Aamer did not use cell phone during match: Manager

Updated: 16 June 2010 08:41 IST

The Pakistan team management denied the allegations that pacer Mohammad Aamer was talking on his cell phone in the dressing room during the match.


The Pakistan team management was on Wednesday left to deny a violation of ICC rules that it claimed never happened when images of pacer Mohammad Aamer, appearing to talk on his cell phone in the dressing room, created a stir at the ongoing Asia Cup here.

As soon as the images were flashed on TV, the murmurs of match-fixing began but the Pakistan team management denied allegations that there was anything fishy about their 16-run defeat to Sri lanka in the Asia Cup opener here on Wednesday.

Local Pakistan television channels flashed pictures of Aamer supposedly talking on his cellphone from the dressing room just before going into bat.

But Pakistan team manager Yawar Saeed ridiculed the allegations, categorically denying that such an incident had occurred during the match.

"Aamer's posture sitting next to me in front of the camera with his hand on his helmet speaking to all of us unfortunately has given the impression of him speaking on the cell phone," Saeed said at the team hotel.

Clarifying the incident, Saeed said: "The match situation was we needed 30 runs to get and 32 balls to go. It has been blown out of proportion without any evidence."

Vexed with match-fixing allegation queries, Saeed said: "I have given a clarification to my Board (Pakistan Cricket Board) and have answered various other phones calls that this incident has not happened. Probably they got the impression that he was talking on his mobile as his hand was on the helmet."

Saeed emphasised that the players are not allowed to use their cell phones during the match.

"No player is allowed to use a mobile phone during the match and in the dressing room. There is a security manager who collects all the cell phones and gives them back to the players after the match."

"If somebody wants to break the law by sitting next to the manager he should be out of his mind. This can never happen," said Saeed.

He said the ICC allows players to a cell phone in an emergency.

"As per the ICC regulations I can allow any player to use mobile phone during an emergency and then inform ICC. Even that did not happen here."

Saeed said the ICC was convinced that there was no match-fixing situation in Pakistan's defeat to Sri Lanka.

"I have spoken to ICC about it and they said in just 20 seconds that Mr Saeed we accept your word. So I don't see any controversy in this alleged incident," said Saeed.

The ICC also gave clean chit to Aamer saying that it's Anti-Corruption and Security Unit had thoroughly investigated the matter and did not found Aamer guilty of breaching the rules.

"The Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) of the ICC has thoroughly investigated the alleged breach of ACSU Minimum Standards for Players and Match Officials Area (PMOA), including speaking to the relevant people involved, and is satisfied that there is no evidence of Mohammad Aamir making use of a mobile phone while sitting in the dressing room yesterday (15 June) during the match against Sri Lanka at Dambulla. There is therefore no suggestion that he has violated any norms or protocols of the PMOA," the ICC said in a statement.

It also said that the video clip was very small and it could mislead viewers.

(With PTI inputs)

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