Australia vs England, 5th Test Match Summary

AUS vs ENG, 2018 - Test Summary

Australia vs England Scorecard
Match Ended   
346&180/9 (88.1)
Australia beat England by an innings and 123 runs
  • Player of the Match
    Pat Cummins
  • Player of the Series
    Steven Smith
ENG 346/10
Bat Top Batsmen
83 (141)
  • 8x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 58.86SR
62 (180)
  • 6x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 34.44SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 3.26
AUS 649/7
Bat Top Batsmen
171 (381)
  • 18x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 44.88SR
156 (291)
  • 18x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 53.60SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 3.54
ENG 180/9
Bat Top Batsmen
58 (167)
  • 1x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 34.73SR
38 (143)
  • 4x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 26.57SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 2.29
ECON 1.54
Hope you had as much fun being with as we did bringing the coverage to you. Thank you for being wonderful readers. That's not the end of these two sides in action, though. Both these sides now clash for the ODI series. The first game of the series is on Sunday, the 14th of January, 2018 at the MCG. Catch us then at 1420 local time (0320 GMT). For some more Test cricket, you can switch to the South Africa-India game, which is in the balance and has good weather forecast for the last couple of days. Till the next time, ta-ta and take care!
Phew! That brings us to the end of Ashes 2017-18. A bit of mixed feelings. A bit dejected as it has ended yet feeling glad and upbeat for the way it happened. All things have to end, eventually. England will certainly look at this series as many opportunities missed. It is said that opportunity knocks the door twice. It did so more than that for England but they had bolted the door and lost the key. Give an inch to Australia and they grab a mile. The home side did just that and the end results is there for all to see.
That look on his face says it all. Ever tried giving a kid the candy that it always desired? And then had a look at its face? That's how Steven Smith looks as he goes up to collect the trophy. The entire team joins him on the podium and they all rejoice. Post all the posing and the photo shoots, they all take a lap of honour around the SCG. Lovely to see them give it back to the fans who have come out in large numbers in support. Autographs are signed as well. Always good to see success being celebrated the way it is being done now.
Australian skipper STEVEN SMITH, is also the Player of the Series. Huge applause engulfs the SCG and deservingly so. He says everything went to plan. Appreciates the fact that they have managed to pick up most of the opposition's wickets in the series. Stresses on the collective efforts of his bowlers as well as his batters. Reckons that although England have had a foot in the door in all the games, his side did extremely well to seize those key moments and prevail. States how good it feels to not have an injury casualty throughout these five games. Thanks his team from the bottom of his heart for the same. About his batting he keeps it simple and says that he aims to practice a lot at the nets and does nothing different.
Since Joe Root, the English skipper is down with illness, vice-captain JAMES ANDERSON has a chat in his absence. Says that Root is fast asleep as he hasn't recovered completely from his gastro bug. Agrees that they have been in the game on many occasions but haven't been able to capitalise on the key moments. Lauds the opposition's bowling attack as well as the batters' efforts to score runs, something that they themselves failed to do. Ends being grateful to the Barmy Army who have supported his side through thick and thin.
Player of the Match, PAT CUMMINS, says he can't ask for more. Adds that it is fun to play with the bunch that he has. States that they (the bowlers) always run in and attack and think nothing else. Reckons that every kid dreams of playing in the Ashes and he is happy to realise the same.
Every Australian batter apart from Cameron Bancroft made hay while the sun shone to get scores above fifty. Usman Khawaja and the Marsh brothers went to the extent of notching up their tons. This meant that the hosts ended up having a 303-run lead over the visitors. From then, it was all about when rather than if. The formalities were done completed and here we are on the other side. Time for the presentation now...
Picture this. England were 228/3 on the first day before losing the plot and slipping to 251/6. This is just a sample of the entire stock. All along the tour they have been in such dominant positions at various times before letting things drift away from them. A lower order surge helped them post what seemed like a decent score at that point. But the Aussie batters came out like a storm to quell all such thoughts.
