Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, Match 3 Match Summary

KKR vs SRH, 2024 - T20 Summary

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad Scorecard
Match Ended   
208/7 (20.0/20)
204/7 (20.0/20)
Kolkata Knight Riders beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 4 runs
KKR 208/7
Bat Top Batsmen
64 (25)
  • 3x4s
  • 7x6s
  • 256SR
54 (40)
  • 3x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 135SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 8.00
ECON 9.75
SRH 204/7
Bat Top Batsmen
63 (29)
  • 0x4s
  • 8x6s
  • 217.24SR
32 (19)
  • 4x4s
  • 2x6s
  • 168.42SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 8.25
ECON 12.50
Right then, that's all from this humdinger where the game ebbed and flowed but it was Kolkata who emerged victorious. This wraps up the proceedings from the doubleheader Saturday in the 2024 Indian T20 League. Sunday, the 24th of March, promises to be all the more exciting, with two mouthwatering encounters lined up. First up, Rajasthan will lock horns with Lucknow in Jaipur, and the game will start at 3.30 pm IST (10 am GMT). Later, the runners-up of the previous edition, Gujarat, will open their campaign as they face off against Mumbai, the joint-most successful team in the league's history, in Ahmedabad. The first ball will be bowled there at 7.30 pm IST (2 pm GMT). Do join us in advance for the build-up of both games. Until then, take care, and cheers!
Andre Russell is the PLAYER OF THE MATCH for his stellar all-round performance in Kolkata's win. He says that he does not actively keep track of his strike rate during a game but he occasionally comes across statistics on his Instagram feed, providing him with a pleasant reminder of his strong batting performances. Russell expresses contentment with his current form, acknowledging that he is pleased with how he has been hitting the ball and grateful for the victory achieved by his team.
The captain of Kolkata, Shreyas Iyer says that right from the 17th over, he had butterflies in the stomach. Feels that anything can happen in the last over and shares that Harshit Rana was a bit nervous before coming to bowl the final over. Mentions that he tried to calm him down as much as possible. States that Sunil Narine and Andre Russell have such experience and he is elated to see how Russell performed with bat and ball. Further adds that it is a luxury to have them in the team. Says that whenever you start with a win, it gives you motivation. Ends by saying there are still areas they need to improve on as a team and fielding is one of them,
Time for the presentation ceremony...
Ramandeep Singh is in for a chat. He expresses his satisfaction with his performance in the match, stating that he enjoyed his time batting and approached his innings with a positive mindset. He credits the team's mentors, Gautam Gambhir and Abhishek Nayar, for their support and encouragement, which enabled him to play freely and confidently. Singh acknowledges that while he has been in good form in domestic cricket, it was the backing of Gambhir and Nayar that allowed him to replicate his success in the Indian T20 League. Singh admires the batting style of Andre Russell and aspires to emulate it in his own game, expressing his desire to play with the same level of aggression and effectiveness as Russell.
Pat Cummins, the skipper of Hyderabad, reflects on the intense match, acknowledging its close nature and describing it as a wonderful display of cricket. He expresses satisfaction with the team's bowling performance for the most part, although he acknowledges the challenge posed by Andre Russell's formidable batting prowess. Regarding the challenge of bowling to Andre Russell, Cummins admits that while the team had devised a plan, executing it against such a skilled batter proved to be a daunting task. Despite their efforts, Russell's exceptional batting skills made it difficult for the bowlers to contain him, with some balls deserving a different approach. He credits Heinrich Klaasen for his crucial contributions that nearly led the team to victory. Despite the narrow loss, Cummins commends his team's efforts to compete against a formidable opponent, especially considering Kolkata's strength on their home ground. Ultimately, he expresses contentment with the decision to bowl first in the match.
Earlier in the game, it was Pat Cummins who won the flip of the coin and inserted Kolkata into bat. Phil Salt made his intentions clear straight away, clobbering Marco Jansen for three consecutive sixes in the second over. The Powerplay woes for Kolkata from the last edition continued into the new season, as they lost three wickets inside the first six overs. The fall of wickets at the other end hampered Salt's momentum, and he slowed down considerably. With a quickfire 35-run knock, Ramandeep Singh breathed life into the Kolkata innings. Salt departed shortly after getting to his fifty, after which Rinku Singh and Andre Russell took over. Russell, with a 20-ball fifty, unleashed a serious assault, while Rinku was a mere spectator amidst the onslaught. Thanks to this duo, Kolkata scored 85 runs in the last five overs to finish with 208. T Natarajan was the star of the show for Hyderabad, taking 3 for 32 from his four overs. Mayank Markande took a couple as well but was taken to the cleaners by Andre Russell in his final over.
