Punjab Kings vs Mumbai Indians, Match 33 Match Summary

PBKS vs MI, 2024 - T20 Summary

Punjab Kings vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard
Match Ended   
Match 33, Maharaja Yadavindra Singh International Cricket Stadium, Mullanpur, Mohali , Apr 18, 2024
183 (19.1/20)
192/7 (20.0/20)
Mumbai Indians beat Punjab Kings by 9 runs
MI 192/7
Bat Top Batsmen
78 (53)
  • 7x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 147.16SR
36 (25)
  • 2x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 144SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 7.75
ECON 10.25
PBKS 183/10
Bat Top Batsmen
61 (28)
  • 2x4s
  • 7x6s
  • 217.85SR
41 (25)
  • 2x4s
  • 3x6s
  • 164SR
Bowl Top Bowlers
ECON 5.25
ECON 8.00
Right then, that was it from our coverage of the exciting encounter between Punjab and Mumbai. It was Mumbai who took home those two points in a thrilling game. The action will now shift to the Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium in Lucknow where Lucknow host Chennai on 19th April. That will also be a match to glue your eyes on. The first ball will be bowled at 7.30 pm IST (2 pm GMT) but our coverage will start much earlier. Until then, goodbye and cheers!
Jasprit Bumrah is the PLAYER OF THE MATCH for his brilliance with the ball. He is also the leading wicket-taker now with 13 wickets to his name. Mentions that the game got much closer than they thought. Shares that he wants to make an impact early on and wants to make use of the swing as long as it lasts with the new ball. States this format is difficult for the bowlers with the batsmanship going up. Adds that with the Impact Player rule and the time restriction, it is not easy. Tells that what is in a bowler's control is to prepare well and back yourself and give your best. Ends by saying that he tries to relay messages from wherever he is on the field but he is aware of not giving too many messages.
Hardik Pandya, the winning captain, representing Mumbai, says that it was a good game of cricket and that they knew it would be a tough fight. Adds that they thought they were ahead in the game in the initial stages but they didn't let it get to their head. Credits Ashutosh Sharma for his splendid knock and says that he is happy for his future. Mentions that they discussed during the strategic break that they would fight till the end and said that they needed to improve in their bowling department.
The Presentation ceremony…
Gerald Coetzee is in for a flash interview. He says that it was a great game and are feeling great to have gotten over the line. Mentions that they thought they had the game covered but Punjab came back well and it was a see-saw battle. Shares that while fielding at deep third, the ball spun while coming towards him and he just wanted to stop it somehow. On the experience of playing in the Indian T20 League, he replies that it was completely different from anything he had experienced and he does not know how to describe it.
The captain of Punjab, Sam Curran says that it was another close game. Credits Ashutosh Sharma for helping the team get this close. Further adds that they are gutted but it was a great effort to get this close. Shares that it is heartbreaking for the guys to take it close and then end up on the losing side. States that Ashutosh Sharma and Shashank Singh have incredible confidence in their abilities. Hopes that they can get over the line in the next close games. Ends by saying that there are a lot of positives and need to keep moving forward.
Earlier in the game, we saw a dominating batting performance by some of the Mumbai batters which built the foundation for the rest of the team. It started with Rohit Sharma attacking from the get-go. He was supported by Suryakumar Yadav for a major part of the innings and they both got a lot of runs on the board. Tilak Varma picked up the pace as well and dealt a lot of lusty blows. The others played small cameos to take their team to a respectable total of 192. For Punjab, Harshal Patel was the star at the death as he scalped 3 wickets. Kagiso Rabada got 1 while Sam Curran added 2 wickets to his tally.
