World Cup Fever Grips India: Odisha's Chalk Artist Cheers For 'Men In Blue' In Unique Way

  • 2:44
  • Oct 06, 2023;
In a remarkable display of creativity and craftsmanship, 21-year-old chalk carving artist, K. Bijay Kumar Reddy, has carved intricate miniatures of the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy and the statues of 10 iconic county cricket captains, each standing at just 1 inch in height. This awe-inspiring feat has earned him numerous records and well-deserved recognition within the art world. Bijay Kumar Reddy's journey began when he embarked on this ambitious project, aiming to bring the world of cricket to life in the form of chalk art. Each miniature statue, a mere 1-inch tall, is a testament to his remarkable attention to detail and painstaking dedication. Over the course of 15 days, he meticulously crafted each piece with unparalleled precision. In a chat with ANI, Bijay Kumar Reddy said, "I've made these miniatures for the ongoing World cup held in India. I've made miniature statues of all the 10 captains. All the statues are one inch and it took me a time of 15 days. I hope all these statues will be mentioned in the Guinness Book of World record."