South Africa vs West Indies, Match 15 Match Summary

World Cup 2019

South Africa vs West Indies Scorecard
Match Ended   
29/2 (7.3/50)
Match Abandoned
SA 29/2
Bat Top batsman
17 (21)
  • 1x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 80.95SR
6 (7)
  • 1x4s
  • 0x6s
  • 85.71SR
Bowl Top Bowler
ECON 4.5
So the second game in this tournament gets abandoned. Match 16 sees Bangladesh take on Sri Lanka in Bristol and if the forecast is to be believed, it is not that great. Fingers crossed. Join us on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 for the game which is scheduled at 10.30 am local (0930 GMT). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
West Indies captain, Jason Holder, says that in these conditions, the new balls are the key and the bowlers did very well. Hopes that his bowlers continue to pick up wickets. Does not mind giving a few runs in search for runs. Hopes to have Andre Russell and others fit for their next clash against England. Given that they have another couple of matches at this venue, Holder says that it gives them time to analyze and adjust and accordingly prepare their plans. Is happy with West Indies' position in the points table but would have been happier had he won the game.
South African skipper, Faf du Plessis, says that it is frustrating. Both teams wanted to play and win but one cannot argue with nature. On the first hour, Faf says that the first hour is always challenging and it felt like the first hour of a Test match where the ball was moving around a lot. Agrees that shortened games usually suit the team batting second but given the dimensions of the ground, anything could have happened if this match had been played. Reckons that Lungi Ngidi should be fit for their next fixture against Afghanistan. Hopes to beat Afghanistan resoundingly and set up some confidence and momentum.
4.15 PM LOCAL TIME (1515 GMT) - THE MATCH HAS BEEN ABANDONED. Nothing surprising, with the covers coming on and off. South Africa still stay winless in this tournament but at least they get on the board. Luck seems to be going away from them and they now need 5 wins in the next 5 games, along with some help from other teams. Their next match is against Afghanistan and they will hope that they win that one, if they get a completed match.
3.45 pm local time (1445 GMT) - Rain and South Africa seem to be enjoying their company. The stage was set, it had got brighter and the umpires were out for an inspection. But then, the heavens opened up and it started raining again. Don't think we are far away from an abandonment.
1445 LOCAL UPDATE (1345 GMT) - Well...well...well. Just when we thought the rain had stopped and we were all set to resume as the covers were coming off, rain gods once again started pouring and the covers went back on the pitch.
2.30 PM LOCAL UPDATE (1330 GMT) - The rain has stopped. Yay! The conditions have got a bit brighter, though we can still see some dark clouds hovering around. The ground staff has started its work and a couple of Super Soppers are doing the rounds. No word on an inspection yet. Guess it will take at least 30-40 minutes of this mopping before the inspection.
1400 LOCAL UPDATE (1300 GMT) - There is not much of a change in the update as it is still raining. It had stopped for a while and just when the groundsmen started mopping, it started raining again. It is drizzling as of now but there are big dark clouds which are making their way towards the ground which is a major concern.
1300 LOCAL UPDATE (1200 GMT) - There is no change in weather as it is still raining and Mark Nicholas on air says that it is still dark, grimy and wet. He also says that the weather forecast for the day is not very motivating. We are also informed that the last time to resume this game is 1700 Local.