This has been yet another abject surrender from the tourists. Yes, they were on the ground for a long time but they themselves were the cause for the same. After getting a chance to bat again, they somehow barely managed to bring the game to the last day but it was just about delaying the inevitable. With a sick Joe Root in the dressing room, the task on the final day grew all the more monumental.
Nathan Lyon is really delighted with the win. He feels good to do well under Smith's captaincy, who has been astute with his tactics. Adds it wouldn't have been possible to come out good with the ball without the three quicks (Starc, Hazlewood and Cummins). Is happy to be a part of the best bowling attack. Opines it has been a complete team effort on their part. Credits the selectors for believing in each one of them. Ends by saying the best feeling is to get that urn back and he can't wait to celebrate. He immediately runs towards his team post that.
Mitchell Marsh is next up. He feels elated to be a part of the victorious side. Reckons that it feels crazy to win 4-0 and contribute with a couple of tons. Admits it was a special feeling to be with his brother at the time of their tons. Adds further that he was more emotional for his brother's ton.
First is Usman Khawaja. Ashes win feels great he says. Reckons that all the first three games were in the balance. Feels good that he has contributed in some way in this victory. Lauds his bowlers for their collective efforts. Says that they were consistent and hence the results show. Jokes that having Smith helps as well.
Clinical performance from the hosts! This is the 8th highest margin of victory in the Ashes, pings my colleague. Nevertheless, even without those figures the performances speak for themselves. Though the visiting team showed dodgy resistance in the first session today, Pat Cummins came out firing on all cylinders in the second. Jonny Bairstow's fall opened the floodgates, even as the pacer missed out on a fifer for the second time in the game. This crucial strike was enough for the home team to wrap things up quickly. Let's have a look at what the players have got to say first as Mark Nicholas and Michael Slater catch up with some of the Aussies.
Josh Hazlewood To James Anderson OUT!
OUT! Is that it? Yes it is! Length ball angling away from Anderson. As he has been trying all along, looks to fend away from his body. This time the ball doesn't miss the outside edge and goes straight to Paine behind. They appeal and umpire Dharmasena takes his time before ruling it out. Anderson wants to take the review but he is informed that there isn't any in the bank. Birthday gift for Hazlewood who gets his first scalp of the innings. It is confirmed that Root won't come out to bat and thus, another unconverted fifty lies against his name. AN INNINGS AND 123 RUNS VICTORY FOR AUSTRALIA to take the series 4-0.
Time for some liquid intake!
Over 88 : 180/8
4 Runs
    T. Curran
    23 (40)
    J. Anderson
    2 (22)
    N. Lyon
    Nathan Lyon To Tom Curran
    Negotiates this one with a forward defense.
    Nathan Lyon To Tom Curran
    Five Penalty runs! This one goes straight past the outside edge as it stays low. Beats the batter as well as the keeper. Goes on to strike the helmet behind and hence the penalty.
    Nathan Lyon To Tom Curran
    Arm ball outside off, Tom lets it be.
    Nathan Lyon To Tom Curran
    FOUR! What a stroke! This is tossed up outside off, Curran charges down, gets to the pitch of the ball and drives it inside out through covers, all along the ground. Gets a boundary that takes him to 23 off 37.
    Nathan Lyon To Tom Curran
    Another one around off, blocked off the front foot.
    Nathan Lyon To Tom Curran
    Curran has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
    Nathan Lyon to bowl.
    Over 87 : 171/8
    0 Runs
      J. Anderson
      2 (22)
      T. Curran
      19 (34)
      J. Hazlewood
      Josh Hazlewood To James Anderson
      Short of length, Jimmy hops and keeps it down next to him. Was a bit early into the shot there.
      Josh Hazlewood To James Anderson
      Josh comes over the wicket and angles it across. Anderson ones again tries his best to nick it but fails.
      Josh Hazlewood To James Anderson
      The batsman defends it from within the crease.
      The previous one might have been Cummins' last. Smith is seen having a chat with Lyon. Warne reckons the latter would be requesting his skipp to let Pat bowl another.
      Josh Hazlewood To James Anderson
      This length ball is defended with an angled bat towards point.
      Josh Hazlewood To James Anderson
      Bumper in line of the stumps, evaded.