Mumbai was given a shaky start by Gerald Coetzee as he went for a lot of runs off the first few deliveries. However, he bounced back with the wicket of Prabhsimran Singh in the same over and gave the opening breakthrough. Jasprit Bumrah who was seen with the new ball for the first time this season, showcased his class as he got rid of Rilee Rossouw with a sharp toe crusher. He followed it up with the wicket of Sam Curran as well in the same over. Coetzee struck next with the wicket of Liam Livingstone with a well-directed ball. Shreyas Gopal got rid of Harpreet Singh soon after the Powerplay with a brilliant catch off his own bowling. Madhwal trapped Jitesh Sharma right in front of the stumps and broke a crucial partnership. Then it was all about Punjab for a brief period until Bumrah was brought back and he sent back Shashank Singh to the dugout. Right when Mumbai was staring at defeat, Gerald came in and got the wicket of the dangerous-looking Ashutosh Sharma. Hardik Pandya got his first wicket of the night in the penultimate over as he got rid of Harpreet Brar. In the end, it was a good throw by Mohammad Nabi which made sure that Kagiso Rabada couldn't get to his crease and that sealed the game in their favor. However, they still have a lot to look upon, especially in the bowling department. For now, they take those two points home and climb up the table.
Punjab started off with a couple of boundaries but was dealt heavy blows soon after. Prabhsimran Singh departed for a golden duck in the very first over. Next, it was time for Rilee Rossouw and Sam Curran to walk back dejected, in the very next over. Liam Livingstone too couldn’t establish himself as he too was dismissed in the third over of the chase. This put a hold on the runs getting added to the board. Harpreet Singh was just about getting settled when he chipped one straight back to the bowler. Inside 7 overs, Punjab were reduced to half their batting power. Jitesh Sharma was looking good when he got trapped off a full toss. After that, a good partnership formed between Shashank Singh and Ashutosh Sharma bringing them back in the game. However, Shashank Singh couldn’t carry his innings ahead. Ashutosh Sharma took the attack to the opponents and pulled his team back into the game. He scored a half-century, his first in the league in just 23 balls. From 77/6, Ashutosh Sharma managed to get his team to 168/8 before walking back to the dugout. Brar too couldn’t stay till the end but he played a huge role in the chase. Kagiso Rabada was run out in the final over trying to get back on strike and it sealed the deal for Mumbai. Punjab have a lot to be proud of especially the two youngsters Shashank Singh and Ashutosh Sharma who almost earned them a win.
A NAIL BITER! Yes, we have just witnessed another exciting match in the Indian T20 League. It was full of twists which started off in favor of Mumbai, then for a brief period it was Punjab who looked to be in charge. Towards the end, it was the visitors who took charge of the game back and managed to get a well-deserved win. Punjab were bowled out for 183 and just 10 runs short of the target.
Over 19.1 : 183/10
2 Runs
  • 1 WD 19.1
  • W 19.1
K. Rabada
8 (3)
H. Patel
1 (4)
A. Madhwal
Akash Madhwal To Kagiso Rabada OUT!
OUT! RUN OUT! WHAT A WAY FOR THE GAME TO END! MUMBAI WIN BY 9 RUNS! Madhwal keeps it full and near the tramline on off, Kagiso Rabada walks across his stumps and reaches out to cream it through covers. Hits it along the ground to the right of deep cover. The first run is completed comfortably but Rabada slips a bit while returning for the second run, which made the difference there. Mohammad Nabi swoops in towards the ball quickly and releases an accurate and flat throw, near the stumps at the batting end. Ishan Kishan gets to the stumps quickly and takes the bails off. The third umpire is called into action and the replays confirm that Rabada is short of his crease despite the stretch. Mumbai players break into celebrations after seeing the replays on the big screen. Despair on the faces of Sam Curran and his men as they come close yet again, only to fall short.
Is that out? Kagiso Rabada wanted a couple there but a sharp throw has brought the final decision to the third umpire. Replays show that Rabada is inches short of the crease and that is game over.
Akash Madhwal To Kagiso Rabada
WIDE! Goes searching for the wide yorker but it goes beyond the wide guideline on off, left alone by Kagiso Rabada for a wide. 11 needed now for Punjab.
Akash Madhwal has been given the responsibility to defend 12 runs in the final over.
