India beat England to lift ICC Champions Trophy - final as it happened

Updated: 24 June 2013 15:17 IST

It was a battle that went to the wire as India hung on to their nerves to beat England in the Champions Trophy 2013 final. The heroes of the day for India were Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin and Ishant Sharma who turned the match around with the ball after batsmen scored 129/7.


MS Dhoni and his Men-in-Blue took on Alastair Cook's Three Lions in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy. Here are all the highlights from the match, as it happened: (Match Scorecard | Commentary)


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Post-match presentation


MS Dhoni after the win: Most of them have exposure to international cricket. Others have played in IPL and A tours. Batsmen batted well. Little bit of showers helped us, ball was gripping after that. We did not want to think about the result. PowerPlay was very crucial. I told the boys not to look up to God, he will not come down and we have to perform. The way Rohit and Shikhar batted, they gave confidence to the whole of the team. Then we knew what to do. Now players can dive. When we played we did not have this sort of outfields but now we can dive around. I am the oldest in the team in fact now. For me it is important how to play the next game. Focus now on West Indies tour. Do not want to prove myself to anybody. Just want to win and improve on India's one-day records.


Golden Bat goes to Shikhar Dhawan for his 363 runs in the tournament: Loving this moment. Dreamt it before the Champions Trophy. Wanted to be the Man of the Tournament. It went my way in the tournament. I worked really hard over 2-3 years. I knew I had the talent but wasn't performing earlier. Love batting with Rohit Sharma, love his classy shots. For sure my moustache suits me and crowd love it. Shikhar Dhawan dedicates his Golden Bat to the flood victims and those who have lost lives in floods back in Uttarakhand and Himachal. Great gesture!


Ravindra Jadeja, Man of the Match: I did very well throughout. I came here fully prepared with my batting and bowling skills. Wicket slow and difficult to rotate the strike. We (Virat and me) wanted to play single by single. Pitch helped me while bowling as it was holding up. I bowled consistent line and length as always.


Alastair Cook on the loss: We wanted to have ample opportunity to win but could not in the end. Tough to take it in. Pitch was hard to bat on for both sides. I am proud of the way the lads have played but fell short on the day. That pitch turned quite a lot towards the end and was a bit of surprise for us. It has been a bit of away game for us wit the crowd. Credit to the ground staff to. Lot of good things and performances. Bit devastated after the loss. Hopefully we will win a 50-over ICC tournament soon.


Post-match comments


Shikhar Dhawan: I have been consistent performer in the domestic season. That is why I am in the Indian team too. Thanks to God and everyone. Played well today, may be could have carried on. Doing so well overseas for India is great for me and hope it continues.


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Virat Kohli: This victory is very sweet for us. Some sad moments in India (Test series). This one was special. Even warm-ups were important. We could have lost one and people would have jumped on us. We are very happy to have won in the end and silence our critics.

Dinesh Karthik: Very happy with the way game went. Hats off to the crowd. Great match for them to watch and we did very well. Well bowled by the boys. Bopara and Morgan were batting very well, then we fought back. It shows we are a good team. Bat and ball have been delivering in the tournament and it has gone off great.


Suresh Raina: Jadeja had been brilliant throughout the tournament. All other too chipped in.


Rohit Sharma: We came in alien conditions and proved ourselves.


India lift the Champions Trophy 2013, beat England by 5 runs.


Delirious scenes in England as R Ashwin bowls a fine last over to Broad and Tredwell. England managed 9 runs off his over but could not hit the last two balls for too much.


England require 15 runs to win in the last over. It has come down to this final over in the Champions Trophy!


Another one down! Bresnan run-out! Comedy of errors as Bresnan called and Broad did not respond! 113/8 and 17 to win from 8 balls.

Buttler departs too! India on fire here! Ravindra Jadeja bowls a straighter one and cleans up the English power-hitter. 112/7, require 18 off 10.

Bopara too goes! After a beating, Ishant gets two on the trot. It is Ashwin again who takes the catch. He scored 30. Ishy on a hat-trick. 110/6.


