Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings, Final Match Summary

MI vs CSK, 2019 - T20 Summary

Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings Scorecard
Match Ended   
149/8 (20.0/20)
148/7 (20.0/20)
Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings by 1 run
  • Player of the Match
    Jasprit Bumrah
  • Player of the Series
    Andre Russell
MI 149/8
Bat Top Batsmen
41 (25)
  • 3x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 164SR
29 (17)
  • 0x4s
  • 4x6s
  • 170.58SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 6.5
ECON 7.66
CSK 148/7
Bat Top Batsmen
80 (59)
  • 8x4s
  • 4x6s
  • 135.59SR
26 (13)
  • 3x4s
  • 1x6s
  • 200SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 3.5
ECON 3.5
Finished! Yet another season of the Indian T20 league comes to a close. It was nothing sort of thrilling, right from the start to the finish, but all good things have to come to an end. But 2019 has some added bonus. If this league is over, why mull over? Because an even bigger bonanza is coming! 10 teams, 45 league matches, 2 semi-finals and the mega final - in England, starting from May 30, with England and South Africa kicking things off! Do join us for that. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
Victorious Mumbai skipper, Rohit Sharma, is all smiles. Says that throughout the tournament, Mumbai played good cricket which is the reason they finished on top. Stresses that they got some momentum at the start in the first half and when that was achieved, all plans started falling into place. Praises each and every player of the 25-man squad for chipping in at some point of time. Believes that Mumbai's bowling was excellent in this game with the bowlers putting their hand up post the Powerplay and bringing the team back in the match. Details that they backed themselves to bowl in any conditions and any situation and which is why they could bounce back in this match. Praises Lasith Malinga for coming back so well in that last over, in spite of going for over 40 runs in the first 3. Admits that at one stage, he wanted to go to Hardik Pandya for that final over but he went for experience. On his own captaincy skills, Rohit humbly says that whatever he is, it is because of the entire team.
Chennai skipper, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, says that as a team they had a good season but wants to go back and discuss how to win finals. Admits that throughout the tournament, batting never clicked but somehow they managed to get to this stage but here, the poor batting cost them. Smiles and says that during the game, it felt like Mumbai and Chennai were passing the trophy to one another but eventually Mumbai held their nerve. Feels that bowling was Chennai's strength and even in the final, they did well, strongly commenting that this was not a 150-pitch but more. Adds that the batting needs to come good next season, else they will struggle during the knockouts. But for now, wants to focus on the upcoming World Cup.
The match officials are given their match medallions.
IMRAN TAHIR is given the award for taking the most number of wickets this season - 26. Believes that age is just a number (he is 40 now) and thanks Chennai for repeatedly giving him opportunities. Is sad that the team could not win but praises Mumbai for playing well. On playing in the Indian T20 League, Tahir says that it is not easy to bowl on such pitches and that too, against the best batsmen in the world but he believed in himself. On being jokingly asked whether he can play for another 10 years, Tahir says that he would love to play for as long as he possibly can.
Australia's David Warner, playing for Hyderabad, is awarded the leading run-getter of the season with 692 runs. Before he left, he managed to record an interview. Thanks the organizers for this award but also stresses that players do not play for awards. Thanks the Hyderabad crowd for religiously coming out in large numbers and says that he enjoys the Indian T20 League the most.
SHUBMAN GILL has been given the EMERGING PLAYER OF THE YEAR award. The 19-year old looks to be having a very good career ahead of him, with all the shots from the cricketing book.
First comes the Man Of The Final - JASPRIT BUMRAH - for his 4-0-14-2. Modestly says that he is very happy. Stresses that Mumbai know that in finals, things go very close, so all the players were very calm. He adds that even in his final over, he was trying to be calm and was focused on bowling one ball at a time, not thinking about any other pressure and backs himself in any situation.
Finally, we are ready for the actual presentation...
Akash Ambani praises Lasith Malinga for his outstanding bowling at the death. Feels the environment around in the team is the key to their success as they treat everyone as one family.
Nita Ambani says that it was very tense and she wasn't watching the ball and was going by the reaction of the crowd. Counts all the years they have won the title and congratulates Rohit Sharma for leading the team so well.
Finally... phew this is tiring... the Mumbai owners come on to talk. The mother and son are all smiles...
Sachin Tendulkar now says the key moment was Dhoni's run out. But also feels that Bumrah's overs were very crucial especially after Malinga and Krunal went for runs. Appreciates Malinga's effort in the last over and feels he bowled a brilliant last over. Remembers the last final here in 2017 when they defended 129 and they have defended another low score tonight. Sachin adds further they have a mixture of youth and experience. Believes Rahul Chahar is the stand out for them this season and he feels he was brilliant throughout. Adds that the spinners were excellent in the middle overs and hence, they could win this tournament. Also praises Hardik Pandya for his exceptional hitting.
Mahela Jayawardene says you can't control the match from the dugout but they trust the players out there. Feels they had the game in the bag when Dhoni was run out but Watson came out all guns blazing. States they wanted to defend but they do not want such close games. Says Pollard has the experience and also has a good record against Chennai. They had lost a couple of wickets quickly and hence, he was sent up the order. Stresses that Bumrah and Rahul Chahar bowled brilliantly and he came of age. Feels the pressure he created was what brought them back into the game.
