Spain vs Chile, Highlights: Chile Knock Defending Champions Spain Out With Huge 2-0 Upset, Enter Last 16

Updated: 19 June 2014 02:54 IST

Defending champions Spain were knocked out of the 2014 FIFA World Cup after a 2-0 defeat to Chile in their second Group B encounter. Catch all the highlights here.

Chile beat Spain 2-0 to end the road for the defending champions in the 2014 World Cup. Catch all the highlights from the match here. (Matchcentre)



02:52 (IST): END OF AN ERA

Out within a week of the World Cup starting. It's something no-one would've predicted, but as this match wore on it became inevitable as a fatigued-looking Spain surrendered their title with a whimper. Xabi Alonso had a horror show in the first-half, missing a chance from close range, before gifting possession away - from which Chile broke to score their first through Eduardo Vargas. The second terrible mistake came from Iker Casillas, punching a free-kick he should've caught straight into the path of Aranguiz, who tucked home. The second period saw Alonso replaced but, even though they had more possession, the Spaniards couldn't force a breakthrough - with Diego Costa looking woefully sluggish when presented with a couple of opportunities. Chile were excellent to a man and weathered the storm, mounting several breaks of their own as their opponents tired in the final twenty minutes. This has the definite feel of an end of an era - players like Iniesta and Sergio Busquets looked tired and the fluency we've come to associate with the European champions was lacking. This was a brilliant performance by Chile and they join the Netherlands in going through to the second round; for Spain it's a dead rubber against Australia and - for the first time in many years - a return to the drawing board.

02:26 (IST): Chile beat defending champions Spain 2-0 to knock them out of FIFA World Cup 2014. Chile and Netherlands enter Last 16.

02:19 (IST): 90' SIX MINUTES OF INJURY-TIME. A ridiculous six minutes of injury-time have been announced. A lifeline for Spain? They really don't look like scoring to be honest...

02:17 (IST): 88' CAZORLA FORCES CORNER. The excellent Arturo Vidal comes off for Chile and is replaced by Carlos Carmona. Santi Cazorla takes the free-kick from 25 yards but Claudio Bravo tips it around the post.

02:16 (IST): 87' TORRES NEARLY THROUGH. Chile aren't closing this game out as comfortably as they'd like and they have their hearts in their mouths as Fernando Torres is almost played in; Francisco Silva nudges the forward though and he tumbles to the ground.

02:13 (IST): 84' Iniesta makes a great shot at goal but the Chilean goalkeeper leaps well to save the danger. Iniesta tries to create some magic by firing in a curled shot from outside the area - but it's saved by Claudio Bravo. Jorge Valdivia has come on for Eduardo Vargas on the Chilean side.

02:10 (IST): 81' CAZORLA FIRES WIDE. Santi Cazorla has a shot from the edge of the box but it's deflected wide for a corner. It's taken short by Iniesta and Chile can only clear for another corner. From the second ball in on the same side though Claudio Bravo rises to gather.

02:07 (IST): 78' CHILE FANS CELEBRATING. The Chile fans are chanting "ole" after each pass but they're a little overzealous as their side promptly lose the ball and Spain fly up the other end of the field. Their passing lets them down though and Chile manage to get back and break it up.

02:05 (IST): 76' Santi Cazorla comes in for Pedro. This is Spain's last chance to salvage some pride.

02:05 (IST): 76' Things looking ominous for Spain now. They trail Chile 2-0, who are making great inroads into Spain's penalty box.

02:03 (IST): 74' SANCHEZ PENALTY SHOUT. Regulars at Stamford Bridge last season will be unsurprised to learn that Fernando Torres has achieved absolutely nothing since coming on. Chile have ridden the storm make no mistake. Vargas receives some studs down his thigh courtesy of Ramos - the Chile fans aren't happy but nothing's given. Nothing's given moments later when Sanchez goes down in the box after receiving the ball in the area.

02:00 (IST): 71' SPANISH DEFENCE OPENING UP. Another Chile breakthrough - Spain are pushing so far forward there are huge gaps behind now - and Sanchez dashes down the right past Javi Martinez. He's got options in the area but he can't find them, his cross too high for Gutierrez to get any real purchase on.

01:57 (IST): 68' CHILE NEARLY WRAP IT UP. Chile with a great chance to put this game to bed! It's another breakaway down the left and Mena is through in the area. His shot is across goal but Isla pops up at the near post, only to skew the ball over the bar with the net gaping.

