1st ODI, Highlights: India Brave Rain to Beat Bangladesh By Seven Wickets (D/L)

Updated: 15 June 2014 21:45 IST

After a long rain delay of about two hours and 45 minutes, India successfully chased down their revised target of 150 (26 overs) with seven balls to spare to beat Bangladesh by seven wickets, in the first one-day international. Catch all the highlights here.

India beat Bangladesh by seven wickets (D/L) to win the first one-day international of a three-match series. Catch all highlights from the match here: (Scorecard)

21:39 (IST): Man of the Match Ajinkya Rahane: "Conditions were very challenging. All the credit for the win goes to the bowlers. Bangladesh were definitely 20 runs short."

21:38 (IST): "It was very tough to adapt to the 50-over format, especially for bowlers. These were the toughest conditions. Was a treat to watch Uthappa bat. Hopefully Rahane and Uthappa will continue to bat the way they did today," says Indian skipper Suresh Raina.

21:36 (IST): "We were 20 runs short in our first innings but the Indian batsmen were very good. Hopefully we will come back strong," says Bangladesh skipper Mushfiqur Rahim at the post-match presentation ceremony.

21:24 (IST): Bangladesh may fume at their luck but their bowling really lacks the penetration in terms of both pace and spin. The remaining two matches are also going to be played at this same venue, so Bangladesh need to consider having a look at their resources.

21:23 (IST): Comfortable win for India. Actually Bangladesh will be a little bit disappointed with their luck considering they scored in excess of 270. As always Duckworth-Lewis favours the side batting second but nothing can be taken away from Uthappa and Rahane for laying down the platform.


21:16 (IST): After a long rain delay, India beat Bangladesh by seven wickets and with seven balls to spare through Duckworth/Lewis.

21:12 (IST): Just seven runs required to win for India and we still have two overs remaining as per the new revised target. Rayudu (15*), Raina (6*). India 143/3 (24 overs).

21:02 (IST): OUT! Stunning catch! Rahane c Ziaur b Mortaza 64. Full and wide outside off, Rahane comes down the track and has a wild slash at it. Ends up being too far away from the ball and gets a thickish outside edge. The edge seems to be good enough to clear the man at short third man but Ziaur Rahman over there, runs back and to his left, chances his arm, leaps sidewards and voila! It sticks! India 135/3 (22.1 overs). They need 15 runs off 23 balls to win. Skipper Suresh Raina comes in to bat now.

20:58 (IST): Rahane pulls Shakib all the way for six! India now need just 20 runs to win off 28 balls to beat Bangladesh. India 130/2 (21.2 overs).

20:54 (IST): Rayudu eases the pressure considerably by getting a boundary. Tossed up outside off, Rayudu comes down the track and drives it gloriously through the covers! A single on next ball! India now need 31 off 33 balls.

20:50 (IST): Rahane gets to his 6th ODI fifty with a single! (60 balls). He will be key now to India's chase here. They need 40 off 39 balls. Tricky conditions!

20:49 (IST): And now Mahmudullah leaks only four runs off his over! India 107/2 (19 overs). Need 43 runs off 42 balls to win. Rayudu (2*), Rahane (49*).

20:45 (IST): Abdur Razzak gives away just three runs and India are now 103/2 (18 overs). Need 47 runs off 48 balls to win. Seems like the pitch is turning a bit now! There have been at least three loud shouts of LBW that have gone begging for Bangladesh!


20:41 (IST): OUT! Pujara lbw b Shakib 0. India 100/2 (17 overs) vs Bangladesh. Need 50 runs off 54 balls to win. This time it is dead plumb! Similar delivery to the previous one, only this was pitched more close to middle, Pujara was squared up again and missed the ball.

20:33 (IST): India's revised target is 150 from 26 overs. They now need 50 runs off 56 balls to win. Game resumes in 10 minutes. One bowler can bowl a maximum of 6 overs. Four bowlers can bowl five overs each. No batting powerplay.

20:28 (IST): News from the center is that the match has been reduced to 26-overs-a-side. No word on what India will have to chase yet.

20:25 (IST): All the covers are now off from the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, the stumps are being erected and the umpires are on field.

