India vs Australia, Highlights ICC Women's World T20: India Outclass Australia By 48 Runs To Top Group B

Updated: 18 November 2018 00:06 IST

Riding on a blistering 83-run knock from Smriti Mandhana, India registered a 48-run win against Australia in their final group encounter of the Women's World T20.

India vs Australia, Highlights ICC Women
India vs Australia Women's World T20: Indian spinners took wickets at regular intervals. © Twitter

Indian women's team registered their fourth consecutive win of the ICC Women's World T20 as they defeated Australia by 48 runs in their final group match at the Providence Stadium in Guyana on Saturday. With four wins in as many matches, India finished top of Group B as they outplayed one of the top contenders of the tournament. Australian batters looked clueless against the Indian spinners as they were reduced to 119/9 in 19.4 overs with Alyssa Healy not coming out to bat after suffering a concussion. Chasing a target of 168, Australia got off to a poor start losing both their openers in quick succession. Off-spinner Deepti Sharma, in the fifth over of the match, dismissed openers Elyse Villani and Beth Mooney off consecutive deliveries, putting the Australian team under pressure. Ashleigh Gardner tried to steady the Australian run-chase but Poonam Yadav dismissed her for 20. Post the departure of Gardner, Ellyse Perry tried to bring Australia in the match with some lusty blows but lacked support from the other end. The Indian spinners kept picking up wickets at regular intervals, not allowing Australia get ahead in the run-chase. Anuja Patil was the most successful bowler for India as she picked up three wickets for 15 in 3.4 overs. Deepti Sharma, Radha Yadav and Poonam Yadav bagged two wickets each. 

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Highlights Between India vs Australia ICC Women's World T20, straight from the Providence Stadium in Guyana

India beat Australia by 48 runs in their final match of the group stage. 

23:33 IST: And its all over for Australia! Anuja Patil wraps up the Australian tail. Beats Tayla Vlaeminck with a quicker one and wicketkeeper Taniya Bhatia does the rest behind the stumps. 

23:31 IST: OUT! Eighth wicket down for Australia. Anuja Patil claims her second wicket as she dismisses Megan Schutt for one run. India are just one wicket away from win. 

23:25 IST: OUT! What a catch from Radha Yadav off her own bowling. Delissa Kimmince balloons the ball in the air and Radha takes a stunning catch running backwards. Seventh wicket down for Australia. AUSW 105-7 after 17.4 overs.

23:22 IST: OUT! Another big blow for Australia. This time its Sophie Molineux who walks back after scoring just nine runs. Anuja Patil gets her first wicket of the match. 

23:15 IST: OUT! Poonam Yadav gets her second wicket of the match. Rachael Haynes fails to read the googly from the leg-spinner. Taniya Bhatia does the rest behind the stumps. Another one bites the dust for Australia. Rachael walks back after scoring eight runs. Australia in big trouble at the moment. 

23:14 IST: Expensive over from Harmanpreet Kaur comes to an end. 14 runs including three boundaries from it. AUSW 90-4 after 15 overs.

23:11 IST: FOUR! First boundary since the ninth over for Australia. Short pitched delivery from Harmanpreet Kaur and Ellyse Perry pulls the ball in the vacant deep mid wicket region to collect her first boundary of the match. AUSW 80-4 after 14.1 overs.

23:07 IST: First over from Harmanpreet Yadav comes to an end. Five runs from it. Australia Women require another 99 runs from 42 balls. AUSW 69-4 after 13 overs.

22:59 IST: OUT! Another wicket for India! Poonam Yadav gets her first wicket of the match. Trying to go over the top, Ashleigh Gardner mistimes the ball. Veda Krishnamurthy takes a simple catch at long-off. Gardner walks back after scoring 20 runs. Fourth wicket down for Australia. AUSW 59-4 after 10.4 overs.

22:53 IST: OUT! Radha Yadav strikes for India. Skipper Meg Lanning walks back to the pavilion after scoring 10 runs. Lanning goes for a sweep against Radha but fails to keep the ball along the ground. Veda Krishnamurthy takes another sharp catch in the deep. AUSW 56-3 after 9.1 overs.

