IPL 7, SRH vs DD, Highlights: Sunrisers Hyderabad edge out Delhi Daredevils in thriller, bag first points

Updated: 25 April 2014 19:38 IST

Aaron Finch smashed an unbeaten 88 while David Warner hammered 58 not out as Sunrisers Hyderabad defeated Delhi Daredevils by four runs to record their first win of the Indian Premier League 2014. Catch all the highlights here.

Sunrisers Hyderabad defeated Delhi Daredevils by four runs to record their first win of the Indian Premier League 2014. Catch all the highlights here (Scorecard | Commentary | Points Table):

Aaron Finch, Man-of-the-Match: It was nice to find some form but we remained positive despite a slow start to the tournament for us. The wicket, knew would be hard for the new batsmen coming in and we decided not to take too many risks coming in.

That's the end of this match. It's Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians coming right up.


Shikhar Dhawan, Sunrisers Hyderabad captain: Finally we are off the mark and it's a great feeling to win a game. This will boost our confidence. We played great cricket. We started off with a great partnership and then Finch and Warner played well. Tom Moody and the mentors motivate all the boys in the team.


Kevin Pietersen, Delhi Daredevils captain: It was a great game of cricket. The guys batted beautifully and you could not have asked for anything else. All credit to Finch for the way he played. We were just a little bit lethargic for the first six overs. It is fantastic to be back playing cricket. We will have to get across the line in a couple of the nail-biters and we will be back.


19:15 (IST): It was a thrilling game but there had to be one winner at the end of the day. Sunrisers Hyderabad held their nerves and were at the end rewarded with a four-run win over the Delhi Daredevils as they finally opened their points tally in IPL 7. The Sunrisers were first propelled by Aaron Finch (88 not out) and David Warner (58 not out) and set the Daredevils a daunting 185 to win. DD got off to a good start, thanks to Quinton de Kock and Murali Vijay before SRH pulled things back in the middle overs. When Dale Steyn removed Dinesh Karthik and Kevin Pietersen off successive balls, the writing was on the wall for the Daredevils. However, some true daredevilry from Manoj Tiwary and JP Duminy left DD needing 20 to win off the last over, bowled by Bhuvneshwar Kumar and six off the last ball to force the game into a Super Over. But Kumar kept his calm and helped SRH to their first win of the season.


19:14 (IST): Two runs off the first two balls and FOUR! Nice shot by Tiwary. SIX! Duminy hammers it into the stands. Another six could tie the game and get us a Super Over. But Kumar keeps his calm and Sunrisers Hyderabad win by four runs.


19:10 (IST): Delhi Daredevils need 20 off the last over. Kumar to bowl for the Sunrisers Hyderabad. 


19:08 (IST): FOUR! Duminy stayed still and slashed that over square of the off-side. Good placement.


19:07 (IST): FOUR! Tiwary spots the gap and clips Steyn to the on-side. This is great batting and the Daredevils are still very much in the hunt.


19:03 IST: SIX! Manoj Tiwary clobbers that from Mishra into the stands - he had dropped two catches earlier and he must want to make it up. SIX! Duminy gets off the mark in style, off the first ball he faced. And no-ball. It's a free-hit but Tiwary could get only two. Mishra gives away 18 off the over as DD reach 154/4 with 12 balls left and 31 to get.


18:58 (IST): WICKET! Karthik picked a fielder in the deep off Steyn as DD reach 134/3 off 16.4 overs. WICKET! Pietersen falls and Steyn is on a hat-trick. This is disaster for the Daredevils, who are now 135/4 off 16.5 overs.


18:56 (IST): FOUR! Pietersen hammers a Steyn delivery through backward point. Both these men will be key to their teams tonight.


18:55 (IST): Steyn back into the attack after the timeout and Ravi Shastri feels it's a good move by Dhawan. A good over from him can help the required rate shoot up further.


18:52 (IST): SIX! Poor ball from Sammy to finish the over and even an off-colour Pietersen won't miss out on that one. DD are 129/1 off 16 overs and it's strategic timeout!


18:47 (IST): The Daredevils have been slowed down. KP in particular his biding his time in the middle - he can hit the big ones but his side could run out of time soon. They need 66 off the last five overs.


18:43 (IST): Karn Sharma has bowled out - 4-0-23-1 and the Daredevils are 114/2 after 14 overs.


18:36 (IST): FOUR! Vijay gets to his fifty with a boundary off Sammy. That also brings up the 100 for DD. WICKET! Vijay gives Sammy the charge again but is caught by Steyn in the deep for 52 off 40 balls. DD: 103/2 off 12.2 overs.


18:32 (IST): WICKET! Karn Sharma gives the Sunrisers the breakthrough they were looking for, as de Kock holds out in the deep for a 30-ball 48. DD are 99/1 in 11.2 overs.


