here on Monday afternoon, Morgan said: "I watched NDTV last night for half an hour and it does seem to be quite a confused situation (at BCCI)."

The 76-year-old Morgan, who was president of the ICC in 2008, refused to comment if BCCI president N. Srinivasan was too arrogant or late in stepping aside when the match-fixing scandal in the Indian Premier League broke last month.

Morgan said: "I believe that Srinivasan stepping aside has done the right thing and quite clearly there are many talented administrators in the BCCI who can help... Jagmohan Dalmiya, IS Bindra, Shashank Manohar and Sharad Pawar are very talented and capable."

Morgan, chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board in 2002, knows a bit about politics in cricket administration. Often criticized for being sedate as a cricket official, Morgan was not one to embrace publicity. On Monday, he was economic with his choice of words and but did admit power struggle in cricket administration can hit depths of despair. It also had the ability to stage a turnaround, he indicated.

"I think cricket has witnessed many longstanding friendships and from time to time people do have difficulty in the issues. Perhaps, it depends from person to person," he said.

Morgan also said the ICC is doing enough to curb match-fixing. The ICC's Anti-Corruption Unit has come under fire after three Indian players were arrested for allegedly 'spot-fixing" games in the Indian Premier League. Reports even suggested that the BCCI was tipped off links between bookies and players, but did nothing.

Morgan said: "I believe efforts are always been made to curb spot-fixing and match fixing and to increase the policing of it and prevention of it. I know it is a widespread problem and ICC is doing every possible thing to curb it. ICC does a tremendous job in doing top most to eradicate spot-fixing and match fixing."

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