India vs England, Highlights 3rd ODI: Root, Morgan Star As England Beat India To Clinch Series 2-1

Updated: 18 July 2018 00:28 IST

Highlights, India vs England 3rd ODI: Virat Kohli top scored with 71 runs for India in the final ODI.

India vs England, Highlights 3rd ODI: Root, Morgan Star As England Beat India To Clinch Series 2-1
Highlights, India vs England 3rd ODI: Eoin Morgan and Joe Root starred for England. © AFP

An unbeaten 186-run partnership between Joe Root (100 not out) and Eoin Morgan (88 not out) powered England to an eight-wicket victory over India in the third and final ODI at Headingley, Leeds on Tuesday. The win ended India's nine consecutive bilateral ODI series winning-run as England clinched the three-match series 2-1 despite losing the opening ODI. Morgan, winning the toss, elected to field as the English bowlers produced a disciplined bowling attack to restrict the hosts to a modest 256/8 in 50 overs. In reply, England overhauled the target in just 44.3 overs. England got to a flying start, courtesy Johnny Bairstow's 30 off 13 balls. However, his stay in the middle was cut short by Shardul Thakur and India got a much-needed breakthrough. (HIGHLIGHTS) 

Highlights between India vs England 3rd ODI, straight from Headingley, Leeds

00:10 IST: Boundary and Joe Root brings up his second consecutive century! England outclass India by 8 wickets and 33 ball to spare to clinch the ODI series 2-1. Thank you for joining us on all the action, until next time, it's goodbye! 

00:09 IST: WIDE ball from Hardik Pandya! England need 1 run to win. 

00:08 IST: England need 4 runs from 36 balls to clinch the ODI series.  

00:03 IST: 7 needed to win from 42 balls, Root needs 7 more as well for his century! 

00:01 IST: DROPPED! Bhuvneshwar Kumar spills one, hit too hard by Eoin Morgan from a full-toss delivery by Hardik Pandya and the ball was travelling quick at some pace there. England need 10 to win. 

23:59 IST: Joe Root moves into the 90s, with a boundary from a straight drive, down the ground, out of the reach of the India fielders. England 244/2 after 42 overs. 

23:55 IST: England 239/2 after 41 over, 18 required. Root unbeaten on 86 while Morgan on 86. Both the batsmen have got a lot to the India team and especially Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri to think about after that miserable performance. 

23:47 IST: No excitement left in the match, it's lopsided! Looks more like England are playing through just as a part of formality, Shardul Thakur steps in to bowl the 40th over.  

23:41 IST: Kuldeep Yadav into his final over, gets dispatched for a six in his fourth delivery from Eoin Morgan. Yadav had a night to forget! England need 28 runs from 72 balls now. 

23:33 IST: Wicket drought for Kuldeep Yadav continues as his 9th over comes to an end, England need 44 runs from 84 balls. 

23:27 IST: No ball! England have a free-hit, dispatched by Joe Root for a boundary. England 211/2 after 35 overs, 46 runs from 90 balls.  

23:21 IST: Chahal from the other end completes another wicket-less over, he has conceded 29 runs from his 9. A slightly more economical, but wickets it what matters and both the India spin duo have failed to deliver. 

23:17 IST: Another wicket-less over from Kuldeep comes to an end, four from it. Kuldeep has conceded a total of 40 runs. England 187/2 after 32 overs, 69 needed. 

23:15 IST: Kuldeep Yadav into his 7th over, still not a single wicket to his name for the leading wicket-taker in the ODI series. 

23:09 IST: Six runs from the Shardul Thakur over, England 180/2 after 30 overs. 

23:07 IST: Boundary! Short-pitched delivery from Shardul Thakur, Morgan pulls it to the square leg for a boundary. Short balls have costed India heavily today, still no signs of them drying up! 

23:05 IST: 100-run partnership between Morgan and Root, comes from 119 balls but the major boost for England has been that both the batsmen have looked untroubled. England 175/2 after 29 overs. 

23:01 IST: Half-century for Eoin Morgan, 39th in ODI from the star batsman. England 172/2 after 28 overs. The visitors need 85 runs to clinch the series. 

22:59 IST: The third-wicket partnership between Morgan and Root now stands for 95 runs. Morgan moves to 49 runs from 57 balls. 

22:54 IST: Single to end the 26th over, England 159/2 after 26 overs. The hosts need mere 99 runs with eight wickets in hand to clinch the series. At the current rate, it is looking like a cake walk for England. 