20:07 (IST): We will have a pitch inspection soon. The main covers are coming off. Umpires to check if 3.2 more overs CAN be bowled.

19:55 (IST): Less than an hour and a half to go for the official cutoff time at 9:15 pm IST. The umpires need to 'THINK' the ground to be fit for 3.2 overs to be bowled before that. India won't need to bat any more now but the umpires still need to decide whether 3.2 more overs are possible on this pitch or not.


19:11 (IST): Meanwhile, you can also check our FIFA World Cup page for all the latest from Brazil! There are three games to be played today. The first one will be between Switzerland and Ecuador at 9:30 pm IST. Also, here's how Italy beat England yesterday in a stellar clash.


19:10 (IST): The rain may have stopped but the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium is still in a watery mess! We still need 3.2 more overs to be 'POSSIBLE' for a result in this match.

18:55 (IST): India (ahead on D/L par) won't need to bat if umpires think that the ground is suitable for 3.2 more overs to be bowled! To explain it better, India need to be 78/1 at the end of 20 overs to win this match but they are already 100/1 after just 16.4 overs. This means they won't need to come out and bat the remaining 3.2 overs but the umpires need to 'THINK' that the ground is suitable for them to be bowled!

18:47 (IST): Good news from Sher-e-Bangla Stadium. The rain has slowed down a little! However, only the umpires can make a call as to whether the ground conditions are fit enough for us to have another 3.2 overs in this game.

18:36 (IST): The ground is still waterlogged and people can't even spot the covers. Cutoff time is 9:15 pm IST. IND 100/1(16.4 overs). India need to be just 78/1 after 20 overs to seal the deal here but the worry is that the remaining 3.2 overs may not be completed in time!

18:26 (IST): We are hearing that water has collected at the ground because of persistent rain and it's ankle high. IND were 100/1 (16.4 overs) before rain stopped play.

18:13 (IST): It's raining in most places in Dhaka. But we are all dying to see a result here. Aren't we?

18:02 (IST): Raining cats and dogs now, it's also monsoon season in Bangladesh, the first day of rains. 20 overs must for a result. The question is how long this spell of rain will continue.

17:56 (IST): Drizzling now at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium with India at 100/1 (16.4 overs). India are ahead but 20 overs on the basis of D/L par score must be bowled for us to have a result in this match.

17:52 (IST): OUT! Uthappa lbw b Shakib 50. India 99/1 (16.1 overs). Uthappa has departed after a rather unlucky decision. Arm ball, full and straight on the middle, Uthappa comes forward and gets a slight inside edge on the pads. There is an appeal for LBW and the finger goes up. Cheteshwar Pujara comes in to bat now.


17:50 (IST): Robin Uthappa announces his comeback to Indian cricket with a blistering 50 off just 43 balls. India 99/0 (16 overs).

17:48 (IST): Both Uthappa and Rahane are near their 6th ODI fifties. They are hitting the ball well too. India 98/0 (15.4 overs).

17:41 (IST): Rahane uses his bottom hand perfectly, waits on the ball & then times it on the on-side boundary! And then he sweeps one towards short fine leg for four! Ind 87/0 (14 overs). It's looking like rain is near then, afterall. The groundsmen are ready with the covers at the fence.

17:33 (IST): India are comfortably ahead as far as the D/L par is concerned. A twilight setting at the ground! Ind 64/0 (11.2 overs). Both Uthappa and Rahane have adapted very well to the conditions and the rain threat. They are now concentrating on staying at the crease. Uthappa's balance looks great!

17:28 (IST): Uthappa dances down the track vs Razzak and just flicks it gently as it goes for six! India 59/0 (9.5 overs). The Indians are playing some sensible cricket here. They aren't taking too many risks but getting runs whenever there is an opportunity. Good batting!

17:24 (IST): Terrific opening stand from Rahane and Uthappa! They bring up 50 inside 8.5 overs chasing 273 to win vs Bangladesh. Uthappa (21*), Rahane (27*).

17:13 (IST): Rahane goes over extra cover and it goes all the way for six! Fantastic shot! India 35/0 (6.1 overs). And what's more? This time it's pulled away over mid-wicket for four by Rahane off Mortaza and India are now 41/0 (6.4 overs). Rahane (25*), Uthappa (14*).

