There's always a next time, says Sehwag

Updated: 04 December 2009 14:44 IST

India opener Virender Sehwag said on Friday he was not disappointed after failing to score a world record third triple-century by seven runs.


Far from being disappointed at missing a record third triple hundred in Test cricket, dashing Indian opener Virender Sehwag on Friday said there is always a next time and he is happy to have at least come within seven runs of the milestone.

"I'm very happy I scored at least 293 runs. I think I made a record, by getting 290 after two triple centuries, which no one (other Indian) has done. It was a missed opportunity, but there will always be a next time," said Sehwag after the third day in the third and final Test at the Brabourne Stadium.

"My family was happy, they wanted me to cross 300 and 400 but they are still very happy. My son kissed me on the television," he said to the mirth of the reporters.

Sehwag, who batted for just over six hours and struck 40 fours and seven sixes, said he was mentally tired but physically still very fresh after remaining unbeaten on 284 after putting the visiting bowling to the sword last evening.

"I was not tired, mentally a bit, but not physically. Nitin Patel (team physio) and (masseur) Mane Kaka really helped me. They gave me a couple of things, gave me massage too and after that I felt really well. They are doing a fantastic job with the players," he said.

He also praised coach Gary Kirsten's tips during the first Test at Ahmedabad for making the big score.

"In Ahmedabad, I had a chat with Gary Kirsten. He advised me to survive the first half an hour to 40 minutes. He said to me -- if you stay on the wicket you will get big runs, you know that. I followed it and it worked for me," Sehwag said.

Sehwag, who was deceived by Muttiah Muralitharan this morning after the Sri Lanka ace was caned mercilessly yesterday by the Indian opener, said uncertainty in his mind led to his dismissal.

"There was no difference (in my outlook from yesterday). I tried to take my time, the ball was not there to hit, I tried to take a single but misjudged the length and it went straight to Muralitharan," he explained.

About Muralitharan, he said the veteran bowler can come up with an unplayable ball even when a batsman was well settled.

"Batting against him is always a challenge. Even if he retires (and comes out to bowl) he will always be a challenge for the batsmen. As a batsman you can never relax against him even when you are 100 or 200 as he can come out with a magic ball out of nowhere."

Sehwag said he is happy to have done most of his scoring on Thursday as it didn't seem to be his day today.

"Yesterday was my day. I batted full day. I utilised and made 284. If you are batting and in good form you spend a couple of hours in the wicket and score as many runs as you can on the same day. Tomorrow is a new day. It's a new ball game. Same thing happened to me. I was in brilliant form yesterday but this morning I came and got out after scoring only nine runs," he said.

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