India vs England Highlights, 3rd Test Day 4: Jasprit Bumrah Wreaks Havoc To Put India On Cusp Of Victory

Updated: 22 August 2018 00:12 IST

Highlights India vs England: Jasprit Bumrah claimed his second 5-wicket haul in Test cricket as India required just one more wicket to win.

India vs England Highlights, 3rd Test Day 4: Jasprit Bumrah Wreaks Havoc To Put India On Cusp Of Victory
India vs England: Jasprit Bumrah claimed his second 5-wicket haul in Test cricket © Twitter

Riding on Jasprit Bumrah's second 5-wicket haul in Test cricket, India inched closer to victory needing just one more wicket to register their first win in the 5-match series. England ended Day 4 of the Trent Bridge Test with 311 for 9 on the board. Adil Rashid (30) and James Anderson (8) were unbeaten at stumps as an extended session came to the end. Chasing a mammoth 521 runs in the fourth innings, England were reeling on 84 for four at lunch on Day 4 but a terrific 169-run partnership between Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes frustrated the Indian bowlers. The duo batted out the entire second session and most part of the third session as the bowlers failed to break the partnership. Even spinner Ravichandran Ashwin proved ineffective as both the batsmen played him with ease. It was the second new ball, that did the trick for India as Virat Kohli took it straightaway after the completion of 80 overs. Jasprit Bumrah wreaked havoc dismissing Jos Buttler (106) and Jonny Bairstow (for a duck) on consecutive deliveries. In his next over, Bumrah dismissed Chris Woakes with a bouncer for 7 runs. Hardik Pandya joined the party, dismissing well set Ben Stokes (62) with a beautiful delivery. Although Stuart Borad and Adil Rashid notched up a quick-fire 50-run partnership but Bumrah dismissed Broad to claim his fifth wicket of the innings. With just one wicket remaining, India will look to wrap up the game early on Day 5.(SCORECARD)

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Highlights of India vs England, 3rd Test, Day 4, straight from Trent Bridge, Nottingham

23:40 IST: Thank you for joining us on our live coverage on Day 4 for the third Test between India and England. 

Stumps, Day 4 - England 311 for 9 after 101 overs. India need one more wicket to win.

23:37 IST: India will have to come back tomorrow as Adil Rashid and James Anderson survive. 

23:30 IST: Review from India. Original decision is not out. Ashwin looks confident on that one. The decision stays. Umpire's call. Adil Rashid survives. ENG 306-9 after 100.5 overs.

23:25 IST: Four and it's 300 up for England! Back of a length delivery from Shami and Rashid puts it over the fence. ENG 301-9 after 99.1 overs.

23:20 IST: Fours overs to go for the day's play and for England to survive a defeat tonight. ENG 297/9

23:18 IST: This is frustrating for India. They are only a wicket away from a famous win at Trent Bridge.

23:11 IST: OUT! Bumrah silences the crowd. Second 5-wicket haul for Bumrah in Test cricket. Stuart Broad departs after scoring 20 runs. ENG 291-9 after 96.2 overs.

23:09 IST: 50-run partnership comes up between Adil Rashid and Stuart Broad. ENG 291-8 after 95.2 overs.

23:05 IST: Meanwhile!

22:58 IST: Bowling change for India. Surprisingly, Ashwin is back on the attack. ENG 287-8 after 93 overs.

22:47 IST: Dropped! Virat Kohli drops a sitter at third slip. The ball was traveling at a brisk pace but it should have been taken. Adil Rashid survives. Mohammed Shami is upset. ENG 272-8 after 91 overs.

22:38 IST: SIX! Adil Rashid refuses to go down without a fight. Short ball from Jasprit Bumrah, top edge and the ball sails over the fine-leg boundary for a maximum. ENG 264-8 after 88.5 overs.

22:27 IST: Oh no! Bumrah dismisses Adil Rashid on a no ball. Denied fifth wicket for now. But he is breathing fire at the moment. ENG 246-8 after 86.3 overs.