Ishant gets Morgan! He scored 33 brilliant runs but off a slower ball of Ishant, he gives a simple catch to Ashwin. 110/5.


00:45 (IST): Morgan and Bopara playing gems here for England. A six almost every over and a couple of wides and India are almost out of it.


00:38 (IST): England remain in the hunt as Bopara hits another six, this time off Jadeja! 12 off that over. England 102/4 and require what looks easy now, 28 runs off 3 overs. Bopara (30), Morgan (27).


00:32(IST): Another 8 off Suresh Raina's over as Dhoni sticks with the part-timer. Morgan hit a reverse sweep for four. 40 required from 4 overs.


00:32 (IST): Ishant Sharma keeps England in the game! A huge six by the 'hot property' Ravi Bopara off the last ball. 11 off that over and England 82/4. Need 48 in 5 overs.


00:25 (IST):A great over by Raina. Gave 3 runs and kept Morgan, Bopara guessing. 71/4 in 14 overs. 59 from 36 required.


00:22 (IST): Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a decent over, just 5 off it. England 68/4 and 62 more they require from 42 balls.


00:18 (IST): Eoin Morgan has not been in good form throughout the Champions Trophy but is looking to capitalise at just the opportune moment. A four in Suresh Raina's over and 8 off it as Bopara and Morgan fight hard. 63/4 in 12 and another 67 from 48 required for England to win.


00:15 (IST): Ishant's second over goes for 9. He keeps England in the game as Morgan hits a boundary. 55/4 in 11 overs.


00:11 (IST): Ashwin bowls a maiden over! India bowlers all over England's batsmen. 84 required from 10 overs.


Ravindra Jadeja gets his first of the day! Ian Bell's foot was in the air for a fraction of a second but Dhoni, according to the third umpire, completed a stumping. It looked 50-50 on the replays. He scored 1. 46/4 in 9 overs.

Ashwin gets his second! Joe Root departs trying to hoick the off-spinner backward of square, hits his top-edge and Ishant Sharma completes an easy catch. He scored 7. 40/3.


23:56 (IST): Ashwin's over cost India just 3 runs but Ishant Sharma came in and bowled a reasonably expensive one. Gave away 8 runs. England 38/2 after 7 overs. Root (6), Bell (8).


Ashwin removes Trott! Ashwin's tossed up 'wide ball' and the English batsman over-balanced. MS Dhoni completes an easy stumping! He scored 20 off 17 balls. 28/2 now England.


Jadeja into the attack! A fine, fine over by the left-armer. Only 3 off his first one and plenty for Indian fans and team to get going. One turned sharply and squared up Trott.

23:43 (IST): Not great bowling by Umesh in his second over. A few erratic deliveries combined with a few god ones. Bell (4), Trott (18) comfortable. England 24/1 in 4 overs.


23:40 (IST): Jonathan Trott lays in to Bhuvneshwar Kumar in his second over. A couple of boundaries and 11 overall from that over. England going well despite early loss. Trott in fine nick. 17/1 in 3 overs.


And Alastair Cook goes! Umesh Yadav's short of a length ball induces an edge and Ashwin takes a good one at first slip. India into the game! 6/1 after 2 overs.


23:24 (IST): And we are back out on the field again! First the Indian fielders and then Cook, Bell.

India score 129/7 and England require 130 to win the Champions Trophy 2013. Jadeja could not get bat on ball for most parts but hit a couple of 4s and a couple of sixes - one six a beauty off Bresnan in the last over. 'Sir' got 33 off 25 in the end to guide India to half-a-decent total. At least something to fight for.


R Ashwin run-out! Jadeja called him for a second and gone by a mile! 119/7!


Kohli dismissed, drop does not cost England too much! Valiant knock of 43 off 34 balls. Trying to hit Anderson out of the ground and Bopara is the man under it to take a simple one. 113/6. Jadeja did hit a six just a couple of balls prior off Anderson only.


Kohli dropped on 36! Stuart Broad bowled the 18th over and the Delhi batsman got a repreive from Jonathan Trott at short thirdman. 100 though comes up in that over. Jadeja finding it hard to get bat on ball. Kohli (rubs it in) then hits a massive six off Broad on the last ball of that over. What a pull that was. 106/5 in 18 overs. Kohli on 43 now.