Over 19 : 181/9
11 Runs
  • 218.1
  • 018.2
  • 218.3
  • W 18.4
  • 618.5
  • 118.6
K. Rabada
7 (2)
H. Patel
1 (4)
H. Pandya
Hardik Pandya To Kagiso Rabada
Slower and fuller, on middle, Kagiso Rabada clears his front leg and knocks it down to long on for a single. Folks, we are going to the final over with Punjab requiring 12 runs. With 9 wickets down, you would back the bowling side but the way Rabada cleared the fence with his first ball, Punjab are in with more than a shout. Another game involving Punjab that is going the distance.
Hardik Pandya To Kagiso Rabada
SIX! WOW! Kagiso Rabada picks the bones out of that with the first delivery he faces! Hardik Pandya goes short and it is slower one as well, over middle, Kagiso Rabada sits deep in his crease and waits for the ball to arrive. Nails the pull over deep square leg for a biggie. The crowd go wild with this hit from Rabada.
Kagiso Rabada is the last man in for Punjab. It is going down to the wire.
Hardik Pandya To Harpreet Brar OUT!
OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! The Mumbai skipper with a crucial strike for his side and what a time to get the first wicket of the night. Body blow to Punjab as Brar departs. On a good length, on middle and leg, Harpreet Brar gets inside the line and shapes up to swipe it away behind square on the leg side. Gets this one off the bottom part of the bat and it goes only as far as deep backward square leg where Mohammad Nabi takes it near his chest.
Hardik Pandya To Harpreet Brar
Lands it on a length, on the off-stump line, Harpreet Brar stays leg side of the ball and opens himself up to go up and over on the off side. Slices it over point and gets a couple of runs as Tilak Varma and Rohit Sharma give it a chase and cut it off.
Hardik Pandya To Harpreet Brar
Pandya is lucky to get away with it! Drifts on the pads, fuller in length, Harpreet Brar gets inside the line of the ball to help it away fine on the leg side. He misses and since he had shuffled, the umpire does not signal a wide. Brar takes the review but the third umpire confirms that the ball would have struck Brar on the pads had he stayed in his normal standing position.
Hardik Pandya To Harpreet Brar
The call is for two and they get it! Sees the batter move away to the leg side and follows him with a back-of-a-length delivery, Harpreet Brar whips it between deep mid-wicket and long on for a couple of runs.
Hardik Pandya takes the ball himself now for the penultimate over. He will need to bowl a tight over here. 23 needed for Punjab to win in the final two overs. Mumbai has also incurred a penalty for maintaining a slow over rate. They will have to keep one less fielder outside the 30-yard circle for the final two overs.
Over 18 : 170/8
2 Runs
  • W 17.1
  • 117.2
  • 1 LB 17.3
  • 017.4
  • 017.5
  • 017.6
H. Patel
1 (4)
H. Brar
17 (16)
G. Coetzee
Gerald Coetzee To Harshal Patel
Three dots to close out the over! Brilliant stuff from Coetzee, the big wicket of Ashutosh Sharma and just the 2 runs off it. Gerald Coetzee bangs it into the wicket but this time, he takes pace, over middle and leg, Harshal Patel backs away to slap it up and over on the off side. He gets undone by the lack of pace and connects with thin air. Coetzee is bowled out and it leaves Punjab needing 23 runs from 12 balls.
Gerald Coetzee To Harshal Patel
Two dots on the trot! Another bumper, outside off, Harshal Patel shapes up to play the upper cut but the ball sails past his bat.
Gerald Coetzee To Harshal Patel
Sharp and quick bumper, outside off, Harshal Patel hops and reaches out to ramp it over the keeper but fails to connect.
Gerald Coetzee To Harpreet Brar
Leg bye! Switches to around the wicket and bowls it on a hard length, slanting in, on middle and leg, Harpreet Brar has a swipe across the line but misses. The ball rolls off his thigh pad on the off side and the batters scamper across for a quick single.
Gerald Coetzee To Harshal Patel
Hurls it on a hard length, over middle, Harshal Patel stays leg side of the ball and pushes it to the right of extra cover for a single.
Harshal Patel is the new batter in. Can he see his team through till the end?
Gerald Coetzee To Ashutosh Sharma OUT!