17:04 (IST): Rahane clubs the ball over mid-on and it is just one bounce behind the boundary for four! India 23/0 (4.2 overs).

17:01 (IST): Uthappa looks in good touch here. He has already got two boundaries and there's still one ball to go in the fourth over but then India have got to keep an eye on the rain and maintain the scoring rate with Duckworth-Lewis in mind. India 19/0 (3.5 overs). There is a cloud that is approaching the stadium right now.

16:57 (IST): Just one run off Mortaza's second over. India 9/0 (3 overs) chasing 273 vs Bangladesh. Robin Uthappa (4*), Ajinkya Rahane (4*). Al-Amin Hossain is bowling from the other end.


16:47 (IST): India get four runs from Mashrafe Mortaza's first over. India 4/0 (1 over). Robin Uthappa (4*), Ajinkya Rahane (0*).

16:43 (IST): We are back for the run chase. A resurgent Uthappa and Rahane have walked out to open the innings. Mashrafe Mortaza has the ball in his hand. Uthappa to face. All set! Here we go! 273 needed from 300 balls!

16:39 (IST): A good fightback from the hosts. They got off to a very sluggish start as the Indian bowlers bowled with terrific discipline. Mushfiqur Rahim and Shakib Al Hasan struck a fine partnership and Mahmudullah played a breezy knock in the end to take Bangladesh to a challenging total. This is an excellent batting track so the Indians will fancy their chances of chasing it down. Join us in a while for the chase.

15:57 (IST): Bangladesh post 272/9 (50 overs) vs India after electing to bat first. Mushfiqur and Shakib scored fifties.

15:53 (IST): OUT! Mashrafe Mortaza b Akshar Patel 18. BAN 267/9 (48.5 overs). The batsman's middle stump has been removed. Mortaza goes back for the whack and misses it completely. Akshar Patel gets his maiden ODI wicket.

15:48 (IST): Expensive over! 14 off it! The hot conditions certainly not doing any favours to the Indian bowlers! Umesh looks tired! BAN 258/8 (48 overs). That was the most expensive over of the innings.

15:39 (IST): OUT! Nasir Hossain c Rahane b Mishra 22. BAN 235/8 (46.1 overs) vs India. Flurry of wickets for Bangladesh here. Loopy and full, outside off, Hossain strikes it down to long off and Rahane takes a simple catch.

15:35 (IST): OUT! Stunning catch! Ziaur c Raina b Yadav 2. BAN 234/7 (45.5 overs) vs India. Rahman strikes that one uppishly through extra cover, Raina comes running, dives to his right and takes a fantastic catch with his right hand. Brilliant.


15:30 (IST): Mishra to Mahmudullah! OUT! Bowled 'em! Nice googly, length on off, Mahmudullah misses and the ball hits his off stump. Bangladesh 229/6 (45 overs).

15:24 (IST): Akshar Patel to Nasir Hossain! FOUR! Inside out! Flighted and full, around off, Hossain charges down and lifts it superbly over extra cover. Bangladesh 220/6 (43.5 overs).

15:22 (IST): Four! Do you believe it? Another slog sweep! This time from Nasir Hossain off Akshar! Bangladesh 214/5 (43.2 overs).

15:15 (IST): Raina to Al Hasan! OUT! Gone! Raina takes out Shakib! Shortish, outside off, Shakib tries to pull but just plays it back uppishly. Raina takes an easy catch. Bangladesh 199/5 (41.1 overs). Nasir Hossain comes in to bat now.


15:07 (IST): Shakib gets to his 26th ODI fifty with a single! (55 balls) BAN 188/4 (39.2 overs). The single actually followed a classical cut shot off Rasool that went for four at short third man region!

15:04 (IST): Mahmudullah smashes it for four! That was sliced in the air with powerful force off Umesh Yadav! BAN 182/4 (38.2 overs). Mahmudullah has moved on to 22. Oh then, four dot balls from Umesh! Wonderful bowling! A wide though takes Bangladesh to 183/4 after 39 overs.