Batting PowerPlay over 1: Kohli tries hard in Bresnan's over. Manages a boundary, a couple of wides, still just 11 off it. 97/5 in 17 overs and struggling to put up a decent score.


India vs England, Live Cricket Score - ICC Champions Trophy final22:50 (IST): Jadeja can't get it past the inner circle. Hits a four, via a slog sweep, off Tredwell though. India still very slow. 86/5 in 16 overs.


22:47 (IST): That man Kohli opens up. Targets Ravi Bopara. A couple of boundaries and 12 scored off the over in all. 79/5 in 15 overs. Brilliant spell though, 3/20 in his 4 overs.


22:43 (IST): All looks very gloomy for India. Anderson bowls a tight over to keep a lid on the scoring. New batsman Ravindra Jadeja finding it hard. 67/5 in 14 overs.


Maiden over, two wickets! Dhoni departs too! India 5 down now as Bopara all over the Men in Blue. 66/5 in 13 overs. The Indian skipper upper-cuts it straight to thirdman and Tredwell can't be kept out of the game, took a simple catch.


Suresh Raina goes, India falling apart! Trying to hit out early in his innings. Simple catch to Alastair Cook off Ravi Bopara, who gets his second. India in trouble at 66/4.


22:33 (IST): No respite for India as Tredwell bowls a fine over. A wicket and 2 runs off it. India 66/3 in 12 overs. Looking dull for the Men in Blue. Raina on 1 and Kohli on 17.


Dinesh Karthik dismissed! Trying to hoick Tredwell first ball of his third over. Scored just 6 as Morgan took an easy catch. 64/3.

India vs England, Live Cricket Score - ICC Champions Trophy final

22:28 (IST): Another fine over by part-timer Ravi Bopara. Just the 5 off it. India 64/2 in 11 overs.


22:24 (IST): Signal of intent in Tredwell's over from Kohli as he steps down the track and hits it over wide-on for a four. But India in some bother at 59/2 in 10 overs. The weather will not help India here. Probably toss should have been done once again. And more drizzle!


22:21 (IST): What an over by Bopara. Just the three runs and 'Gabbar' Dhawan's wicket! India 52/2 in 9 overs.


And Shikhar Dhawan dismissed! Unlikely source of getting wicket for the English. Ravi Bopara brought in and he strikes to remove the dangerous looking left-hander for 31 from 24 balls. India 50/2. He mistimed a lofted India vs England, Live Cricket Score - ICC Champions Trophy finalcover-drive to extra-cover, James Tredwell.


50 comes up for India in the 9th over!


22:12 (IST): Kohli and Dhawan have been finding their 'feet' again after the delay. Scored a couple of runs of Bresnan's incomplete over. James Tredwell brought in on a spin-friendly wicket in Edgbaston. Dhawan scores two boundaries in his over - one normal sweep and another reverse. India 49/1 in 8 overs.


22:09 (IST): The players are out and it is time to begin again. Clouds seem threatening but match restarting. India 38/1 in 6.2 overs. And we are 'one heavy shower' away from a shared trophy. 20 minutes of leeway but with the clouds lurking around, seems ominous.


22:00 (IST): The restart is now scheduled for 10:10pm IST. All getting a bit frustrating out there.


21:49 (IST): Match begins at 10pm Indian time, again with a lot of ifs. Groundstaff must be commended though.


21:37 (IST): The sun is out but the rain too stays around. Covers coming off on one side. Difficult to predict.


And more rain! Clouds seem menacing! Players are off again. India 38/1 in 6.2 overs.


21: 21 (IST): Shikhar Dhawan hits a six, right after the delay! A short one by Stuart Broad and he hit it over thirdman. Standing tall and hitting the fast becoming Dhawan-like upper-cut. India 35/1 in 6 overs.


21:17 (IST): Kohli and Dhawan running pretty well, especially with the conditions and ball doing a bit, this is good. Meanwhile, raining again! and heavily.. covers back on. Also, some reports suggest that play might go on till 01:00am Indian time, if required. And we are back again! Covers off! All in a single update!