As far as Hyderabad are concerned, they will feel that it was one of those games that got away from them. With 6 runs needed off 3 balls, you back the batting team to get over the line most times but it was not to be on the night for Pat Cummins's brigade. 209 runs was always going to be tough but given the short square boundaries, Hyderabad had more than a chance. Mayank Agarwal got a couple of early boundaries away before Abhishek Sharma got into the act at the fag end of the Powerplay. Neither of the two openers will make their start count but the foundation was laid for the rest of the batting unit to capitalise. At the halfway mark, Hyderabad were right in it and the onus was on Rahul Tripathi and Aiden Markram to keep up with the required run rate. Neither of them was able to break free against the Kolkata spinners and left Heinrich Klassen with all to do. Klaasen waged a lone fight and the struggles of Abdul Samad put even more pressure on Klaasen. With 60 runs needed off the last three overs, the Proteas batter took matters into his own hands and later found support from Shahbaz Ahmed to take his side to the brink of victory. However, both got out at the most inopportune time in the final over and Pat Cummins could not lay bat to ball with 5 needed off the last ball.
Despite the kind of finish they had with the bat, Kolkata were not able to hit the straps with the ball as they would have liked. Mitchell Starc could not have much of an impact upfront but Harshit Rana bowled maturely in the Powerplay. Rana helped Kolkata break the opening stand before dismissing the other Hyderabad opener later in his spell. In the middle phase, it was the spin trio of Sunil Narine, Varun Chakaravarthy and the Impact Player, Suyash Sharma spun a web around the opposition batters and made life extremely difficult for them. They combined well to keep the required run rate rising and did not allow the Hyderabad batters to have it their way. In the end, it got too close for comfort for Kolkata and with 6 runs needed off 3 balls, the hosts looked down and out. Harshit Rana though had other plans as he used his smarts to get rid of Shahbaz Ahmed first and then Heinrich Klaasen to turn the tide in his side's favour.
HARSHIT RANA HAS DONE IT FOR KOLKATA! The crowd erupts as Rana holds his nerves to secure a win on the last ball. The 2024 Indian T20 League ain't for the faint-hearted and you gotta tip your hat off to Heinrich Klaasen who took Hyderabad ever so close to the finishing line. Kolkata will feel that it should not have gotten this close but all that matters now is that they have opened their campaign with a win.
Over 20 : 204/7
8 Runs
  • 619.1
  • 119.2
  • W 19.3
  • 119.4
  • W 19.5
  • 019.6
P. Cummins
0 (1)
M. Jansen
1 (1)
H. Rana
Harshit Rana To Pat Cummins
Slower ball outside the line of the off stump, and Pat Cummins swings his bat but finds no connection. Harshit Rana is the star of the show for Kolkata as they clinch a superb win in their season opener. Kolkata win by 4 runs!
Pat Cummins walks out to face the last ball. 5 needed off 1 ball.
Harshit Rana To Heinrich Klaasen OUT!
OUT! CAUGHT! Harshit Rana turns the game around for his team! Sends Heinrich Klaasen walking back! Bowls a slower ball, fuller outside the off stump line and Heinrich Klaasen looks to go straight and high, swings the bat really hard, and only, manages to get a top edge flying behind Suyash Sharma at short third man who runs back and takes a brilliant catch to keep his team in the match.
Harshit Rana To Marco Jansen
Pitches the ball fuller on the stumps with pace. Marco Jansen flicks the ball to deep mid-wicket for a single.
Marco Jansen walks out to bat now with Hyderabad needing 6 runs off the last three balls. Does he go for the glory shot or bring Klaasen back on strike?
Harshit Rana To Shahbaz Ahmed OUT!
OUT! CAUGHT! Harshit Rana pulls things back as he sends back Shahbaz Ahmed and gets a new man on strike for the next ball! Bowls a slower ball shorter in length on top of the middle stump. Shahbaz Ahmed launches it high but straight to Shreyas Iyer at long on who takes an easy catch to send back Shahbaz Ahmed. A needless shot and this will keep Heinrich Klaasen away from strike too. Kolkata still have a glimmer of hope.
Harshit Rana To Heinrich Klaasen
Hits the length outside the line of the off stump. Heinrich Klaasen looks to go big but gets an inside edge onto the pads for a single.
Harshit Rana To Heinrich Klaasen
SIX! BANG! Heinrich Klaasen, you beauty! 7 now needed off 5 to win for Hyderabad. Harshit Rana pitches the ball short at the body of the batter and Heinrich Klaasen pulls it away with sweep timing taking the ball rows behind the deep square leg boundary line.
Harshit Rana (3-0-25-1) has been given the task of bowling the final over. Hyderabad need 13 runs off the final over and given the way Heinrich Klaasen is seeing the ball, he will back himself to finish it with three hits.
