World Cup 2018, France vs Denmark Highlights: France, Denmark Through To Last 16 After Goalless Draw

Updated: 26 June 2018 22:12 IST

FIFA World Cup 2018, Highlights, France, Denmark Through To Last 16 After Goalless Draw in Moscow.

World Cup 2018, France vs Denmark Highlights: France, Denmark Through To Last 16 After Goalless Draw
FIFA Football World Cup 2018: France, Denmark Register First Goalless Draw in FIFA World Cup 2018. © AFP

France secured first place ahead of Denmark in Group C on Tuesday following a 0-0 draw in Moscow that could set up a heavyweight World Cup clash with Lionel Messi's Argentina in the last 16. Didier Deschamps' side dominated possession but struggled to create any clear-cut chances against a determined Denmark, who will likely meet Croatia for a place in the quarter-finals. France have scored just three times in three games in Russia, including a penalty and an own goal, and it was another disjointed display from one of the title favourites. They will discover their opponents in the next round later on Tuesday, with Argentina needing to beat Nigeria in Saint Petersburg to stand a chance of qualifying. (HIGHLIGHTS: Denmark vs France)

Highlights of 2018 FIFA World Cup, Denmark vs France, straight from Luzhniki Stadium Moscow

21:25 IST: That's all we have for the day, until next time, it's goodbye! 

21:24 IST:  In the other match, Peru have pipped Australia 2-0. 

21:21 IST: FT: Denmark 0-0 France. Nothing to celebrate but the first goalless draw in the FIFA World Cup 2018 to mark, an all-out attacking France have been denied by a stubborn Denmark. The French can blame themselves as well for not getting the combination right, Paul Pogba the star midfielder -- who was rested as a part of rotation, was definitely the difference in the side. 

21:20 IST: France attack through Mendy on the left flank, but the ball is cleared away by the Danish defender as the referee blows for the final whistle. 

21:18 IST: Mbappe does well to get past the Danish defence inside the box, earns a throw-in. 3 minutes added!  

21:16 IST: Innumerable attacks from France, penetration has been the problem for them against the stubborn Denmark defence as we approach near the stoppage time,

21:11 IST: Mbappe twisting and turning inside the box, well marked by the Danish defenders -- who clear the ball away. 85 goalless minutes, so far! 

21:08: End-to-end play going on. Both teams still looking to break the deadlock, Denmark doing well to keep France out off the scoring zone. Mbappe to Sidibe, Fekir takes a shot but Schmeichel keeps it out. 82 minutes on the clock! 

21:06 IST: Final change for France, Kylian Mbappe comes in place for Dembele. 78 minutes on the clock! 

20:57 IST: Side-netting! Fekir takes a shot, immediate impact but the curling ball hits the side of the net in the 70th minute, still goalless.  

20:55 IST: Mendy crosses from left flank, too heavy for Dembele. Meanwhile, Griezmann has been withdrawn Nebil Fekir steps in. 68 minutes on the clock!    

20:50 IST: Corner for Denmark, Erikes delivers, Mandanda fists it away. Dembele on the counter but his through ball is cut away. A wayward ball from Lemar will force a throw-in for Denmark inside the French half. 

20:47 Substitution for Denmark, Sisto off, Viktor Fischer on. 60 minutes on the clock! 

20:46 IST: Eriksen shoots, but the ball goes off target. For stats, Denmark has never scored a goal outside the box in the World Cup. 

20:41 IST: Free-kick for Denmark, Eriksen takes a powerful shot, Mandanda fails to gather at first attempt, Cornelius charges on the ball but the goalie collects on second attempt.   

20:39 IST: Dembele on the charge, finds Lemar, the ball is passed forward to Giroud who fails to get his footing right inside the box. 52 minutes on the clock!  

20:37 IST: Substitution for France, Benjamin Mendy replaces Hernandez in the 50th minute. 

20:32 IST: Second-half gets underway. France again start easing on possession but not imposing any threat on Denmark. 

20:18 IST: HT Updates: Denmark 0-0 France, Australia 0-1 Peru. 

20:15 IST: 2 minutes added in the first-half! Dembele finds Lemar ahead on the left flank but Griezmann fails to get the pass right. Meanwhile, Denmark get a corner off a deflection, Eriksen takes and Griezmann gets the ball in space, who is fouled. But the referee does not allows time to take the free-kick, it is a goal drought in Moscow at half-time. 

20:13 IST: Offside! Lemar chips in a ball to find Giroud, who has been called offside by the assistant referee. 

20:09 IST: Griezmann takes a shot! On target but well held by Mandana. 40 minutes on the clock, deadlock yet to be broken! 

20:05 IST: Giroud chips in the ball to Griezmann but the Atletico Madrid striker fails to keep his footing right, trips inside the box. 

20:03 IST: Dembele takes a shot away from the box, but the ball goes off-target! 32 minutes up on the clock. 

19:59 IST: Cornelius from the left flank, finds Christian Eriksen inside the box, Mandanda charges and gets himself past the ball but the France defender clears. First real chance for the Danish!  

19:55 IST: Dembele finds Hernandes on the left flank but the ball is cleared away. Lemar fouled! Free-kick from 24-yard for France, Lemar takes a swinging kick Simon Kjaer knick it for a corner which is lofted in by Dembele but cleared away by Delaney. 27 minutes up! 

19:51 IST: Cornelius does well to force a corner for Denmark. Eriksen delivers, Varane clears away the ariel ball, put in back by Jorgensen but France does well to keep the Danish away. 

19:49 IST: GOAL UPDATE! Andre Carrilo hands Peru lead against Australia through a ferocious volley, in the 18th minute. 

19:47 IST: Cornelius tries to get past the French defender on the break, but fails to get away and concedes a throw-in. 

19:46 IST: Corner for France, Varane heads it wide! 16 goalless minutes on the clock. 

19:42 IST: Patient build-up for France, not looking to rush through the clock. Keeping the ball, making waited passes. Denmark on the back-foot! 

19:40 IST: 10 minutes up on the clock, France have kept the ball better in the initial minutes but Denmark have done well on the break, specially from the right flank. 

19:38 IST: Griezmann delivers a beautiful cross but the Danish defender come in the way, see if off! 

19:35 IST: Corner for Denmark, brilliant play from Eriksen and Braithwaite on the right flank. 5 minutes up on the clock. Eriksen delivers the ball, a good one but tucked away from the French defenders. 

19:33 IST: Martin Braithwaite dances past the French defence, fails to get his footing right, Denmark appeals for penalty but it is ruled off! No touch from French defenders. 

19:32 IST: Sidibe gets the first cross in for France, the ball has been tucked away from the Danish defence. 

19:30 IST: Kick-off! France gets the ball rolling from left to right and straight on they get on to attack mode. 

19:25 IST: National anthems done, team sheets exchanged. We are minutes away from the kick-off! 

18:50: Here is how France and Denmark have line-up for tonight's fixture at Moscow. 

18:30 IST: Hello and welcome to the live commentary from the Group C match between Denmark and France. 

With 4 points in 2 games, Denmark will need a win or a draw to enter the knockouts. Deschamps, bidding to join an elite band to have won the World Cup as a player and coach, has a choice of forwards that is the envy of many of his counterparts at the tournament in Russia.

France boast an estimated 550 million euros ($641 million) of attacking prowess in Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe, Ousmane Dembele, Olivier Giroud and Nabil Fekir.

And, having seen his young but talented side spend most of the second half on the back foot against a tidy but toothless Peru, Deschamps scoffed: "I saw Spain v Iran (Spain laboured to a 1-0 victory on Wednesday) and Spain spent the last 10 minutes defending.

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