18:28 (IST): SIX! Mishra to Vijay and boom. The DD opener sends that over the ropes and catches up with the more aggressive de Kock. This is good cricket from the Daredevils, who are 98/0 off 11 overs.


18:27 (IST): FOUR! Top edge from Vijay runs away to the fence. Lucky runs those as the ball flies over the 'keeper's head. And he ends the over with two successive boundaries. DD take 14 off the over and are now 86/0 in the half-way stage.


18:23 (IST): Mishra gives away three off the over as DD move to 72/0 after 9 overs.


18:20 (IST): End of the timeout and it's Amit Mishra into the attack - Dhawan's best bet to take a wicket.


18:16 (IST): FOUR! de Kock is in fine form here and he is not afraid to take on the guile of Karn Sharma. FOUR! Another one from de Kock as 12 come off the over. DD are 69/0 off 8 overs and it's strategic timeout


18:14 (IST): FOUR! Vijay slams it to the fence to finish off a good over against Sammy. DD are 57/0 after 7 overs.


18:12 (IST): FOUR! de Kock gets some lucky runs, thanks to poor fielding by Rao. The rest of his SRH teammates are not very impressed.


18:10 (IST): FOUR! Sammy into the attack and not a great start for him either. de Kock is on the ball and he smashes that to the fence.


18:07 (IST): FOUR! de Kock welcomes Karn Sharma into the attack with a boundary. This is a good start for the Daredevils.


18:05 (IST): SIX! de Kock is taking Steyn on here and the pacer with the crazy eyes smiles wryly. DD are 37/0 off 5 overs.


18:01 (IST): FOUR! Vijay finishes off the over with a boundary and Rao gives away nine off his first over. DD are 29/0 off four overs.


17:58 (IST): Venugopal Rao in the attack, ahead of the likes of Mishra and Karn Sharma. What's Dhawan's thinking? Is it to try and lure Vijay into a false stroke?


17:55 (IST): FOUR! Vijay goes aerial against Kumar and that was a show of intent from Vijay, show of aggressive intent.

17:53 (IST): Ten runs off the Steyn over as DD move to 12/0 after two overs.


17:50 (IST): FOUR! de Kock punches that one from his South African teammate, Dale Steyn - that was a delightful shot from the Proteas 'keeper.


17:49 (IST): Good start from Kumar, just four off the first. DD need a quick start here and would be relying heavily on the talented de Kock.


17:45 (IST): Kumar to start proceedings for SRH while de Kock and Vijay open for Delhi Daredevils.


17:30 (IST): Sunrisers Hyderabad have posted 184/1 off their 20 overs. Dropped catches and poor ground fielding cost the Delhi Daredevils, who were asked to bowl in game 12 in Dubai. With Kevin Pietersen back for the Daredevils, they would have been in high spirits but their overall effort against the Sunrisers did not reflect that. Shikhar Dhawan led a brilliant assault to help his team off to a good start with Aaron Finch, who dropped anchor after his captain departed to an ordinary ball from Shahbaz Nadeem. Finch (88 not out off 53 balls) got together with his Australian opening partner David Warner (58 not out off 45 balls) and added 128 runs for the second wicket to score the highest team total for the Sunrisers.


17:25 (IST): FOUR! Good use of the feet from Warner and 14 runs off that penultimate over from Shami. SRH are 174/1 off 19 overs.


17:22 (IST): SIX! That was almost a reverse sweep from Warner off Shami, one of India's best fast bowlers. Believe it. And he takes a single and brings up his 50 off 40 balls.


17:21 (IST): Two succesive FOURs! from Finch off Unadkat and 150 up for the Sunrisers. Great shots from the Australian, great innovation. FOUR! Finch on fire - slow and short from Unadkat and Finch hammers it to the on-side. SIX! Full toss from Unadkat and Finch takes full toll. SRH are 160/1 off 18 overs.


17:14 (IST): SIX! Take that! Poor line from Nadeem and Warner powers that into the stands. You cannot bowl such length to Warner. SRH: 139/1 after 17 overs.


17:10 (IST): FOUR! Warner hit that with some force as the ball races away to the fence. DROPPED! Warner gets a life here and it's Tiwary again, who grasses it and Parnell the bowler to suffer again. SRH: 128/1


17:05 (IST): SIX! Good blow from Finch off Shukla. SRH want a move-on here and FOUR! That's fifty for Finch and a well-deserved one. FOUR! Beautifully placed, says Ravi Shastri on air. And indeed it was.


17:01 (IST): FOUR! Warner wasn't very happy about not getting the ball away but he finally does. SRH are 99/1 off 14 overs.


16:57 (IST): Good over from Shukla - just two off his first for the Daredevils. With seven overs to go, SRH are 92/1.