01:54 (IST): 65' SANCHEZ CHANCE. Alexis Sanchez is played through the middle but shoots early having been closed down quickly. He slips as he shoots and gets to his feet hobbling - Chile could do without another injury.

01:53 (IST): 64' Torres is now on the field for Spain as a substitute. They still trail Chile 2-0 though. Torres comes in for Diego Costa. For Chile, Felipe Gutierrez comes on for the injured Aranguiz.

01:48 (IST): 58' ARANGUIZ GOES DOWN. Charles Aranguiz has been excellent tonight so it's worrying for Chile when he goes down with what looks to be an ankle injury. The orange stretcher's on and he's taken off - it isn't looking good but then up he pops on the halfway line to limp back onto the field. He's made off tough stuff but he's surely not long for this game.

01:44 (IST): 54' END TO END. Chile break up the other end with Alexis Sanchez dancing down the left, however the ball's eventually lost and Spain breathe a sigh of relief as they manage to come away with it.

01:43 (IST): 53' BUSQUETS MISSES SITTER! From Bravo's punch away the ball comes back in and Diego Costa's acrobatic overhead kick across goal should lead to a tap-in for Sergio Busquets at the near post - but he can only find air with his shot! The ball unbelievably drifts out.

01:42 (IST): 53' OPPORTUNITY FOR SPAIN. Spain have had plenty of the ball in the opening minutes of this half - there are signs of an attempted fightback. Pedro goes down under a Vidal challenge on the edge of the area and it's a free-kick level with Chile's right-hand post. Sergio Ramos curls it round the wall but straight at Bravo.

01:38 (IST): 49' JORDI ALBA FIRES WIDE. The Costa shot took a slight deflection so Spain do have a corner. However, from Koke's ball in, Jordi Alba puts the follow-up from the Chilean clearance well wide.


01:37 (IST): 49' COSTA WASTES ANOTHER GOLDEN CHANCE. Some right tussles going on for the ball in midfield, with Spain coming out on top of the latest couple of skirmishes. The pressure almost pays off too as Diego Costa is played in brilliant by Iniesta, but the forward can't get it out from under his feet and spoons it wide from close range - a great chance gone begging.

01:32 (IST): Almost time for the second half then and we have a substitution from Spain. Koke comes in for Xabi Alonso.



There was certainly a chance that Spain might lose tonight - but few could have predicted how easily they're going down to a Chile side who simply seem to want the game more than the reigning World Cup holders. Chile could've scored in the first minute as a defensive interception in the area by Spain trickled past their own post; and the nerves didn't improve much - particularly Xabi Alonso's, who has had a terrible game. Spain were just getting a foothold in the match - with Bravo making a great save from the midfielder - when they were hit with a sucker-punch after the same player gave the ball away and the South Americans swept upfield, Vargas tucking it home. Chile's second goal came shortly before half-time as Iker Casillas made a terrible mistake - parrying a Sanchez free-kick he should've gathered, allowing Aranguiz to pounce from close range. Spain have had more possession but haven't done a lot with it - Chile have looked exciting whenever they've come forward.



Mark Geiger blows for half-time and the champions look to be going out. Chile are currently winning this one 2-0.

01:14 (IST): 43' Goal! Aranguiz has the ball sailing past the goalkeeper and he scores! Chile 2 Spain 0. A hammer blow by Chile just before half-time! Xabi Alonso gives away a foul outside the area on the right; Sanchez takes the free-kick and fires at goal - Casillas should hold onto it but he bafflingly punches the ball away into the path of the onrushing Aranguiz who sweeps it home from close range. Another terrible mistake this World Cup from the veteran keeper - this one could end their cup hopes.

01:11 (IST): 41' Xabi Alonso (Spain) is shown a yellow card for a previous late challenge.

01:04 (IST): 34' PACE OF THE GAME SLOWING. There've been ten fouls in this match so far but only one booking - that should probably change soon as play is becoming a little disrupted. The referee tonight is Mark Geiger - an American referee who used to work as a maths teacher no less!

01:01 (IST): 31' Silva (Spain) gets a great cross into the box from a free kick, but it is rescued by the Chilean defenders.

00:59 (IST): 29' CAN CHILE KEEP TEMPO UP? Spanish tiki-taka comes to nothing as Iniesta is dispossessed in the box by a well-timed Diaz challenge. Chile have been rushing around the pitch at phenomenal speed in both attack and defence - the big question will be whether they can keep it up.

00:57 (IST): 27' Diego Costa (Spain) misses a golden opportunity from within the box. He shoots the ball, but it goes away from the left post, wide. Chile will have a goal kick.