22:46 IST: Six and fifty comes up for Australia! First one for Australia in the run chase. Ashleigh Gardner hits Poonam Yadav straight down the ground. Beautifully timed from the right-hander. Fifty also comes up for Australia with that monstrous strike. 

22:46 IST: Review from India! Original decision from umpire is not out. Bowler Deepti Sharma was not too sure but wicketkeeper Taniya Bhatia looked convinced on that one. The ball struck the front leg of Meg Lanning inside the crease. Replay clearly shows that the ball was going down the leg side. Too much spin on that occasion from Deepti Sharma. Meg Lanning survives! AUSW 44-2 after 7 overs.

22:36 IST: OUT! Back to back wickets for Deepti Sharma. This time cleans up Beth Mooney round her legs. Dream start for Deepti Sharma. Dismisses both the openers off consecutive deliveries. Mooney walks back after scoring 19 runs. AUSW 27-2 after 4.2 overs.

22:34 IST: OUT! Deepti Sharma gets the first breakthrough for India. Elyse Villani goes for a big hoick on the leg side but hits the ball straight into the hands of Veda Krishnamurthy in the deep. AUSW 27-1 after 4.1 overs.

22:25 IST: FOUR! Beautiful shot from Beth Mooney on the final ball of Anuja Patil's over. Short and wide outside off stump from Anuja and Mooney hits the ball over the top of the in-field to collect her second boundary of the match. 

22:25 IST: Tidy over from Anuja Patil comes to an end. Just three runs from it. Bowling change for India. Deepti Sharma comes in to replace Arundhati Reddy. AUSW 14-0 after 2 overs.

22:20 IST: Expensive first over from c comes to an end. 11 runs from it. Off-spinner Anuja Patil will share the new ball with Arundhati from the other end. AUSW 11-0 after 1 over.

22:18 IST: FOUR! Short and wide outside off stump from Arundhati Reddy and Beth Mooney goes after that one. Thick outside edge and the ball beats the short third man fielder and races to the fence. AUSW 6-0 after 0.2 overs.

22:16 IST: Openers Beth Mooney and Elyse Villani are out in the middle to start the run chase for Australia. Arundhati Reddy will start the proceedings for India. 

Innings break - India set a target of 168 for Australia.

22:02 IST: OUT! Wicket on the final ball of the innings for Australia. Ellyse Perry cleans up Deepti Sharma. India finish with 167 runs for the loss of eight wickets. Smriti Mandana (83 runs) was top scorer for the team. 

22:00 IST: OUT! Seventh wicket goes down for India. Arundhati Reddy walks back after scoring six runs. Full length delivery Ellyse Perry and Arundhati hits the ball straight into the hands of the substitute fielder Nicole Bolton at mid-off.  

21:57 IST: Tight over from Megan Schutt comes to an end. Five runs and a wicket from it. Ellyse Perry will bowl the final over of the innings.  INDW 159-6 after 19 overs.

21:51 IST: OUT! Terrific knock from Smriti Mandhana comes to an end. Trying to score some quick runs, Mandhana hits the ball straight into the hands of Ellyse Perry in the deep. Megan Schutt gets her first wicket of the match. Mandhana walks back after scoring 83 runs off just 55 deliveries. INDW 154-6 after 18.1 overs.

21:47 IST: SIX! On the pads from Delissa Kimmince and Smriti Mandhana goes down on one leg and hits the ball over the deep square-leg fence for a maximum. Mandhana crosses the 1000-run mark in women's T20I cricket with the six. INDW 144-5 after 17.2 overs. 

21:42 IST: OUT! Another wicket goes down for India. This time its Dayalan Hemalatha who walks back after scoring just one run. Ellyse Perry gets her first wicket of the match as Hemalatha chops the ball back onto the stumps. INDW 136-5 after 16.2 overs. 

21:38 IST: OUT! Wonderful catch from Tayla Vlaeminck at square leg. Short pitched delivery from Ashleigh Gardner and Veda Krishnamurthy goes for the pull shot. A diving Tayla Vlaeminck takes a one-handed stunner to get rid of Krishnamurthy. India loose their fourth wicket. Krishnamurthy walks back after scoring three runs. 

