Champions Trophy Warm-Up Highlights: India Beat New Zealand By 45 Runs (D/L) In Rain-Curtailed Match

Updated: 28 May 2017 23:28 IST

India won the warm-up match at the Oval by 45 runs (D/L method)

Champions Trophy Warm-Up Highlights: India Beat New Zealand By 45 Runs (D/L) In Rain-Curtailed Match
Cricket Score: India beat New Zealand by 45 runs (D/L) in their first warm-up match on Sunday. © AFP

India win their first warm-up match against New Zealand at the Oval by 45 runs due to D/L method as rain stopped play on Sunday. Replying to New Zealand's 189, Shikhar Dhawan and Ajinkya Rahane opened the innings for India. New Zealand struck early with the wicket of Rahane, however, Dhawan and Virat Kohli steadied the innings for India and took the team forward in a run-chase. Indian skipper Virat Kohli scored an unbeaten half century (52*) as he looked in sublime touch while MS Dhoni supported him with 17 not-out. India will be happy with their all-round performance as they take on Bangladesh next on May 30 for their second and final warm-up match before the tournament proper. (SCORECARD)

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Warm-Up highlights between India vs New Zealand straight from London, England.

21:45 IST: Thank you for joining us for the live blog. Do tune-in on May 30 when India take on Bangladesh in their final warm-up match.

21:40 IST: The warm-up match between India and New Zealand has been called off and India have won the match by 45 runs due to D/L method.

21:22 IST: Black Caps tweeted: The rain has set in at The Oval. Hope for any more play greatly diminishing.

20:58 IST: If the game is washed out, India will be declared as winners as the DLS par score after 26 overs is 84. India are 45 runs ahead.

20:45 IST: More covers in place now. The rain has gotten heavier again. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated

20:40 IST: So, the match has been interrupted due to rain. Kohli is on 52 and Dhoni on 17

20:37 IST: It's pouring now and the players are going back to the pavilion. India are 129/3 in 26 overs. They need 61 more runs to win. 

20:35 IST: The drizzle is back. And, it has gone dark too

20:31 IST: Half of the second innings done, India stand at 127 for three. Dhoni and Kohli are out in the middle for India.

20:29 IST: Four! Short and wide, Dhoni slams Boult for a boundary.

20:29 IST: Six! Back of a length delivery from Boult, Dhoni whacks the ball and Grandhomme drops an absolute sitter.

20:26 IST: India need more 73 runs from 26 overs.

20:23 IST: Virat Kohli brings up his half century in 52 deliveries. Audience chanting 'Kohli' 'Kohli'

20:20 IST: Four!! Bit of width from Boult, Dhoni cuts and cuts handsomely to get off the mark on the fifth delivery.

20:16 IST: Crowd at the Oval erupts as Dhoni takes strike.

20:14 IST: Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli out in the middle for India in run chase.

20:11 IST: Out!! Short from Boult, Karthik pulls the ball straight to Santner. India 104 for three after 21 overs.

20:08 IST: Safe!! Santner drops Kohli at short cover. Kohli drives and Santner just gets his finger tips to the ball.

20:07 IST: 20 overs gone, India need more 87 runs in 180 balls.

20:04 IST: Four! Bit of width from Grandhomme, Kohli reaches out and slices, edges the past past the wicket-keeper for a boundary.

20:02 IST: At the end of the 19th over, India stand at 98 for two.

20:01 IST: Wicket! Short from Neesham, Dhawan pulls it straight to the fielder at short mid-wicket. Dhawan departs for 40.

19:53 IST: 17 overs gone, India need 99 more runs from 198 balls.

19:51 IST: Four! Short from Neesham and Dhawan plays a controlled pull short for a boundary.

19:49 IST: After 16th over, India are 85 for one.

19:48 IST: Four! Kohli plays Grandhomme late and edges the ball past the wicket-keeper for a boundary.

19:47 IST: Both Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli are playing a calculated innings and building a good partnership.

19:45 IST: Colin de Grandhomme comes into the attack.

19:44 IST: 15 overs gone, India stand at 76 for one. India are cruising at this moment and are on track.

19:41 IST: Jimmy Neesham is introduced into the attack.

19:36 IST: Fans cheering for India.

19:32 IST: Four! Short and wide from Milne, Dhawan slices the ball over the in-field for a boundary.

19:31 IST: At the end of the 12th over, India are 62 for one.

19:29 IST: Four! High on the pads from Southee, Kohli flicks it away for a well-timed boundary.

19:23 IST: 10 overs done and Powerplay two comes into play.

19:21 IST: Four! Width from Southee, Kohli cuts the ball hard for a boundary.

19:20 IST: Four! Back of a length delivery from Southee, Kohli comes down the pitch and carves the ball for a boundary through extra cover.

19:16 IST: Four! Full from Milne, Kohli middles the ball straight down the ground for his first boundary. India 42 for one after nine overs.

19:13 IST: After a successful first over, Adam Milne comes to bowl his second over.

19:09 IST: Close chance again for New Zealand as Dhawan nicks and ball falls short off the first slip.