15:00 (IST): Akshar Patel is once again asked to bowl after drinks, in a powerplay, and that is because Mohit Sharma is struggling! He gives away four runs and Bangladesh are 177/4 (38 overs).

14:51 (IST): Mahmudullah glances it fine for four as Umesh Yadav aims one at his pads! Bangladesh 170/4 (36.2 overs).

14:44 (IST): Mohit Sharma to Al Hasan! FOUR! Poor ball! Bowls it on the pads, Shakib gets in line and just nudges it down to fine leg fence for a boundary. Not good bowling with the fine leg up in the ring. Bangladesh 163/5 (35.2 overs). Shakib moves to 39!

14:41 (IST): Rasool to Al Hasan! FOUR! Bang! Fuller on middle, Shakib comes down and presents the full face of the bat and powers it down the ground for a boundary. Bangladesh 158/4 (34.4 overs).

14:38 (IST): Captain Suresh Raina just gives away three runs in his fourth over. BAN 153/4 (34 overs) vs India.

14:27 (IST): OUT! Rahim departs now! Flighted delivery, on the middle, Rahim charges down for the slog and gets a top edge high in the air on the off side. Rahane runs from covers and takes the catch at mid off. That's a massive blow to Bangladesh. Mushfiqur c Rahane b Rasool 59. BAN 134/4 (30.1 overs) vs India. Mahmudullah walks in.

14:25 (IST): That's a series of slog sweep sixes! Mushfiqur gets into the act now against Suresh Raina! BAN 134/3 (30 overs).

14:22 (IST): And now Shakib al Hasan employs the slog sweep perfectly for six off Rasool! BAN 125/3 (28.5 overs).


14:16 (IST): Mushfiqur Rahim takes a single off Rasool and that's his 15th ODI fifty (56 balls). BAN 115/3 (26.3 overs). That was flicked on the leg side for an easy single!

14:05 (IST): Amit Mishra gets his share of beating! Big hit from Mushfiqur to end the over. It's gone for 6! BAN 99/3 (24 overs). 10 runs off the over. Mushfiqur moves to 41*.

13:58 (IST): Parvez Rasool to Anamul Haque! OUT! Good catch! Anamul Haque throws it away and hands Rasool his maiden ODI wicket. Flighted delivery, on the middle, Haque charges down and whacks it through mid-wicket. Rayudu takes a good catch in the deep. Bangladesh 87/3 (22.1 overs). Shakib comes in to bat now.

13:52 (IST): Anamul Haque employs a completely unconventional reverse sweep to use for a wonderful boundary off Parvez Rasool! The bowler looks baffled! That one was definitely premeditated. And now Rasool bowls a wide, that has put pressure on him for sure. Bangladesh 83/2 (20.5 overs). Anamul Haque has moved to 41, captain Mushfiqur is batting on 31.

13:40 (IST): Drinks time! Bangladesh 67/2 (18 overs). And now, India's second debutant from Jammu and Kashmir, Parvez Rasool gets ready to bowl his first over! Dream come true!

13:34 (IST): Mushfiqur goes all the way against Akshar Patel and that one has sailed over the fence for six! BAN 56/2 (15.2 overs).

13:33 (IST): Captain Mushfiqur Rahim brings up Bangladesh's 50 with a single off Mishra. They are 50/2 after 15 overs.

13:24 (IST): Amit Mishra into the attack now. Bangladesh 37/2 (12 overs) vs India.

13:18 (IST): OUT! Mominul Haque c Saha b Yadav 6. Bangladesh 35/2 (10.2 overs) vs India. That is not good from the batsman! Length delivery, wide outside off, Haque reaches out for a loose drive and gets a faint tickle to Saha. Yadav is bowling well here.

13:12 (IST): That's a cracking shot from Anamul Haque! He goes straight down the ground against Umesh Yadav and it goes towards the boundary for a four at lightning speed. And then, DROPPED! Suresh Raina drops a good chance at slip and its another boundary to Anamul! Bangladesh 32/1 (9 overs).

13:07 (IST): Akshar Patel, who is making his debut today for India, gets ready to bowl his 1st over. Bangladesh 18/1 (7 overs).