Okay. Time to talk to the maestros. Batting mentor Mahela Jayawardene and Mumbai's icon Sachin Tendulkar.
Shane Bond says that it's the culmination of a lot of hard work. Admits that 150 was a below par total but they knew they have quality bowlers and there will be the pressure of the final. Says that this League is draining and he is going to take some time off. Mentions about Jason Behrendorff and Alzarri Joseph who are not here but also played their part. Thanks all the players and their families for their contribution.
Mitchell McClenaghan smiles and says that he is proud of the whole squad and praises all the boys who did the dirty work behind the scene. Mentions that they give it their all.
Hola! says Shane Bond. Don't leave me out! Here come the Kiwi duo of Bondy and McClenaghan.
Ishan Kishan now says this is the best part of the T20 format and Mumbai are known to make a comeback. Reckons they won the crucial parts of the game. Ends by saying he was backing Bumrah as he had two overs left and the pacer did his job extremely well.
Suryakumar Yadav says it was a very exciting and the perfect final. Mentions they wanted this to happen at the end of the season and he is pleased. States the routine the team follows is very important, they have great chemistry and they study the opposition a lot which helps them win titles.
The fireworks go high in the night sky and let us now see what SKY has to say...
Hardik Pandya says that they kept telling each other it will be 4-0 but admits that it was very tight. Adds that before making his debut, he had the image of the Mumbai franchise as his wallpaper on the phone and calls Krunal a pillar in his life. Adds that he keeps on learning things from him every day. Mentions that his plan was to win this League and is targeting the World Cup now and wants to win that too.
Krunal Pandya says that it was an unbelievable game. Tells that it's a dream come true for him and mentions that Mumbai was his dream team when he wasn't even a part.
This is a final. So no stoppage of interviews. More are coming. Here are the Pandya brothers.
Lasith Malinga says they needed a wicket, he wanted a wicket and he went for a wicket taking delivery. Nothing more is asked...
Jasprit Bumrah then says the ball was reversing a little bit towards the end. On the game getting close, Jasprit says that the team tried to stay as calm as possible. Mentions it went till the last ball like the 2017 final. Further adds he always believed in his team. States they are confident in their team players and he is pleased they are the champions.
Kieron Pollard starts by saying these are the games you want to perform and these are what people remember. Mentions he was just trying to stick there till the end and it worked well for him. Further adds Bumrah and Malinga were brilliant and they pulled it off for Mumbai. States 2017 was a similar match where they did not put up a lot of runs and it went down to the last ball. Reckons the team that panics would probably end up on the losing side. States it was a team effort and he is pleased they are the champions.
Time for some chatting. Pollard, Malinga and Bumrah first up, with Sanjay Manjrekar.
Chennai got off to a decent start, racking up 53/1 in the Powerplay. Then the choke began, which resulted in the momentum shifting. The defending champions slipped from 70/1 to 82/4 in the span of 21 balls and suddenly, Mumbai were favourites to win. But then, Watson started to come into his own. He took on Lasith Malinga in the 16th over and that changed complexion again. But on the penultimate ball, with 5 needed, Watson got run out while taking the second and that, once again, turned the game in Mumbai's favour.
Easily, Chennai panicked. This is what happens when you depend only on one or two players. Dhoni - their go-to man throughout the tournament - failed here. Watson - a man for the big finals - did it again but could not quite take his team over the line. But there was nothing from the other batsmen, with almost everyone throwing it away. Normally, just one solid partnership and one good innings at the top are required chasing 150 or below. Chennai had both. But Mumbai had the unbelievable never-say-die spirit. Lasith Malinga went for 42 in his 3 overs. But when it mattered, in the final over, defending 8, he conceded just 7. Champion stuff. Only Krunal had an off day.