22:49 IST: Eoin Morgan dances down the ground, smashes Kuldeep Yadav for a boundary over long on. England 152/2 after 25 overs. 

22:47 IST: Boundary from Joe Root to bring up his half-century from 60 deliveries. Kohli has been too dependent on his spin duos, who have failed to prove their mettle in the match, credit the all-round show from England.  

22:45 IST: Joe Root moves closer to his 29th ODI half-century, currently batting on 49 runs, keeping India at their toes. England 143/2 after 24 overs. 

22:42 IST: Shardul Thakur to bowl the 24th over. The third-wicket stand between Root and Morgan is now of 67 runs. England need 116 runs more to win the series. 

22:39 IST: Boundary! Joe Root sweeps Kuldeep Yadav for a boundary. England 138/2 after 23 overs. 

22:36 IST: After 22 overs, England 134/2. 60 runs unbeaten third-wicket stand between Joe Root and skipper Eoin Morgan. 

22:18 IST: Kuldeep Yadav steps in to bowl his fourth over, he has not got a breakthrough so far. 

22:09 IST: Joe Root sweeps Yuzvendra Chahal for a boundary, good use of his bottom-hand there as England continue to put pressure on the India bowling. 

22:06 IST: BOUNDARY! Joe Root leans over the ball to play it through the covers from a tossed up Kuldeep Yadav delivery, getting it's treatment. Six runs from that over. England 91/2 after 13 overs. 

22:04 IST: Tidy over from Yuzvendra Chahal, just one from it. England 85/2 after 12 overs. 

22:01 IST: Boundary, Joe Root smashes a half-tracker from Kuldeep Yadav to the fence. England 84/2 after 11 overs. 

21:58 IST: Yuzvendra Chahal concedes four runs, from his first over. England 78/2 after 10 overs. The hosts need 179 runs to win. Kuldeep Yadav to bowl from the other end. 

21:54 IST: RUN-OUT! James Vince departs for 27, third umpire confirms. Brilliant collection and quick work from MS Dhoni, proved lethal, Hardik Pandya made the throw first-up! England 74/2 after 9.2 overs. 

21:53 IST: Spin been introduced for India, Yuzvendra Chahal gets the ball. 

21:51 IST: Another short deliver from Shardul Thakur, gets it's treatment! Joe Root dispatches it for a boundary a deep square leg, too many hit-me balls from the India seamers. England 74/1 after 9 overs.  

21:46 IST: England dealing in boundaries, 13 already in 8 overs. India landing themselves deep in trouble, England 67/1 after 8 overs. 

21:41 IST: 50 up for England in 6.2 over, after Joe Root smashes Shardul Thakur's delivery through the covers and later collects another boundary from leg-bye. England 57/1 after 7 overs. 

21:36 IST: Joe Root comes in to bat, Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been brought back into the attack. After he went for a plenty in the first two overs. 

21:33 IST: OUT! Jonny Bairstow departs for 30. Soft-dismissal hands an easy catch to Suresh Raina at mid-wicket. England 43/1 after 4.4 overs. 

21:31 IST: Shardul Thakur HAMMERED, in the very first delivery by James Vince who dispatches the ball to the boundary at fine leg. 

21:30 IST: Four more to end the over, England 38/0 after 4 overs. India need to find a breakthrough here. Virat Kohli might be forced to bring on his spin duos. 

21:27 IST: Jonny Bairstow on FIRE! Two consecutive boundaries from Hardik Pandya over now, Bairstow has raced to 26 off mere 11 deliveries.   

21:27 IST: Three back-to-back boundaries! Jonny Bairstow stands tall and punches the ball through the covers first then smashes one to the leg-side, before he dispatches the third one to deep backward point, expensive over from Bhuvneshwar. England cruising with 23/0 after 3 overs.  

21:19 IST: Hardik Pandya gets to bowl the second over, starts with four dot balls, pitched up. Not giving any room to Vince. England 7/0 after 2 overs. 

21:17 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar did well to after leaking early runs, England 5/0 after the first over. 

21:14 IST: Boundary! James Vince punches the ball on the front foot for a boundary in the very first ball which kept wide and way outside off. 

21:14 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets the new ball for India, as James Vince and Jonny Bairstow open for England in the chase. 

20:33 IST: OUT! Bhuvneshwar Kumar tries to find a six down the leg side from a low full-toss delivery by Willey, but rather finds Jonny Bairstow at deep mid-wicket. India finish their innings at 256/8 after 50 overs with Shardul Thakur remaining unbeaten on a brilliant 22 runs from 13 balls. A brilliant cameo from Thakur to provide crucial runs at the death might make the difference for the visitors! 

