Tottenham vs Liverpool, 2019 Champions League Final Match, Football Highlights: Liverpool Beat Tottenham To Win Champions League

Updated:02 June 2019 02:43 IST

Champions League Final 2019: Five-time Champions Liverpool take on first-time finalists Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham vs Liverpool, 2019 Champions League Final Match, Football Highlights: Liverpool Beat Tottenham To Win Champions League
2019 Champions League Final: Europe's biggest prize at stake between two English clubs. © Twitter

Mohamed Salah's early penalty and a late goal by Divock Origi steered Liverpool to a sixth Champions League title on Saturday as they beat Tottenham 2-0 in an all-English final in Madrid. Salah scored the second quickest goal in Champions League final history as he converted from the spot after just one minute and 48 seconds following a handball by Moussa Sissoko. Belgian striker Origi, who scored the winning goal against Barcelona in Liverpool's remarkable semi-final comeback, sealed victory three minutes from time with a superb low finish. (SCORECARD)

Highlights of 2019 UEFA Champions League Final, straight from Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid

  • 02:35 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    We leave you with all the highlights from the all-english final! Until next time, its goodbye!  
  • 02:31 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Full time: Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham Hotspurs. The party will go on for the Liverpool fans long into the night, fair result. Liverpool lift their sixth Champions League title. Origi made an important contribution in the second half to put the match away from Tottenham's reach. Mauricio's men can take heart for the defeat, it has been a brilliant year for them. 
  • 02:21 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Divock Origi has put the game to bed with a splendid effort from inside the box in the 88th minute. No change from Hugo Lloris who makes a dive at full stretch only to see the ball hit the back of the net. 
  • 02:16 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Free-kick for Tottenham, on the edge of the box. Eriksen on the ball...he hits it well but a wonderful save from Allison will force the ball out for a corner. 
  • 02:12 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Son's long range effort has been punched away with Allisson...then Lucas Moura in space plays a shot from the corner of the box, but regular save for the Brazilian at the Liverpool nets. 
  • 02:11 (IST)Jun 02, 2019 Eriksen...plays a backpass. Tottenham are trying to stitch a few passes to find the penetration. Delle Alli with a header off Trippier's nicely flighted cross.. just goes above the crossbar. 
  • 02:07 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Stride for stride - terrific run from Son, cleared away by Van Dijk inside the box. 
  • 02:05 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Kane finds Son on the left flank...he passes it on to Alli, who tries to curl in the ball, straight into the gloves of Allison Becker 
  • 02:03 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Fantastic run by Tippier on the right flank... crosses the ball, finds Rose. Liverpool on the's Mane on possession but Alderwierald does well to clear away the ball. 
  • 02:01 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Milner plays a left-footed shot, just away from finding the back of the net. Lloris did not anticipate that shot, good attempt. 
  • 01:59 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Alexander-Arnold makes a poor cross to find Origi in the centre, cleared away by Tottenham for a corner. 
  • 01:58 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Looks like Lucas Moura is going to come on for Harry Winks in the 65th minute. Sissoko might fall deeper with that change..
  • 01:54 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Georginio Wijnaldum makes way for James Milner in the 62nd minute.
  • 01:53 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Sissoko finds Rose in Winks looks for Ali..Eriksen with a long range effort, ball comes back into play. Good bit of attack from Tottenham there. 
  • 01:50 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Roberto Firmino makes way for Divock Origi -- Liverpool's hero against Barcelona. Klopp clearing his intent with the change here. 
  • 01:49 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Son takes on Robertson inside the box, makes a run ahead of him, deflected away for a corner. Punched away by by Rose. 
  • 01:46 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Delle Ali with a close range effort from inside the box, but the was crowded up by the Liverpool defence, fails to hit the ball with conviction. 
  • 01:45 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Salah couldn't keep the ball in play.. lovely teasing ball from Robertson.  
  • 01:43 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Trippier's free-kick...plays inside the box, flag has been raised by the referee. Vertonghen was clearly offside. 
  • 01:39 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Tottenham looking to attack early... playing long balls, pushing Liverpool back into their own half. 
  • 01:38 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Tottenham get the ball rolling, we are underway for the second-half in Madrid. 
  • 01:22 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Liverpool lead 1-0 at half-time through a controversial penalty. Mauricio's men will think they can still pull one back, they have shown intent but lacking the penetration. Liverpool have played the pressing game well in the first-half. There might be a few forced changes, at least for one side. It's all to play for in the final 45 minutes. 
  • 01:19 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    The Danish would know, his touch let him down. The two-footed player tried to take a hit from the 26-odd yard, skies it way above the crossbar. 1 minute to be played in first half. 
  • 01:16 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Salah chases the ball..but fine covering by Verthongen. Plays the ball back to Lloris, who plays the ball back into play. 
  • 01:15 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Henderson to Firmino...Henderson again... deflected away for a Liverpool corner. Not much from the corner. 
  • 01:12 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Tremendous strike from Robertson, Matip initiated the attack, but the ball goes just over the crossbar and a rising in full-stretch Hugo lloris. 
  • 01:08 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Tottenham making sure the shape at the back is good, after conceding an early goal. Liverpool playing the pressing game well, Tottenham need to get the penetration right. 
  • 01:07 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Corner taken quickly... Trippier with a touch, the ball goes out of play with a deflection. 
  • 01:06 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Sissoko to Rose finds Eriksen in the centre again... Kane to Winks plays the ball wide out of reach for Tippier on the right flank 
  • 01:04 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Spurs failing to get the penetration, playing in their own half, with a few back passes. Trying to build on but going back to their keeper Lloris, time and again. 
  • 01:02 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Forces Hugo Lloris to hit the ball into play horridly! 
  • 01:01 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Tottenham keeping the ball, Son makes a cross-field run, mistimed it. Referee calls it offside 
  • 00:58 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Robertson dips it in, cleared away... Trippier has gone down. Looks like Robertson hand came in the way, looks intentional, referee lets off with a warning. 
  • 00:56 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Robertson with a brilliant cross to find Salah...but the Egyptian was not alert of that one coming. 
  • 00:54 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Salah, illusive in his gameplay, tries to go with his left-foot, deflection. Liverpool will get a corner.... comfortably puched away by Tottenham's World Cup winning goal keeper 
  • 00:53 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Eriksen tries to find Son with a short pass... fails to get it right. Liverpool return on the ball. 
  • 00:50 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Hugo lloris did not anticipate that one, brilliant shot taken by the Liverpool full-back, just about off target. 
  • 00:49 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Deep ball played by Vertonghen, trying to find Son on the left flank. A bit to heavy. Liverpool return on the ball. Eriksen has shifted on the right. 
  • 00:47 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Trippier from the right flank.. find Sissoko plays it back to Eriksen... Eriksen's cross a bit too heavy and will out of play. 
  • 00:46 (IST)Jun 02, 2019
    Rash challenge by Matip on Kane...but referee doesn't produces a card here. Too lenient? 
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