22:21 IST: OUT! Hardik Pandya joins the party now. Dismisses Ben Stokes on 62. Good catch from KL Rahul at second slip. England are eight down. India just 2 wickets away from win. ENG 241-8 after 85.5 overs.

22:14 IST: OUT! This is a fiery spell from Jasprit Bumrah. Dismisses Chris Woakes (4) with a bouncer. Good catch taken by Rishabh Pant. India on a roll here. ENG 241-7 after 84.4 overs.

22:06 IST: FOUR! Bumrah misses out on a hat-trick. Going for the yorker, the ball ends up as a full-toss. Clipped away with ease from Chris Woakes. ENG 235-6 after 82.5 overs.

22:03 IST: OUT! Two in Two for Bumrah. He is on a hat-trick now. First ball duck for Jonny Bairstow. Brilliant bowling from Bumrah as he cleans up Bairstow. ENG 231-6 after 82.4 overs.

21:59 IST: OUT! Finally a breakthrough for India. And it's Jasprit Bumrah who does the trick with the new ball. Misjudgement from the right-hander. Review taken but it's umpire's call. Buttler walks back after scoring a brilliant 106 runs. ENG 231-5 after 82.3 overs.

21:54 IST: Just three balls and it is quite evident that the new ball is doing a bit for Pandya. Can he repeat his first innings' performance? ENG 223-4 after 81.3 overs.

21:52 IST: Maiden over from Jasprit Bumrah with the new ball. Hardik Pandya will share the new ball with him. ENG 223-4 after 81 overs.

21:49 IST: New ball taken straightaway by India. Jasprit Bumrah comes back on the attack. ENG 223-4 after 80 overs.

21:38 IST: New ball is due in 2 overs from now. Will India take it straightaway? ENG 221-4 after 78 overs.

21:30 IST: FOUR! FOUR! Back to back boundaries and Jos Buttler brings up his maiden Test century. Poor delivery from Shami and Buttler dispatched it for a boundary with ease. 150-run partnership also comes up between Buttler and Stokes. ENG 220-4 after 75.5 overs.

21:26 IST: Maiden over from Ashwin. Ashwin and Shami are trying to create pressure at the moment on England batsmen. Both are bowling at good lengths at the moment. ENG 208-4 after 75 overs.

21:20 IST: Bowling change for India! Mohammed Shami replaces Ishant Sharma.

21:14 IST: 50 for Ben Stokes and 200 up for England as well! Stokes brings up his 14th fifty in Test cricket. Brilliant resilience being shown from the all-rounder along with Jos Buttler (86*) at the moment. ENG 201-4 after 71.5 overs.

21:09 IST: FOUR! Beautiful drive from Jos Buttler off Ashwin to collect a boundary. Buttler now has crossed his highest score in Test cricket. He is batting on 86 at the moment. ENG 199-4 after 70.3 overs.

20:59 IST: Ben Stokes (48) and Jos Buttler (82) continue to frustrate the Indian bowlers. Another Ishant Sharma over comes to an end. Ravichandran Ashwin replaces Jasprit Bumrah. ENG 194-4 after 68 overs.

20:49 IST: FOUR! Ishant goes for the big in-swinger. Misses and Jos Buttler chips it away to fine-leg boundary for four runs. ENG 184-4 after 65.5 overs.

20:37 IST: FOUR! Short, wide and four. Poor delivery from Ishant Sharma and Buttler wasted no time on that one. Pounces on it. ENG 180-4 after 63.2 overs.

20:33 IST: England open their account in the final session. Three runs on the on-side as Jos Buttler moves in to the seventies. ENG 176-4 after 62.2 overs.

20:30 IST: Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes are at the centre for England. Jasprit Bumrah will start the final session for India. 

Tea Break, Day 4 - Engnald 173 for 4 after 62 overs. Require another 348 runs to win with 6 wickets remaining. (Jos Buttler 67 not out, Ben Stokes 42 not out)

20:11 IST: Final over before tea comes to an end. Brilliant last over from Mohammed Shami as he has started to get some reverse swing.