20:27 IST: SIX MORE! Shardul Thakur dispatches a slower bouncer from Stokes into the stands towards deep backward square leg, what is he doing lower down the order? India 251/7 after 49 overs.

20:24 IST: SIX! First maximum of the match comes from Shardul Thakur's willow, as he hits Ben Stokes over deep mid-wicket, in fact that is the first hit over the fence in two matches for India. 

20:22 IST: 10 runs from the David Willey over, 2 overs to go for the innings break. India 234/7 after 48 overs. 

20:19 IST: Scoop shot from Bhuvneshwar Kumar for boundary! Full-length delivery from David Willey well picked by the batsman as the ball races to the fence. India 230/7 after 47.2 overs. Important cameo from Bhuvneshwar!  

20:11 IST: OUT! David Willey strikes GOLD! MS Dhoni departs for 42 from 66 balls before he finds an edge from a well directed ball only to find Jos Buttler's gloves. India 221/7 after 45.5 overs. 

20:04 IST: Single to finish the over, Dhoni retains strike, India 214/6 after 44 overs.

20:02 IST: Boundary! Dhoni again, picks up his gap, lovely roll of his wrist in anticipation of the shorter delivery from Ben Stokes. 

19:59 IST: Boundary! A welcome one for India, comes from Dhoni's willow towards backward square leg, he moves to 32 runs from 56 balls. India 208/6 after 43 overs. 

19:56 IST: Mark Wood comes in to ball his 8th over, he has conceded just 20 runs so far and scalped a wicket. 

19:55 IST: Just 2 run from the Ben Stokes over, India 201/6 after 42 overs. 

19:53 IST: 200 up for India, in 41.3 overs. M.S Dhoni needs to switch to the slog mode now. He has scored 28 runs from 51 balls. 

19:44 IST: Edged by Bhuvneshwar, did not carry to Joe Root at first slip, as Ben Stokes comes in to bowl the 40th over and straight on gets three dot balls on a trot! 

19:42 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the new batsman in, M.S Dhoni will need to change gears from here on. 3 runs and a wicket to end the Wood over. India 195/6 after 39 overs. 

19:38 IST: Edged and taken! Hardik Pandya departs for 21, takes a thin edge from the good length delivery bowled by Mark Wood as it carries to Jos Buttler. India 194/6 after 38.2 overs. 

19:37 IST: Mark Wood has been brought back to attack, 12 overs to play. Surely India's time to take on the attack over the English bowlers. 

19:36 IST: Moeen Ali has bowled his 10 over, 2 off his last as Hardik Pandya will retain strike. Ali failed to scalp a wicket today but has been economical. India 192/5 after 38 overs. 

19:32 IST: Boundary! Sheer timing on that inside-out shot from Hardik Pandya falls wide from Liam Plunkett at long-off. Rashid concedes 9 from his last over. India 190/5 after 37 overs. 

19:30 IST: Adil Rashid to bowl his 10th, he has bowled brilliantly thus far, to return figures of 3/40. Remind you, Rashid only plays the white ball cricket these days for England.  

19:30 IST: Hardik Pandya plays it fine down the leg, two runs takes from Moeen Ali's delivery. Pandya moves to 9 runs off 12 balls. India 181/5 after 36 overs. 

19:26 IST: Boundaries have dried up, India 176/5 after 35 overs. 

19:20 IST: 4 runs from that Moeen Ali over, India 173/5 after 34 overs. Dhoni unbeaten on 21 runs off 30 balls, Hardik Pandya has scored 8 off the 9 deliveries he has faced. 

19:14 IST: Boundary from Dhoni, to end the over, over the long-off. 162/5 after 32 overs.

19:12 IST: NOT OUT! M.S Dhoni survives after an initial decision given by the umpire gave him LBW from Moeen Ali, but the review showed the ball clearly missing the leg stumps.  

19:08 IST: OUT! Adil Rashid picks his second in the over as Suresh Raina walks back for 1, caught by Joe Root, the scrambled seem did the damage! India struggling at 158/5 after 31 overs. 

19:07 IST: Left-right hand combination in the centre, as Suresh Raina walks in the middle to join Dhoni. 

19:01 IST: BOWLED! Virat Kohli looks surprised as he walks back to the dressing room after scoring 71 off 72 deliveries, Adil Rashid makes the breakthrough, India 156/4 after 30.1 overs. 