20 OV
7 Runs
L. Malinga to S. Watson R. Jadeja S. Thakur
  • 119.1
  • 119.2
  • 219.3
  • W 19.4
  • 219.5
  • W 19.6
19 OV
9 Runs
J. Bumrah to S. Watson D. Bravo R. Jadeja
  • 118.1
  • W 18.2
  • 218.3
  • 018.4
  • 218.5
  • 4 B 18.6
18 OV
20 Runs
K. Pandya to D. Bravo S. Watson
  • 117.1
  • 617.2
  • 617.3
  • 617.4
  • 017.5
  • 117.6
17 OV
4 Runs
J. Bumrah to S. Watson D. Bravo
  • 116.1
  • 116.2
  • 016.3
  • 016.4
  • 1 B 16.5
  • 116.6
16 OV
20 Runs
L. Malinga to D. Bravo S. Watson
  • 615.1
  • 115.2
  • 415.3
  • 415.4
  • 415.5
  • 115.6
15 OV
3 Runs
M. McClenaghan to D. Bravo
  • 014.1
  • 014.2
  • 014.3
  • 214.4
  • 014.5
  • 114.6
14 OV
3 Runs
R. Chahar to D. Bravo S. Watson
  • 013.1
  • 113.2
  • 113.3
  • 113.4
  • 013.5
  • 013.6
13 OV
3 Runs
H. Pandya to MS Dhoni S. Watson
  • 112.1
  • 012.2
  • 1 WD 12.3
  • 012.3
  • W 12.4
  • 012.5
  • 012.6
12 OV
6 Runs
R. Chahar to S. Watson MS Dhoni
  • 111.1
  • 011.2
  • 011.3
  • 011.4
  • 111.5
  • 411.6
11 OV
1 Runs
J. Bumrah to S. Watson A. Rayudu MS Dhoni
  • 010.1
  • 110.2
  • W 10.3
  • 010.4
  • 010.5
  • 010.6
10 OV
2 Runs
R. Chahar to S. Raina A. Rayudu S. Watson
  • 09.1
  • W 9.2
  • 19.3
  • 19.4
  • 09.5
  • 09.6
9 OV
10 Runs
M. McClenaghan to S. Raina S. Watson
  • 18.1
  • 48.2
  • 1 WD 8.3
  • 28.3
  • 28.4
  • 08.5
  • 08.6
8 OV
3 Runs
R. Chahar to S. Raina S. Watson
  • 17.1
  • 07.2
  • 17.3
  • 07.4
  • 07.5
  • 17.6
7 OV
4 Runs
M. McClenaghan to S. Raina S. Watson
  • 16.1
  • 16.2
  • 1 WD 6.3
  • 06.3
  • 16.4
  • 06.5
  • 06.6
6 OV
15 Runs
L. Malinga to S. Watson
  • 05.1
  • 45.2
  • 05.3
  • 65.4
  • 1 WD 5.5
  • 45.5
  • 05.6
5 OV
5 Runs
J. Bumrah to S. Watson S. Raina
  • 14.1
  • 04.2
  • 14.3
  • 14.4
  • 24.5
  • 04.6
4 OV
14 Runs
K. Pandya to du Plessis
  • 03.1
  • 43.2
  • 63.3
  • 43.4
  • 03.5
  • W 3.6
3 OV
7 Runs
L. Malinga to du Plessis S. Watson
  • 12.1
  • 02.2
  • 02.3
  • 02.4
  • 12.5
  • 52.6
2 OV
5 Runs
K. Pandya to du Plessis S. Watson
  • 11.1
  • 01.2
  • 01.3
  • 41.4
  • 01.5
  • 01.6
1 OV
7 Runs
M. McClenaghan to du Plessis S. Watson
  • 00.1
  • 00.2
  • 40.3
  • 10.4
  • 00.5
  • 20.6
Match Info
  • Venue Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad
  • Weather Clear
  • Toss Mumbai Indians won the toss and elected to bat
  • Result Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings by 1 run
  • Player of the Match Jasprit Bumrah
  • Player of the Series Andre Russell
  • Umpire Ian Gould (ENG), Nitin Menon (IND) and Nigel Llong (ENG)
  • Referee Javagal Srinath (IND)
Match Notes
  • Mumbai 140/6: H Pandya lbw b D Chahar 16(10)
  • Referral 1 (18.2 overs): H Pandya against CHE (LBW) Unsuccessful (MUM: 0, CHE: 1)
  • H Pandya dropped on 4 by S Raina in 17.2 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Mumbai 102/5 in 15.0 overs
  • Mumbai 100/4 in 14.1 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Mumbai 58/2 in 9.0 overs
  • Mumbai 50/2 in 7.0 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Mumbai 45/2
  • 5th wkt Partnership: 50 off 33 balls between S Watson (34) and D Bravo (15)
  • S Watson dropped on 55 by R Chahar in 16.1 overs
  • S Watson T20 fifty: 50 runs in 44 balls (7x4) (1x6)
  • Chennai 103/4 in 15.4 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Chennai 85/4 in 14.0 overs
  • S Watson dropped on 42 by R Chahar in 13.5 overs
  • Chennai 70/2: S Raina lbw b R Chahar 8(14)
  • Referral 2 (9.2 overs): S Raina against MUM (LBW) Unsuccessful (MUM: 1, CHE: 0)
  • Referral 1 (6.3 overs): S Raina against MUM (Caught) Successful (MUM: 1, CHE: 1)
  • Strategic Time-out: Chennai 53/1 in 6.0 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Chennai 53/1
  • Chennai 53/1 in 5.5 overs
  • du Plessis dropped on 5 by K Pandya in 1.1 overs
Match Poll

Who will win the Match

Player Runs Avg.
David Warner SRH 692 69.20
KL Rahul PBKS 593 53.90
Quinton de Kock MI 529 35.26
Shikhar Dhawan DC 521 34.73
Andre Russell KKR 510 56.66
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Player Wickets Eco.
Imran Tahir CSK 26 6.69
Kagiso Rabada DC 25 7.82
Deepak Chahar CSK 22 7.47
Shreyas Gopal RR 20 7.22
Jasprit Bumrah MI 19 6.63
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