20:00 IST: 10 minutes to go for tea break. Ball has started to reverse for Mohammed Shami. Can India get a break-through?

19:53 IST: Review from India. Original decision is not-out. The impact was in line but the ball was drifting down the leg side. Relpay confirms that. Poor review from India. Jos Buttler survives. ENG 163-4 after 57.3 overs.

19:52 IST: 100-run partnership comes up between Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler. Much needed partnership for England. ENG 163-4 after 57.2 overs.

19:50 IST: Bowling change for India! Mohammed Shami replaces Jasprit Bumrah.

19:43 IST: Four and 50 for Jos Buttler! Yet another glorious cover drive from Buttler. Slams his 9th half-century in Test cricket. ENG 154-4 after 55.1 overs.

19:38 IST: Review from India. Original decision is not out. Ben Stokes survives because of the umpire's call. The decision could have gone in India's favour. The ball was hitting the stumps but just. Indians are disappointed. ENG 148-4 after 54.3 overs.

19:33 IST: Short, Wide and Four! Ben Stokes goes after that one from Jasprit Bumrah. Connects and the ball runs away to the boundary. ENG 147-4 after 53.1 overs.

19:30 IST: Four and Buttler moves on to 46! Brilliant timing and placement on that one from Jos Buttler. That was too wide from Ashwin and he looks disappointed. ENG 143-4 after 52.3 overs.

19:23 IST: FOUR! Big hard slog sweep from Ben Stokes. Ashwin wouldn't mind that at all. Stokes has looked in doubt against Ashwin. ENG 136-4 after 50.4 overs.

19:15 IST: Appeal for a catch! That could have been a disastrous dismissal for Ben Stokes. Forward defence and the ball hits his boot and pops up. The silly point fielder takes the catch and appeals. The replay clearly shows that after hitting the boot the ball bounced off the ground. Ben Stokes survives. ENG 128-4 after 48.5 overs.

19:06 IST: Edged and the ball doesn't carry! For the second time this has happened in two overs of Jasprit Bumrah. The ball fails to carry through to the slips. Bumrah urges the slip-fielders to come a bit forward.  ENG 120-4 after 47.1 overs.

18:56 IST: Couple of runs for Ben Stokes and 50-run partnership comes up between Buttler and Stokes off 119 balls. England still need 408 runs to win. ENG 113-4 after 44.5 overs.

18:54 IST: Bowling change! Ashwin comes in to bowl for the first time in the second session.

18:51 IST: Ishant is hiding the ball in his left hand before delivering the ball. We can expect some reverse swing now from the Indian bowlers. ENG 109-4 after 43.3 overs.

18:41 IST: 100 up for England! Punch down the ground and the ball reaches the fence. Ben Stokes presented the full face of his bat on the last ball. Ishant Sharma looks disappointed with himself. ENG 102-4 after 41.3 overs.

18:39 IST: FOUR! Wrong line from Ishant Sharma. On to the pads and Ben Stokes flicks it away through square-leg for a boundary. Partnership between Stokes and Buttler has moved on to 36 runs. ENG 98-4 after 41.1 overs.

18:38 IST: The ball is not doing much at the moment for the Indian pacers. 41 overs have gone by but still there is no hint of reverse swing. ENG 94-4 after 41 overs.

18:32 IST: FOUR! Gorgeous cover drive from Jos Buttler. It was a brilliant effort from substitute fielder Ravindra Jadeja at the boundary but the timing on the ball takes it to the fence. ENG 92-4 after 39.5 overs.

18:30 IST: Sloppy fielding from Mohammed Shami at mid-on. Gives away three easy runs to Ben Stokes. Slips while chasing the ball as well. Ishant is not happy at all. ENG 88-4 after 39.2 overs.

18:25 IST: First run after lunch for England and Ben Stokes receives an applause from the crowd. Little push for single in the vacant extra-cover region. ENG 85-4 after 38.3 overs.