16:54 (IST): SRH are 90/1 off 12 overs as Shukla comes into the attack. The Sunrisers are well on their way to a big total here. What can Shukla do to stop them?


16:49 (IST): Shami back as Warner faces up. This is a nice partnership for the Sunrisers.


16:44 (IST): KP goes back to pace - Unadkat back into the attack. The DD skipper has marshaled his resources well, even in the face of an early assault from SRH.


16:42 (IST): SIX! That was wide from Duminy but Finch reached out and hammered the ball out of the park - almost one-handed. That is power for you. SRH are 81/1 off 10 overs.


16:41 (IST): Spin at both ends - Duminy and Nadeem - KP clearly does not want to give Finch and Warner any pace to play with. There will be the occasional boundaries but this is good thinking from the Daredevils captain..


16:38 (IST): SRH have come out with aggressive intentions today but the Daredevils have KP back and what a relief it must have been for them to see him training before the game today - just the kind of thing their fans wanted to see.


16:35 (IST): SIX! That was a monster hit from Warner and Duminy has his first taste of the SRH assault today. SRH are 67/1 after 8 overs.


16:34 (IST): Duminy into the attack - he normally bowls the first over in T20s, but this role could be interesting. The powerplay is over and he is up against two of the most dangerous batsmen in T20 cricket.


16:33 (IST): DROPPED! Karthik fails to hold on to an edge off Warner's bat. Nadeem has his hands on his head, but this is a good comeback after the timeout for the Daredevils. SRH: 57/1 after seven overs.


16:30 (IST): Back after the timeout as Nadeem comes back into the attack and WICKET! Dhawan gets a top edge on the leg-side and KP takes an easy catch. This is a big wicket for the Daredevils. Dhawan departs for 33 off 21 balls. SRH are 56/1 off 6.2 overs.


16:27 (IST): Sunrisers Hyderabad reach 55/0 after six overs and it's strategic timeout.


16:26 IST: FOUR! Dhawan pierces the gap square of the wicket on the off-side and 50's up for the Sunrisers. What a start this is from a side that has disappointed with its batting.


16:23 (IST): Bowling change. Unadkat in the attack. What can he do here - he will mix his pace up nicely and variety is what bowlers need on this surface against batsmen of such quality.


16:19 (IST): FOUR! Poor bowling from Parnell and Dhawan gives him the treatment. SIX! That was in the zone for Dhawan and he clobbers that over the ropes. FOUR! Dhawan is on fire here. Poor bowling from Parnell but Dhawan is taking full toll. And DROPPED! Dhawan hit that straight to Manoj Tiwary and Parnell can't believe it. Tiwary is looking embarrassed. Excellent over for SRH, 15 off it. SRH: 47/0 after 5 overs.


16:17 (IST): FOUR! Aggression from Finch and he's in that kind of a mood. Shami had better watch out here. He needs to ball straighter. SRH 32/0 after 4 overs.


16:16 (IST): FOUR! Finch takes Shami on there and that's a good aggressive start from SRH. Shami follows up with a slower one and Finch fails to connect. Smart comeback. But the intentions are clear from the SRH batsmen - they are looking to attack in the powerplay.


16:14 (IST): Dhawan is looking good today, good signs for the Sunrisers. Can he make it count? SRH 22/0 after three overs.


16:11 (IST): Wayne Parnell introduced to the attack. FOUR! Dhawan times that nicely and does not hit it too hard. A treat for sore eyes. What a lovely shot.


16:10 (IST:) FOUR! Dhawan lashes out at that. Beautifully played and the Sunrisers are away. SRH are 15/0 after two overs.


16:05 (IST:) Shami will bowl the second over. He gets good shape with the new ball and his spell will be crucial here today.


16:04 (IST): FOUR! Finch made contact to a Nadeem delivery and despite a good effort from KP near the ropes, he could not prevent a boundary. SRH: 6/0 after the first over


16:00 (IST): Dhawan takes strike for SRH while Nadeem will bowl the first over for the Daredevils. It's game time.


15:54 (IST): Here are the playing XIs:


Sunrisers Hyderabad: Aaron Finch, Shikhar Dhawan (Captain), David Warner, Lokesh Rahul, Darren Sammy, Venugopal Rao, Karn Sharma, Naman Ojha (WK), Dale Steyn, Amit Mishra, Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Delhi Daredevils: Murali Vijay, Quinton de Kock, Dinesh Karthik (WK), Kevin Pietersen (Captain), JP Duminy, Manoj Tiwary, Laxmi Ratan Shukla, Wayne Parnell, Shahbaz Nadeem, Mohammed Shami, Jaydev Unadkat


15:30 (IST): Sunrisers Hyderabad have won the toss and decided to bat against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Kevin Pietersen is back for the Delhi Daredevils. SRH have left out Irfan Pathan and added Naman Ojha. DD have gone for Quinton de Kock and Wayne Parnell besides including Laxmi Ratan Shukla in the side.


