UEFA Champions League Highlights: Real Madrid Clinch 11th Title, Beat Atletico Madrid on Penalties

Updated: 29 May 2016 04:09 IST

Real Madrid defeated La Liga rivals and city neighbours Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final on Saturday night at San Siro in Milan in a repeat of the 2013-14 summit clash. This is their record 11th title while Atletico went down in the summit clash of the tournament for the third time in history. Catch all the highlights of Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid - UEFA Champions League final here.

Real Madrid have now extended their record to 11 Champions League titles, four more than second-placed AC Milan. City neighbours Atletico Madrid on the other hand went down in their third summit clash of the tournament and twice in three years to the same opponent. Catch all highlights of Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid - UEFA Champions League final here.

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Skipper Sergio Ramos (C) lifts the trophy after Real Madrid won the UEFA Champions League final against Atletico Madrid at San Siro in Milan on Saturday night.

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03:22 hrs IST: Zizou excelled as a player. He has now excelled as a coach.

03:18 hrs IST: The most prestigious title in European football.

03:14 hrs IST: Real Madrid players are heading to receive the trophy.

03:11 hrs IST: And poor Diego Simeone. His team has gone down twice at the same stage in three years. What a heartbreak.

03:08 hrs IST: What a night and what an end! While Atletico players are crying, the champions are celebrating with their family members on the pitch.

03:06 hrs IST: Next up is Ronaldo for Real Madrid and he scoreesssssssssssssssss! REAL MADRID HAVE WON THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE THE 11TH TIME! SECOND TIME IN THREE YEARS!

03:05 hrs IST: Juanfran for Atletico and he hits the post!!!!!

03:05 hrs IST: Ramos for Real! And....... scores to make it 4-3!

03:04 hrs IST: Saul makes it 3-3!

03:03 hrs IST: Cool! Bale puts Real ahead by 3-2!

03:02 hrs IST: Atletico skipper Gabi next! Shot! 2-2!

03:01 hrs IST: Real's Marcelo comes up! He too scores! Real 2-1 up!

03:00 hrs IST: Griezmann equalises for Atletico

02:59 hrs IST: Real MAdrid will take the first penalty. Vazques scores

02:57 hrs IST: The teams are deciding who are going to take penalties.

02:55 hrs IST: Simeone is livid. Shouting to the Atletico supporters to keep up the noise levels!

02:54 hrs IST: Time up! Penalty shootout! Everyone looks dead tired!

02:53 hrs IST: Two more minutes added to extra time. Pepe indulges in some more theatrics.

02:52 hrs IST: Desperate attempts by Real Madrid but Atletico are cautious there.

02 :51 hrs IST: Two minutes to go for penalties!

02:50 hrs IST: Ronaldo with the free-kick and it hits the wall!

02:48 hrs IST: Someone is down on the ground, cramping up. It is Koke. And immediate substitution. In comes Partey!

02:47 hrs IST: Oh my the two teams are indulging in an argument. Ramos leading the charge for Real. 

02:45 hrs IST: It has definitely been a brilliant performance by Oblak tonight.

02:43 hrs IST: Another yellow! This time for Pepe, who escaped a few times earlier this night, for a poor tackle on Atletico's Gabi.

02:41 hrs IST: Hernandez, 20, comes in for Filipe Luis, who was down on the pitch, for Atletico Madrid. This is their second substitution of the night.

02:38 hrs IST: Action has restarted.

02:37 hrs IST: Guess it will not satisfy the fans of the two teams.

02:35 hrs IST: Bale is receiving some treatment. He was cramping some time back.

02:33 hrs IST: First half of extra time is done. 15 more minutes to go.

02:32 hrs IST: Real Madrid hold possession at present. They got a couple of chances but the Atletico defence is strong.

02:31 hrs IST: Just three minutes left in the first half of extra time. Are we going into penalties!

02:30 hrs IST: Close chance for Ronaldo.... this time Bale.....  Nothing!

02:29 hrs IST: Another couple of lovely chances for Griezmann but not resulting in anything.

02:27 hrs IST: Pace of the game has increased.

02:24 hrs IST: Another yellow, this time for for Danilo!

02:23 hrs IST: Even the great Antonio Banderas is watching this epic final.

02:21 hrs IST: Corner for Real... and straight into the hands of Oblak!

02:19 hrs IST: The match has restarted.

02:18 hrs IST: Third time lucky?

02:16 hrs IST: Two years ago, Atletico were leading 1-0 when Real equalised in injury time to take the match into extra time. Real then scored three more to clinch the Champions League title. What will happen tonight?

02:14 hrs IST: And regulation period is over. We are heading into extra time. What a comeback by Atletico Madrid!

02:12 hrs IST: Carrasco again on his way....  oh tackle by Ramos! Yellow to him! Protest from Atletico's Gabi! Yellow to him! Two yellows at the same time!

02:10 hrs IST: Three minutes added here.

02:09 hrs IST: Regulation period about to come to an end here!

02:07 hrs IST: Carrasco has become the first Belgian to score in an European Cup final!

02:06 hrs IST: Haha! Even the great man is watching!

02:05 hrs IST: Carrasco was brought in at the start of the second half, replacing Augusto. And what a masterful switch it was from Diego Simeone!

02:02 hrs IST: Significantly Real Madrid have used up all three substitutions while Atletico have made only one so far!

02:00 hrs IST: Oh my 11 minutes from time and Atletico score a goal!

02:00 hrs IST: GOAAALLLL!! Carrasco scores for Atletico! It is 1-1!

01:59 hrs IST: Bale!!! Oh two chances missed by Real - they just did not have the pace there!