12 NOON UPDATE (1100 GMT) - A progress from the previous update. The conditions were not that dark when the players left the field but now it has gone darker. There was only one hover cover when play was stopped, now there are plenty of covers. It was just a slight drizzle at that time, now it is raining heavily. Oh boy, the forecast of a thunderstorm seems to be proving right.
Oh, no! It has started drizzling and there is an assumption that a thunderstorm will come in soon so they have decided to get off the field. Let's hope that rain gods are kind on us today and we resume soon.
Oshane Thomas To Faf du Plessis
Short ball. It is outside off, du Plessis shoulders arms to it.
Oshane Thomas To Faf du Plessis
Outside off on a length, du Plessis leaves it alone.
Oshane Thomas To Quinton de Kock
Back of a length ball on off, de Kock runs it down to third man and gets a run.
First bowling change. Oshane Thomas is into the attack now.
over 7 : 28/2
0 runs
  • W 6.1
  • 06.2
  • 06.3
  • 06.4
  • 06.5
  • 06.6
du Plessis
0 (5)
de Kock
16 (20)
S. Cottrell
Sheldon Cottrell To Faf du Plessis
End of a superb Cottrell over. It is a wicket maiden. Good length ball on off, Faf blocks it to see off the over.
Sheldon Cottrell To Faf du Plessis
On the pads, du Plessis flicks it to mid-wicket.
Sheldon Cottrell To Faf du Plessis
Almost a disaster there for South Africa. Back of a length ball on off, du Plessis taps it towards cover. Quinton de Kock was looking for a quick single and he comes out for it, du Plessis though is not keen and sends him back. Luckily for de Kock and South Africa the fielder misses his shy at the bowler's end. Had it been a direct hit, de Kock would have been back for an early shower.
Sheldon Cottrell To Faf du Plessis
Nice solid defense there. Good length ball on off, du Plessis defends it off the front foot.
Sheldon Cottrell To Faf du Plessis
Bouncer to welcome the Protea skipper. Du Plessis ducks under it.
South Africa skipper, Faf du Plessis walks out to bat next. His team needs a special innings from here today.
Sheldon Cottrell To Aiden Markram OUT!
OUT! Second wicket for Cottrell. The pace bowlers of West Indies have been on a roll this World Cup and Cottrell is the vital cog of it. Once again Cottrell comes steaming in and hits the deck hard, it is on the body. Markram looks to flick it but it goes off his glove. It goes to the left of the keeper. Hope behind dives on that side and takes a very good catch. The form that Hope is in, he won't drop much. The Cottrell salute is out for the second time already in this game.
7 OV
0 run
S. Cottrell to A. Markram & du Plessis
  • W 6.1
  • 06.2
  • 06.3
  • 06.4
  • 06.5
  • 06.6
6 OV
3 run
K. Roach to A. Markram & de Kock
  • 05.1
  • 05.2
  • 05.3
  • 15.4
  • 05.5
  • 25.6
5 OV
8 run
S. Cottrell to de Kock
  • 24.1
  • 04.2
  • 04.3
  • 24.4
  • 04.5
  • 44.6
4 OV
6 run
K. Roach to de Kock & A. Markram
  • 1 WD 3.1
  • 03.1
  • 13.2
  • 03.3
  • 03.4
  • 03.5
  • 43.6
3 OV
7 run
S. Cottrell to de Kock & H. Amla & A. Markram
  • 02.1
  • 32.2
  • 42.3
  • 02.4
  • W 2.5
  • 02.6
2 OV
1 run
K. Roach to de Kock & H. Amla
  • 01.1
  • 01.2
  • 11.3
  • 01.4
  • 01.5
  • 01.6
1 OV
3 run
S. Cottrell to de Kock & H. Amla
  • 00.1
  • 00.2
  • 00.3
  • 00.4
  • 10.5
  • 20.6
Match Detail
  • Series World Cup 2019
  • Venue The Rose Bowl, Southampton
  • Weather Rainy
  • Toss West Indies won the toss and elected to field
  • Result Match Abandoned
  • Umpire Rod Tucker (AUS), Paul Wilson (AUS) and S Ravi (IND)
  • Referee David Boon (AUS)
Match Notes
  • Referral 1 (1.1 ovs): de Kock against WI (Caught) Successful (SA: 1, WI:1)
  • Rain Stoppage: South Africa 29/2 in 7.3 overs
Match Poll

Who will win the match?

Player Teams Runs Avg.
Rohit Sharma IND 648 81.00
David Warner AUS 647 71.88
Shakib Al Hasan BAN 606 86.57
Kane Williamson NZ 578 82.57
Joe Root ENG 556 61.77
Player Teams Wickets Eco.
Mitchell Starc AUS 27 5.43
Lockie Ferguson NZ 21 4.88
Jofra Archer ENG 20 4.57
Mustafizur Rahman BAN 20 6.70
Jasprit Bumrah IND 18 4.41

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