21:14 (IST): Virat Kohli comes in to bat after Rohit's dismissal. Tim Bresnan was the bowler who replaced Anderson. India got 6 runs from his first over. 25/1 in 5 overs.


Rohit Sharma is bowled! Great start by Stuart Broad for England. India 19/1 in 3.5 overs and Rohit scored 9. The ball came in tad bit and the right-hander left his 'gates' open. Has always been suspect against the moving ball, was exposed today too.


21:02 (IST): Alastair Cook removed a slip and Rohit edged it for four the first ball off James Anderson's second over. Another single was taken by Rohit and then England committed blunder on the last ball as Bresnan threw from the deep.. The throw parried off by keeper Jos Buttler for a free boundary for India. 16/0 after 3 overs.


20:59 (IST): A cheeky single and 4 runs but nothing much in Stuart Broad's first over. Will be tricky for India whether to go hard at the top or low down. 6/0 after 2 overs.


20:54 (IST): The English weather looks to be changing every second here. It gets cold again but the first over by James Anderson is bowled and Indian openers start circumspectly. 2/0.


20:46 (IST): Players are out now.. sunny and bright but clouds lurking around! The Men in Red came out first and into a huddle.. the Men in Blue, SHikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma out too..


20:32 (IST): There will be a 4 over Mandatory Powerplay, a 2 over Batting Powerplay and each bowler can bowl a maximum of 4 overs


20:20 (IST): Covers being rolled back.. now 20-overs a side match, basically a Twenty20. Match to start in 30 minutes from now. Around 20:50 IST. But that again is full of 'ifs and ands'. England back on pitch to warm-up now.


20:08 (IST): Approaching the cut off in another 35 mins or's pouring again. The thanksgiving has started. Means things looking very bleak now. The trophy will be shared. Although, there are certain speculations that suggest another Champions Trophy will take place but we will keep it to facts for now!


And it's raining, rather drizzling, again. Covers are back on! Indian players playing football for warm-up but play looking highly improbable now.


19:50 (IST): Compulsory PowerPlay 5 overs. Batting PP 2 overs, 4 bowlers x 5 ovs each, 1 bowler x 4 ov. 10 minutes interval between innings. But it's getting gloomy again. The song being played is "Chak de" now.


19:40 (IST): Good news! Match to start in around 35 minutes from now, that is 20:15 India time and will be a 24-over a side game!


19:30 (IST): Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja inspect the outfield.. Jonathan Trott and Ian Bell for england too on the field - both play for Warwickshire. Meanwhile, umpires are out on the field too. The song playing now is 'chale chalo' ... from Lagaan. Time to 'chale chalo'.. quite literally.. Let's have a game..


19:17 (IST): Meanwhile in Birmingham, the song being played is "yeh dosti ham nahengi todenge..." from the movie Sholay.

18:58 (IST): If there is no rain, then inspection at 3 pm...30 mins from now... India time 19:30. And finally some coverage on the TV too. Conditions not looking too good though. If the rain remains away though, we could have a game on our hands. Groundsmen working hard but lots of water to drain out.


18:51 (IST): And the sun is out but heavy clouds all around still! Nothing that suggests that the game will go on though. If only ICC was not stubborn and had kept a day in reserve.


And meanwhile, it starts raining again.


17:38 (IST): And finally some good news! The sun peeps out from the clouds and groundsmen in Birmingham working overtime to get the conditions all ready for a match. Still no updates of when it will start though.


17:02 (IST): The English rain remains constant, mopping up exercise too goes on but the prospects seem very dull.. No wind, flags very still.. Something needs to change dramatically for this game to start, say the commentators.

16:42 (IST): And just to rub it in Nick Hoult (@NHoultCricket) tweets that Sunny day is forecast in Birmingham tomorrow. And there is no reserve day for the final. Sad!


16:19 (IST): Drizzling again...A doubt over the inspection, earlier scheduled, now. Meanwhile Sourav Ganguly's innings on the giant screen in the 2000 Champions Trophy final vs NZ at Nairobi. Cut-off time is 20:45 IST.