19:04 IST: After the end of the sixth over, India are 32 for one.

19:03 IST: Virat Kohli gets off the mark on the last delivery of the Boult over.

19:00 IST: Couple of tight deliveries from Boult to start the game after the break.

18:58 IST: Game resumes after lunch break. Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli walk out to the middle.

18:30 IST: It's time for a lunch break. At the end of five overs, India are at 30 for one.

18:29 IST: Out! Good directed bouncer from Southee, Rahane hooks straight to deep back-ward square leg. 

18:24 IST: 10 runs from the Boult over for India.

18:23 IST: Four! Bit of width from Boult, Dhawan gets on top of the ball and cuts it away for a boundary.

18:21 IST: Boundary! Huge bouncer from Boult, both batsman and wicket-keeper stand still as the ball flies over them. Five runs for India.

18:20 IST: At the end of the third over, India are 17 for no loss.

18:17 IST: Four! Southee over pitches the delivery, Dhawan guides the ball away for his second boundary.

18:15 IST: Close! Same delivery from Boult, Dhawan edges, ball falls short of Guptill at second slip.

18:14 IST: Four! A bit of width from Trent Boult, Dhawan edges the ball down to the third man for a boundary.

18:12 IST: At the end of the first over, India stand at seven for no loss. 

18:06 IST: India come out to bat. Rahane and Dhawan are at the crease while Southee will open the attack

17:58 IST: India need 190 to win the first warm-up game.

17:55 IST: Out!!! Bhuvneshwar takes Boult's wicket to bowl out New Zealand for 189 (38.4 ovs) ! Boult departs for 9 as Shami takes the important catch. 

17:52 IST: Four! One bounce to the fence! Trent Boult hits it off a Pandya delivery. NZ are 186/9 after 38 overs

17:50 IST: India's bowling attack has shown a lot of variation in this innings  

17:46 IST: Four!! Neesham smashes a boundary of a Bhuvneshwar delivery, down the ground on the last delivery of the over. NZ are 180/9 after 37 overs.

17:43 IST: Neesham hits it in the air but amidst a lot of confusion, none of the three fielders who run forward, take the catch! Neesham catches a reprieve as the ball lands between all three! NZ are 173/9 after 36 overs.     

17:40 IST: Four! Neesham hits much-needed boundary off a Shami delivery, over the fielder at short third man

17:38 IST: Wicket! Trying to play Bhuvneshwar on the off-side, Tim Southee drags the ball onto the stumps.Bhuvneshwar gets his second of the day. New Zealand stand at 166 for nine after 35 overs.

17:34 IST: Bhuneshwar replaces Shami. He's had a great IPL and he seems to be carrying that form into this tournament. 

17:32 IST: NZ are 161/8 after 34 overs 

17:29 IST: Shami comes in. He's already taken three wickets. Will he get more?

17:28 IST: Great over from Umesh. 2 runs and a wicket. NZ are 156/8 after 33 overs.

17:24 IST: Out!!! Adam Milne out!!! Umesh takes his first wicket. Milne tries to hit a hook shot but is caught by Dhoni. He departs for 9 as NZ are 156/8 (32.5 ovs) 

17:19 IST: NZ are 154/7 after 32 overs. Shami concedes just one run in the over.

17:16 IST: Shami comes back. Some info: Almost 12 thousand fans at this warm up game! Just imagine what will happen when the tournament starts! 

17:14 IST: 31 overs gone and NZ are 153/7. Milne and Neesham took five singles in the over. Good bowling by Umesh 

17:10 IST: NZ are 148/7 after 30 overs. A slightly expensive over from Ashwin, concedes eight runs

17:09 IST: Four! Neesham smashes a four off Ashwin

17:06 IST: Umesh concedes 2 runs. NZ 140/7 after 29 overs. India should be happy with themselves so far.  

17:03 IST: Just 2 runs from Ashwin this over. NZ are 138/7 after 28 overs 

16:59 IST: Good over from Umesh. Gives two runs. NZ are 136/7 after 27 overs 

16:56 IST: Umesh Yadav comes into the attack. 

16:54 IST: Four and four!! Well timed two consecutive boundaries from Neesham off Ashwin. NZ are 134/7 after 26 overs

16:52 IST: OUT!!! Ashwin takes his first wicket! Santner is caught by Jadeja at long on as he departs for 12. NZ are 126/7 (25.4 ovs) 

16:49 IST: Jadeja gives only two runs this over. NZ are 125/6 after 25 overs

16:46 IST: Four! A much needed boundary for NZ. Neesham slams a four off Ashwin's last delivery of the over. NZ are 123/6 after 24 overs 

16:44 IST: NZ are 117/6 after 23 overs. Great bowling by Jadeja!

16:41 IST: OUT!!! De Grandhomme stumped by Dhoni off a Jadeja delivery! He departs for 4. NZ are 116/6 (22.3 ovs)

16:40 IST: NZ are 114/5 after 22 overs. Can Santner and de Grandhomme go all the way for NZ?

