PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara, Korea Open Final Highlights: Sindhu Avenges Glasgow Loss To Clinch 3rd Super Series Title

Updated: 17 September 2017 13:18 IST

PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara Highlights, Korea Open Final: World Championship silver medallist PV Sindhu made history by becoming the first Indian to win the Korea Open.

PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara, Korea Open Final Highlights: Sindhu Avenges Glasgow Loss To Clinch 3rd Super Series Title
PV Sindhu will look to avenge her loss to Nozomi Okuhara in the World Championship final. © AFP

PV Sindhu avenged her World Championship 2017 loss in Glasgow on Sunday by beating Nozomi Okuhara 22-20, 11-21, 21-18 in the Korea Open 2017 women's singles final to clinch her third Superseries title. Sindhu made history by becoming the first Indian to win the Korea Open. The win, though, didn't come easy as Okuhara fought Sindhu right to the end, never giving away even an inch. Sindhu saved two game points to win the first game but was completely outclassed in the second as the Japanese came storming back. The Indian star fought back brilliantly by taking a big lead in the mid-break of the decider and despite a late surge from Okuhara, Sindhu held on to win the crown.

Catch the highlights of Korea Open final between PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara here.

12:35 IST: Thanks for joining our live badminton coverage. All the cricket fans can tune-in to our live blog for the first ODI between India and Australia.

12:32 IST: This is Sindhu's 3rd Super Series title. She has avenged her World Championship loss but was made to work extremely hard. She is also the first Indian to win the Korea Open.

12:30 IST: Okuhara should hold her head up high. She never gave up and fought Sindhu right to the end.

12:28 IST: Sindhu's done it!! She wins the decider 21-18 to clinch the Korea Open Super Series title. The Indian star wins the match 22-20, 11-21, 21-18.

12:26 IST: Okuhara manages to save one match point with a well disguised drop shot.

12:25 IST: Championship point for her Sindhu!

12:24 IST: Sindhu gifts Okuhara a point with an unforced error. She holds a 19-17 lead.

12:23 IST: An epic rally comes to an end with Okuhara netting her backhand. Sindhu is on the ground gasping for air after that.

12:21 IST: Sindhu nets her shot as Okuhara now trails 16-18.

12:20 IST: Powerful smash from Sindhu. She is just 3 points away from clinching the title.

12:19 IST: Great defense from Okuhara. Sindhu peppered her backhand but she just refused to give up.

12:18 IST: Sindhu just 4 points away from the title.

12:16 IST: Another grueling final between these two players. Sindhu currently holds the advantage at 16-13.

12:14 IST: Okuhara refusing to give up. She trails 13-15.

12:12 IST: Two consecutive points for Okuhara and has trimmed Sindhu's lead to 3 points.

12:11 IST: At 14-9, Sindhu comfortably in the lead.

12:10 IST: Bad judgement from Sindhu but she still leads 13-8.

12:08 IST: Two consecutive points for Okuhara after the break.

12:05 IST: At the mid-break of the decider, Sindhu leads 11-5.

12:03 IST: Powerful smash by Sindhu gives her an 8-4 lead.

12:02 IST: Sindhu up by two two points. She leads 6-4.

12:00 IST: Sindhu takes a 4-3 lead in the decider.

11:58 IST: Sindhu draws level at 2-2.

11:57 IST: First point of the deciding game goes to Okuhara.

11:55 IST: Sindhu loses the second game of the women's singles final 11-21. It's 1-1 now!

11:53 IST: Game point for Okuhara.

11:51 IST: The Japanese continues to dominate the second game. She now leads 17-10.

11:47 IST: Two consecutive points for Sindhu. She trails 8-12.

11:46 IST: Okuhara is running away with this game. She leads 12-6.

11:45 IST: At the mid-break of the second game, Sindhu trails 6-11

11:44 IST: What a brilliant rally! Great play from both players but Sindhu nets her shot to hand the point to Okuhara.

11:43 IST: Two points in a row for Sindhu. She trails 6-8 now!

11:41 IST: Correct challenge by Sindhu to make it 4-7.

11:40 IST: Powerful smash by Okuhara. She leads 6-3.

11:39 IST: The Japanese shuttler is currently leading 5-3.

11:36 IST: Okuhara takes a 2-0 lead in the second game.

11:34 IST: Sindhu wins the first game of the women's singles final 22-20.

11:32 IST: It's game point for Sindhu.

11:31 IST: It's 20-20 now! Poor judgement from Okuhara.

11:30 IST: Game point for Okuhara at 20-18.

11:28 IST: Okuhara leads by two points at 19-17.

11:26 IST: It's again turning out to be an epic match between these two stars. It's 17-17 currently.

11:23 IST: The Indian ace nets her cross-court drop shot, allowing Okuhara to draw level at 15-15. 

11:22 IST: Another brilliant smash gives Sindhu 15-14 lead.

11:20 IST: Nothing to separate these two players. It's 13-13 now!

11:19 IST: Okuhara nets her smash and Sindhu is back level at 12-12.

11:18 IST: Absolutely brilliant defemsive play from Sindhu helps her make it 11-12.

11:15 IST: At the mid-break of the first game, Sindhu trails 9-11 against Okuhara.

11:14 IST: Another powerful down-the-line smash helps Sindhu make it 9-9.

11:13 IST: Okuhara leads for the first time in this final. She is up 9-7.

11:11 IST: Unforced error by Sindhu. She nets her backhand as Okuhara makes it 7-7.

11:10 IST: A brilliant down-the-line smash. It's 7-5 to Sindhu.

11:09 IST: At 6-4, Sindhu currently leads by two points.

11:07 IST: Sindhu took a 2-0 lead but the Japanese quickly caught up. Remember the Indian ace had started brilliantly in all the games of the worlds final but Okuhara always managed to catch up.

11:06 IST: Sindhu wins the first point of the women's singles final.

11:05 IST: Here we go! Hold on to your seats folks.

11:00 IST: We are all set! The two players are out on the court and warming up.

10:54 IST: The medal ceremony is currently on and then straight to the Sindhu's final. The excitement is certainly building up. We are in for a humdinger if this final is anything close to the World Championship finale clash between Sindhu and Okuhara.

10:50 IST: It's over! Ginting wins the Korea Open men's singles title. He beats Christie 21-13, 19-21, 22-20 in the final.

10:49 IST: Championship point again for Ginting.

10:48 IST: Christie manages to save the match point. Fascinating viewing this. The two players are going all out!

10:45 IST: It's neck and neck in the men's final between the two Indonesian players. 20-19 to Ginting right now,

10:31 IST: The men's singles match between Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and Jonatan Christie is currently onThe women's singles final is right after that.

10:30 IST: Hello and welcome to live blog of the match between PV Sindhu and Nozomi Okuhara. Not too long left now.

Sindhu defeated China's He Bingjiao in the semi-finals. The 22-year-old Indian had come into the match with a 3-5 head-to-head record, having lost to the Chinese at the Asia Badminton Championship this year. But that didn't matter as Sindhu saw off the World No.7 21-10, 17-21, 21-16 in a match that lasted an hour and six minutes.

Okuhara, the Olympic bronze medallist, entered the final with a 21-17, 21-18 win over World No.2 compatriot Akane Yamaguchi, seeded second.

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