18:59 IST: Four more! Now Virat Kohli plays a back-foot on drive to find the fence as the sweeper fielder had no chance to clean up the ball. India 156/3 after 30 overs.

18:58 IST: Boundary! M.S Dhoni sweeps one to find the fence at backward square leg from a Moeen Ali delivery. 

18:57 IST: India 146/3 after 29 overs. 

18:54 IST: Appeal from Jos Buttler behind the stumps, bizzare one! The Moeen Ali delivery saw M.S Dhoni dancing a long way down the track before it took the pads. India 144/3 after 28 overs. 

18:49 IST: Boundary! Kohli rolls his wrist over the delivery from Adil Rashid as he plays the shot and the ball travels to the backward square leg to find the fence. 

18:48 IST: Play and a miss, from MS Dhoni -- very unlike him to finish of the 26th over, India 132/3. 

18:44 IST: Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the new batsman in, he walks in amidst a large cheer from the Yorkshire crowd. India 128/3 after 25 overs. 

18:41 IST: OUT! Dinesh Karthik departs for 21, after the delivery from Adil Rashid took an inside edge to hit the stumps. India 125/3 after 24.2 overs.

18:39 IST: Half-century for Virat Kohli, the India skipper cuts the delivery late from Liam Plunkett late for a boundary as he brings up his 50 in style. Plunkett will be a worry for the England side, he has leaked away too many runs.  

18:38 IST: Dinesh Karthik pulls one for a single. 

18:32 IST: Deft touch from Virat Kohli, the ball from Liam Plunkett races away to the boundary. India 110/2 after 22 overs. 

18:30 IST: Good work for Willey at the fence, stopped a potential boundary punched by Dinesh Karthik on the square, but well swept away by Willey to cut it short to two runs. 

18:25 IST: 100 up for India, in 19.5 overs. The visitors are scoring at 5 runs per over, India 100/2 after 20 overs.  

18:21 IST: Boundary to finish the over, elegant looking cover drive from Dinesh Karthik as he moves to 9 runs from 2 deliveries, he brought his bottom-hand into play their. India 98/2 after 19 overs. 

18:19 IST: Adil Rashid opens with a full-toss. So, Eoin Morgan has deployed spinners from both the end. Surprising captaincy! 

18:18 IST: Dinesh Karthik steps in, as he is about to get his first exposure in the English conditions in the ongoing series. India 89/2 after 18 overs. 

18:15 IST: OUT! Shikhar Dhawan run out fro 44, after a fine knock but a ill-planned judgement did the damage on the visitors Ben Stokes makes a direct hit on to the stumps. India 84/2 after 17.4 overs. 

18:14 IST: Into the 18th over, India scoring at 4.31 runs per over.  Moeen Ali to bowl his third over. 

18:08 IST: Four more! Upper cut from the Indian skipper Kohli, well directed, one bounce to the fence. 11 runs from that Ben Stokes over. India 82/1 after 17 overs. 

18:07 IST: Boundary! Ben Stokes' delivery has been slapped away by Virat Kohli as he hits it in the front and moves to 28 runs off 33 balls. 

18:03 IST: Hook shot from Dhawan for a single towards deep mid-wicket, India 67/1 after 15 overs. 

18:01 IST: Boundary for Shikhar Dhawan over the mid-wicket, as Dhawan-Kohli notch up a 50 runs second wicket partnership. India looking to recover well after a poor start and losing the important wicket of Rohit Sharma.    

18:00 IST: Another bowling change for England, Ben Stokes to ball his medium-pacers in the 15th over. 

17:58 IST: 5 runs from the initial Moeen Ali over. India 60/1 after 14. 

17:56 IST: Spin has been introduced for England, Moeen Ali will bowl the 14th over. 

17:54 IST: Three consecutive boundaries from Shikhar Dhawan follows, India breached the 50 run mark in the 13th over. 15 runs over that from Plunkett. India 55/1. 

17:53 IST: 2 wide deliveries in that over so far from Liam Plunkett. 

17:50 IST: Just 2 from the over, India 40/2 after 12. 

17:49 IST: David Willey continues from the other end, into his sixth over. Three dot balls to start the proceedings before Shikhar Dhawan takes a single and moves to 21 runs off 33 balls. 

17:45 IST: Good Yorker from Plunkett to end the over, India 38/1 after 11 overs. 

17:44 IST: BOUNDARY! Shikhar Dhawan punches Liam Plunkett's delivery down the line for a cover drive as the ball races away to the fence. 