      Josh Hazlewood To James Anderson
      Short outside off, Anderson doesn't poke at that.
      Happy Birthday Josh Hazlewood! Here's his chance to get his name in the wickets column.
      Match Info
      • Venue Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney
      • Weather Sunny
      • Toss England won the toss and elected to bat
      • Result Australia beat England by an innings and 123 runs
      • Player of the Match Pat Cummins
      • Player of the Series Steven Smith
      • Umpire Kumar Dharmasena (SL), Joel Wilson (WI) and S Ravi (IND)
      • Referee Ranjan Madugalle (SL)
      Match Notes
      • Referral 2 (80.6 ovs): AUS against J Bairstow (LBW) Successful (AUS: 1, ENG: 2)
      • New ball taken: England 220/3 in 80.1 overs
      • D Malan 5th Test fifty: 51 runs in 131 balls (6x4) (0x6)
      • England 200/3 in 74.1 overs
      • 4th wkt Partnership: 100 off 230 balls between J Root (61) and D Malan (39)
      • Drinks: England 194/3 in 69.0 overs
      • D Malan dropped on 34 by S Smith in 61.3 overs
      • J Root 36th Test fifty: 50 runs in 82 balls (6x4) (0x6)
      • Drinks: England 160/3 in 55.5 overs
      • England 153/3 in 54.1 overs
      • 4th wkt Partnership: 51 off 118 balls between J Root (34) and D Malan (17)
      • Tea: England 122/1 in 42.0 overs
      • England 100/3 in 33.5 overs
      • England 95/3: A Cook lbw b J Hazlewood 39(104)
      • Referral 1 (32.3 ovs): AUS against A Cook (LBW) Successful (AUS: 2, ENG: 2)
      • Drinks: England 86/1 in 28.0 overs
      • 2nd wkt Partnership: 50 off 101 balls between A Cook (25) and J Vince (24)
      • England 52/1 in 18.1 overs
      • Drinks: England 39/1 in 14.0 overs
      • Mason Crane makes his Test debut for England
      • Stumps: Australia 193/2 in 67.0 overs
      • 3rd wkt Partnership: 101 off 203 balls between U Khawaja (57) and S Smith (43)
      • S Smith completes 6000 runs in Test
      • Australia 151/2 in 51.1 overs
      • Drinks: Australia 147/2 in 51.0 overs
      • 3rd wkt Partnership: 50 off 91 balls between U Khawaja (36) and S Smith (13)
      • U Khawaja 11th Test fifty: 51 runs in 107 balls (4x4) (1x6)
      • Australia 101/2 in 35.2 overs
      • Tea: Australia 96/2 in 34.0 overs
      • D Warner 27th Test fifty: 50 runs in 89 balls (5x4) (0x6)
      • Drinks: Australia 53/1 in 17.0 overs
      • 2nd wkt Partnership: 50 off 90 balls between D Warner (33) and U Khawaja (16)
      • Australia 50/1 in 16.1 overs
      • Lunch: England 346/10 in 112.3 overs
      • Innings Break: England 346/10 in 112.3 overs
      • England 300/7 in 103.5 overs
      • Drinks: England 288/6 in 100.0 overs
      • M Ali dropped on 22 by J Hazlewood in 98.1 overs
      • T Curran dropped on 21 by P Cummins in 97.3 overs
      • England 250/5 in 88.2 overs
      • 5th wkt Partnership: 103 off 151 balls between S Marsh (38) and M Marsh (63)
      • Referral 3 (153.1 ovs): M Marsh against ENG (LBW) Successful (AUS: 2, ENG: 1) Retained
      • M Marsh 3rd Test fifty: 53 runs in 64 balls (6x4) (2x6)
      • Australia 451/4 in 148.5 overs
      • 5th wkt Partnership: 53 off 90 balls between S Marsh (15) and M Marsh (36)
      • Australia 400/4 in 141.2 overs
      • Drinks: Australia 388/4 in 140.0 overs