Over 19 : 196/5
26 Runs
  • 618.1
  • 018.2
  • 1 WD 18.3
  • 618.3
  • 618.4
  • 118.5
  • 618.6
S. Ahmed
16 (4)
H. Klaasen
56 (26)
M. Starc
Mitchell Starc To Shahbaz Ahmed
SIX! Shahbaz Ahmed gets the fourth SIX of the Mitchell Starc over and now Hyderabad only needs 13 runs in the last over! Mitchell Starc misses his length and bowls a full toss on the middle stump line. Shahbaz Ahmed slogs the ball off the middle of the bat and gets it over deep square leg for a six.
Mitchell Starc To Heinrich Klaasen
Pitches the ball up on the leg stump. Heinrich Klaasen drives it to long on for a single.
Mitchell Starc To Heinrich Klaasen
SIX! Two in a row, third of the over! Heinrich Klaasen brings up his FIFTY in style. Mitchell Starc nails a yorker on the off stump line and Heinrich Klaasen digs it from the crease and launches it over the covers fielder for a massive inside out SIX!
Mitchell Starc To Heinrich Klaasen
SIX! Too easy for Heinrich Klaasen and he won't miss out! The slower bouncer not working this time for Mitchell Starc as Heinrich Klaasen gets on top of the bounce and pulls it away over deep mid-wicket for a massive six.
Mitchell Starc To Heinrich Klaasen
WIDE! Wayward outside the off stump line. Wide called.
Mitchell Starc To Heinrich Klaasen
Swing and a miss! Mitchell Starc hits the length outside the off stump line and Heinrich Klaasen launches a slog but misses the ball completely.
Mitchell Starc To Heinrich Klaasen
SIX! Starts off strong again! Heinrich Klaasen keeps the game alive! Mitchell Starc swings one in from a fuller length on the pads of Heinrich Klaasen as he flicks it away using his wrists and gets the ball to fly over deep mid-wicket for a six.
Mitchell Starc will bowl the penultimate over with Hyderabad needing 39 runs off the last 12 balls.
Over 18 : 170/5
21 Runs
  • 617.1
  • 217.2
  • 617.3
  • 117.4
  • 617.5
  • 017.6
S. Ahmed
10 (3)
H. Klaasen
37 (21)
V. Chakaravarthy
Varun Chakaravarthy To Shahbaz Ahmed
Short and wide, cut away straight to short third man.
Varun Chakaravarthy To Shahbaz Ahmed
SIX! Shahbaz Ahmed goes big and clears the fence with some distance! Varun Chakaravarthy pitches the ball up on the line of the stumps and gets punished. Shahbaz Ahmed launches a slog sweep and times it to perfection over long on for a massive six.
Varun Chakaravarthy To Heinrich Klaasen
Pitches it fuller on the off stump with pace. Heinrich Klaasen drives the ball to long on for a single.
20 OV
8 Runs
H. Rana to H. Klaasen S. Ahmed M. Jansen P. Cummins
  • 619.1
  • 119.2
  • W 19.3
  • 119.4
  • W 19.5
  • 019.6
19 OV
26 Runs
M. Starc to H. Klaasen S. Ahmed
  • 618.1
  • 018.2
  • 1 WD 18.3
  • 618.3
  • 618.4
  • 118.5
  • 618.6
18 OV
21 Runs
V. Chakaravarthy to H. Klaasen S. Ahmed
  • 617.1
  • 217.2
  • 617.3
  • 117.4
  • 617.5
  • 017.6
17 OV
16 Runs
A. Russell to A. Samad H. Klaasen S. Ahmed
  • 616.1
  • 416.2
  • 116.3
  • 116.4
  • W 16.5
  • 416.6
16 OV
5 Runs
M. Starc to A. Samad H. Klaasen
  • 115.1
  • 015.2
  • 215.3
  • 015.4
  • 115.5
  • 115.6
15 OV
13 Runs
V. Chakaravarthy to A. Samad H. Klaasen
  • 114.1
  • 614.2
  • 014.3
  • 614.4
  • 014.5
  • 014.6
14 OV
4 Runs
S. Sharma to H. Klaasen A. Samad
  • 013.1
  • 113.2
  • 013.3
  • 013.4
  • 113.5
  • 213.6
13 OV
3 Runs
S. Narine to H. Klaasen R. Tripathi A. Samad
  • 112.1
  • 112.2
  • 112.3
  • 012.4
  • W 12.5
  • 012.6
12 OV
3 Runs
V. Chakaravarthy to A. Markram R. Tripathi H. Klaasen
  • 111.1
  • 111.2
  • 011.3