17:41 IST: After the powerplay, India 32/1. Virat Kohli took a single off the last ball to retain strike. 

17:38 IST: Boundary! Virat Kohli plays a nervy chip over the mid-on, four valuable runs for India, came off the middle of the bat.  

17:36 IST: Brilliant bowling from the English new ball bowlers, only 2 runs from that over. India 25/1 after 9 overs. 

17:33 IST: Trouble for Dhawan at the non-strikers end, but he makes the crease in time, the throw fails to hit the stumps anyway. India 23/1 after 8 overs. 

17:30 IST: Well stopped by Eoin Morgan, Shikhar Dhawan strikes the ball hard through a cover drive but Morgan jumps to the right to stop a potential boundary. 

17:29 IST: Kohli picks up a double to end the over. After 7 overs, India 22/1. 

17:24 IST: Virat Kohli steps in and he straight away plays a shot which took the outside edge for a boundary. India 18/1 after 6 overs.

17:22 IST: OUT! Rohit Sharma departs, bit of frustration in that shot which came from a David Willey delivery as he tried to chip to deep backward square leg, straight into the arms of Mark Wood. Sharma out for 2, India 13/1 after 5.4 overs. 

17:19 IST: Second maiden for Mark Wood, Rohit Sharma looks to have a frozen arm against him, finding hard to play him. India 12/0 after 5 overs. 

17:15 IST: Only one run from the Willey over, after 4 overs India 12/0. 

17:11 IST: Four more! Dhawan plays a pulls shot, way out off reach for Moeen Ali at deep fine leg. After 3 overs, India 11/0.

17:09 IST: Boundary! Shikhar Dhawan scores the first boundary for India, through a lovely cover drive which went like a bullet to the fence. 

17:07 IST: Rohit Sharma gets off the mark after facing 9 balls. India 3/0 after 2 overs. Shikhar Dhawan 2*, Rohit Sharma 1*.

17:04 IST: David Willey for England to bowl from the other end, Shikhar Dhawan takes strike and gets off the mark from a clumsy overthrow in the second ball from Willey on the follow through. 

17:03 IST: Maiden over to start with, Rohit Sharma tried to block or have a swing at every ball but failed to get off the mark. India 0/0 after 1 over. 

17:00 IST: Swing and a miss to start! Widish delivery from Wood, Rohit tries to follow but fails to get a bat to it as the ball gets a good height on the carry to Jos Buttler. 

17:00 IST: India openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan head out in the centre. For England, Mark Wood will begin the proceedings. 

16:38 IST: India (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Dinesh Karthik, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(w), Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Shardul Thakur, Yuzvendra Chahal

England (Playing XI): Jonny Bairstow, James Vince, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, David Willey, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood

16:32 IST: India skipper Virat Kohli says he is happy to bat first, he would have done it anyway keeping in mind the wicket will break in the second innings. For the visitors, KL Rahul, Umesh Yadav and Siddharth Kaul left out while Dinesh Karthik, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Shardul Thakur come in.​ 

16:30 IST: England skipper Eoin Morgan wins the toss, opts to bowl against India. One change for the hosts, James Vince comes in place of Jason Roy. 

16:10 IST: Pitch for the third and final ODI, a closer look on the Headingley, Leeds wicket. Expect the weather to be partly cloudy and we might also see some thunderstorm as we proceed ahead in the day.   

15:55 IST: India pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar is likely to play in the third ODI. Assistant coach Sanjay Bangar had given a thumbs up for his inclusion, in that case he might replace Siddharth Kaul -- who has been economical in the initial two matches but failed to provide crucial breakthroughs.    

15:40 IST: In the bowling department, India chinaman Kuldeep Yadav leads from the front with 9 scalps to his name. England pacer Liam Plunkett is second with 4 wickets, where as Umesh Yadav has taken 3 wickets, thus far in the ongoing ODI series. 

15:35 IST: Quick stats, India opener Rohit Sharma leads the highest run score chart with 152 runs, followed by his skipper Virat Kohli with 120 runs where as Joe Root is on the third spot with 116 runs, thanks to his century in the previous encounter. 

15:30 IST: Hello and welcome to the live commentary from the third and final ODI between India and England. 

Hosts England, with a morale-boosting victory in the previous encounter, will aim to continue playing ruthless cricket as advised by their key batsman Joe Root post the last match. Root -- who notched up a century in the last encounter, will also be the key in English batting department alongside Eoin Morgan and openers Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow to get them off to a good start.

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