16:10 (IST): Rain stopped...lot of mopping up to be done. inspection at 12 o clock....20 mins from now, around 16:30 IST.



15:37 (IST): No reserve day has been scheduled for England vs India final, trophy will be shared in case of a washout, just like the 2002 Champions Trophy where Sourav Ganguly and Sanath Jayasuriya shared the spoils!


15:30 (IST): Bad news...the clouds are very grey and the drizzle is getting stiff by the minute. Floodlights on, the umbrellas are out... Looks like a long long day of wait ahead!

15:24 (IST): And it is drizzling again! No respite from the rain and more covers on the pitch now!


15:14 (IST): And now the covers are back on. It might not be raining too heavily but ICC rules state so and a delay is what we get before the final!


15:10 (IST): The covers protecting the square have been taken off but the hovercover is still on


14.59 (IST): Covers are back on as it has started raining in Edgbaston after the National Anthems have been sung by both teams.



14:38 (IST): Slight drizzle has come again at Edgbaston as covers are coming back on. Seems like the familiar story of a stop-start rain-marred beginning to the match is on.


14:30 (IST): England win toss and will bowl first against India. Only one change for the hosts with all-rounder Tim Bresnan coming in for tall and lanky pacer Steven Finn.


14:20 (IST): A live band outside the stadium has turned Edgbaston into a Wankhede Stadium where Indian fans have easily outnumbered the English ones. A sea of saffron, white and green is everywhere as the fans take the seats in the stands. Shikhar Dhawan's moustache is the style of the day amongst all the Indian supporters.





13:55 (IST): Covers at one side of the square are being removed as the slight drizzle has eased out at Edgbaston.


13:42 (IST): Ticket prices in black market has fallen. 50 pound ticket for 100 pounds. Even day before it was going for five times.


13:35 (IST): The covers are no as there is a bit of rain in the air and the conditions are extremely cloudy.


13:00 (IST): On-field experts say the cold and overcast conditions may not play that big a role but the bowlers may have difficulty gripping the new ball and the fielders will not be queuing up to field hard hits in the field.


Check the intense battles to watch out for in today's final, here. The last 10 ODIs between India and England show that Dhoni and his side have the upper hand.


12:00 (IST): A cloudy morning greets cricket enthusiasts in Birmingham. It is overcast at Edgbaston and the forecast is for rain after 1pm Birmingham time (17:30 IST).


For the statistically minded, the batsmen with most sixes in this year's ICC Champions Trophy are:

David Miller (5 sixes), Ravi Bopara, Misbah-ul-Haq, Darren Sammy (4), Shikhar Dhawan, Nuwan Kulasekara, Kieron Pollard, Glenn Maxwell (3).

Batsmen with most fours:

Shikhar Dhawan (33 fours), Kumar Sangakkara, Rohit Sharma (21), Jonathan Trott (18), Mahela Jayawardene (17), Joe Root, Hashim Amla (15).

Teams with best economy rate:

Pakistan (4.63 runs per over), India (4.66), New Zealand (4.94), Australia (4.98), Sri Lanka (5.16), England (5.33), West Indies (5.38), South Africa (5.46).

Teams with highest batting run-rate:

India (5.94 runs per over), England (5.65), South Africa (5.56), West Indies (5.09), Australia (4.89), Sri Lanka (4.70), New Zealand (4.62), Pakistan (3.78).

11:28 (IST): So all set for the final in Birmingham, where the rain again threatens to play spoilsport. Lets hope as cricket fans, it turns out like the Cardiff semi-final when India thrashed Sri Lanka in a full game.

Talking of Birmingham, batting first may be the right way forward for the two teams battling for the Champions Trophy crown. Numerical history at Edgbaston, Birmingham, though has a lot more to offer.

A confident Dhoni addressed the media on the eve of the final on Saturday and one of the things he stressed upon is how his batsmen are ready to take on the English bowlers.

On the other hand, England skipper Alastair Cook admitted that his side is not the favourite to win the title but it's time for the Three Lions to rewrite history.

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