OUT! STRAIGHT TO THE MAN IN THE DEEP! The game takes another twist! Gerald Coetzee lets out a roar and he is pumped to the hilt! Ashutosh Sharma holes out and cannot quite see his side home. The crowd get up on their feet to applaud what has been an extraordinary knock. Coetzee comes from over the wicket and goes into the deck, on off, Ashutosh Sharma gets this one at a good height and hits the pull flat towards deep mid-wicket. Fails to get the elevation to clear the man in the deep and picks out Mohammad Nabi who makes no mistake.
Gerald Coetzee has been handed the ball now. Can he work some magic here?
19 OV
11 Runs
H. Pandya to H. Brar K. Rabada
  • 218.1
  • 018.2
  • 218.3
  • W 18.4
  • 618.5
  • 118.6
18 OV
2 Runs
G. Coetzee to A. Sharma H. Patel H. Brar
  • W 17.1
  • 117.2
  • 1 LB 17.3
  • 017.4
  • 017.5
  • 017.6
17 OV
3 Runs
J. Bumrah to A. Sharma H. Brar
  • 116.1
  • 116.2
  • 116.3
  • 016.4
  • 016.5
  • 016.6
16 OV
24 Runs
A. Madhwal to H. Brar A. Sharma
  • 1 WD 15.1
  • 015.1
  • 1 WD 15.2
  • 1 LB 15.2
  • 015.3
  • 7 NB 15.4
  • 615.4
  • 1 WD 15.5
  • 1 LB 15.5
  • 615.6
15 OV
13 Runs
G. Coetzee to H. Brar A. Sharma
  • 414.1
  • 414.2
  • 014.3
  • 114.4
  • 414.5
  • 014.6
14 OV
8 Runs
R. Shepherd to A. Sharma H. Brar
  • 613.1
  • 013.2
  • 113.3
  • 013.4
  • 1 LB 13.5
  • 013.6
13 OV
9 Runs
J. Bumrah to S. Singh H. Brar A. Sharma
  • W 12.1
  • 012.2
  • 112.3
  • 012.4
  • 1 NB 12.5
  • 612.5
  • 112.6
12 OV
11 Runs
H. Pandya to S. Singh A. Sharma
  • 111.1
  • 111.2
  • 111.3
  • 611.4
  • 111.5
  • 111.6
11 OV
13 Runs
R. Shepherd to S. Singh A. Sharma
  • 110.1
  • 410.2
  • 210.3
  • 010.4
  • 610.5
  • 010.6
10 OV
11 Runs
A. Madhwal to S. Singh J. Sharma A. Sharma
  • 19.1
  • W 9.2
  • 19.3
  • 19.4
  • 69.5
  • 29.6
9 OV
16 Runs
S. Gopal to J. Sharma S. Singh
  • 18.1
  • 68.2
  • 68.3
  • 18.4
  • 18.5
  • 18.6
8 OV
10 Runs
H. Pandya to J. Sharma S. Singh
  • 07.1
  • 1 WD 7.2
  • 07.2
  • 17.3
  • 1 WD 7.4
  • 1 WD 7.4
  • 17.4
  • 47.5
  • 17.6
7 OV
10 Runs
S. Gopal to S. Singh H. Singh J. Sharma
  • 66.1
  • 16.2
  • 16.3
  • 16.4
  • W 6.5
  • 16.6
6 OV
1 Runs
H. Pandya to S. Singh H. Singh
  • 05.1
  • 15.2
  • 05.3
  • 05.4
  • 05.5
  • 05.6
5 OV
11 Runs
A. Madhwal to S. Singh H. Singh
  • 04.1
  • 44.2
  • 04.3
  • 14.4
  • 24.5
  • 44.6
4 OV
7 Runs
J. Bumrah to H. Singh S. Singh
  • 03.1
  • 43.2
  • 03.3
  • 13.4
  • 1 WD 3.5
  • 13.5
  • 03.6
3 OV
7 Runs
G. Coetzee to L. Livingstone S. Singh H. Singh
  • W 2.1
  • 02.2
  • 1 WD 2.3
  • 12.3
  • 02.4
  • 12.5
  • 42.6
2 OV
2 Runs
J. Bumrah to S. Curran R. Rossouw L. Livingstone
  • 01.1
  • 01.2
  • 11.3
  • W 1.4