00:56 (IST): 26' Arturo Vidal (Chile) deserved a yellow card there with his behaviour. The referee seems to agree and books him immediately.

00:53 (IST): 23' Alonso (Spain) gets on to the ball well in the penalty box after receiving a pass and gets in a quick first-time effort. However, the ball isn't hit properly and and it goes way over the crossbar.


00:50 (IST): 20' Eduardo Vargas gets the ball inside the back of the net and Chile are 1-0 ahead vs Spain. The reigning champions are in trouble now! Xabi Alonso plays a weak pass back into his own half that's easily intercepted by the Chilean midfield. They counter quickly out right through Aranguiz and it's Eduardo Vargas in the area who manages to evade a desperate Spanish challenge to fire beyond Iker Casillas.

00:48 (IST): 18' CHILE STRUGGLING WITH PRESSING GAME. Chile are starting to struggle as Spain up their pressing game and there are several passes now starting to go awry. Any Spain attack so far has come from lost possession on the part of the South Americans.

00:46 (IST): 16' Alonso (Spain) looks dejected with his shot after a rebound opportunity. His shot goes straight into the goalkeeper's gloves. He missed an easy goal there.

00:43 (IST): SPAIN TIKI-TAKA IN FORCE. There was talk of Spain abandoning their famous brand of tiki-taka tonight but it's precisely that sort of move that brings up into the final third again, before they win a free-kick in a dangerous spot. Xabi Alonso takes it again but it's a poor ball beyond the head of everyone in the box - disappointing.

00:39 (IST): 8' SPAIN ATTACKING FREE-KICK. Whistles ring out as Spain try to build an attack - and they only intensify as Iniesta goes down under his club mate Sanchez' challenge. Sergio Ramos gets up for the header at the back post from Alonso's free-kick but can't divert it beyond the onrushing Claudio Bravo in the Chile goal.

00:33 (IST): 3' Gonzalo Jara (Chile) gets above the defense to grab a good cross from the corner. His timing is right but he directs his header away from the left post.

 00:31 (IST): Referee Mark Geiger blows the whistle and we are underway in this crucial Group B clash for defending champions Spain vs Chile. Geiger also officiated in the Colombia vs Greece match last week, that was won 3-0 by Colombia.


12:21 (IST): The players will be out on the field for the national anthems anytime now. This lady looks like a die-hard Spain supporter. Can they come back and register a solid win against Chile today?



Claudio Bravo, Gary Medel, Francisco Silva, Gonzalo Jara, Mauricio Isla, Charles Aranguiz, Marcelo Diaz, Eugenio Mena, Eduardo Vargas, Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sanchez.

SUBSTITUTES: Johnny Herrera, Cristopher Toselli, Miiko Albornoz, Jose Rojas, Jean Beausejour, Carlos Carmona, Jose Fuenzalida, Felipe Gutierrez, Jorge Valdivia, Fabian Orellana, Esteban Paredes, Mauricio Pinilla.



Iker Casillas, Cesar Azpilicueta, Javi Martinez, Sergio Ramos, Jordi Alba, Xabi Alonso, Sergio Busquets, David Silva, Andres Iniesta, Pedro, Diego Costa.

SUBSTITUTES: Pepe Reina, Raul Albiol, Juanfran, Gerard Pique, Santi Cazorla, Cesc Fabregas, Koke, Xavi, Fernando Torres, Juan Mata, David Villa.

00:15 (IST): WHAT DO SPAIN NEED TO DO TO AVOID ELIMINATION? Avoid defeat basically. Netherlands have beaten Australia 3-2 and they now have six points in Group B - and a win tonight for Chile would see the South Americans join the Dutch on an unassailable six points. Win and qualification can remain largely in their hands, but a draw would see the Spaniards relying on how Chile and Netherlands get on in their final group match against each other - alongside their own must-win game against Australia. "Anxiety is a dangerous term but you play with it," Del Bosque has calmly told the press this week. "It can help you to produce a better performance. I think it's good to have a bit of anxiety but always a bit controlled. It is much worse to not have any concerns, to be blase, saying, 'we might lose, no problem'."

Spain had a horror start to the start of their World Cup defence, going down to a massive 5-1 loss against 2010 runners-up Netherlands. The Spanish looked shocked and stunned and now stand on the brink of elimination. A first-round exit looks very real now, especially against Chile, who crushed Australia in their opener. However, Spain have the wherewithal to pull up their shocks and exhibit their brand of soccer.

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