01:58 hrs IST: Shot from Ronaldoooooooooooo and it goes wide!

01:56 hrs IST: A small video of the fantastic opening ceremony before the match. Alicia Keys rocked it.

01:55 hrs IST: Real Madrid have the smoothness they had in the first half of the game and Atletico are attacking more and more.

01:54 hrs IST: Tackle on Pepe and Real get the free-kick. 

01:53 hrs IST: Yellow for Torres, for a tackle on Ramos.

01:52 hrs IST: Toni Kroos is going off. Isco runs in as the substitute!

01:50 hrs IST: Less than 20 minutes left.

01:48 hrs IST: Real good chance for Benzema!!!! And he shoots right into the Atletico Madrid keeper. Chance missed to take a 2-0 lead.

01:46 hrs IST: Lovely pass there from Benzema to Marcelo. Real are building for another one, are they?

01:44 hrs IST: Antoine Griezmann is the first player to miss a penalty in the Champions League final since Arjen Robben in 2012.

Griezmann 2805
Antoine Griezmann missed a crucial penalty at the start of the second half. (Image credit: Champions League/Twitter)

© Twitter

01:42 hrs IST: Less than half an hour left. Can they?

01:40 hrs IST: This looks like a different Atletico side in the second half. Much more aggressive and attacking. But they are lacking in finishing. They need that last touch.

01:38 hrs IST: Oooh! That was close!

01:36 hrs IST: The most crucial miss of the tournament perhaps.

01:34 hrs IST: Carvajal was limping... does not look so good.

01:33 hrs IST: Real Madrid full-back Daniel Carvajal is substituted by Danilo. He is in tears. But why?

01:32 hrs IST: In the midst of all this, Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas was given the second yellow of the match for delaying the penalty.

01:30 hrs IST: How costly was that miss! Nerves!

01:28 hrs IST: Griezmann misses! What a big miss! Strikes the crossbar!

01:27 hrs IST: This could change the game!

01:26 hrs IST: Tackle by Pepe on Torres inside the box and the referee immediately pointed to the box!

01:25 hrs IST: Penalty! In the first minute of play in the second half!

01:24 hrs IST: Does this make their chance stronger?

01:22 hrs IST: Hello people welcome back after the small break.

01:14 hrs IST: Catch you all after the break!

01:12 hrs IST: What will Simeone tell his players in the locker room during the break?

01:10 hrs IST: That Sergio Ramos goal proved to be the difference between the two sides at half-time. Real Madrid have been clearly the dominant team in the first half.

01:09 hrs IST: And it is the whistle!

01:07 hrs IST: One minute added to the first half.

01:05 hrs IST: We are closing in on half time.

01:04 hrs IST: Griezmannnn!!!!! Just wide! If anyone has to score tonight for Atletico, it is this man!

01:02 hrs IST: Bale has totally been in action tonight in Milan, completing most of his passes, offering good chances to his teammates.

01:00 hrs IST: But it did not matter, did it? Because of this in the 15th minute!

00:59 hrs IST: This is how close Real had got to scoring a goal early on.

00:57 hrs IST: Griezmann again!!!!! But deflected by Navas... Oh but it would have counted. OFF SIDE!

00:55 hrs IST: Griezmann kick and..... straight into the hands of Keylor Navas in the Real Madrid goal. Atletico need to do something out of the ordinary here! Simeone up to something?

00:53 hrs IST: Ronaldo into the act... he has not had much to do tonight. But will it matter that much if Real win?

00:51 hrs IST: Real completely the dominant force here. Zidane giving instructions from the sidelines.

00:49 hrs IST: Torres had said that this is the biggest match of his career. If the scoreline does not change, this could be the biggest heartbreak of his career.

00:47 hrs IST: The game has slowed down and Real look really in command here.

00:45 hrs IST: Some big names out there to watch the match at San Siro. Catch live scores here.

00:43 hrs IST: Simeone's side has responded well after that setback in the 15th minute but Real still maintain ball possession.

00:40 hrs IST: Two years back it was also Ramos who had equalised for Real in injury time before they went on to win the CL final 4-1! Deja Vu!

00:38 hrs IST: And this is what Ramos had said just before the final.

00:35 hrs IST: GOOOOAAAALLL! Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, who scored the injury-time equaliser two years ago, scores! Real are ahead!

Toni Kroos whips in a free-kick from deep, Gareth Bale flicks it on with his head, and Ramos turns it home from close range.

00:32 hrs IST: Yellow! The first of the match for Real Madrid right-back Dani Carvajal for a reckless sliding tackle on Antoine Griezmann.

00:30 hrs IST: That was a great save from Oblak! That almost went in for Real.

00:27 hrs IST: Free-kick! Ooh! That was close! Real almost went ahead in the initial minutes!

00:26 hrs IST: Bale was on the move their before being stopped by Atletico defenders!

00:25 hrs IST: Meanwhile look who else is watching the Champions League final! None other than Rohit Sharma. Rest day in the IPL today.

00:22 hrs IST: Torres pushes Pepe over and the latter rolls on to the pitch.

00:19 hrs IST: It is TIME! The game is on!

00:15 hrs IST: The two teams are walking out on to the hallowed pitch of San Siro which is the home of Inter Milan and AC Milan.

00:14 hrs IST: So will Atletico be third time lucky? 1974, 2014 they failed in the final. 

00:11 hrs IST: In between, legendary Barcelona footballer Xavi has tipped Atletico to take the big prize tonight!

00:09 hrs IST: The opening ceremony is underway in the fashion capital of the world.

00:05 hrs IST: FIFA president Infantino is also out there at San Siro!

00:03 hrs IST: Wow! That is some stat and Real would want to make this day count.

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