16:37 IST: NZ are 110/5 after 21 overs. Great over from Jadeja. He got rid off dangerous Ronchi in his typical style

16:35 IST: OUT!!! Ronchi bowled by Jadeja!!!  Ronchi departs for 66 as NZ are 110/5 (20.3 ovs) 

16:33 IST: Good start for Ashwin too. Just three runs off the over. NZ are 108/4 after 20 overs

16:30 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack. Dual spin attack from India!

16:29 IST: Great start from Jadeja, just one single off the over. NZ are 105/4 after 19 overs

16:27 IST: Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack 

16:26 IST: NZ are 104/4 after 18 overs 

16:23 IST: Six!! Ronchi hits a maximum off Pandya

16:21 IST: Another good over from Bhuneshwar. India are 95/4 after 17 overs 

16:18 IST: India fans are enjoying themselves at the match! There's even a Mexican wave happening!

16:17 IST: Pandya concedes five runs this over. NZ are 92/4 after 16 overs.

16:13 IST: NZ are 87/4 after 15 overs. Great over from Bhuvneshwar. Just one run and one wicket

16:08 IST: OUT! Corey Anderson bowled by Bhuvneshwar! Departs for 13. NZ are 86/4 (14.3 ovs)

16:05 IST: NZ are 86/3 after 14 overs. Pandya concedes six runs in the over

16:03 IST: Four!! Anderson smashes another boundary.  

16:02 IST: Pandya comes back into the attack

16:00 IST: Four! Another boundary from Anderson! Bhuvneshwar gives 9 runs. NZ are 80/3 after 13 overs

15:58 IST: Four! Corey Anderson finally gets going!

15:57 IST: 50! A single brings up Luke Ronchi's half century. 

15:53 IST: Wonderful bowling by Bumrah. Gives just one run in the over. NZ are 71/3 after 12 overs. 

15:51 IST: A maiden over from Bhuvneshwar! NZ are 70/3 after 11 overs

15:48 IST: Bhuvneshwar comes into the attack

15:46 IST: NZ are 70/3 after 10 overs. Bumrah concedes 7 runs this over.

15:42 IST: Out!!! Shami is on fire! Neil Broom out for a duck. NZ are 63/3 (8.6 ovs) 

15:40 IST: Out!!! Williamson out! Caught by Rahane off a Shami delivery. The captain departs for 8. NZ are 63/2 (8.5 ovs)

15:38 IST: SIX! Ronchi smashes the first maximum of the match!

15:36 IST: Four and four! Ronchi hits two back-to-back boundaries off Shami 

15:35 IST: Good over from Bumrah. Concedes just a run. NZ are 48/1 after 8 overs.

15:31 IST: NZ are 47/1 after 7 overs. 

15:29 IST: Four! Ronchi finds the gap off a Shami delivery

15:28 IST: NZ are 40/1 after 6 overs. Bumrah concedes five runs

15:25 IST: Four! Ronchi plays the ball well to get another boundary.

15:24 IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack. Loud cheers from the stands greet him 

15:23 IST: Really good over from Shami. Concedes just one run., NZ are 35/1 after 5 overs

15:19 IST: Williamson gets going, smashes two boundaries in the over. NZ are 34/1 after 4 overs. Pandya also bowls four wides

15:15 IST: Pandya comes in to the attack in the fourth over. 

15:13 IST: NZ are 21/1 after 3 overs

15:11 IST: Williamson in after Guptill falls. 

15:10 IST: OUT! Guptill out! Easy catch by Bhuvneshwar at mid-off, off a Shami delivery. Guptill departs for 9. NZ 20/1 (2.2 ovs)  

15:08 IST: Ronchi smashes two back-to-back boundaries off Pandya. NZ are 20/0 after 2 overs

15:06 IST: Hardik Pandya comes into the attack.  

15:04 IST: A boundary from Guptill to finish the first over. NZ are 10 for no loss

15:00 IST: Guptill and Ronchi at the crease. Shami will open the attack

14:45 IST: For India, Singh and Rohit Sharma will not playing today. For NZ, Tom Latham, Mitchell McClenaghan and Ross Taylor are sitting out

14:37 IST: New Zealand will play 12 players, India will play 13 

14:31 IST: NZ captain Kane Williamson wins the toss and elects to bat. 

14:29 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the first warm up game between India and New Zealand.

All eyes will be on Ashwin as he is coming from a two-month break after the BCCI wanted him to opt out of the IPL in order to recover from fatigue after playing all 13 Tests in a gruelling home season. The warm-up matches will provide Ashwin with much-needed game time as he fights for his place with Ravindra Jadeja in case the team management decides to go with one specialist spinner in the playing XI.

Another bowler who is expected to bowl a few overs is Shami. He has not played 50-over cricket for India since the World Cup semi-final in Sydney, back in 2015. A fit Shami is an asset with his ability to work up brisk pace, swing the ball both ways and hit the blockhole. With Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah along with Hardik Pandya looking good to make it to the playing XI in India's tournament-opener against Pakistan, Shami would look to make a case for himself.

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