21:33 IST: Review from Smriti Mandhana! Original decision from umpire is out. After having a word with Veda Krishnamurthy at the non-striker's end, Mandhana decides to take the review. replay clearly shows that the Sophie Molineux's delivery was pitched outside the leg stump. Mandhana survives! 

21:28 IST: OUT! Quick-fire knock from Harmanpreet Kaur comes to an end. Tries to hit Delissa Kimmince's delivery on the leg side but mistimes. The ball takes the outside edge and Rachael Haynes at point takes a simple catch. Harmanpreet walks back after scoring 43 runs off 27 balls. INDW 117-3 after 13.3 overs. 

21:26 IST: Tidy over from Megan Schutt comes to an end. Just four runs from it. INDW 109-2 after 13 overs. 

21:21 IST: Six and 100 up for India! Hard core hitting from Harmanpreet Kaur at the moment. Collects her third six of the match. Tossed up delivery from Sophie Molineux and Harmanpreet clobbers the ball straight down the ground. Harmanpreet has now moved on to 32 off just 20 deliveries. INDW 104-2 after 11.5 overs. 

21:16 IST: FOUR! Boundary for Harmanpreet Kaur. Wide delivery outside off stump from Delissa Kimmince and Harmanpreet goes after that one. Hits the ball in the gap to collect her first boundary of the batch. Terrific placement on that occasion from the right-hander. 

21:12 IST: Four and fifty comes up for Smriti Mandhana! On the pads from Ashleigh Gardner and Mandhana sweeps the ball fine to get to her sixth fifty in T20I cricket. First half-century for Mandhana in the World Women's T20 2018. Gets to her fifty off just 31 deliveries. INDW 75-2 after 9.2 overs.

21:09 IST: SIX! This time its Harmanpreet Kaur who deposits the ball into the stands. Charges down the ground against Sophie Molineux and times the ball to perfection. The ball sails over the deep mid-wicket fence. Harmanpreet collects her first six of the match. 

21:06 IST: FOUR! Smriti Mandhana is looking unstoppable at the moment. Full length delivery from Ellyse Perry and once again Mandhana goes straight down the ground to collect her fifth boundary of the match. INDW 59-2 after 8 overs.

21:00 IST: 50 up for India! Skipper Harmanpreet Kaur takes a single on the first ball and fifty comes up for India in 6.4 overs. 

20:58 IST: OUT! Poor shot selection from Jemimah Rodrigues. Wide delivery outside off from Delissa Kimmince and Jemimah goes after it. Only manages the outer half of the bat and Elyse Villani at short third man takes a sharp catch. Jemimah walks back after scoring six runs. INDW 49-2 after 6.3 overs.

20:54 IST: SIX! Second maximum for Smriti Mandhana in the match. Full length delivery from Megan Schutt and Mandhana yet again times the ball beautifully. Hits the ball over the bowler's head to collect six runs. Mandhana looking to score some quick runs here. INDW 41-1 after 5.4 overs.

20:49 IST: SIX! First one for India in today's match. Tossed up delivery from Sophie Molineux and Smriti Mandhana hits the ball beautifully over long-on to collect six run. Brilliant timing from Mandhana on that occasion. The ball clears the rope comfortably. INDW 27-1 after 4.2 overs. 

20:46 IST: FOUR! Terrific shot from Smriti Mandhana. Full length delivery from Megan Schutt and Mandhana hits the ball over mid-off fielder to collect four runs. Brilliant timing on that occasion from the left-hander. INDW 18-1 after 3.5 overs.  

20:44 IST: Bowling change for Australia! Medium pacer Megan Schutt comes in to replace Ashleigh Gardner. INDW 12-1 after 3 overs. 

20:40 IST: FOUR! First boundary of the day for India. Smriti Mandhana clears her front leg and hits Tayla Vlaeminck's delivery through point to collect her first boundary of the match. INDW 10-1 after 2.3 overs. 

20:37 IST: OUT! Flighted delivery from Ashleigh Gardner and Taniya Bhatia goes after it. Steps out to go over the top but fails to time the ball. Skipper Meg Lanning takes a simple catch at mid-wicket. Taniya walks back after scoring two runs. INDW 5-1 after 1.5 overs. 