13:02 (IST): Robin Uthappa will complete Mohit Sharma's over who has left the field injured. Sharma is limping off the field. Ankle issue. Bangladesh 18/1 (6.4 overs).

12:55 (IST): Mohit Sharma to Anamul Haque. FOUR! Beauty! Half volley, outside off, Anamul leans and just helps it through extra covers. Superbly played drive. Bangladesh 13/1 (4.5 overs).

12:52 (IST): Mohit Sharma to Anamul Haque. FOUR! Streaky! Length delivery outside off, Haque pushes with a loose drive and finds a thick outside edge which runs down third man. Bangladesh 9/1 (4.2 overs).


12:51 (IST): Umesh Yadav to Tamim Iqbal. OUT! Yadav strikes! Iqbal's horror run in international arena continues. Short of good length delivery, around middle and nips away. Bangladesh 5/1 (4 overs).

12:47 (IST): This is turning out to be an extremely slow start from Bangladesh. They are 4/0 after 3.3 overs vs India. Also, good pressure bowling from India. Bangladesh scored only three runs off the first 3 overs.

12:38 (IST): Short of good length outside off from Umesh Yadav, Haque runs it down to third man for a single. That's the first run off the bat for Bangladesh. They are 2/0 (2 overs).

12:36 (IST): Bangladesh are yet to score after electing to bat. They are 0/0 after 1.2 overs.

12:32 (IST): Big shout on the second ball! Fuller delivery, around middle, nips in and strikes Iqbal on the pads. Huge appeal by Sharma but the umpire is unmoved.

12:31 (IST): Mohit Sharma to bowl the first over for India as Bangladesh bat first. Tamim Iqbal and Anamul Haque are the openers for Bangladesh.

12:12 (IST): Bangladesh haven't won a single ODI this year. The new coach Chandika Hathurusingha has significant changes in the team. They would be heavily banked on Mushfiqur Rahim and Tamim Iqbal who have had bit of success against the Indians in the past. Shakib Al Hasan was very instrumental in Kolkata's turnover to win the Indian T20 League and would want to continue with the good form.

12:11 (IST): Robin Uthappa will be making a comeback into the side after six years in wake of the phenomenal Indian T20 League, where he was the leading run scorer. Suresh Raina will also be looking to prove a point, after not being selected in the ODI squad during the Asia Cup. Ravindra Jadeja's absence will be enjoyed by Akshar Patel who makes his way into the squad with an impressive season show in the Indian T20 League.

12:07 (IST): Bangladesh elect to bat first after winning the toss vs India. Parvez Rasool will be making his debut alongside Akshar Patel.

Suresh Raina and Ajinkya Rahane



India's fringe players will have a chance to impress the selectors in the build-up to next year's cricket World Cup on Sunday when they begin a short one-day series tour to Bangladesh.

The visitors are without eight regulars, including captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the prolific Virat Kohli, for the three day-night matches, which will all be played at the Sher-e-Bangla stadium in the capital Dhaka and led by Suresh Raina.

Mushfiqur Rahim and Chandika Hathurusinghe


For Bangladesh, it will be their first series under new coach Chandika Hathurusinghe, who has been handed a two-year contract following the recent departure of Australian Shane Jurgensen.

Ranked a lowly ninth in ODIs, Bangladesh have had a string of disappointing shows recently with a 3-0 whitewash against Sri Lanka followed by early knockouts from the Asia Cup and World Twenty20 despite being hosts of both tournaments.


India: Suresh Raina (captain), Robin Uthappa, Ajinkya Rahane, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ambati Rayudu, Manoj Tiwary, Kedar Jadhav, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Parvez Rasool, Akshar Patel, R Vinay Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Stuart Binny, Mohit Sharma, Amit Mishra

Bangladesh: Mushfiqur Rahim (captain), Tamim Iqbal, Anamul Haque, Shamsur Rahman, Mominul Haque, Shakib Al Hasan, Nasir Hossain, Mahmudullah, Mithun Ali, Abdur Razzak, Masrafe Mortaza, Shohag Gazi, Ziaur Rahman, Al-Amin Hossain, Taskin Ahmed

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