  • 11.5
  • W 1.6
1 OV
12 Runs
G. Coetzee to S. Curran P. Singh R. Rossouw
  • 40.1
  • 5 WD 0.2
  • 1 LB 0.2
  • W 0.3
  • 10.4
  • 10.5
  • 00.6
Match Info
  • Venue Maharaja Yadavindra Singh International Cricket Stadium, Mullanpur, Mohali
  • Weather Clear
  • Toss Punjab Kings won the toss and elected to field
  • Result Mumbai Indians beat Punjab Kings by 9 runs
  • Player of the Match Jasprit Bumrah
  • Umpire Nand Kishore (IND), Vineet Kulkarni (IND) and Nitin Menon (IND)
  • Referee Sanjay Verma (IND)
Match Notes
  • Innings Break: Mumbai 192/7 in 20.0 overs
  • Referral 6 (19.1 ovs): PUN against T David (LBW) Unsuccessful (PUN: 1, MUM: 2)
  • Referral 5 (18.6 ovs): PUN against T David (Wide) Successful (PUN: 2, MUM: 2)
  • Referral 4 (18.3 ovs): T David against PUN (Wide) Successful (PUN: 2, MUM: 2)
  • Mumbai 150/3 in 16.4 overs
  • Referral 3 (15.2 ovs): S Yadav against PUN (LBW) Successful (PUN: 2, MUM: 2)
  • Referral 2 (14.6 ovs): S Yadav against PUN (Wide) Successful (PUN: 2, MUM: 2)
  • Strategic Time-out: Mumbai 109/2 in 13.0 overs
  • Mumbai 100/2 in 11.5 overs
  • S Yadav T20 fifty: 50 runs in 34 balls (5x4) (2x6)
  • Strategic Time-out: Mumbai 77/1 in 9.0 overs
  • 2nd wkt Partnership: 50 off 35 balls between R Sharma (17) and S Yadav (33)
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Mumbai 54/1
  • Mumbai 54/1 in 5.6 overs
  • Referral 1 (4.4 ovs): R Sharma against PUN (LBW) Successful (PUN: 2, MUM: 2)
  • Referral 3 (18.2 ovs): H Brar against MUM (Wide) Unsuccessful (PUN: 1, MUM: 2)
  • Strategic Time-out: Punjab 165/7 in 16.0 overs
  • 8th wkt Partnership: 54 off 25 balls between A Sharma (30) and H Brar (16)
  • A Sharma T20 fifty: 53 runs in 23 balls (2x4) (6x6)
  • Punjab 151/7 in 15.3 overs
  • Punjab 100/6 in 10.5 overs
  • Punjab 77/6: J Sharma lbw b Akash Madhwal 9(9)
  • Referral 2 (9.2 ovs): J Sharma against MUM (LBW) Unsuccessful (PUN: 2, MUM: 2) (Retained)
  • Strategic Time-out: Punjab 76/5 in 9.0 overs
  • Punjab 50/5 in 6.6 overs
  • Mandatory Power play (1-6): Punjab 40/4
  • Punjab 14/3: S Curran c Ishan Kishan b Jasprit Bumrah 6(7)
  • Referral 1 (1.6 ovs): MUM against S Curran (Caught) Successful (PUN: 2, MUM: 2)
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Player Runs Avg.
Virat Kohli RCB 741 61.75
Ruturaj Gaikwad CSK 583 53.00
Riyan Parag RR 573 52.09
Travis Head SRH 567 40.50
Sanju Samson RR 531 48.27
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Player Wickets Eco.
Harshal Patel PBKS 24 9.73
Varun Chakaravarthy KKR 21 8.04
Jasprit Bumrah MI 20 6.48
T Natarajan SRH 19 9.05
Harshit Rana KKR 19 9.08
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