  • W 11.4
  • 011.5
  • 111.6
11 OV
6 Runs
S. Narine to R. Tripathi A. Markram
  • 010.1
  • 210.2
  • 110.3
  • 110.4
  • 110.5
  • 110.6
10 OV
14 Runs
S. Sharma to A. Markram R. Tripathi
  • 19.1
  • 69.2
  • 19.3
  • 49.4
  • 19.5
  • 19.6
9 OV
8 Runs
S. Narine to R. Tripathi A. Markram
  • 18.1
  • 18.2
  • 28.3
  • 18.4
  • 28.5
  • 18.6
8 OV
10 Runs
A. Russell to A. Sharma A. Markram R. Tripathi
  • 47.1
  • W 7.2
  • 47.3
  • 17.4
  • 07.5
  • 1 LB 7.6
7 OV
2 Runs
S. Narine to R. Tripathi A. Sharma
  • 16.1
  • 06.2
  • 06.3
  • 16.4
  • 06.5
  • 06.6
6 OV
7 Runs
H. Rana to M. Agarwal R. Tripathi A. Sharma
  • 25.1
  • 05.2
  • W 5.3
  • 15.4
  • 05.5
  • 45.6
5 OV
18 Runs
V. Chakaravarthy to A. Sharma M. Agarwal
  • 04.1
  • 44.2
  • 64.3
  • 14.4
  • 14.5
  • 64.6
4 OV
13 Runs
H. Rana to A. Sharma M. Agarwal
  • 13.1
  • 03.2
  • 23.3
  • 63.4
  • 03.5
  • 43.6
3 OV
10 Runs
M. Starc to M. Agarwal A. Sharma
  • 12.1
  • 42.2
  • 02.3
  • 02.4
  • 12.5
  • 42.6
2 OV
5 Runs
H. Rana to M. Agarwal A. Sharma
  • 01.1
  • 41.2
  • 01.3
  • 11.4
  • 01.5
  • 01.6
1 OV
12 Runs
M. Starc to M. Agarwal
  • 00.1
  • 00.2
  • 5 WD 0.3
  • 00.3
  • 20.4
  • 40.5
  • 10.6
Match Info
  • Venue Eden Gardens, Kolkata
  • Weather Clear
  • Toss Sunrisers Hyderabad won the toss and elected to field
  • Result Kolkata Knight Riders beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 4 runs
  • Player of the Match Andre Russell
  • Umpire Rohan Pandit (IND), Yeshwant Barde (IND) and Bruce Oxenford (AUS)
  • Referee Manu Nayyar (IND)
Match Notes
  • Innings Break: Kolkata 208/7 in 20.0 overs
  • Kolkata 200/6 in 19.0 overs
  • A Russell T20 fifty: 50 runs in 20 balls (2x4) (6x6)
  • 7th wkt Partnership: 50 off 22 balls between R Singh (10) and A Russell (38)
  • Kolkata 152/6 in 16.3 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Kolkata 141/6 in 16.0 overs
  • Referral 1 (15.2 ovs): HYD against A Russell (Wide) Successful (KOL: 2, HYD: 2)
  • P Salt T20 fifty: 53 runs in 38 balls (3x4) (3x6)
  • 5th wkt Partnership: 50 off 27 balls between P Salt (14) and R Singh (35)
  • Kolkata 100/4 in 11.4 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Kolkata 66/4 in 9.0 overs
  • Kolkata 50/3 in 7.1 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Kolkata 43/3
  • Hyderabad 202/5 in 19.1 overs
  • 6th wkt Partnership: 51 off 13 balls between H Klaasen (34) and S Ahmed (16)
  • H Klaasen T20 fifty: 55 runs in 25 balls (0x4) (7x6)
  • Hyderabad 155/5 in 17.1 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Hyderabad 111/4 in 13.0 overs
  • Referral 2 (12.6 ovs): KOL against A Samad (LBW) Unsuccessful (KOL: 2, HYD: 2) (Retained)
  • Hyderabad 101/2 in 10.2 overs
  • Strategic Time-out: Hyderabad 65/1 in 6.0 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Hyderabad 65/1
  • 1st wkt Partnership: 50 off 27 balls between M Agarwal (29) and A Sharma (16)
  • Hyderabad 50/0 in 4.3 overs
  • Referral 1 (1.3 ovs): M Agarwal against KOL (LBW) Successful (KOL: 2, HYD: 2)
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Player Runs Avg.
Virat Kohli RCB 741 61.75
Ruturaj Gaikwad CSK 583 53.00
Riyan Parag RR 573 52.09
Travis Head SRH 567 40.50
Sanju Samson RR 531 48.27
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Player Wickets Eco.
Harshal Patel PBKS 24 9.73
Varun Chakaravarthy KKR 21 8.04
Jasprit Bumrah MI 20 6.48
T Natarajan SRH 19 9.05
Harshit Rana KKR 19 9.08
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