      • Referral 2 (132.5 ovs): ENG against M Marsh (Caught) Unsuccessful (AUS: 2, ENG: 1)
      • 4th wkt Partnership: 100 off 216 balls between U Khawaja (39) and S Marsh (58)
      • Tea: Australia 365/3 in 127.0 overs
      • S Marsh 10th Test fifty: 53 runs in 121 balls (6x4) (0x6)
      • Australia 350/3 in 124.4 overs
      • 4th wkt Partnership: 51 off 136 balls between U Khawaja (23) and S Marsh (26)
      • Referral 1 (114.3 ovs): S Marsh against ENG (Caught) Successful (AUS: 2, ENG: 2)
      • Drinks: Australia 319/3 in 113.0 overs
      • U Khawaja: 150 runs in 334 balls (16x4) (1x6)
      • Australia 300/3 in 107.3 overs
      • Lunch: Australia 277/3 in 95.0 overs
      • Australia 251/2 in 85.4 overs
      • Drinks: Australia 237/2 in 82.0 overs
      • U Khawaja completes 2000 runs in Test
      • 3rd wkt Partnership: 151 off 300 balls between U Khawaja (81) and S Smith (68)
      • New ball Taken: Australia 233/2 in 80.1 overs
      • U Khawaja 6th Test hundred: 101 runs in 222 balls (8x4) (1x6)
      • Australia 200/2 in 68.3 overs
      • S Smith 23rd Test fifty: 50 runs in 206 balls (3x4) (0x6)
      • England 68/4: D Malan lbw b N Lyon 5(27)
      • Referral 3 (33.4 ovs): D Malan against AUS (LBW) Unsuccessful (AUS: 2, ENG: 1) (Retained)
      • England 50/3 in 25.5 overs
      • Drinks: England 49/3 in 25.0 overs
      • Referral 2 (19.4 ovs): J Vince against AUS (Caught) Successful (AUS: 2, ENG: 1) (Retained)
      • Tea: England 25/2 in 12.0 overs
      • A Cook dropped on 5 by S Marsh in 3.1 overs
      • Referral 1 (2.6 ovs): M Stoneman against AUS (LBW) Unsuccessful (AUS: 2, ENG: 1)
      • A Cook completes 12000 runs in Test
      • Innings Break: Australia 649/7 dec in 193.0 overs
      • Drinks: Australia 618/7 in 190.0 overs
      • Australia 601/6 in 187.0 overs
      • 6th wkt Partnership: 50 off 71 balls between S Marsh (30) and T Paine (20)
      • S Marsh: 150 runs in 283 balls (17x4) (0x6)
      • Lunch: Australiai 578/4 in 183.0 overs
      • Australia 550/4 in 174.5 overs
      • M Marsh 2nd Test Hundred: 101 runs in 140 balls (15x4) (2x6)
      • Drinks: Australia 542/4 in 172.0 overs
      • 5th wkt Partnership: 153 off 233 balls between S Marsh (65) and M Marsh (86)
      • Australia 501/4 in 162.4 overs
      • New ball taken: Australia 499/4 in 161.1 overs
      • S Marsh 6th Test Hundred: 102 runs in 212 balls (11x4) (0x6)
      • Drinks: England 180/8 in 88.0 overs
      • England 156/8: M Crane c T Paine b P Cummins 2(4)
      • Referral 4 (81.1 ovs): M Crane against AUS (Caught) Unsuccessful (AUS: 2, ENG: 0)
      • England 150/7 in 80.1 overs
      • New ball taken: England 150/7 in 80.1 overs
      • Lunch: England 144/5 in 75.0 overs
      • J Root 37th Test fifty: 52 runs in 136 balls (1x4) (0x6)
      • England 101/4 in 52.2 overs
      Match Poll

      Who will win the Match

      Steven Smith AUS687137.40
      Shaun Marsh AUS44574.16
      David Warner AUS44163.00
      Dawid Malan ENG38342.55
      Joe Root ENG37847.25
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      Pat Cummins AUS232.87
      Mitchell Starc AUS223.18
      Nathan Lyon AUS212.36
      Josh Hazlewood AUS212.85
      James Anderson ENG172.11
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