18:18 IST: Another maiden! This this from Hardik Pandya at the other end. England batsmen pretty watchful at the moment. ENG 84-4 after 37 overs.

18:14 IST: Ishant Sharma starts the post-lunch session with a maiden. Hardik Pandya will share the ball from the other end. ENG 84-4 after 36 overs.

18:09 IST: Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes are out at the centre for England. Ishant Sharma will start the proceedings for India in the post-lunch session.

Lunch, Day 4 - England 84 for 4 after 35 overs. Need 437 more runs to win with 6 wickets remaining.

17:31 IST: Final over from Ashwin before lunch is a maiden.

17:28 IST: 12 runs including three boundaries from Mohammed Shami's last over. ENG 84-4 after 34 overs.

17:19 IST: FOUR! Finally a boundary. Not that convincing but Jos Buttler collects four runs. Thick outside edge off Mohammed Shami's ball and it races to the fence. ENG 70-4 after 31.2 overs.

17:17 IST: Another maiden from Hardik Pandya. Both Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler are not looking to fiddle with any delivery outside off-stump. Last four overs have all been maiden overs. ENG 66-4 after 31 overs.

17:07 IST: First over in the second innings from all-rounder Hardik Pandya is a maiden. ENG 66-4 after 29 overs.

16:56 IST: Dropped! Jos Buttler survives. It was a difficult take for wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant but will go down as a dropped opportunity. The initial foot movement from Pant was wrong which led to the drop chance. But Bumrah has bowled brilliantly so far in the over. ENG 65-4 after 26.4 overs.

16:50 IST: OUT! Mohammed Shami strikes now. India is on a roll here! Virat Kohli at third slip takes a brilliant reflex catch. Ollie Pope walks back after scoring 16 runs. England in deep trouble now. ENG 62-4 after 25.1 overs.

16:45 IST: OUT! Jasprit Bumrah finally dismisses England skipper Joe Root for 13 runs. Off-stump line and Root edges the ball straight into the hands of KL Rahul at second slip. ENG 62-3 after 24.3 overs.

16:43 IST: Maiden! Mohammed Shami is finally getting into his rhythm now. A couple of brilliant deliveries in the last over. ENG 62-2 after 24 overs.

16:40 IST: Both Joe Root and Ollie Pope rebuilding for England at the moment. Playing very cautiously against the Indian seamers. Another tight over from Jasprit Bumrah comes to an end. ENG 62-2 after 23 overs.

16:23 IST: FOUR! Poor start from Mohammed Shami. Already two boundaries in the first four deliveries. Shami struggling to find the right line at the moment. ENG 59-2 after 19.4 overs.

16:20 IST: FOUR and 50 up for England! Flicked and flicked away fine for a boundary from Ollie Pope. Bumrah strays down the leg side and that was easy pickings for the youngster. Boundary to finish the over. Mohammed Shami will replace Ishant from the other end. ENG 51-2 after 19 overs.

16:10 IST: Maiden! Another tight over from Jasprit Bumrah. He has maintained the pressure from the other end. It has been a difficult morning for the England batsmen. ENG 43-2 after 17 overs.

16:02 IST: Ishant Sharma is getting good bounce from the surface at the moment. The last ball just took off after pitching. Easily negotiated by by Ollie Pope. ENG 42-2 after 15.2 overs.

15:54 IST: FOUR! Thick out-side edge from Ollie Pope and the ball finds it way to the boundary. That brought a smile on Ishant Sharma's face. ENG 40-2 after 13.3 overs.

15:46 IST: OUT! Ishant Strikes again. Angled in from round the wicket, the ball moves across after pitching. Alastair Cook (17) had to play at that one. Both openers are back in the hut now. KL Rahul takes a simple catch at second slip. ENG 32-2 after 12 overs.

15:42 IST: FOUR! First boundary of the morning for England. Wide from Ishant and Alastair Cook drives away from the body. Sweetly timed.

15:42 IST: First over from Jasprit Bumrah from the other end produces 1 run. ENG 28-1 after 11 overs.