20:33 IST: Tidy start from Tayla Vlaeminck. Just two runs from her first over. Off-spinner Ashleigh Gardner will share the new ball with Vlaeminck from the other end. INDW 2-0 after 1 over. 

20:32 IST: First run on the board for India. On the pads from Tayla Vlaeminck and Taniya Bhatia clips the ball to fine leg for a single. Taniya gets off the mark on the fourth ball of the over. INDW 1-0 after 0.4 overs. 

20:30 IST: Openers Smriti Mandhana and Taniya Bhatia are out at the centre for India. Tayla Vlaeminck will start the proceedings for Australia. Here we go!

20:23 IST: Both the teams are out in the middle along with match officials for the national anthems. We are minutes away from the start. 

20:10 IST: Playing XI for both teams. 

India Women: Smriti Mandhana, Taniya Bhatia(w), Jemimah Rodrigues, Harmanpreet Kaur(c), Veda Krishnamurthy, Dayalan Hemalatha, Deepti Sharma, Anuja Patil, Radha Yadav, Arundhati Reddy, Poonam Yadav.

Australia Women: Beth Mooney, Alyssa Healy(w), Meg Lanning(c), Ashleigh Gardner, Elyse Villani, Rachael Haynes, Ellyse Perry, Sophie Molineux, Delissa Kimmince, Tayla Vlaeminck, Megan Schutt.

20:04 IST: Team news - India have gone in with two changes for today's match. Mithali Raj has been rested and Anuja Patil comes in for her. Mansi Joshi also sits out and Arundhati Reddy comes back in the playing XI. For Australia, Tayla Vlaeminck makes her T20 debut. 

20:03 IST: India captain Harmanpreet Kaur wins the toss and elects to bat against Australia. 

19:56 IST: Both the teams are here at the Providence stadium.

19:45 IST: Australia women have a terrific record against India in the T20s. Out of 14 matches played between the two teams, Australia have won 11 matches while India have been able to register only three victories. 

18:55 IST: Here's what players from both the teams have to say ahead of the clash.

18:45 IST: Hello and welcome to the live updates of the final Group B encounter of the ICC Women's World T20 between India and Australia.

Ahead of the start of the match top-order batsman Smriti Mandhana asserted that the team is looking to continue with their dominant run. Although, the match being a dead rubber - both teams have qualified for the semis - Mandhana said that the mindset of the players has been to win every single match.

"That's what our mindset will be, and to go all out. Before coming into the World T20, Ramesh Powar (coach) had told us that you have to dominate each and every match, so that is the only mindset which we had the last three matches, and I don't think it will change in the next match," quoted Mandhana as saying. Australia, on the other hand are also unbeaten in the tournament so far. After defeating Pakistan in their first match by 52 runs, the Meg Lanning-led side registered a thumping nine-wicket win against Ireland. In the third match of the group stage, Australia defeated neighbouring New Zealand by 33 runs to remain unbeaten in the tournament.

Batting trio of Smriti Mandhana, Harmanpreet Kaur and Mithali Raj will once again be in focus and will look to score most of the runs against a tidy Australian bowling line-up. In the bowling department, the team will bank on spin duo of Dayalan Hemalatha and Poonam Yadav (India's top wicket takers) to restrict the Australian batting order. For Australia, Alyssa Healy, who is currently the top scorer in the tournament with 156 runs, will look to make yet another impression and help the team continue their winning streak ahead of the knockout stages.


India - Harmanpreet Kaur (capt), Smriti Mandhana, Mithali Raj, Jemimah Rodrigues, Veda Krishnamurthy, Deepti Sharma, Taniya Bhatia, Poonam Yadav, Radha Yadav, Anuja Patil, Ekta Bisht, Dayalan Hemalatha, Mansi Joshi, Pooja Vastrakar, Arundhati Reddy.

Australia - Meg Lanning (capt), Rachael Haynes, Nicole Bolton, Ashleigh Gardner, Alyssa Healy, Delissa Kimmince, Sophie Molineux, Beth Mooney, Ellyse Perry, Megan Schutt, Elyse Villani, Tayla Vlaeminck, Georgia Wareham, Nicola Carey.

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