15:25 (IST): A few minutes away from toss time and there are reports that KP has been spotted on the field training with the team. But we are not hazarding a guess yet. Let's wait for official word from the team on his chances of playing today.


14:22 (IST): Delhi Daredevils are expected to play Kevin Pietersen who missed the first two games due to injury.


14:00 (IST): This is the second time Sunrisers Hyderabad are participating in the Indian Premier League. They played the first four editions as Deccan Chargers.


Live cricket score, Sunrisers Hyderabad



After a disastrous start to their campaign with two successive defeats, bottom-placed Sunrisers Hyderabad will be eager to bounce back against an inconsistent Delhi Daredevils, who are likely to be boosted by the return by Kevin Pietersen, in the seventh edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) on Friday. (Match preview)

In their inaugural season, Hyderabad had reached the playoffs but their campaign this year started on a disappointing note as they first lost to Rajasthan Royals by four wickets and then were blown away by Glenn Maxwell during their 72-run crushing defeat to Kings XI Punjab. (Read full preview)


Live cricket score, Kevin Pietersen



Decimated in their most recent Indian Premier League match, there is some good news for the beleaguered Delhi Daredevils with their injured English skipper Kevin Pietersen saying that he expects to be fit for the team's next game in Dubai. "I don't know if they are missing me. This is a long tournament; we've played three matches and won one...As for me, I'm going to hopefully be back in the next game," Pietersen, who had been nursing a finger injury, told the IPL's official website.

Delhi were quite literally thrashed by Chennai Super Kings, losing by 93 runs in a lopsided game. Even though he has not been able to play, Pietersen said he has tried to keep the team motivated in the dugout.

"It's imperative for me to play a significant role as a senior figure in the dressing room. You need to reach out to the players and help them out. Yes, I have handed the reigns of the team to DK (Dinesh Karthik) but I've also got to help him. (KP expected to play vs Hyderabad)


Live cricket score, Suresh Raina



Chennai Super Kings produced a clinical performance to crush Delhi Daredevils by 93 runs and register their first win in the seventh edition of Indian Premier League on Monday.

Chennai first rode on Suresh Raina's fine half-century and a late burst from skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni to post a competitive 177 and then came up with a disciplined bowling and fielding effort to bundle out the Daredevils for a paltry 84 in 15.4 overs.

Raina made 56 off 41 balls during which he struck five boundaries and one six. He shared 54 runs off 46 balls for the second wicket with Dwayne Smith to lay the base for the total.

Towards the end, skipper Dhoni used his long handle to great effect to race his way to 32 off just 15 balls with the help of two fours and as many sixes. Faf du Plesis also made a useful 24 off 17 balls.

Chasing the target, the Daredevils witnessed a nightmarish start as they lost half of their side with just 50 runs on the board in the 10th over.

The Delhi outfit's chase never really got going at they lost wickets at regular intervals to reel for major part of their innings.

Young Ishwar Pandey impressed his IPL debut. He struck the first blow for Chennai in only his second over by removing Mayank Agarwal. Agarwal was brilliantly caught by a running Raina at cover as the batsman went for an inside-out shot. (Read full match report)


Live cricket score, Glenn Maxwell



Glenn Maxwell produced yet another blistering knock of 43-ball 95 before Lakshmipathy Balaji returned with a four-wicket haul as Kings XI Punjab notched up a crushing 72-run win over Sunrisers Hyderabad in their third IPL-7 match here on Tuesday.

After scoring 95 and 89 in his last two innings, Maxwell once again produced a devastating knock, which was studded with nine sixes and five fours as Punjab posted an imposing 193 for six in their stipulated 20 overs.

George Bailey's men then came up with a clinical bowling display to dismiss Hyderabad for 121 with four balls to spare at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium as Punjab registered their third straight win in IPL-7.

Maxwell, who was dropped by David Warner off Karn Sharma in the 10th over before Darren Sammy had him caught on a no-ball in the 15th over, shared 68 runs off 27 balls with David Miller for the third wicket. He also added 35 runs with Cheteshwar Pujara and 25 runs with skipper Bailey.

Seam bowler Lakshmipathy Balaji returned with incredible figures of 4-0-13-4, while Mitchell Johnson (2 for 26) and Akshar Patel (2/20) snapped two wickets each. Sandeep Sharma (1/26) and Rishi Dhawan (1/23) took one each for Punjab.

Chasing 194 to win, Hyderabad found the going tough as they were reduced to 33 for three in 4.5 overs.

While Mitchell Johnson struck the first blow dismissing skipper Shikhar Dhawan (1) in his second ball, it was Balaji's twin strike in his opening over which derailed their run-chase. (Punjab blow away Hyderabad)

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