15:33 IST: OUT! Ishant draws the first blood. Keaton Jennings edges at an away-swinging delivery from the lanky pacer. Simple catch for Rishabh Pant. Jennings departs for 13. Wicket in the first over of the morning for India. ENG 27-1 after 9.5 overs.

15:31 IST: First run on the board for England on day 4. On the pads from Ishant and Jennings takes a leg-bye. ENG 24-0 after 9.3 overs.

15:29 IST: Openers Alastair Cook and Keaton Jennings are at the centre for England. Ishant Sharma will start the proceedings for India. Three slips and a gully for him at the start.

15:20 IST: Pitch report, Day 4 - It has been a muggy morning at Trent Bridge. The soil underneath the surface has been disturbed after three days of play. The disturbance will definitely come into the play for the seamers says Sanjay Manjrekar.

15:15 IST: Team India in a huddle ahead of start of play on Day 4.

15:00 IST: We are 30 minutes away from the start.

14:50 IST: What do you have to say on this?

14:35 IST: Proud moment for Hardik Pandya.

14:30 IST: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of Day 4 of the third Test at Trent Bridge.

India captain Virat Kohli's second century of the series strengthened his side's iron grip on the third Test against England at Trent Bridge. Kohli, who fell for 97 in India's first innings, top-scored with 103 as the tourists, looking to bounce back from 2-0 down in a five-match contest, piled up a total of 352 for seven declared. That left England needing a mammoth 521 for victory, albeit with more than two days to get the runs. But no side have made more to win in the fourth innings of a Test than the West Indies' 418 for seven against Australia at St John's, Antigua, in 2003. Kohli's declaration left England with an awkward nine overs in which to bat. But Alastair Cook (nine not out) and Keaton Jennings (13 not out) took them to a close score of 23 without loss. India resumed Monday on 124 for two, already 292 runs in front, with Cheteshwar Pujara 33 not out and Kohli unbeaten on eight. They could dictate terms after skittling England out for 161, with paceman Hardik Pandya taking a stunning five for 28 in six overs. As well as batting collapse, another longstanding problem for England has been their catching and they floored their fifth chance this match when second slip Jos Buttler, a wicket-keeper by trade, grassed a left-handed opportunity when Pujara, on 40, edged James Anderson.

England's woes increased when wicket-keeper and leading batsman Jonny Bairstow left the field after failing to gather a swinging Anderson delivery. An x-ray revealed he had suffered a small fracture to his left middle finger. England's one-day gloveman Buttler took over behind the stumps. It wasn't until Monday's 41st over that India lost their third wicket, with Pujara edging recalled all-rounder Ben Stokes to first slip Cook.

Pujara faced 208 balls, including 19 fours, and put on 113 with Kohli. It was a welcome return to form for Pujara, who averaged just 14 while playing for Yorkshire earlier this season.

Kohli was still on his tea score of 93 not out when his edged drive off an outswinger from Anderson, armed with the new ball, burst through Jennings's hands in the gully. Anderson, whose duels with Kohli have been a feature of this series, buried his head in his hands in despair after the ball went for four. Next ball, Kohli edged Anderson, England's all-time leading Test wicket-taker, just short of Cook.

Kohli was not at his most fluent but this was an ideal innings given India's situation and an edged four off Chris Woakes, his 10th boundary in 191 balls during nearly five hours at the crease, saw the star batsman to a 23rd Test hundred. It was also Kohli's second in three matches after he made 149 -- his maiden Test century in England -- in the series-opener at Edgbaston. (Play fantasy league and win cash daily) 

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That's it from this Test match. All of a sudden, India are looking smoking hot and have the momentum heading into the next Test match. The home team will be gutted at the moment but they still have the lead in the series and would like to return to winning ways in Southampton. That match starts on 30th August at 1100 local (1000 GMT) and we look forward to your company then. Cheers!


Man of the Match and Indian skipper, Virat Kohli says, it is a very special day for him and he would like to dedicate this victory to the flood victims of Kerala. Further adds it was a much-needed one and the management and the players are very proud of what they have done. Admits they did not panic heading into this game, they needed their batting had to step up and that is exactly what happened. Credits the way his bowlers bowled. Mentions the catching was also excellent in this game. Reckons the partnership between Rahane and him was very important. Adds further, you need determination and grit to play against a quality bowling line-up and Pujara and Jinx did show that. Says the runs he scored is dedicated to his wife who is there with him. States they are really proud of their pacers outpacing the English bowlers. Ends by saying he believes they can surely come back and win the series as the team is hungry.


England skipper, Joe Root, says he has no regrets on the team selection and the decision he made at the toss. He feels they could have bowled slightly fuller and a bit straighter. Credits the way India batted. He admits they underperformed with the bat in the first innings. Further adds that the partnership between Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler is something they should learn from. Mentions they are always looking for new plans against Virat Kohli. Reckons they have managed to keep him quiet but are finding it difficult to get him out. Admits they are working extremely hard on their slip catching which has been very poor. He hopes to get it right as soon as possible as catching is very important. On Bairstow's injury, he hopes that he recovers as soon as possible and wants him fit for the next Test. Admits the conditions have been very tough for the batsmen. States they have got two very good players at the top and he is pretty sure they will come out with a strong response. Appreciates Buttler's knock saying he just proved he is a player who can adjust to all formats.


Coming to India's bowling, they weren't bad in the previous Tests either but here at Trent Bridge, they turned up the heat. The inclusion of Jasprit Bumrah bolstered their pace attack and along with Ishant Sharma, he was next to unplayable. Not mentioning Hardik Pandya's bowling in the first innings will be a grave injustice. His maiden Test fifer completely broke England's batting and sowed the seed for this convincing win. Mohammed Shami and Ravichandran Ashwin (who wasn't fully fit) also played their supporting roles well. One thing worth emphasizing is their catching, especially in the slip cordon. They just fine-tuned every area and outclassed the hosts in all the departments. Presentation coming up...


Criticism is a good thing if it's constructive and the one getting criticized takes it in a good spirit. Also, self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. The numero uno Test team took all the criticism in their stride and displayed immense self-belief to achieve their first win of the series. Their batting had the discipline unlike the last two Tests and they looked motivated. Both Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul though will be kicking themselves for getting out in both the innings after doing all the hard work. However, their efforts made it easier for Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane in the first innings and Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara in the second innings. The Indian skipper got mentioned twice in the last sentence and that in itself speaks about the brilliance with which he led from the front.


It turned out to be a tale of one session where England lost all their 10 wickets. That really was the massive moment in this Test as that handed India a big advantage, a lead in excess of 150 runs, that too on Day 2 itself. The home team will be very disappointed with their batting effort. A big question mark over their opening pair and then the inconsistencies of the rest of their batsmen as well. Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler showed on Day 4 how it's done but that was the only bright spot in an otherwise insipid batting effort.


What an exceptional Test match for India! The Kohli-led team showed great character and grit to bounce back from a morale-deflating loss at Lord's to register a comprehensive win. The series stands at 2-1 now, still in favour of England but this victory has definitely spiced things up for the remaining two Tests.


Right then, it took India just 17 balls to pick the last wicket. The Indian team is celebrating. A crushing defeat for England. The players in the middle are shaking hands. Job well done by the touring team.


Ravichandran Ashwin to James Anderson

OUT! In the air... and taken! Ashwin gets his name in the wickets column. He bowls this outside off, it is the leg spinner. Anderson does not pick it as he goes on the back foot for the square cut. But the ball turns back in with extra bounce, hits Jimmy on the gloves and lobs behind. Rahane backtracks from first slip and takes a dolly. The players appeal and the umpire raises his finger. Smiles all around in the Indian camp as THEY WIN BY 203 RUNS AND KEEP THE SERIES ALIVE!


Ravichandran Ashwin to Adil Rashid

Goes for the sweep but gets it off the inner half towards deep square leg for a run.

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